Letters from Mrs. Elizabeth Carter, to Mrs. Monatgu, Between the Years 1755 and 1800: Chiefly Upon Literary and Moral Subjects, Tom 2

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F.C. and J. Rivington, 1817

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Strona 256 - Sell their presented partridges, and fruits, And humbly live on rabbits and on roots: One half-pint bottle serves them both to dine, And is at once their vinegar and wine. But on some...
Strona 47 - ... dear friend, I am just as sensible to present fame as you can be. Your Virgils and your Horaces may talk what they will of posterity, but I think it is much better to be celebrated by the men, women, and children, among whom one is actually living and looking. One thing is very particularly agreeable to my vanity, to say nothing about my heart, that it seems to be a decided point, that you and I are always to figure in the literary world together, and that from the classical poet, the water drinking...
Strona 51 - And shuts the scene. Ah! whither now are fled Those dreams of greatness? those unsolid hopes Of happiness ? those longings after fame ? Those restless cares? those busy bustling days?
Strona 185 - Portman-square, as other folks think, and talk about it ; as a magnificent house, and a fine house, and an elegant house, though all this is very true, but as a house containing- a great quantity of air, which, I trust, will, by the blessing of God, be a means of preserving your health, and lengthening a life of such distinguished value.
Strona 293 - I was glad to find that you were pleased with the 'Orphan of the Castle.' I heartily wish it was fashionable enough to be of any essential benefit to the author, who has been obliged to purchase her freedom from a vile husband...
Strona 95 - I say it is the land of friendship." 62. Attempt to disable the Trident, Capt. Elliot. 1778. 95. " Oh lack ! what writing, as somebody used to say, what writation it all is. You and I my dear friend, have lived to see the mushroom growth of a new language in our own country, filled with phrases, which nobody could have understood when we were young.
Strona 215 - From an authority which seems too good, I am informed that Mrs. Thrale is by this time Signora Piozzi, and that her daughters have chosen another guardian. Is it true ? I am sorry if it is, but not surprized; and she always seemed to be a genius of that eccentric kind, which is mighty apt to be accompanied by " a plentiful lack" of common sense* Do not you think it monstrous, that on the proposal of every new.
Strona 234 - Carter informed the editor, that in one of the last conversations which she had with this eminent moralist, she told him that she had never known him say anything contrary to the principles of the Christian religion. He seized her hand with great emotion, exclaiming, ' You know this, and bear witness to it when I am gone!

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