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The Character of Mammon, and the Description of the Pandwmonium, are full of Beauties.

There are several other Strokes in the First Book wonderfully poetical, and Instances of that Sublime Genius so peculiar to the Author. Such is the Description of Azazel's Stature, and of the Infemal Standard, which he unfurls ; and [as also] of that ghastly Light, by which the Fiends appear to one anotherin their Place of Torments.

The Seat of Desolation, void of Lzght,

Save what the glimmering of those livid Flames

Casts pale and dreaasul

The Shout of the whole Host of fallen Angels when drawn up in Battle Array :

TT he Universal HM up sent

A Shout that tore Hells Concave, and beyond

Frzghted the reign of Chaos and old Mght.

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Anon out of the Earth a Fabrick huge
Ros e like an Exhalation, with the Sound
Of dulcet Symphonies and Voicesfweet.

The Artificial Illuminations made in it,

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