Obrazy na stronie

strictions, 865. All inter-
course with Britain pro-
bibited, 945
Hohenzollern, Pr.of, mar-
ries a relation of Bona-
parte, 221
Hood, Sir Samuel, Madei-
ra taken by the fleet un-
der his command, 65.-
Arrives in England, 304
Sails for the Baltic, 305
Attacks the Russian
fleet with two ships, and
takes one, 791. Leaves
the Baltic, and lands in
Rosshire, 946
Hope, Capt. Geo.appoint-
ed Captain of the Baltic
fleet, 305
Hotham, Sir Cha. cashier-
ed for being drunk on
duty, 231
Italy. Bonaparte arrives
at Milan, 57. Adopts
Eugene Beauharnois for,
his son and heir to the
Crown of Italy, ib. Adds
new dignitaries to the
Iron Crown of Lombar-
dy, ib. His speech to
the Senate, 58. A French
army enters Rome, 222.
Protest of the Pope a-
gainst such invasion, ib.
see Rome

Jamaica, the House of As.
sembly pass some strong
resolutions against the
abolition of the slave
trade, 220
Jerome Bonaparte, King
of Westphalia, his ad-
dress to his new subjects,

Joseph Bonaparte, see
Keates, Admiral, brings
off a body of Spanish
troops from Denmark,

tra, 869. Displeased
with his Majesty's an-
swer, 870
Madeira, taken by a Bri-
tish force, 65. Restored
to Portugal, 383
Melpomene frigate, takes
three Italian ships, 869
Moore, Com. escorts the
Royal Family of Portu-
gal to Brazil, 53
Moore, Sir John, appoint.
ed Commander of the
British forces in Spain,
862. Arrives at Sala-
manca, 939
Moira, Earl, his patriotic
speech on St Patrick's
day, 231
Naples,-a French post
attacked by some Eng-
lish gunboats, 224. The
order of the Jesuits ex-
pelled from Naples, 225.
The palace of Salicetti
blown up, ib.
Napoleon, see Bonaparte,
Orange-Fulda, Pr. of, gets
a pension from Bonaparte,

the Leda frigate lost, 230
London, city of, address
to his Majesty on the
state of public affairs,
305. Another address in
behalf of the Spanish pa-
triots, 631. Violent ad-
dress to the King against
the Convention of Cin-

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Paine, Tho. petitions the
American Congress for
a reward for his services,

Parr, Gov. murdered by
the Malays, 849
Peace, overtures for, re-
ceived from France and
Russia, 867. Rejected,
948. His Majesty's De-
claration, ib.
Pellew, Sir Edward, des-
troys the Dutch ship-
ping at Batavia, 849
Persia, Major Malcolm
sent on a mission there,
849. The Court favou-
rably disposed towards
Britain, 945
Portugal. The Pr. Re-
gent and Royal Family
embark at Lisbon for
Brazil with a large fleet,
49. Proclamation of the
Prince Regent on this
occasion, 53. Appoints
a Council of Regency ib.
Edicts of the Prince Re-

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gent, 54. The French
army under Gen. Junot
enter Lisbon, 55. His
proclamation to the in-
habitants, ib. Distress of
the people of Lisbon,
142. British property
confiscated, 143. The
kingdom declared abdi-
cated, and united to
France, 222. Gen. Ju-
not's proclamation ib.
Further accounts of the
distress of Lisbon 296,
379. The French Gen.
prohibits all communica-
tion with the British fleet
379. Deputies from Por-
tugal favourably recei-
ved at Bayonne by Bo-
naparte, 536. The Por-
tuguese rise against the
French 627. The French
General fortifies himself,
628. Disarms, and con-
fines the Spanish troops,
ib. Proclamations of Sir
Charles Cotton to the
Portuguese, 628, 619.
703. A British army
lands in Portugal, 630.
Defeats the French army
at Roleia, 697. And at
Vimiera 700. Further
particulars of these bat-
tles, ib. 940. Address of
the Portuguese General
to the French army, 703.
A Convention concluded
between the British and
French armies, $49. The
Russian fleet in the Ta-
gus taken possession of
by Admiral Sir Charles
Cotton, 780. And sent
to England, 782. The
French forced to restore
their plunder 781. The
British troops enter Lis-
bon, ib. The Spanish
troops liberated ib. The
Portuguese murder se-
veral French officers, ib.
The French army em-
bark for France, ib. Pro.
clamation of Sir Hew
Dalrymple to the Portu-
guese nation, 782. The
Council of Regency re-

