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Thy praise, or to make known Thy wonders at all times, 0 Thou Master of all things, Lord of heaven and earth and of every creature visible and invisible ?

Angels, Archangels, Thrones, Principalities, Rules, Dominions, Powers, and Cherubim of many eyes, praise Thee. And together with these blessed Powers, O Master, lover of all men, we sinners also cry and say, Truly Holy art Thou, and All-Holy, and there is no measure of the Majesty of Thy Holiness.

And we pray Thee, remember, O Lord, Thy Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, which is from one end of the earth to the other, and give it peace, for Thou didst purchase it to Thyself by the Precious Blood of Thy Christ; and stablish this Holy Temple until the end of the age.

Remember, O Lord, Thy holy Patriarchs, Prophets, the holy, glorious and all-celebrated Apostles, and all Thy Saints; through whose supplication look down upon us, O God.

Remember all those who are departed in the hope of the Resurrection to eternal life. In that place of light, whence sorrow and mourning are driven away, give them rest, О our God.

Remember the Bishops, Priests, and Deacons, the threefold Ministry, of the Church.

Remember, O Lord, them who bring forth fruit and do good deeds in Thy Holy Churches, and who remember the poor; reward them with Thy rich and heavenly blessings, bestow on them things heavenly for things earthly, things eternal for things temporal, things incorruptible for things perishable.

Remember, O Lord, those who have offered to Thee to-day these Holy Gifts, who stand about Thine Altar, and those who are absent from commendable causes, and have mercy upon them and us, according to the multitude of Thy mercies.

A Prayer



Fill their storehouses with all manner of good things; preserve their marriages in peace and unanimity; nourish their babes ; instruct the youth ; console the aged ; comfort the feeble-minded; collect the scattered; bring back the wandering, and unite them to Thy Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church ; free those who are vexed with unclean spirits ; voyage with the mariner ; journey with the travellers ; defend the widow; shield the orphan; preserve the prisoner; heal the sick.

Remember, O God, them that are before tribunals ; in mines; in exile ; in slavery ; in all kinds of affliction, necessity, and accident; all who pray for Thy great mercy; those who love us and those who hate us; and those who have desired us, unworthy, to remember them in our prayers.

And remember all Thy people, O Lord our God, and upon all pour forth Thy rich mercy, granting them all things necessary for their salvation. And those whom we have not remembered through ignorance, forgetfulness, or the multitude of their names, do Thou Thyself remember, O God, Who knowest the age and the name of each, Who hast known them even from their mother's womb.

For Thou, Lord, art the Helper of the helpless, the Hope of the despairing, the Preserver of the tempest-tost, the Harbour of the voyager, the Physician of the sick. Thou art all things to all men, Who knowest each one and his need, each house and its necessity.

Preserve, O Lord, this abode, and every city and country, from famine, plague, earthquake, flood, fire, sword, invasion, and civil war.

Look down upon us in Thy goodness, O Lord; manifest Thyself to us in Thy rich mercies ; grant us a healthful and advan



tageous air ; give peaceful rain upon the earth, that it may bring forth its fruits; bless by Thy goodness the crown of the year; stay the schisms of the Churches, restrain the raging of the nations, cast down quickly the rising up of heresies by the power of Thy Holy Spirit; receive us all in Thy Kingdom, sons of the light and sons of the day, and give us Thy peace and Thy love, O Lord our God, Who hast given all things to us.

And grant us with one mouth and one heart to glorify and celebrate Thy All-honourable and Majestic Name, of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, now, and ever, and to ages of ages. Amen.


“Jesus said, Martha, Martha, thou art troubled and careful about many

things : but one thing is needful.”

S. Luke x. 41, 42.


N.B. The accustomed Psalms for use as at page 68, are the 84th ; 85th; 86th; 116th, v. 10; and 130th.

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