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a's Rooms. In absence of the Acting On the 16th of November the Lord Grand Master and Deputy Grand Mas. Provost and Magistrates of Edinburgh ter, the Acting Substitute Grand Mas- conferred the freedom of that city upon ter took the chair, attended by fourteen Sir Samuel Hood, K. B.--and on the Masters of Edinburgh Ladges, several 18th they gave an elegant entertainMasters of Lodges from the country, a ment in Fortune's tayern, to the gallant great many Proxies for country Lodges, Admiral, and a number of Nobility, and at least 700 Brethren. The even- persons of distinction, Naval and Miliing was spent with much harmony, pro. tary Officers, &c. as a testimony of their priety, and regularity.

respect for the services rendered by this

meritorious Officer to his King and High COURT OF JUSTICIARY.


On Wednesday Nov. 23. the Lord Nov. 8. This day came on the trial Provost and Magistrates of Glasgow of James Stevenson, porter or gave an elegant entertainment, in the houseman to Mr Jas. Sheriff, merchant Black Bull Inn, to his Excellency the in Leith, Thomas Field, late meal deal- Right Hon. Lord Viscount Cathcart, er in Edinburgh, now at East Mill of Commander in Chief in Scotland, and Currie, and David Allan, late baker in to Admiral Sir Samuel Hood. After Pleasance, accused of theft and reset of dinner, and the healths of the King, the theft.

Queen, and tbe Royal Family, his Ma• It appeared from the evidence, that Mr jesty's Ministers, &c. &c. the Lord ProSheriff had often suspected that grain vost rose, and addressed Lord Cathcart had been stolen out of his lofts, and had and Şir Samuel Hood in appropriate directed his clerk, John Cuming, to speeches, expressive of the sentiments watch the premisses; who discovered, of admiration and respect universally on the 15th January last, two carts loado entertained for their eminent and suced with grain, attended by Brydon, a cessful services, as Commanders of his Leith carter. On receiving this infor. Majesty's armies and feets, against the mation, Mr Sheriff went to his grana- enemies of our country ; after which his ries, and found the prisoner and one Lordship presented them with the freeKinnear turning over grain. On being dom of the city, previously voted at a apprehended, he confessed that the grain meeting of Council, and proposed their was intended for Allan, and he after- healths, in separate toasts, which were wards gave in a list of sixteen names, drank each with three times three cheers. to whom he had delivered wheat, among The company was numerous and highwhich that of Field was one. With re- ly respectable. gard to Allan, it appeared, from the tes. September 12. the Senatus Academic rimony of Mr Sheriff, that he had or. .cus of the University of Edinburgh condered eight bolls of wheat previous to ferred the degree of Doctor in Medicine the theft, but that on examining the cart, on the following gentlemen, after hait contained no given quantity, the bags ving gone through the appointed exami. having been filled at random with wheat nations, and publicly defended their inof different kinds. The evidence of the augural dissertations : other witnesses tended chiefly to cor• Of Scotland -Benjamin Bartlet Buchroborate that of Mr Sheriff. Several annan, Robert Graham, John Shaw, witnesses were examined on the part of George Govan, and Robert Ralston. the prisoner Field, who gave him a re- From EnglandRobt. Chisholm, and Jospeciable character.

seph Carter. From Ireland-Usher GranThe Jury returned their verdict, find ville Doyle, George Frank Todderick, ing Field not guilty, the libel against Al James Vance Miller, and Tho. Camplan not proven, and Stevenson guilty. bell Brown. From Wales-Evan Gryffydh. An exception was taken to the verdict From South CarolinaWm. James Ball. against Stevenson, on account of its

not From India – Thomas Taylor. finding him guilty of specific acts. The The following gentlemen have been Court therefore delayed passing sen. elected office-bearers for 1809, of the tence on him till Wednesday Decem. Natural History and Chemical Society ber 7. when he was sentenced to bc (established in 1782.).- Extraordinary Prgo transported for 14 years.

