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next instant a strike against the water-fallis made, a battle as if with the elements is waged, and leap after leap out of the foam, or a plunge some fathom deep, are among the varied efforts. But all in vain ; steady is the hand, yielding is the limber tapered rod, faithful is the line, and, barring tree roots and other unseen impediments, the capture is certain. Nay, the feat is achieved. On the sand the beaming beauty, fast dimming lies, and my apprenticeship is finished.

Thus juvenile anglers reach the summit of field sports ; thus

" The child is father of the man."

HOPE for experience boldly steers,

And gains that chilling shore,
But only to be wrecked on ice,

And sink to rise no more.
This is that hope whose sordid views

To earth alone are given ;
That hope which wreck nor ruin fears,

Her anchor casts in heaven.
For he that would outride the storm,

Though whiriwinds waked the blast,
Make that his first and only hope,

That all must make their last.


THEODORE Buckley may be said to have been born a soldier, for not only had both his father and grandfather followed the profession of arms, but it was in a barracks that he first beheld the light, and in a barracks the greater part of his boyhood was spent. Theodore, however, was not born to wealth, his father having served in the ranks-never reaching a higher station ; but what was denied in the shape of riches, was, in the eyes of many a fair one, more than compensated by his elegant and noble figure and his gallant spirit. You might have travelled far in 66

merry England” before meeting with his match for handsomeness and attractive looks, or with a person of more winning manners and kindlier disposition.

The martial spirit, along with the amiable and fascinating qualities just mentioned, grew strong as his years increased in Theodore ; and those who knew him best predicted that though a lamb at the fireside he would be a lion in the field, should his king and country ever require his services in battle.

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next instant a strike against the water-fall is made, a battle as if with the elements is waged, and leap after leap out of the foam,

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