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Whitehall, Dec. 3.-The King has been pleased to order a Congé d'Elire to pass the Great Seal, empowering the Dean and Chapter of the Cathedral Church of Rochester to elect a Bishop of that See, the same being void by the translation of the Right Rev. Father in God Thomas, late Bishop thereof, to the See of Ely; and his Majesty has also been pleased to recommend the Rev. Walker King, Doctor in Divinity, to be elected Bishop of the said

See of Rochester.

Whitehall, Nov. 26.-The King has been pleased to grant to the Hon. William Harcourt, the office of Gentleman and Master of his Majesty's Robes, in the room of James Lord Selsey, deceased.

Downing-Street, Nov. 29.-The King has been pleased to appoint the Hon. Francis Nathaniel Burton to be LieutenantGovernor of the province of Lower Canada, in America.

-To appoint Henry Bentinck, Esq. to be Governor and Commander in Chief of the settlements of Demerara and Essequibo. -To appoint Chas. Bentinck, Esq. to be Governor and Commander in Chief of the settlement of Surinam.

-io appoint Lord Amherst to be Ambassador extraordinary and Minister plenipotentiary to the Court of Sicily.

The King has been pleased to present the Rev. David Watson to the church of Leuchars, vacant by the death of Mr Thomas Kettle, late minister there.

Cameron to

-To present the Rev. the church of Monzie, vacant by the death of Mr Ralph Taylor.

-To present the Rev. David Cannon to the church of Murroes, vacant by the death of Mr Alexander Imlach.


Oct. 20. At Edinburgh, Lieut. Patrick Blair, to Janet, daughter of the late Capt. Robert Scott of Lasswade.

Nov. 13. At Dunmore, near Londonderry, James Law, Esq. of the Hon. East India Company's civil service, Bombay, to Miss M. Law, youngest daughter of William Law, Esq.

21. At St Andrews, Mr John Gray, merchant in Dundee, to Miss Agnes Methven, St Andrews.

25. The Rev. Patrick Maxwell, to Miss Sawbridge, daughter of the late J. Sawbridge of Olontigh, Esq.

28. William Roberts, Esq. banker, Dundee, to Margaret, eldest daughter of John Baxter, Esq. of Idvies, Forfarshire.

30. At Forfar, the Rev. John Murray of Barrymuir, to Miss Margaret Adie, young

est daughter of the late Mr Adie of Auchtenny.

30. At Edinburgh, Walter Mitchell, Esq. surgeon, Royal Lanarkshire militia, to Miss Alicia Drummond, daughter of the late Dr John Drummond of the island of Jamaica.

Dec. 1. At Linlithgow, Mr William Salmond, writer, to Margaret, eldest daughter of the late Dugald Campbell of Ederline, Esq.

-. At Edinburgh, John Brodie, Esq. late of the Royal Navy, to Charlotte, eldest daughter of Mr Charles Bowman, writer, Edinburgh.

2. At ditto, Thomas Burns, Esq. W. S. to Mrs Inglis, widow of the late Wm. Inglis, Esq. of Harden Green.

6. At ditto, Archibald Graham Campbell, Esq. of Shirvan, to Agnes, youngest daughter of Robert Hunter, Esq. of Thurston.

6. At ditto, Dr Colin Rogers of Madras, to Mary, daughter of Luke Fraser of Glenmaid, Esq.

9. At Bath, Major-Gen. William Madox Richardson, to Mrs Scott, widow of the late David Scott, Esq. of the island of Antigua.

At London, Thomas Ayton, Esq. son of Gen. Ayton, to Miss Campbell, eldest daughter of Major-General Dugald Camp


At Guernsey, the Hon. Willoughby Bertie, of the Royal Navy, to Miss C. Jane Saunders, lately known as Miss Fisher, the young Roscia.

Sir George Bowyer, Bart. to Miss Douglas, eldest daughter of the late Sir Andrew Snape Douglas.

