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We have the same elevation of Thought in the third Day; when the Mountains were brought forth, and the Deep was made.

Immediately the mountains huge appear
Fmergent, and their broad bare backs up heave
Into the Clouds, their tops ascend the Sky.
So high as heav'd the fumid hills, so low
JOown sunk a hollow bottom broad and deep,
Capacious bed of Waters

We have also the rising of the whole vegetable World described in this Day's Work, which is filled with all the Graces that other Poets have lavished on their Descriptions of the Spring, and leads the Reader's Imagination into a Theatre equally surprizing and beautiful.

The several Glories of the Heav'ns make their appearance on the Fourth Day.

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comprehend them within the bounds of an Episode, and at the same time so particular, as to give us a lively Idea of them. This is still more remarkable in his Account of the Fifth and Sixth Dayss], in which he has drawn out to our view the whole Animal Creation, from the Reptil to the Behemoth. As the Lion and the Leviathan are two of the noblest Productions in this World of living Creatures, the Reader will find a most exquisite Spirit of Poetry, in the Account which our Author gives us of them. The Sixth Day concludes with the Formation of Man, upon which the Angel takes occasion, as he did after the Battel in Heaven, to remind Adam of his Obedience, which was the principal Design of this his Visit. The Poet afterwards represents the Messiah returning into Heaven, and taking a Survey of his great Work. There is something inexpressibly Sublime in this Part of the Poem, where the Author describes that great Period of Time, fill'd with so many Glorious Circumstances; when the Heavens and the Earth were finished; when the Mesfiah ascended up in Triumph through the Everlasting Gates; when he look'd down with pleasure upon his new Creation ; when every Part of Nature seemed to rejoice in its Existence; when the Morning Stars sang together, and all the Sons of God shouted for Joy.

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The Heavens and all the Consellations rung,
The Planets in their Station /i/?'ning slood,
While the bright pomp aftended jubilant.
Open, ye everla/ling gates, they sung,
Open, ye Heav'ns, your living doors, let in
Zhe great Creator from his work return'd
Magnificent, his six days work, a World.

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t In the advertisements immediately under this paragraph in the Original

issue is the following:— Lately Publish'd, Creation. A Philosophical Poem. Demonstrating the Existence and Providence of a God. In Seven Books. By Sir Richard Blackmore, Knt., M.D., and Fellow of the College of Physicians in London, &c. &c.


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