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Norton, to be Governor of Charlemont in * Foreign Office, Oct. 8.' The King has Ireland, boch vice General Lord Dorchester, been pleased to appoint the Right Hom deceased. John Hookham Frere to be his Majesty's Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Pleni.

MARRIAGES. polentiary to his Catholic Majesty Ferdi. Oct. 3. At West Fordell, Alexander Gare Dand the Seventh ; and has been pleased to vie, Esq. of Rushyfold, to Miss Eliza Mur. direct hon to reside in that character at the ray, of Creevy, seat of the Central or Suprenie Junta in 4. At Edinburghi, Lieut. Wm. MiddleSpain.

ton, Forfar militia, to Isabella, daughter of Nov. 2. The King has been pleased to the late Rev. James Richardson, minister appoint Anthony Merry, Esq. fto be his of Morbattle. Majesty's Envoy Extraordinary and Minisa 1. JO. At London, Mr Thompson, of the ter Plenipotentiary' to the Court of Swes Adelphi, co Miss Frederica Louisa Stodare, den. And. Augustus. John Foster, Esq. to of Norton Street. gyngen be bis Majesty's Secretary of Legation at • 10. At laverness, Mr Lewis Grant, bookList Court.

seller, to Miss Haywood, daughter of Joha Downing Street, Oct.3. His Majesty has Haywood, Esq. of Demerara. been pleased to appoint Lieutenant-Gene 12. At London, Major Abernethie, of the ral George Beckwith to be Governor and Royal Marine Artillery, to Mrs Woollett, Commander in Chief of the island of Bars of Brompton, in Kent. badoes.

19. At Dumaget, Wigtonshire, Lieut. Sir Charles Brisbane, Knt. Capt. in the Leveson Douglas Stewart, of the Royal Royal Navy, to be Governor and

Comman. Navy, son of the late Admiral Keith Stewder in Chief of the islaud of St Vincent. art, to Miss Elizabeth 'Dalrymple Hay, **Hugh Elliot, Esq. to be Captain-General third daughter of Sir John Dalrymple Hay, and Governor of the Leeward Islands. Bart. of Park Place, Glenluce.

And William Woodley, Esq. to be Lieu 28. At Edinburgh, John Abercrombie, tenant Governor of Berbice,

Esq. surgeon, 10 Miss Agnes Wardlaw, His Swedish Majesty has been pleased to daughter of the late David Wardlaw of conser on Sir Samuel Hood the Grand Necherbeath, Esq. Cross of the Order of the Sword, and on 28. At dicto, Mr James Gray, of the Captain Martin and Captain Thompson High School, to Mary, daughter of Mr ihe Knighthood of that order, in consider. Alexander Peacock, architect, Edinburgh. $ ation of the skill and gallantry displayed by 29. At ditto, William Walker, Esq. Kinthem in the late engagement between two cardine, to Magdalene, eldest daughter of British ships of the line and the Russian Thomas lawson, Esq. of Pitlethie. fleet of nine. To which lvis Britannic Ma At London, Joseph Pert, 'Esq. to Miss jesty has given his gracious consent. 1 Anna Maria Hay, second daughter of the

Nar. 15. The Right Hon. Archibald Col- lace Joseph Hay, Esq. of Parliament Screet. quhoun of Killermont and Clachic, Lord Ac ditto, D. G. Knox, L.sq. B. A. of Tri., Advocate of Scotland, was re-elected Lord nity College, Cambridge, to Miss Sprott, Rector for Glasgow University for the ene daughter of the late J. Sprott, Esq. of Ma

dras. Nov. 19. Matthew Ross, Esq. was unani Nov. 1. At Edinburgh, Mr Andrew Pamously chosen Dean of the Faculty of Ad tán, saddler, to Apna, daughter of the devocates, in room of the Right Hon. Robi, ceased Mr Arch. Gilchrist, merchant. Blair, new Lord President.

2. At Munlochy, 0. MAntosh, Esq. t. The Earl of Moray has presented Mr Miss M. Munto, daughter of Alexander i David Baxtér, preacher of the gospel, to the Munro, Esq.m church of Birnie, presbytery of Elgid, vacant 2. At Duokeld, the Rev. George Stra.. by the death of the Rev. Joseph Anderson. ton, A. M. of the English Chapel; Bree:

suing year.


The Right Hon. Sir John Anstruther chin, to Miss Euphemia Clask, of Hillhead, has been pleased to appoint Mess. William 3. Brig-Gen, Campbell, to F.lizabeth Handyside and John Ker, writers to the Anne, daughter of the Rev. Thomas Pensignet, Deputy Collectors of the Bishops berton, rector of Tough Byne, Ireland. Rents in Scotland, in room of William Be. 4. At Hamilton, Lieut. Elwes, of the thanie, Esq. of Blebo, and Charles Innes, Marines, to Miss Bannatyne, daughter of Esq. writers to the signet, both now de John Bannatyne, Esq. of Castlebank. ceased.

