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At length into the limits of the North
Zhey came, and Satan took his Royal Seat

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Homer mentions Persons and Things, which he tells us in the Language of the Gods are call'd by different Names from those they go by in the Language of Men. Milton has imitated him with his usual Judgment in this particular place, wherein he has likewise the Authority of Scripture to justify him. The part of Abdiel, who was the only Spirit that in this Infinite Host of Angels preserved his Allegiance to his Maker, exhibits to us a noble Moral of religious Singularity. The Zeal of the Seraphim breaks forth in a becoming Warmth of Sentiments and Expressions, as the Charaćter which is given us of him denotes that generous Scorn and Intrepidity which attends Heroic Virtue. The Author, doubtless, designed it as a Pattern to those who live among Mankind in their present State of Degeneracy and Corruption.

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zocat in Certamina Divos. Virg. {He calls embattled Deities to Arms.}

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We have likewise several noble Hints of it in the Infernal Conference.

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In short, the Poet never mentions any thing of this

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