stored, 783. The Bri-
tish army under Sir John
Moore march for Spain,
862. Sir H. Burrard vi-
sits the Council, 862.
Rejoicings in Lisbon, ib.
Curious theatrical exhi-
bition, ib. Some trans-
- ports with French troops
lost, ib.
Prevost, Sir George, sails
for Nova Scotia, 229
Prussia. The King pub-
lishes a Declaration a-
gainst England, 227.-
Prohibits the importa-
tion of salt, ib. Severely
oppressed by the French
- contributions, ib. Mi-
serable state of Dantzick
and Memel, ib. Destruc-
tive fire at Dantzick, ib.
The King's singular de-
claration againstSweden,


the Rambler, melancholy
account of her loss at
Newfoundland, 230
Rome, the Pope's territo-
tories entered by a French
army, 222. Protest of
his Holiness against the
invasion, ib., Proclama-
tion of Napoleon, for
annexing the Papal ter-
ritory to the kingdom
of Italy, 630. Official
papers respecting this a-
trocious measure, ib.-
The Pope's eloquent ma-
nifesto against the usur-
per, 852
Russia. The Emperor
subservient to Bonaparte,
226. Receives Caulin-
court as the French am-
bassador, ib. Intrigues
of the French mission
there, ib. The British
merchants refused pass-
ports, ib. The Russian
army enters Finland, 228.
The Emperor's declara-
tion against Sweden, ib.
Sets out to meet Napo-
leon at Erfurth, 789.
Their conferences there,
ip. 866. Takes leave,


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and sets out for Peters-
burgn, ib. Arrives there,
942. Prohibits foreign
trade, ib. Publishes a
false account of the bat-
tie with the British fleet,

Russian officers ordered to
quit the British service,
69. A Russian frighte
condemned as prize, ib.
Their fleet at Lisbon ta-
ken possession of by Sir
Charles Cotton, 780.-
And sent to England,
752. Their fleet in the
Baltic defeated by two
British ships, 791. And
one of them burnt, 792.
Take refuge in Baltic

[blocks in formation]

Saumarez, Sir James, com-
mands the Baltic fleet,
305. Blockades the Rus-
sian flest in Baltic Port,
793. Leaves the Baltic,
and arrives in England,

Seagull, sloop of war, ta-
ken by a fleet of Danish
gun-boats, 946

Seahorse frigate, takes a
large Turkish ship after
a desperate action, 711
Shipmasters, wonderfules-
cape of six from a Da-
nish prison, 947.
Shipwrecks, 68.
Slave trade, resolutions of
the Assembly of Jamaica
aginst its abolition, 220
Smith, Sir Sidney, assists
the Royal Family of Por-
tugal to depart for Bra-
zil, 51. Sails for Brazil

South Wales, new, con-
spiracy among the con-
victs, 141. Great da-
mage by a flood, ib. Dis-
turbances in the colony,
849. Governor Bligh
seized, ib.

Spain. The Prince of As-

turias examined relative
to the conspiracy against

his father, 56. Bonapar
te's letter to him, 57.-
The Prince set at biber-
ty, ib. Accuses the Prince
of Peace, who is impri-
soned, ib. Declared Ge-
neralissimo of the Spz-
nish forces, ib. A large
French army entersSpain,
223, 197. Insurrection at
Madrid, 377. The Prince
of Peace disgraced, ib.
The King abdicates the
Crown, ib. The Prince
of Asturias assumes the
government under the
title of Ferdinand VII.
378. The French Gen.
Murat enters Madrid,
ib. Distracted state of
that city, ib. The Royal
Family depart for France,
456. Formal abdication
of the King in favour of
Napoleon, ib. The Spa-
nish Princes rencunce
their title to the Crown,
ib. Another general in-
surrection at Madrid,458.
Letter of Bonaparte to
the Prince of Asturias,
ib. Letter of King Charles
to the same, 460. The
Prince resigns the Crown,
ib. The Spaniards re-
volt against French vas-
salage, and send a depu
tation to England for as
sistance, 461. The French
General issues a Procla
mation against them, 462.
Curious account of the
interview betwixt the
Royal Family and Bona-
parte at Bayonne, 529.
The former compelled
to abdicate, 531.
ter great entertainments
they are sent prison-
ers into France, ib, Bo
naparte issues a procla
mation for an Assembly
of the Notables at Bay-
onne, ib. Appoints the
Duke of Berg. Lieut..
Gen. of the kingdom,
532. His insidious pro
clamation to the Spanish