5. At Dunbar House, by the Rev. Sic .) MilitARY" APPOINTMENTS. Henry Moncrieff Wellwood; Brig.-Gen. War office, Nov. 12. Major-Geni Franə Houstoun, to Lady Jane Long, sister to the cis Hugouin is appointed Colonel of the Ach Earl of Lauderdale. dragoons. And General the Hon. Cbapple 9. Ac Musselburgh, Capt, Donald Came



ron, Aberdeenshire militia, to Caroline, At London, Lady Kingaird, a daughter daughter of Alexander Place, Esq. Dublin. Nov S. At Gadgirth, Ayrshire, the Lady

Nov. 7. At Edinburgh, Mr Robt. Mare of Lieut. Col. Burnet, a daughter. shall, writer in Kinross, to Miss Mary Mon- 6. At Edinburgh, Mrs. Murray of PolTo, of Kinross.

maise, a daughter, who died on the litha 8. At dicios David Meldrum, Esq. of 7. At Glasgow, Mrs Greville, younger Dron, to Margaret, daughter of Mr Arch of Granard, a son and heir. Brodie, St Andrew's.

9. The Lady of Charles Monro, Esq. of 8. At Rothesay, Capt. Robert Stewart Allan, a son and heir. of the Telegraph Excise Yacht, to Eliza- 9. At Callendar House, che Lady of Wilheth, eldest daughter of William Muir, Esq. liam Forbes of Callendar, Esq. a daughter, Park.

9. At Southampton,

the Lady of Tho9. The Rev. Thomas Brown, minister of mas Graham Scirling, Esg. of Airth, a son Tongland, to Elizabeth, daughter of the and heir. Rev. Dr Duncan, Londone

10. At Finchley, the Lady of John 9. At Bath, Major-Gen. Richardson, to Barnes, Esq, a daughter, Mrs Scott, widow of the late David Scott, 10, At Lakefield, the Lady of 1. M. C. Esq. of the Island of Antigua.

Macdonald, Esq. of Bloomfield estăte, Ber10. Av Edinburgh, Lewis Hay Ferrier, bice, a son. Esq. of Belsyde, advocate, to Miss Monro 11. At Letterfoury, the Lady of Sir Jas. daughter of Dr Alexander. Monro, sen. of Gordon, Bart. a son. Craiglockhart.

12. At Edinburgh, Mrs Gardner, of Gifá 14. Al Pilliver House, by the Rev. Sir Lord Vale, a daughter. Harry Moncrieff Wellwood, Bart. Law, 18. At London, Mrs Mundell, spouse of rence Johnson, Esq. of Sands, to Mary, Mr Alexander Mundell solicitor, a son. daughter of Robt. Wellwood, Esq. of Gar. 19. At Edinburgh, the Lady of Charles vock.

Wake, Esq. a son. 15. At. Irvine, the Rev. John, Duncan A: Ayr, the Lady of Cape. Neill, 69h minister of Ardrossan, 10 Mrs Margaret regiment, a daughtere ghost Logan, 21. Ac Dunse, the Rev. G. Cunningham,

DEATHS. minister chere, to Mrs Jane Trotter. In Fort Thornton, Sierra Leope, Captain

21. At Glasgow, E. S. Hutton, Esq. to William Murray, of the Royal York RanMiss Miller, daughter of the deceased John gers, Commanding Officer of the detachMiller Esq.

ment stationed in that colony. 22. At Edinburgh, John Wardrop, Esq. Aug. 6. At Clarendon, Jamaica, George of Sharpsbanks, banker in Edinburgh, to Udney Mackenzie, Esq. second son of thie Barbara, eldest daughter of William Mac- late a lexander Mackeazie, Esg, W. S. Farlane, Esq. W. S.

On his passage from Jamaica to Aber. deenshire, William Stephen, Esq.

Sept. 19. Al Edinburgh, Apne, sixth

daughter of the late Alexander FarquharOct. 5. At Edinburgh, the Lady of James "son, Esg. of Haughton. Perguson, Esq. advocate, a daughter. . more 30. Ac Bridgend of Alness, Ross-shire,

6. Mrs H. Douglas Boswell, a daughter. Mrs Eliza Ross, daughter to the Rev. Pa

9. At London, che Lady of the Hon. E trick Buchanan, late minister of the AssociStewart, a son.

ate Congregation of Nigg. 12. At Tivietbank, Mrs Elliots a daugh. Oct. 1. Ac Edinburgh, Miss Jean laver

arity, 23. At Waburn Abbey, her Grace the 4. At Hopes, John, son of James Milne, Duchess of Bedford, a son.