sidents: The Rev.John Fleming, F.A.S.


and Patrick Neill, A. M. and F. A. S.- ders from L. 16. to L. I$ 195. per Ordinary Presidents; Wm. Almon, A. M., score of 21; and cast ewes from L. 6. and Andrew Rutherford, Esq.,- Secretary to L. 10. Many were left unfold. The and Treasurer: William Forbes, Esq. show of cattle on Tuesday was also

great, and there being a number of purAYR RACES

chasers from England, sales were reSept. 6.-Sweepstakes of 20 guineas markably quick, and prices high. each, for three years old, named when Tuesday, November 8. at Edinburgh foals, 12 subscribers, and the gold cup, Hallow Fair, there was a very great a subscription 10 guineas each, 14 sub- show of black cattle ; fat beasts brought scribers, for horses bred and trained in good prices, but lean ones found few Scotland, were both won by Lord Mant. buyers. There was also a considerable gomerie's bay filly by Beningborough. number of horses, mostly of the draught L.9o. for all ages, won by Sir John kind; those in good condition sold pret. Johnstone's Fortuna. Sept. 7.-L.50 ty well ; but sales, in general, were dull, for all ages, won by Lord Montgome. --Sheep, of which there was also a good Tie's grey colt Irvine. Sept. 8.-L.50 show, maintained high prices. for all ages won by Sir John Johnstone's On Sunday evening, November 20, a Fortuna.–Sept. 9. A match between most daring robbery was committed in Lord Montgomerie's bay filly and Mr the counting house of Messrs. Paterson Baillie's colt; the latter paid ten guineas and Syme, Kirkgate, Leith. It must forfeit. Handicap, ten guineas each, have been done by some person well two miles, four subscribers, won by Lord acquainted with the premises, as no Montgomerie's bay filly. Sweepstakes, force seems to have been used in openof five guineas each, 14 subscribers, for ing the different locks of the outer gates, horses regularly hunted in Scotland, ne. doors of the shops, courting room, and ver started for prize before-Mr Baird's safe, from which latter place they carLash walked over the course.

ried off 1971. in cash and notes, and

an order on the British Linen company DUMFRIES RACES.

for 30l. Two of the locks were so conOct. 3d, 50 1. for maiden three year structed that it was impossible to pick olds, won by Mr Thomas King's St An- them, and they consequently must have deru. 4th, 100 guineas for all ages, won been opened by false keys. by Col. Childers's Baron. The Yeo- Messrs Paterson and Co. have offer. manry Cup was won by Mr Potter's ed a reward of 200 guineas, and the Young Roscius. 5th, sol. for three and merchants of Leith an additional reward four years old, won by Mr Lonsdale's of 300 guineas, for the discovery of the Posthumus, A match between Capt. perpetrators, but none has yet been Hume's grey horse and Sir Chas. Dou. made. glas's grey mare, was won by the horse. On Friday September 30. a gentleman 6th, sol, for all ages was won by Col. arrived at the Tontine Inti, Helens. Childers's Baron. 7th, sol. for all ages, burgh, near Greenock, from Whitby, won by Mr Key's Barleycorn. 8th, 25 Shortly after, he left the Inn, and went guineas, a bandicap plaie, won by Mr out in a small boat, taking his dog and Piers's Temple. The Stewards for next his fowling piece with him, for the puryear's races are, tbe Earl of Selkirk, Mt posé of shooting wild duck. The boat Boswell of Auchinleck, Mr Monteath was found in Gare Loch next morning; of Closeburn, Mr Sharp of Hoddam, but no accounts have been since heard of Major Douglas of Lockerby, and Mr him, and it is feared he has perished. Myinland of Eccles. The Countess of The boat was observed the same night Seikirk, Lady Patroness of the Dumfries by the skipper of the Roseneath packet, and Galloway Hunt ; the Earl of Dal with a handkerchief on the top of an kerth President, and Sir Charles Dou. car, supposed as a signal of distress, but glas, Vice President. On the 7th the to which the unfeeling packetman paid Dumfries and Galloway Hunt gave an no attention. The dog returned to the elegant ball and supper.