At North Yarmouth, Capt. Bradby, of his Majesty's ship Calypso, son of Admiral Bradby, to Miss Catherine Douglas, second daughter to Admiral Douglas, Commander in Chief at Yarmouth.

At Glynn, Captain Walker, 42d regiment, and Brigade Major to the forces in Ireland, to Miss Penelope Leslie Johnston, daughter to the late Adam Johnston, Esq. of Glynn.


July 18. At Demerara, the Lady of Lieutenant William Gordon, of the Royals, a daughter.

10. In the island of St Christophers, the Right Hon. Lady Cranstoun, a daughter.

Oct. 11. At Fredericton, New Brunswick, the Lady of Major-General Hunter,

a son.

Nov. 3. At Bromley, Mrs Ford of Finhaven, a daughter.

20. At Beverley, the wife of Major Hart, aide-de-camp to Gen. Vyse, a daughter, her eighth child.

Nov. 21. Viscountess Arbuthnot, a son., 23. At Edinburgh, Mrs Craufuird, wife of Mr Archibald Craufuird, writer to the signet, a son.

23. At Rosebank, Mrs Scott, a son. 26. At Edinburgh, Mrs Cathcart, wife of Mr Robert Cathcart, writer to the signet, a son.

26. The Lady of Robert Stewart, Esq. of Alderston, a son.

26. At Parton, in Galloway, Mrs Scott, wife of William Scott, Esq. of Wimpson, in Hampshire, a son.

Dec. 1. At Leith, the wife of Mr John Cochrane, Surgeon in the Royal Navy, a

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At Bristol, Maria, daughter of Evan Baillie, Esq. M. P. for that city.

Nov. 11. At Forbes Lodge, Gifford, Mrs



At Camberwell, aged 84, Tho. Wilson, Esq. late Chief Justice of the island of Dominica.

At Rican Langborne, the Rev. John Whitaker, author of the history of Manchester, the history of Mary Queen of Scots, and other publications of some celebrity.

-. At the manse of Leuchars, in Fife, the Rev. Thomas Kettle, minister of that parish, in the 68th year of his age, and 34th of his ministry.

15. At Edinburgh, aged $2, Mr Charles Smith, glover, Deacon of the Incorporation of Furriers, much regretted

16. At Falkirk, Mrs Falconer, wife of Capt. Falconer, and niece of the late Sir John Gordon of Embo, Bart.

17. At Stirling, Walter Moir Banks, only surviving son of Robert Banks, Esq. of Craighead.

17. At Mount Riddel, Miss Mary Miles Riddel, second daughter of the late Thomas Miles Riddel, Esq. of Mount Riddell.

18. At Edinburgh, aged 68, Mr George

At Bath, the Lady of Sir John Louis, of Reid, printer. the Royal Navy, a son.

At Warkworth, the Lady of Henry David Erskine, Esq. younger of Mar, a son. At Taunton, the Lady of Captain Buchanan, 18th light dragoons, a daughter.

At Fryern House, the Lady of Sir William Johnston, Bart, of Caskieben, a daugh

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On his way from Bombay to Madras, by a stroke of the sun, Richard Arthur Wolfe, Lieutenant in the 47th foot, second cousin of Lord Kilwarden.

At St Thome, in India, William Todd, Esq. senior surgeon of the forces at Hydrabad, son of the deceased Andrew Todd, Esq. of Feall.

Aug. 10. At Spanishtown, Jamaica, Mr Hercules Carmichael, third son of Dr Carmichael, physician, Port Glasgow.

In Dominica, John Laing, Esq. eldest son of Thomas Laing, Esq. Haddo. Sept. 8. At Philadelphia, William Sandford, Esq. of the Bank of Pennsylvania, and formerly of the Inner Temple, London. Brig. Gen. Hughes, Lieut.-Col. of the $7th regiment, and Governor of Surinam. Lady Trail, relict of Sir John Trail.

