Rescuing God from Christianity: A Closet Christian, Non-Christian, and Christmas Christian's Guide to Radically Rethinking God Stuff

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Variocity, 2004 - 232
Are you ready to finally have the peace, power, purpose, and joy that a relationship with God promises? If so, you have a lot in common with 120 million people in America who believe in God in some way, but are not active members of any organized religion! Many yearn for a deeper relationship with God and a greater sense of purpose and peace. This spiritual longing and emptiness are the primary causes of most of our personal and societal problems. Erlandson articulates the growing frustration that many people have with Christianity. He simultaneously shows how you don't need a church to create a challenging and life-changing new path based on one of the world's great wisdom texts/the Bible/and rooted in its simple call to Love God and love neighbor.

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