inn next day, and continued moaning Å Falkirk Tryst, on Monday Oc- most piteously: in she gentleman's porttober 16. there was a very great shou of manteau were found 200 guineas in sheep, and prices in general low. Wed. gold, and 100!. in bank notes.




est daughter of the late Mr Adie of Auch. Whiteball, Dec. 3.—The King has been tenny. pleased to order a Congé d'Elire to pass

30. At Edinburgh, Walter Mitchell, Esq. the Great Seal, empowering the Dean and surgeon, Royal Lanarkshire milicia, to Miss Chapter of the Cathedral "Church of Ro- Alicia

Drummond, daughter of the late Dr cbester to elect a Bishop of that see, the John Drummond of the island of Jamaica. same being void by the translation of the

Dec. 1. At Linlithgow, Mr William Sal. Right Rev. Father in God Thomas, late mond, writer, to Margaret, eldest daugh. Bishop thereof, to the See of Ely; and his

ter of the late Dugald Campbell of EdesMajesty has also been pleased to recom

line, Esq. mend the Rev. Walker King, Doctor in

At Edinburgh, John Brodie, Esq. Divinity, to be elected Bishop of the said late of the Royal Navy, to Charlotte, els See of Rochester.

dest daughter of Mr. Charles Bowman, wri. Whitehall, Nov, 26.-The King has been ter, Edinburgh. pleased to grant to the Hon. William Har

2. At ditto, Thomas Burns, Esq. W. S. court, the office of Gentleman and Master

to Mrs Inglis, widow of the late Wm. Inof his Majesty's Robes, in the room of glis, Esq. of Harden Green. : James Lord Selsey, deceased.

6. Ai ditto, Archibald Graham Camp. Downing-Street, Nov. 29.—The King bell, Esq. of Shirvan, 10 Agnes, youngest has been pleased to appoint the Hon. Fran- daughter of Robert Hunter, Esq. of Thurscis Nathaniel Burton to be LieutenantGovernor of the province of Lower Cana

6. At ditto, Dr Colin Rogers of Madras, da, in America.

to Mary, daughter of Luke Fraser of Glen. – To appoint Henry Bentinck, Esq. to maid, Esq. be Governor and Commander in Chief of 9. At Bath, Major-Gen. William Madox the settlements of Demerara and Essequibo. Richardson, to Mrs Scott, widow of the

-To appoint Chas. Bentinck, Esq. to be late David Scott, Esq. of the island of AnGovernor and Commander in Chief of the tigua. settlement of Surinam.

At London, Thomas Ayton, Esq. son -io appoint Lord Amherst to be Am. of Gen. Ayton, to Miss Campbell, eldest bassador extraordinary and Minister pleni- daughter of Major-General Dugald Camp

bell. potentiary to the Court of Sicily. The King has been pleased to present

At Guernsey, the Hon. Willoughby Ber. the Rev. David Watson to the church of tie, of the Royal Navy, to Miss C. Jane Leuchars, vacant by the death of Mr Tho- Saunders, lately known as Miss Fisher, the mas Kettle, late minister there. -To present the Rev. Cameron to

Sir George Bowyer, Bart. to Miss Dou. the church of Monzie, vacane by the death glas, eldest daughter of the late Sir Anof Mr Ralph Taylor.

drew Snape Douglas. -To present the Rev. David Cannon to

At North Yarmouth, Capt. Bradby, of the church of Murroes, vacant by the death his Majesty's ship Calypso, son of Admiral of Mr Alexander Imlach.

Bradby, to Miss Catherine Douglas, second daughter to Admiral Douglas, Commander

in Chief at Yarmouth. MARRIAGES.