18. John Swan, Esq. of Prestonhall, Fifeshire.

18. At Edinburgh, Miss Henrietta Hope, daughter of the late Hon. Charles Hope Weir of Craigiehall.

19. At Hawick, William Oliver, Esq. merchant.

19. At Colinton, Miss Marjory Hay, daughter of John Hay, Esq. Pitfour.

19. At Dundee, Mrs Jobson, widow of the late Robert Jobson, Esq. banker, Dan

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Nov. 29. At Taybank, near Perth, John Stewart, Esq. Surgeon-General of the army in the West Indies during part of the American war.

24 At Edinburgh, the Rev. Duncan Mackay, late acting chaplain of his Majes ty's troops on the establishment of Madras. Mr Mackay, having returned from India some years ago, with a moderate fortune, he chose to express the respect which he always retained for that ancient seat of learning, where he had received his education, by founding a new Bursary in the United College of St Andrew's, and vesting the patronage thereof in his chief, Lord Reay. Having communicated his intention, and corresponded with the College upon the subject, he lately lodged 3001. in the hands of the Agent for the College; but he died before the necessary deeds were extended, and he left them to be executed by his trustees. The University of St Andrew's regret that, by the unexpected death of Mr Mackay, they are prevented from conferring upon him those academical honours to which he was well entitled, both by the respectability of his general character, and by this munificent testimony of his zeal in the cause of literature; and that the only tribute they can pay to the memory of their benefactor, is the insertion of this paragraph in a permanent periodical publication, where his generosity will stand recorded

24. At Dumfries, aged 16, Mr James Maxwell, fifth son of Wellwood Maxwell, Esq. of Barncleugh.

24. At Stirling Castle, Mrs Captain Fraser.

25. At Fort William, Frances Hay Macdonald, daughter of Lieut.-Col Macdonald, Inspecting Field-Officer there.

25. Mrs Hamilton, wife of William Hamilton, Esq. of Bothwell Park.

25. At Edinburgh, aged 21, Mr Alex. Ryrie, eldest son of the deceased Mr Donald Ryrie, late merchant in Edinburgh.

25. At ditto, aged 62, Mrs Jean Fraser, relict of the late Mr John Mackay, shoremaster of Inverness.

27. At ditto, Mrs Helen Brown, relict of Mr Thomas Brown, architect, aged 89. 27. Mr Alexander Begbie, farmer at Bar miemains, near Haddington, East Lothian. 28. At Hawkstone, Shropshire, in his 76th year, Sir Richard Hill, Bart. who had represented that county in Parliament for several years.

28. At London, John Gibson, Esq. late of Calcutta.

29. At his residence in Hampshire, Sir Thom. Pasley, Bart. Admiral of the White, aged 75. He lost his leg in Lord Howe's

victory on the memorable 1st of June, for which he received a pension of 1000 1. ayear.

29. At Huttonhall, Miss Hester Johnston, third daughter of Robert Johnston, Esq.

29. At St Monance, Mrs Isabel Low, relict of Mr John Mackie, merchant there, at the advanced age of 97 years.

30. At Carthagena, Mrs Butler, wife of Mr Joseph Butler, late merchant, Dumfries, 30. At London, Capt. Thomas Reed, 33d regiment of foot.

30. At Glasgow, Gilbert Hamilton, Esq. In the Temple prison at Paris, Marshat Brune, on the fifth day of his confinement. It was supposed he was poisoned. Bonaparte was so much dissatisfied with him for having allowed the Swedes to escape from Stralsund, that he said he would have

him shot if he were not a Marshal of France.

At Gloucester, in his 77th year, Sie Charles Saxton, Bart. of the Royal Navy, and late Commissioner at Portsmouth.

At Bath, Mrs Drummond, widow of the Rev. Mr Henry Drummond of Fawley.

