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—Ubi plura nitent in carmine, non ego paucis
Offendor maculis, quas aut Incuria sudit,
Auf Humana partum cavit Matura


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to Have now confider'd Milton's Paradise | Los under those four great Heads of the Fable, the Chara&ters, the Sentiments, and the Language; and have shewn that he - excels, in general, under each of these Heads. I hope that I have made several Discoveries that [which] may appear new, even to those who are versed in Critical Learning. Were I indeed to chuse my Readers, by whose Judgment I would stand or fall, they should not be such as are acquainted only with the French and Italian Criticks, but also with the Ancient and Moderns who have written in either of the learned Languages. Above all, I would have them well versed in the Greek and Latin Poets, without which a Man very often fancies that he understands a Critick, when in reality he does not comprehend his Meaning. It is in Criticism, as in all other Sciences and Speculations; one who brings with him any implicit Notions and Observations which he has made in his reading of the Poets, will find his own Refle&tions methodized and explained, and perhaps several little Hints that had passed in his Mind, perfected and im

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