At Glynn, Captain Walker, 42d regiOct. 20. At Edinburgh, Lieut. Patrick ment, and Brigade Major to the forces in Blair, to Janet, daughter of the late Capt. Ireland, to Miss Penelope Leslie Johnston, Robert Scott of Lasswade.

daughter to the late Adam Johnston, Esq. Nov. 13. At Durmore, near Londonder- of Glynn. ry, James Law, Esq. of the Hon. East India Company's civil service, Bombay, to

BIRTHS. Miss M. I,aw, youngest daughter of Wil- July 18. At Demerara, the Lady of liam Law, Esq.

Lieutenant William Gordon, of the Royals, 21. At St Andrews, Mr John Gray, mer- a daughter. chant in Dundee, to Miss Agnes Methven, 10. In the island of St Christophers, the St Andrews.

Right Hon. Lady Cranstoun, a daughter. 25. The Rev. Patrick Maxwell, to Miss Oct. 11. At Fredericton, New BrunsSawbridge, daughter of the late J. Saw. wick, the Lady of Major-General Hunter, bridge of Olontigh, Esq. 28. William Roberts, Esq, banker, Dun- Nov. 3. At Bromley, Mrs Ford of Fin

to Margaret, eldest daughter of John haven, a daughter. Baxter, Esq. of Idvies, Forfärshire.

20. At Beverley, the wife of Major Hart, 30. At Forfar, the Rev. John Murray of aide-de-camp to Gen. Vyse, a daughter, her Barrymyir, to Miss Margaret Adie, young- eighth child.


young Roscia.

a son.


net, a son.



Nov. 21. Viscountess Arbuthnot, a son., At Bristol, Maria, daughter of Evas 23. At Edinburgh, Mrs Craufuird, wife Baillie, Esq. M. P. for that city, of Mr Archibald Craufuird, writer to the Nov. 11. Ac Forbes Lodge, Gifford, Mrs signet, a son.

Нау. 23. At Rosebank, Mrs Scott, a son.

At Camberwell, aged 84, Tho. Wil26. At Edinburgh, Mrs Cachcart, wife son, Esq. late Chief Justice of the island of of Mr Robert Cathcart; writer to the sig. Dominica.

At Rican Langborne, the Rev. John 26. The Lady of Robert Stewart, Esq. of Whitaker, author of the history of ManAlderston, a son.

chester, the history of Mary Queen of Scots, 26. At Parcon, in Galloway, Mrs Scott, and other publications of some celebrity wife of William Scott, Esq. of Wimpson, in - . At the manse of Leuchars, in Fife, the Hampshire, a son.

Rev. Thomas Ketele, minister of that paDec. 1. At Leith, the wife of Mr John rish, in the 68th year of his age, and 34th of Cochrane, Surgeon in the Royal Navy, a his ministry.

15. At Edinburgh, aged 32, Mr Charles 7. At the Admiralty, London, the Right Smith, glover, Deacon of the locorporation Hon. Lady Mulgrave, a son.

of Furriers, much regretted 8. At Relugas, the Lady of Thomas 16. Ac Falkirk, Mrs Falconer, wife of Lauder Dick, Esq. younger of Fountainhall, Capt. Falconer, and niece of the late Sir a daughter.

John Gordon of Embo, Bart. 12. At Carbrook, Mrs Campbell, a son. 17. At Stirling, Walter Moir Banks, only 12. Ac Conheath, Mrs Connel, a daugh- surviving son of Robert Banks, Esq. df

Craig bead. 14. At Edinburgh, the Lady of Patrick 17. At Mount Riddel, Miss Mary Miles Turrie, Esq. a son.

Riddel, second daughter of the late Thomas At Scagbury, in Surry, the Right Hon. Miles Riddel, Esq. of Mount Riddell. Lady Margaret Walpole, a son.