At Weymouth, universally regretted, the Rev. Dr James Ogilvie, in the 64th year of his age, one of his Majesty's Chaplains, son of the late Mr James Ogilvie, one of the ministers of Aberdeen.

At Prospect House, Fareham, Hants, Captain Loring, Royal Navy, commanding the sea-fencibles of that district; a worthy man and an excellent officer.

Lately, at Dundee, aged 88, Mr James Dick, collector of the window and house duty.

At Paisley, the Rev. Samuel Kinloch, in the 73d year of his age, and 40th of his ministry.

Dec. 2. At Edinburgh, Mrs Monypen ny, wife of David Monypenny, Esq. of Pitmilly, advocate, and daughter of the late Andrew Stewart, of Auchluncart, Esq. writer to the signet.


3. At Glasgow, George Bogle, Esq. aged

3. At the manse of Lochmaben, the Rev. Henry Laurie, after a short illness, in the 36th year of his age, and 8th of his ministry. 3. At Edinburgh, Margaret Ann, infant doughter of W. F. Gardner, Esq. of Gif ford vale.

4. At Arbroath, in the 42d year of her age, Mrs Alison Lawson, spouse to the Rev. Robert Thomson, minister of the Chapel of Ease.

4. At Gleghornie, Mr James Johnston of Wanside.

4. At Nith Bank, Isabella Johnstone, widow of Adam Murray, Esq. of Bellriding, aged 81.


Dec. 5. At London, aged 72, Wm. Hawes, M.D. senior Physician to the London and Surry Dispensaries, and the establisher, in 1774 (in conjunction with Dr Cogan,) of that meritorious and now flourishing institution, the Royal Humane Society.

5. At Coldstream, Mr John Fair, brewer. 5. At Edinburgh, Samuel Ward, Esq. late of the city of Dublin.

5. At ditto, the Rev. James Forrester, minister of Kilrenny, in the 63d year of his age, and 40th of his ministry.

5. At Lochbank, aged 80, Mrs Elizabeth Milligan, relict of Mr James Haining, late in Moss-side of Craigs.

5. At Perth, Jane Jarvis Macquarie, infant daughter of Lieut.-Col. Macquarie of the 73d regiment.

7. At Perth, aged 70, Mr Thomas Fiskin, merchant.

8. At Kirkcaldy, Mr James Meldrum, of Wester Pitewcher.

Mr David Alison, rector of the grammar school of Glasgow.

At Moorfarm, Mrs Barclay, wife of John Barclay, Esq. Sheriff-substitute of Ross.

Lately, in the Isle of Man, Sir John Piers, Bart. who has been an exile from Ireland since the verdict against him for

Price of Stocks.


Dec. 5. 236

seducing Lady Cloncurry. The circum. stances attending this wretched man's death are horrible. He had debauched the daughter of a respectable clergyman, who, ca discovering his disgrace, immediately shot himself! Upon hearing of which, Sir John also put an end to his life, by shooting himself through the head! The unhappy fe male is in a state of hopeless distraction!

Lately, at Alves, in Morayshire, Joseph Anderson, a tenant on the Earl of Moray's estate. In reaping some corn, he had one of his fingers slightly wounded by a prickle, which caused almost immediate swelling in his hand and arm, accompanied with extreme pain. A surgeon was called in on the same day, but a mortification ensued, and the unfortunate man expired on the seventh day. He was a man of a very amiable character, and respectable in his station. He has left a son, who, it may not be unworthy to remark, is the only remaining representative of a line of ances tors who have resided, as the Earl of Moray's tenants, on the farm of Easter Cleves, since the middle of the thirteenth century; it being but a few years ago that his father gave up to the Earl's factor discharges of rents paid to Earl Randolph.

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Bank Stock

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Dec. 2.

Pease 24s.30


12. 235 19 236 26.

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41 49 24 30 24 30 42 52 25 23, 41 51 25

23 29

31 24

SO 29 29


SO 23 29


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Prices of Grain per quarter, Corn Exchange,


30. 40 50 24 2923

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1808. Wheat. | Barley | Oats. Pease.