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people, ib. The Duke of
Berg sequestrates the
Spanish treasury, 532.
The Spanish Grandees
introduced to Napoleon,
ib. The Notables assem-
ble at Bayonne, and is-
sue a singular Proclama-
tion as the Supreme Jun-
ta of Government, ib.
Joseph Bonaparte arrives
at Bayonne, 534. Re-
ceives the deputation of
Grandees as their King,
ib. Other deputations in-
troduced, ib. The city of
Madrid address the Duke
of Berg, 536. Proclama-
tion of Joseph Napoleon
as king of Spain, ib. The
States of Gallicia pub-
fish an address to their
countrymen, 337. Pro-
clamation of the Asturi
aus, 538. Of the Arra-
gonese, ib. The Junta
of Seville declare
against France, 639. The
Assembly of Asturias
proclaims peace with
England, 540. And a re-
solution of gratitude for
its assistance, ib. The
French fleet at Cadiz sur-
renders to the Spaniards,
541. The Spanish pa-
triots' receive supplies
from Gibraltar, 542. The
patriot army defeated
near Cordova by Gene-
ral Dupont, 543. The
French supplies cut off,
ib. The French defeat-
ed at Barcelona and Sa-
ragossa, ib. Don Solano,
Governor of Cadiz, put
to death by the popu-
lace, ib. Marq, de Helos
suffers in the same way,
544. Orders of his Bri.
tannic Majesty for a ces-
sation of hostilities with
Spain, ib. The Junta at
Bayonne accept the con-
stitution of Bonaparte,
617. Joseph Ronaparte
makes a grand speech to
the Deputies, ib. They
take the oaths of fidelity
Dec. 1808.

to his Government, ib.
Proclamation of the new
King to his subjects, 617.
He sets out for Madrid,
618. Issues a proclama-
tion at Vittoria, ib. Ar.
rives at Madrid, 619.
Proclaimed King, 620.
Leaves Madrid sudden-
ly, ib. 626. The French
army under Gen. Du-
pont surrenders to the
Spanish General Casta-
nos, 621. The Junta of
Seville congratulate Ld.
Collingwood on the sur-
render,622. Castanos' ad-
dress to the Andalusians,
623. The French defeat-
ed in Murcia, ib. And
at Barcelona, 624. The
Spaniards beaten at Rio
Seco, 625. Official ac-
count of the evacuation
of Madrid by the French,
625. The French defeat-
ed at Saragossa, 704.-
The province of Biscay
joins the patriots, 795.——
The French enter, and
plunder Bilboa, ib. In-
sulent letter of Gen. Du-
pont to the Governor of
Cadiz, 756. The Gover-
nor's spirited answer, ib.
General proclamation to
the French armies, ib.
Ferdinand VII. proclaim-
ed King at Madrid, 784.
The Supreme Junta of
the kingdom installed
at Aranjuez, 785. The
French defeated near Bil-
boa, 786. The town re-
taken by the French, and
again pillaged, 787. The
Spaniards defeat the
French at Gerona, ib.
The French blocked up
in Barcelona, ib. The
inhabitants of that city
in the utmost distress,
788. Position and strength
of the French and Spa
nish armies, ib. Great
quantity of plundertaken
from the French General,
ib. Don Cevallos' expo-

sition of the machina-
tions of Bonaparte a-
gainst the Royal Family
of Spain, 855,929. The
Spanish army under Gen.
Blake engage the French
at Durango, 859. Dread-
ful havock at Saragossa,
$60. Col. Doyle appoint-
ed a Field Marshal of
Spain, ib. Sir D. Baird
lands with a British army
at Corunna, 861. Joy-
fully received by the Spa-
niards, ib. Royal decree
of the Supreme Junta tó
the Councils, 955. Va-
rious battles betwixt the
French and Spanish ar-
mies, 938. Gen. Blake
forced to retreat, 939.
The French enter St An-
dero, ib. Fortitude of
the Spanish soldiers, ib.
Sir David Baird arrives
at Astorga, but is order-
ed to retreat, ib. Sir
John Moore arrives at Sa-
lamanca, ib. Preparations
for the defence of Ma-
drid, ib. Ridiculous bul-
letins of the French ar-
my, 940. The Spanish
Government allow the
importation of British
goods, ib.
Spanish deputies arrive in
London, 461. Granden-
tertainment given them
by the merchants of Lon-
don, 949

prisoners in Eng-
land, released and sent
bome, 542

army in Denmark,
rescued and brought off
by Admiral Keates, 707
the Sparkler gun-brig lost,

Spencer, Gen. sails from
England on an expedi-
tion, 229. Arrives at
Gibraltar, 304. Joins
Sir Arthur Wellesley's
army in Portugal, 697
Stewart, Capt. takes a
large Turkish ship after
a severe action, 711
Storm, dreadful ene on

the English coast, and
great damage done to
the shipping, 148. Ano-
ther unexampled storm
of snow in England,
which occasions much
mischief, ib.

