Alexander Hume, an early poet-pastor of Logie, and his intimates: Alexander Hume, 1560-1609, Sir William Alexander, earl of Stirling, 1567-1640, John Shearer, provost of Stirling, circa 1565-1647

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A. Gardner, 1899 - 315

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Strona 155 - He is a great lover and praiser of himself, a contemner and scorner of others, given rather to lose a friend than a jest, jealous of every word and action of those about him, (especially after drink, which is one of the elements in which he liveth...
Strona 201 - Whatever may have been thought of these royal compliments by their recipients, what followed made amends. " I am so satisfied " continued his Majesty, " with " this day's exercise, that I will be god-father to the College of " Edinburgh, and have it called THE COLLEGE OF KING JAMES; " for, after the foundation of it had been stopped for several " years in my minority, as soon as I came to any knowledge, I " zealously held hand to it, and caused it to be established. " And, although many look upon...
Strona 60 - The gloaming comes, the day is spent, The sun goes out of sight, And painted is the Occident With purple sanguine bright.
Strona 149 - Bonny Scot, we all witness can That England hath made thee a gentleman. Thy blue bonnet, when thou came hither, Could scarce keep out the wind and weather ; But now it is turned to a hat and feather : Thy bonnet is blown—the devil knows whither.
Strona 53 - It opens as follows : — 0 perfect light, which shed away The darkness from the light, And set a ruler o'er the day, Another o'er the night. Thy glory when the day forth flies, More vively does appear, Nor at mid-day unto our eyes The shining sun is clear.
Strona 156 - To stand by mine, that most ingenious knight, My Alexander, to whom in his right I want extremely, yet in speaking thus I do but show the love that was 'twixt us, And not his numbers, which were brave and high, So like his mind was his clear poesy...
Strona 133 - Scotland, defend it against all its adversaries, minister justice faithfully to his subjects, discountenance those who attempted to hinder him in this good work, reform whatever was amiss in his person or family, and perform all the duties of a good and Christian king better than he had hitherto performed them. At his request the members of Assembly gave a similar pledge for the faithful discharge of their duty ; and it was ordained that this mutual vow should be intimated from the pulpits on the...
Strona 87 - Busk him, busk him," said he, " as bonnilie as ye can, and fetch him in as fairly as ye will — we ken him weel eneuch; we see the horns of his mitre.
Strona 57 - Runs to the rivers cald. The herds beneath some leafy tree Amids the flowers they lie; The stable ships upon the sea Tends up their sails to dry.
Strona 151 - But now his double face is still dispos'd, With Saturn's help, to freeze us at the fire. The earth ore-covered with a sheet of snow...

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