Bolls. Price.


Pease and Barley Meal. Price.

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J. C., J. G. S.,-G. X., and Miles Scotus, are received, and are under considcration.

The communications of J. S. will not suit our Miscellany.

In compliance with the request of Timon, (p. 903,) we shall leave the last MS. of W-r R-d at the Publishers, where he may see it on application,

Erratum. p. 903 col, 1. for the signature T. read Timon

INDEX for 1808.



provements in, 525
Africa, hints for civilizing,


Alicant, brave defence of
by the English in 1709,


Alison, Mr, his character
of Sir William Forbes,

Anecdotes, 888
Antiquities, Gaelic, 16
in North A-

,merica, 263
Argyle, Earl of, account
of his expedition into
Scotland, 426
Arran, tour to, 19, 95
Ayr, explanation of the
terms in its charter, 333
Barbary, travels in, 30
Battery, impregnable one,
description of, 405
Bell, Dr, account of his
system of education, 906
Blackfriar's chapel, St An-
drew's, description of,


Black Sea, history of the
trade of, 660
Blair castle, accounts of its
siege in 1746, 330, 410
Books, new, 44, 122, 203,
293, 334, 359, 443, 519,
603, 682, 764, 823, S40,

burnt or suppres-
sed, 257, 416, 492, 572,
650, 729, 895
Brasil, description of the
map of, 3

account of its dis-
covery, conquest, and
present state, 4
Brienne, M. de, character

[blocks in formation]

Burghead, new harbour

completed, 525
Calanthrop and Lucilla, a
poem, elucidation of, 89
Caledonia, by G. Chal-
mers, review of, 273, 756
Calonne, M. de, character
of, 112
Carleton, Capt. his me-
moirs, 434
Carlisle castle, account of,

city, account of,

324, 406, 490

Cary's memoirs, review
of, 915
Castle craig, description
of, 893

Cawdor castle, description
of, 723
Celestial phenomena in
1808, 38, 85, 166
Charity workhouse of E-
dinburgh, receipt and
expenditure thereof, 885
Chemistry, on the progress
of knowledge in, 38, 86,
166, 248, 362, 445, 522,
567, 671, 750, 833, 913
Coal trade of Scotland,
general view of, 674
Cod fishery, description

of. 744
Coffee, hints on the use

of, 723
Coin, a curious copper
one described, 892
Combinations, strictures

[merged small][merged small][ocr errors][merged small]

Court of Session, its sin-
gular procedure in the
case of the parish of Dal-
ry, 164

Crawford, Earl, his severe
conduct towards the Pro-
fessors in 1690, 15
Crawford, Tho. his histo-
ry of the University of
Edinburgh, 835
Crichton castle, descrip-
tion of, 563
Despotism, certain forms
of it in a savage state,

Dickson, Margaret, cu-
rious account of her exe-
cution and recovery, 905
Dictionary of the Scottish
language, review of, 60%
Dreghorn castle, descrip-
tion of, 243
Drury, Robt. his account
of Madagascar, 121
Dryden's works, review
of, 355
Dunipace, remarks on,
245, 420, 649
Edinburgh, description of,
by a German, 907

University, de-
scription of, by the same,

Education, Dr Bell's sys-
tem of, 906
Egypt, arts and manners
of, 266

Elephant, mode of catch-
ing and taming, 99
Etymologies, Gaelic, 16,


Fashion, remarks on, 580

Congelation, curious fact Fine arts, on the progress
regarding, 18

Cook, Mr, his illustrations
of the general evidence
of Christ's resurrection,


the Cottagers of Glenbur.
nie, review of, 678

of, 38, 86, 166, 248, 362,
445, 522, 567, 671, 750,
833, 913
Finlay's Scottish ballads,
review of, 920
Finlayson, Di James, me-
moirs of, 93


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