St Patrick's day, its grand
anniversary celebrated in
London, 231
Strangford, Lord, his ac-
I count of the departure
of the royal family of
Portugal for Brazil, 49.
Arrives in England, 55.
Appointed ambassador to
the Court of Brazil, and
arrives at Rio de Janeiro,

St Thomas's island takén
by the British, 147
the Subtle schooner lost,

Sweden,--threatened with
an invasion by Russia,
146. A general arma-
ment takes place, ib.-
Forms an alliance with
Britain, ib. Finland en-
tered by a Russian army,
228. The King's decla.
ration to the Emperor of
Russia, ib. 299. The
Emperor's counter - de-
claration, ib. Hostilities
commenced in Finland,

298. Base conduct of
the Russian General,298,
300. Denmark and Prus-
sia declare against Swe.
den, 301. Battles in Fin-
land, 380. Sweaborg
surrenders to the Rus-
sians, ib. The Conven-
tion condemned, ib. 455.
The Swedes repulsed in
Norway, 381, 455. Sea
fight betwixt the Swedes

and Danes, ib. The
Russians defeated near
Savolax, 455. A corps
of them forced to sur-
render at Pielkali, ib.--
1200 Russians taken pri
soners at Aland, ib. The
same number at Goth-
land, ib. The Russians
in Finland distressed for
provisions, ib. General
Moore, with a British
army of 14,000 men, ar-
rives at Gottenburgh. ib.
The Russians defeated at
Christianstadt, with great
loss, 795. The King re-
monstrates with the Em-
peror of Russia on the
cruelties of his soldiers
in Finland 791. An ar-
mistice signed, 793-
Broken by the Russians,
and hostilities recom
mence 942. Desperate
seafight betwixt the two
flotillas, 943. Character
of the King by an En-
glish gentleman, 944.
Singular story of an En-
glish swindler, ib.
Turkey,-Another revo-
lution takes place, 850.
The Sultan Selim mur-
dered, 851. Mustapha
deposed, and Prince Ma-
homet proclaimed Sultan,
ib. Vigorous measures
of the new Grand Vizier,
ib. Mr Adair opens ne-
gociations with the Porte,


Unite frigate, takes two
Italian brigs of war, 869,


Usury, curious trials for,

Vaccination, its great suc
cess in France, 222
Victor sloop, Capt. Bell,
has a bloody battle with
three Dutch prows off
Batavia, 303
Wellesley, Sir Arthur, sails
from Corke, on an expe.
dition to Portugal, 629.
Lands his army in Mon
dego bay, 630. Several
boats with troops lost,
ib. The British army
received with great joy
by the Portugueze, ib.
Joined by the divisions
of Gens. Spencer and
Anstruther, 697. De.
feats the French army at
Ro'eia, 697. And at Vi-
miera, 700. Signs a con
vention with the French
army, 778. Which is
much reprobated, 750.
Arrives in England, 783.
West Indies.--The Go-
vernor of Cuba declares
for King Ferdinand, and
proclaims war against
the French, $51. Ad-
miral Cochrane liberates
the Spanish prisoners,

The French islands
in great distress, ib. Un-
successful attack upon
St Martin's by an Eng-
fishship of war, ib. Lieut.
Spearing killed, ib.
Westphalia, the new king
of, his address to his sub-
jects, 58
Whitelocke, Gen. his trial
by a Court-martial for
misconduct at Buenos
Ayres, 307, 386, 455,
545. Sentenced to be
cashiered, 553. Sketch
of his life, 554

.........SCOTTISH CHRONICLE.........

