The life of Lorenzo de' Medici. [With] Poesie del magnifico lorenzo de' Medici, Tom 2

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Strona 39 - 1 popol tuo l' ha in sommo della bocca. Molti rifiutan lo comune incarco ; Ma '1 popol tuo sollecito risponde Senza chiamare, e grida: Io mi sobbarco. Or ti fa' lieta, che tu hai ben onde, Tu ricca, tu con pace, tu con senno : S' io dico ver, l
Strona 43 - Exegi monumentum aere perennius Regalique situ pyramidum altius, Quod non imber edax, non Aquilo impotens Possit diruere aut innumerabilis Annorum series et fuga temporum.
Strona 142 - I well know, that as you are now to reside at Rome, that sink of all iniquity, the difficulty of conducting yourself by these admonitions will be increased.
Strona 231 - ... combined in one body. Even his moral character seems to have partaken in some degree of the same diversity, and his devotional poems are as ardent as his lighter pieces are licentious. On all sides he touched the extremes of human character, and the powers of his mind were only bounded by that impenetrable circle which prescribes the limits of human nature. As a statesman, Lorenzo de' Medici appears to peculiar advantage.
Strona 141 - ... of your youth, and of our situation in the world. The first thing that I would therefore suggest to you is, that you ought to be grateful to God, and continually to recollect that it is not through your merits, your prudence , or your solicitude, that this event has taken place, but through his favour, which you can only repay by a pious, chaste, and exemplary life; and that your obligations to the performance of these duties are so much the greater, as in your early years you have given some...
Strona 53 - Petrarca, the offspring of that solitude in which he delighted, are lasting monuments of his industry and his talents. Yet his style is harsh, and scarcely bears the character of Latinity. His writings are, indeed, full of thought, but defective in expression, and display the marks of labour without the polish of elegance...
Strona 456 - Né fu punto inferiore a Caligola col vilipendere, beffare e straziare i cittadini con gli adulterii e con le violenze, con parole villane e con minacce (che sono...
Strona 317 - Guardalo hor tu, perch' io Nympha non basto A duo nimici, e 1' uno e 1' altro è Dio; Col desio del morir m' è sol rimasto Al core il casto amor di Lauro mio; Portate, o venti, questa voce estrema A Lauro mio, che la mia morte gema.
Strona 280 - ... to his notice, generally formed a body of about three hundred persons. Shocked at his profusion, which only the revenues of the church were competent to supply, Clement VII. is said to have engaged the maestro di casa of Ippolito to remonstrate with him on his conduct, and to request that he would dismiss some of his attendants as unnecessary to him.
Strona 283 - Tribulato di Strascino Campana Senese sopra el male incognito el quale tratta de la patientia et impatientia. The style of this poem is extremely gross and ludicrous; and the author, in the supposed excess of his sufferingS, indulges himself in the most extravagant and profane ideas, as to the nature and origin of the complaint. At one time he supposes it to be the same disorder as that...

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