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Addison corrected and re-corrected this last sentence. The first and last readings, as in the original and second editions, are as above. The intermediate reading, according to the Errata in No. 369, of the original issue, is as follows: As he knew all the Arts of affecting the Mind, he has given it certain resting places and Opportunities of recovering itself from time to time: several Speeches, Reflections, Similitudes, and the like Reliefs being interspersed, to diversifie his Narration, and ease the attention of his Reader.

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God, and cf these Gates of Heaven, and shall here only add, that Homer gives us the same Idea of the latter as opening of themselves, tho' he afterwards takes off from it, by telling us, that the Hours first of all removed those prodigious heaps of Clouds which lay as a Barrier before them. I do not know any thing in the whole Poem more Sublime than the Description which follows, where the Mesfiah is represented at the head of his Angels, as looking down into the Chaos, calming its Confusion, riding into the midst of it, and drawing the first Outline of the Creation.

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