ABERDEEN, public meet.
ing to address his Ma-
jesty, 153.
speeches of Principal
Brown & Dr Shireff, 154
Accident, an unaccount-
able one, 956

Advocate, Lord, See Er.
Advocates, Faculty of,
their resolutions on the
new bill for regulating
the proceedings in the
Court of Session, 69. Mr

M. Ross chosen Dean of
Faculty, 877
Ayr races, 956
Bakers of Perth, decision
against their exclusive
privilege, 794
Blair, Robert, Esq. takes

his seat as Lord Presi-
dent of the Court of Ses-
sion, 874
-Carters, three whipt thro'
Haddington, $76
Cathcart, Lord, gets a
grand dinner from the
Lord Provost of Edin.
Burgh, 396. And is pre-
sented with a valuable
gold box, ib.
Circuit intelligence, 394,


Court of Session, abstract
of the new bill for regu-
lating its procedure, 313-
Robert Blair, Esq. ap-
pointed Lord President,
713. Case of the privi
lege of baking in Perth
decided, 794. The Lords
hold an extraordinary
meetingto consider of the
naw arrangements, 873.
Divided into two cham-
bers, ib. Regulations for
future procedure, ibid.
The Court meets, ibid.
Lord President Blair
takes his seat, 874. His
impressive speech on the
occasion, ib. Meeting of
the Commissioners under
the new Act, 953
Court-martial on a soldier
for desertion from the
⚫ militia, 76
Dumfries races, 956
Dundee, public meeting
to address his Majesty,
232. Eloquent speech
of Dr Nicol, ib.
Edinburgh, the city of,
address to his Majesty,
152. Another address in
behalf of the Spanish pa-
triots 633. Foundation
stone of a new jail laid,

Erskine, Hon. Henry, his
letter to the Lord Ad-
vocate, 70. His Lord-
ship's answer, 71. Mr
Erskine's reply, 149.
The Lord Advocate's
duply, 152
Exchequer, Court of, tri-
al of an evasion of the
auction duty, 76

Falkirk tryst, 956
Forgery, singular case of,
234. The forger kills
himself, ib.

General Assembly, pro
ceedings of, 473. Ad.
dresses to the King,

Gilchrist, James, execu
ted at Glasgow, 715.
His singular behaviour,
Glasgow, general meeting

of the merchants to ad-

dress his Majesty 72. Pa-
triotic speeches of Messrs
Black and Hopkirk, ib.


Hallow Fair, 956
Hood, Sir Sam. receives
the freedom of the city
of Edinburgh, 955-
Entertained by the Ma-
gistrates of Glasgow, ib.
Impress, decision against
an illegal one, 954.
Jail, foundation stone of
a new one laid at Edin
burgh, 713
Justice Clerk, Lord, his
eloquent speech to the
Jury at the Glasgow cir-
cuit, 634
Justiciary, Court of, trial
of John Duncan for mur-
der, acquitted, 74. Of
James Beggs for murder,
acquitted, ib. Of Rob.
Dow for theft, pleads
guilty, and is transported
for life, ib. Of Barbara
Malcolm for murder,
found guilty, and sen.
tenced to be hanged, 75.
Of three soldiers for the

great rejoicings, 555-
Grand parade of the vo-
lunteers, ib. Receive the
approbation of Ld, Cath-
cart, ib.
M'Arthur, Don, decision
in favour of, against the
impress, 954.
Macdougall, Peter, exe-
cuted at Inverary, 76
Mail, the London, to E-
dinburgh, detained three
days by a storm of snow,

Mail coach, from Glas-
gow, overturned near
Moffat, and two passen-
gers killed, 876
Magistrates of Edinburgh
elected, 797
Malcolm, Barbara, exe-
cuted, 156
Masons, Free, grand pro-
cession at laying the
foundation stone of the
new jail of Edinburgh,`
713. Celebrate the fes-
tival of St Andrew, 954.
Apply to the Court of
Session for an interdict
against some of their
Brethren, 953
Nelson, Lord, inscription
for his monument at
Glasgow, 77
Organ, one used in a
church in Glasgow, pro-
hibited by the presby
tery, 156
Records of Scotland, ab-
stract of a new bill for
preserving them, 393
Ross, Mat. Esq. chosen
Dean of the Faculty of
Advocates, $77

murder of a negro drum-Scarcity in the Highlands,

mer, acquitted, 78. Of
J. Tough and A. For.
tay for murder, acquit-
ted, 234. Of James Gil-
christ for the murder of
his wife, found guilty,
715. Of journeymen pa-
per-makers for a combi.
nation, the libel found
not revelant, 873 Of
three grain-tealers, 955
King's birth day, celebrat-
ed at Edinburgh with


Sinclair, Sir John, his be-
nevolence to his tenants,

Shopbreaking, daring in.
stance of, in Leith, 956
Storm, severe one at E-
dinburgh, 875
Synod of Glasgow and
Ayr, their proceedings
against Mr Wright at
Maybole for breach of
the Sabbath, 875


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