Publications of the Surtees Society, Tom 107

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Surtees Society, 1902 - 355
Report of Society appended to many volumes.

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Strona 304 - Each member shall pay in advance to the Treasurer the annual sum of one guinea. If any member's subscription shall be in arrear for two years, and he shall neglect to pay his subscription after...
Strona 201 - Reygnes (a thing not often seen) I mean Kyng Henry and Prynce Edward's Dayes, Quene Mary and Elizabeth our Quene. He maryed was, though Children he had none And...
Strona 304 - Edited by Rev. J. Stevenson. 14. The Correspondence of Robert Bowes, of Aske, Esq., Ambassador of Queen Elizabeth to the Court of Scotland.
Strona 304 - A list of the officers and members, together with an account of the receipts and expenses of the Society, shall be made up every year to the time of the annual meeting, and shall be submitted to the Society to be printed and published with the nest succeeding volume. XVIII. — No alteration shall be made in these rules except at an annual meeting. Notice of any...
Strona 304 - Durham, and in accordance with his pursuits and plans ; having for its object the publication of inedited Manuscripts, illustrative of the intellectual, the moral, the religious, and the social condition of those parts of England and Scotland included on the east between the Humber and the Frith of Forth, and on the west between the Mersey and the Clyde, a region which constituted the ancient Kingdom of Northumbria.
Strona 304 - Treasurers shall be provisionally filled up by the Council, subject to the approbation of the next general meeting. VII. — Three meetings of the Council shall be held in every year, on the first Tuesday in the months of March, June, and December; and the place and hour of meeting shall be fixed by the Council, and communicated by the Secretary to the members of the Council. VIII. — The meeting in June shall be the Anniversary, to which all the members of the Society shall be convened by the Secretary....
Strona 304 - REVISED 1863. I. — The Society shall consist of not more than three hundred and fifty members. II. — There shall be a Patron of the Society, who shall be President. III. — There shall be twenty-four Vice-Presidents, a Secretary, and two Treasurers.
Strona 14 - Lettorn of brasse (not so curiously wroughte) standinge in the midst* against the stalls, a marueilous faire one, with an eagle on the height of it, and hir winges spread a broad wheron the monkes did lay theire bookes when they sung theire legends, at mattens or at other times of seruice.
Strona 304 - Raine. 18. The Durham Household Book ; or, the Accounts of the Bursar of the Monastery of Durham. from 1530 to 1534.
Strona 8 - ... corners of the white lawne cloth. And the crooke that hung within the cloth that the pix did hang on was of gold and the cords that did draw it upp and downe was made of fine white strong silke.

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