18. At Edinburgh, aged 68, Mr George Ai Bath, che Lady of Sir John Louis, of Reid, printer. the Royal Navy, a son.

18. John Swan, Esq. of Prestonhall, Ac Warkworth, the Lady of Henry Da- Fifeshire. vid Erskine, Esq. younger of Mar, a son. 18. Ac Edinburgh, Miss Henrietta Hope,

At Tauncon, the Lady of Captain Ba- daughter of the late Hon. Charles Hope chanan, 18th light dragoons, a daughter. Weir of Craigiehall.

Ac Fryern House, the Lady of Sir Wil- 19. At Hawick, William Oliver, Esq. liam Johnston, Bart, of Caskieben, a daugh- 'merchant.

19. At Colinton, Miss Marjory Hay, At Riddel, Lady Frances Buchanan Rid daughter of John Hay, Esq. Pitlour. del, a daughter.

19. At Dundee, Mrs Jobson, widow of At Edinburgh, Mrs M-Farlane of Bal- the late Robert Jobson, Esq. banker, Danill, a son and heir.

dee. At Inverness, the Lady of Lauchlan M. 21. At Leith, in the 78th year of his age, Gillivray, Esq. a son.

Mr Geo. Ritchie, shipmaster ; a man whose

general character made him deservedly beDEATHS.

loved and esteemed by all who knew him On his way from Bombay to Madras, by 21. At Falkirk, Mrs Jean Whyt, relict a stroke of the sun, Richard Arthur Wolfe, of the Rev. John Belfrage, late minister of Lieutenant in the 47th foot, second cousin the Associate congregation there. of Lord Kilwarden.

21. At Dumfries, Mrs Agnes Maxwell, Af St Thome, in India, William Todd, wife of Mr George Johnston, of the coffeeEsq. senior surgeon of the forces at Hydra- house there. bad, son of the deceased Andrew. Todd, 22. At Edinburgh, the Rev. Donald Esq. of Feahl.

Macintosh, of che old Scots Episcopal Aug. 10. At Spanishtown, Jamaica, Mr church, the last of the nonjuring clergy of Hercules Carnichael, chird son of Dr Car. Scotland. michael, physician, Port Glasgow.

22. At Pitcaithley Wells, Mrs Clark, - In Dominica, John Laing, Esq. eldest tenant there. son of Thomas Laing, Esg. Haddo.

23. Ac Chapel, East Lothian, William Sept. 8. At Philadelphia, William Sand- Haniilton, Esq. younger of Bangour, Sord, Esq. of the Bank of Benosylvania, 23. At Edinburgh, Miss Emilia Aytone and formerly of the Inner Temple, London. Torry, eldest daughter of Mr Archibald

Brig.-Gen. Hughes, Lieut. Col. of the 'Torry, merchant there. $7th regiment, and Governor of Surinam. 23. At ditto, Gilbert Meason of MoreLady Trail, relict of Sir John Trail. dun, Esq. aged 83.



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Nov. 28. At Taybank, near Perth, John victory on the memorable 1st of June, for
Stewart, Esq. Surgeon-General of the are which he received a pension of 1000 l. a-
my in the West Indies during part of the year.
American war.