Esq. Pictou. 28. Mrs Hepburne of Clerkington, a son. 4. At Collington, Mrs Janet Hurter, re: 28. The Lady nf Brig.-Gen. Dirom, of lict of Mr Charles Maule, surgeon, Leith, Mount Annan, a daughter

4. At Lerwick, Shetland, Catherine Yell, 30. At Coul, the Lady of Sir Geo. Stew. aged 102 years. She had been blind nine art Mackenzie of Coul, Bart. a daughter. years before her death, but retained all'her

31. The Viscountess Duncan, a daughter. other faculties.

At Thoresby Park, Nottinghamshire, the 6. At the marise of Monzie, Perthshire, seat of Earl Manvers, Lady Frances Ben- the Rev. Ralph Taylor, minister of that pinck, of twin sons. Ac Ormeau, the Marchioness of Done.

6. At Edinburgh, Miss Janet Rollo, gall, a son.

daughter of the late Mr Robert Rollo, SheAt Belfast, Mrs M'Caskill, Lady of Col. Diff-clerk of Clackmannanshire. M'Castill, a son,

7. At Righill, Mr John Young, farmer,




Ort. 8. At his house, Leith Links, John Robert Scott. Esq. Professor of Botany Patison, Esq. town-clerk of Leith. in Trinity College, Dublin. 8. At his Cortage on the river Es, John At Florence, aged 80, the celebrated Jos. Sheldon, Esq. F. R. S, Lecturer on Anato Bencirenni, muy at the Royal Academy, Principal Sur At Rousham, Sir Clement Cotterel Dorgeon of Exeter Hospiral, &c.

mer, Bart. lace Master of the Ceremonies. 9. Ac Bourdeaux, Mrs Elizabeth Ainslie, At a very advanced age, Mrs Charlotte relict of the late Jacob Sandilands, Esq. of Dalrymple, eldest sister of the late AdmiStrathtyrum, merchant in Bourdeaux. ral Dalrymple.

II. At Ays, Mrs Charles Boag, wife of At Dublin, Alexander Campbell Esq. Mr Thomas M'Clelland, agent for the The Lady of Major-General John ManBunk of Scotland there.

ners Kerr, Colonel of the 62d regiment. 12. At Edinburgh, Margaret Stuart Gor The Rev. James Nasmith, D. D. rector don, youngest child of J. F. Gordon, Esq. of Levering on. writer to the signet,

At Brighton, Mrs Donaldson,wife of Mr 13. At ditro, Anne Græme, daughter of Donaldson, of the Steyne Library. the late Dr W. Gräme, physician, London. At Kirkton of Auchterless, in the 997h

13. Ac ditta, aged 86, Mrs Janet Simp. year of his age, Mt George Paterson, forson, relice' of the deceased Mr. John Pato merly merchant there. tullo, merchant in Edinburgh.

Nov. 2. At Newton-upon-Ayr, Mrs Cub18. At Forres, Mr Robt. Muterer, mer- bison, aged 70 years." chant there,

2. At Portpatrick, Valentine Jones, Esq, 19. At Fraserburgh, Mrs Frances Anne of Belfast. He was upwards of 80 years of Fenwick, widow of Michael S. Fenwick, age; and the day before he died, while Esq. and fifth daughter of the late Alexan- walking on the street, he observed to his der Farquharson, Esq. of Haughton. companion, that if the wind did not come

20. Ai Cupar, in the 22d year of his age, soon fair, he would never see Ireland. Ensign Alexander George, of the 74th re Al Aberdeen, Mr Alexander Hall. giment.

At Peterhead, Mr William Scott, 20. At Aberdeen, aged 41, Keith Tur aged 88.

of l'urnerhall, Esq. who has left a wi 2. At Stirling, William Aird, late capdow and eight children to deplore his loss. cain of the 10th foor.

21. At Edinburgh, Spencer Boland, el 2. Ac Edinburgh, Eliz. Dempster, youngdest son of Major Boland, Inspecting Field. est daughter of the late Robert Dempster, Officer of Edinburgh district.

druggist. 23. At Paisley, ac an advanced age, Mrs 3. At New, Mrs Forbes, widow of the Agnes Paisley, widow of the late Mr Hugh Rev. George Forbes, late minister of LeoWalkinshaw, manufacturer.

chel. 24. At Brownfield, Mr William Gray, 3. -9. At her house in Queen Street, Edinged 80 years, fate merchant in Glasgow. burgh, the Right Hon. Isabella Countess

25. At Glasgow, Robert Robinson, Esq. Dowager of Errol, relict of James Earl of of Laddregreen, writer there.

Errol, and daughter of Sir William Carr of 25. At Haliburton, parish of Greenlaw, Etal, Bart. Mr Fairbairn, aged 88.

