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Adam's Speech abounds with Thoughts which are equally moving, but os a more Masculine and elevated Turn. Nothing can be conceived more Sublime and Poetical, than the following Passage in it :

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than that in Ovid, where we are told, that the Sea Calfs lay in those places where the Goats were used to browze P The Reader may find several other Parallel Passages in the Latin and English Description of the Deluge, wherein our Poet has vifibly the Advantage. The Sky's being over-charged with Clouds, the descending of the Rains, the rifing of the Seas, and the appearance of the Rainbow, are such Descriptions as every one must take notice of . The Circumstance relating to Paradifie is so finely imagined and suitable to the Opinions of many learned Authors, that I cannot forbear giving it a place in this Paper.

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