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These Lines are perhaps as plain, simple and unadorned as any of the whole Poem, in which particular the Author has conform'd himself to the Example of Homer, and the Precept of Horace.

His Invocation to a Work which turns in a great

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Thus Satan talking to his neares? mate,
With head up-lift above the wave, and eyes
That sparkling blazed, his other parts beside
Prome on the Flood, extended long and large,


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To which we may add his Call to the fallen Angels that lay plunged and stupified in the Sea of Fire.

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Hail Horrors, hail
Infernal World, and thou profoundes? Hell
A'eceive thy new Poffeffor, one who brings
A mind not to be changed by place or time.

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The Catalogue of Evil Spirits has a great deal [Abun: dance] of Learning in it, and a very agreeable turn of

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t This passage was added in the author's life-time, but subsequent to the o:cond edition. The earliest issue with it in that I have seen, is Notes upon the Twelve Books of ‘Paradise Lost.' London 1719, p. 43.

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