29. At Huttonhall, Miss Hester Johnston,
24 At Edinburgh, the Rev. Duncan third daughter of Robert Johnston, Esq.
Mackay, late acting chaplain of his Majes 29. At Sc Monance, Mrs Isabel Low,
ty's troups on the establishment of Madras. relice of Mr John Mackie, merchant there,
Mr Mackay, having returned from India at the advanced age of 97 years.
some years ago, with a moderate fortune, 30. At Carthagena, Mrs Butler, wife of
he chose to express the respect which he Mr Joseph Butler, late merchant, Dumfries,
always retained for that ancient seat of 30. At London, Capt. Thomas Reed, 33d
learning, where he had received his educa- regiment of foot.
tion, by founding a new Bursary in the 30. At Glasgow, Gilbert Hamilton, E«q.
United College of St Andrew's, and vest In the Temple prison at Paris, Marshat
ing the patronage thereof in his chief, Lord Brune, on the fifth day of his confinement:
Reay. Having communicated his inten It was supposed he was poisoned. Bona-
tion, and corresponded with the College parte was so much dissatisfied with him
upon the subject, he lately lodged 3001. in for having allowed the Swedes to escape
the hands of the Agent for the College; from Stralsund, that he said he would have
but he died before the necessary deeds were him shot if he were not a Marshal of
extended, and he left them to be executed France.
by his trustees. The University of St An At Gloucester, in his 77th year, Sir
drew's regret that, by the unexpected death Charles Saxton, Bart. of the Royal Navy,
of Mr Mackay, they are prevented from and late Commissioner at Portsmouth.
conferring upon him those academical ho At Bath, Mrs Drummond, widow of the
nours to which he was well entitled, both Rev. Mr Henry Drummond of Fawley.
by the respectability of his general charac At Weymouth, aniversally regretted, the
ter, and by this munificent testimony of his Rev. Dr James Ogilvie, in the 64th year of
zeal in the cause of literature ; and that the his age, one of his Majesty's Chaplains, son
only tribute they can pay to the memory of the late Mr James Ogilvie, one of the
of their benefacior, is the insertion of this ministers of Aberdeen.
paragraph in a permanent periodical publi Ac Prospect House, Fareham, Hants,
cation, where his generosity will stand re- Captain Loring, Royal Navy, commanding

the sea-fencibles of that district; a wor24. At Dumfries, aged 16, Mr James thy man and an excellent officer. Maxwell, fifth son of Wellwood Maxwell, Lately, at Dundee, aged 88, Mr James Esq. of Barncleugh.

Dick, collector of the window and house 24. At Stirling Castle, Mrs Captain duty. Fraser.

At Paisley, the Rev. Samuel Kinloch, in 25. At Fort William, Frances Hay Mae- the 73d year of his age, and 40th of his midonald, daughter of Lieut.-Col Macdonald, nistry. Inspecting Field-Officer there.

Dec. 2. At Edinburgh, Mrs Monypen25. Mis Hamilton, wife of William Ha- ny, wise of David Monypenny, Esq. of Pitmilton, Esq. of Bothwell Park.

milly, advocate, and daughter of the late 25. At Edinburgh, aged 21, Mr Alex. Andrew Stewart, of Auchluncart, Esq. wriRyrie, eldest son of the deceased Mr Do. ter to the signet. nald Ryrie, late merchant in Edinburgh. 3 At Glasgow, George Bogle, Esq. aged

25. At ditto, aged 62, Mrs Jean Fraser, 76. Teliet of the late Mr John Mackay, shore 3. At the nyapse of Lochnaben, the Rev. master of Inverness.

Henry Laurie, after a short illness, in the 27. At ditto, Mrs Helen Browa, relict 36th year of his age, and 8th of his ministry. of Mr Thomas Brown, architect, aged 89. 3. At Edinburgh, Margaret Ann, infang

27. Mr Alexander Begbie, farmer at Bar. daughter of W. F. Gardner, Esq. of Gifa miemains, near Haddington, East Lothian. ford vale.

28. At Hawkstone, Shropshire, in his 4. Ac Arbroath, in the 42d year of her 76th year, Sir Richard Hill, Bart. who had aye, Mrs Alison Lawson, spouse to the represented that county in Parlianient for Rev. Robert Thomson, minister of the Chaseveral years.

pel of Ease. 28. At London, John Gibson, Esq. late 4. Ac Gleghornie, Mr James Johnston af Calcutta.

of Wanside. 29. At his residence in Hampshire, Sir 4. At Nich Bank, Isabella Johnstone, wi. Thom. Pasley, Bart. Adnziral of the White, dow of Adam Murray, Exq. of Bellriding, aged 75. He lost his leg in Lord Howe's aged 87.


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