3. At London, in his 96th year, the Rev. 25. At Gordonbank, George Ridpath, Theophilus Lindsay, formerly Vicar of CatEsq. Lower Thames Street, London. terick, in Yorkshire. This living he resign

26. At Edinburgh, the Rev. Thos, Mur- ed in the year 1773, from conscientious ray, minister of Channelkirk.

scruples respecting some parts of the ser26. Ac Perth, Mrs 'Agnes Yeaman, wi. 'vice of the Church of England; and in the dow of the late Rev. George Chapman, year 1774, he opened a dissenting meeting minister of Kiofauns.

in Essex Street, and preached his doctrines 27. At Edinburgh, Miss Isabella Sivright, till his 76th year, when he retired into pridaughter of the lace John Sivright, Esq. of

vate life. Sou'h house.

3. At Hamilton, Mr Robert Godwin, 23. At ditco, Miss Christian Riddell, late manager of the theatres Hamilton, Kilfourth daughter of the late Thomas Riddell, marnock, Irvine, &c. * Esq. of Bessborough.

4. At Glasgow, Mrs Janet Arhuckle, re30. At ditco, Mrs Mary Robertson, wi- lict of the late Mr Andrew Douglas, mer. dow of the late Mr John Hanton, writer chant in Glasgow, aged 80 years. id Edinburgh.

5. Mr John Lumsden, formerly residing 31. Ac Heriot's Hill, Canonmills, Rob at Boghead, aged 81, Junieson, sen. Esq. W. S.

*5: Ac manse of Muithouse, in the 82d 31. At Tonderghie,' Wigtonshire, Hugh geus of his age and the 45th of his pastorat srewart of Tonderghie, Esq.

cure, Me Alexander Imlach, minister of the

parish of Muirhouse, presbytery of Dun- more, son to the Earl of Argyll

. Her many dee, much regretted by his parishioners, as inestimable qualities will long render her well as his family and friends.

memory dear to her numerous relations, Nov. 5. At Aberdeen, Mr William Dunn, friends, and acquaintances. merchant, aged 61.

9. At Lanark, Mr Robert Lawson, sur5. At Edinburgh, John Edward, infant geon. son of Major Boland, Inspecting Field Of. At Ruxley Lodge, Surry, James ficer of the Edinburgh recruiting district. Grant, Esq of Redcastle, in Ross-shire.

6. At Kingussie, Mrs Margaret M.Pher. 10. At London, suddenly, in an adran. son, wife of Colonel Duncan M.Pherson, ced age, the Right Hon. Guy Carleton, in that place.

Lord Dorchester, K. B. a General in the 8. Ai the manse of Lethnot, the Rev. army, Colonel of the 4th or Queen's own John Taylor, minister of thae parish, in the Dragoons, Governor of Fort Charlemont 63d year of his age, and 33d of his minis in Ireland, and late Gov.-Gen. and Com try.

mander in Chief in Canada. His Lordship 9. At Glasgow, Capt. Edward Clarke, of is succeeded in his title and estate by his the Stirlingshire regiment of militia. grandson, a boy of about four years of age,

9. At Carlisle, Mr Chisholm, architect, son to Colonel Carleton, who died in the aged 28, much regretted, Mr Chisholm East Indies. was a native of Aberdeen.

10. At Leith, Mary, daughter of Mr 9. At London, Mrs Jane Campbell, of James Black, merchant, Leith. Carrick, at an advanced age, after a tedi- 10. At Edinburgh, Mrs Jean Rentoul, ous and painful illness, which she bore with spouse of Robert Smith wright. unexampled resignation and resolution., 11. At Bath, aged 44, Sir Henry Paulet By her mother she was niece to John third St John Mildmay, Bart. M. P. for HampDuke of Argyll, and consequently related shire. He has left a Lady and 16 children. to many of the first families in Scotland. 11. At Edinburgh, Elisabeth Gibson, isHer remains will be conveyed to Roseneath, fant daughter of William Murray, Esq

. oi in the county of Dumbarton, there to be Polmaise. interred in the burial ground of her grand- 12. At ditto, aged 82, Mr James Fraser, father, the Hon. John Campbell of Man Secretary to the Bank of Scotland.

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TO CORRESPONDENTS. The valuable and curious communication of Milo will appear in our next.

We shall gladly avail ourselves of Mr Headrick's Biographical communi. cation.

J. K.G. L. M.,--and J, K., are received.




Edinburgh Literary Miscellany,

For DECEMBER 1808 :

With a view of CASTLE-CRAIG.



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