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protest, in consequence of a letter which came in, the French retired, leaving their Colonel Murray bad addressed to him, tents standing, to impose upon the peo. stating that the English flug had been ple, and prevent commorons. When hoisted on fire St Julien by mistake, at the river side, they were surrounded and that the English Adjudant-General by corps of British horse and foot. Many had caused it to be taken dowa the mo. of the French officers who had straggled ment he was apprised of it, and the Por- from the town were maltreated, and tujueze placed in its stead. “ This let. some lost their lives. A French' surter," says Gen. Friere, corresponds geon was killed by a stone which struck with the opioion I have always enter- him on the temple. The body was cartained of the conduci of our ailies." ried into a tent by a part of the German

In consequence, however, of a com- Legion. The last of the French were plaint preferred to ihe Brirish Come conducted by bands of British horse and ander by the Magistrates and princi• foot to the place of embarkation ; and, pal inhabitants of Lisbon, the most ob- notwithstanding this precaution, it was jectionable part of this offensive Con- with great difficulty they could be provention has received a considerable pal- tected from the rage of the people. liation. This relates to the property At twelve o'clock, the flag of Portugal of the Portuguese, of which the French was hoisted on the castle, with a grand bad plundered them on their entry into discharge of cannou. At this moment Portugal, and which Junot insisted was the people reut the air with shouts of to be considered as the property of his joy; rockets were set off, and the rearmy, as being in their possession at the joicings continued until the day closed, time when the Convention was signed, when the whole city was most superbly This interpretation was resisted by :he illuminated. The Spanish troops that Britisb Genera!, who it is said intima- were made prisoners by Junot in the red to Junot, that as neither he nor the hulks, were the same day disembarked, Portuguese considered plunder of pri. and joined in the fete, and danced fanvate property as the lawful property of dangos in the streets. The paintings and an invading army, unless some arrange- devices in praise of England were numents were entered into on the subject, nerous. Outrages were committed by the most serious consequences might the people against some persons known attend the embarkation of the French to be in the French interest. The inob army. We find accordingly, that Ma. went to a bookseller's, shop and destroyjor Gen. Beresford, Col. Lord Proby, ed every thing in it. The house in and Gen. Kellermann, were nominated which Junot had resided would have Commissioners for carrying into effect been entirely demolished, but for the the said Convention,--and who, on the interference of the Engiish. The illuloth September, issued a proclamation, mination began on the 15th, and was exbearing this preamble, -—“ For the ful. pected to be continued for nine nights. filment of the stipulations made in the On the oth of September the French Convention agreed upon for the evacu. army began to embark on board of Briation of Portugal by the French army, tish transports in the Tagus, (the same that property of every kind confiscated which carried out the British army to or seized from the subjects or other per. Portugal.) A considerable quantity of sons residing in Portugal, whether of baggage had been also embarked, which the royal palace, royal or public libra. the Commissioners ordered to be reries or museums, or from persons still landed, and overhauled, and every thing existing in Portugal, should be restored : that appeared to have been lortuguese We the said Commissioners have judg- property, was detained for the proper ed it expedient to appoint a commita owners. The property thus to be reco. tee of three persons, viz. Lieut. Col. 'vered is said to be of immense value.-Trant, Sc A. R. de Oliveira, and Mons. The first division of the French army, Dubleur, to receive and judge of all consisting of 89.10 men, sailed from the reclamations on this head, and whose Tagus, on the 15th of September, under orders for the restitution of all such pło. convoy of the Nymphe frigate, Captain perty are to be stuciiy obeyed.” Percy, who had Laborde and 20 of his

The British troops entered Lisbon on staff on board. The second division, the 10th September. As the English having about ihe same number on board,

sailed on the 20th, under convoy of the of the British forces under my command Resistance, Copt. Adais ;-and the 3d lave no other object in view than to division, of about 9000 men, was embark. insure the prosperity of the inhabitants ing, to sail under convoy of the Aimable, of Portugai, by the restoration or that Lord George Stuart. It is said they Gover ment which has so long and so are to be landed at the Isles of Rhe and gloriously presided over them, and the Oleron, as it is not judged altogether return of which will be weicomed, to prudent to trust our ships in a French doubt, by the united voice of a loval port.

peapie. The following is given as the embarke The presence of an hostile army, in ation return of ihe l'rench army in Por- possession of the ca; ital, and master of tugal, 6th Sept. 1805:

the principal resources of the higcom, Tufantry, 15,860; cavalry, 1722 ; ar- had in a manner deprived the estimabic tillery, 1015--toral, 15,597 fit for duty, and loyal subjects of Portugal on the exclusive vi officers.

means of liberating their country. Pau General return, including officers, sick, triotic efforts, however, were made in wounded, and prisoners of war:-luíndo spite of these disadvantages, and ile ra. try, 22,635; cavalry, 1974; artilicry tional spirit was manifested in a man1121; engineers, 17-total 25,747-Cd- per at once decided and most honour. valry horses 1776; artillery dillo, 472– able. total 2:48. Field Artillery, 30.

The eff»rts which were made by se On the 12th of Sept. the Russian feet veral provinces of the kingdom opened of seven ships of the lue and a frigate, tbe road for the restoration of the Mo. Admiral Siniavin on board, left the Ta- narchy. gus, and being joined vil the Cascaes Notwithstanding, however, ihe enerby Rear-Admiral Tyler, with seven Brie gy displayed by these Provinces in ar tish line of battle ships, set sail for Eng. rying and bringing forward an assed Jand. They arrived safe at Portsmouth, force for the liberation of the capital, (though after a tedious passage) on the the aid of the ancient and faithful dily 7th of October. Neither fleet had any of Portugal was necessary to briag the colours flying, nor did they fire the cus- contest io a successful and speedy issue. tomary salute to the Port. Admiral.- The warm interest which his Britannic The Russian ships are all in bad repair, Majesty felt for his Aliv, and the enero and the two left behind in the Tagus are gy which has ever marked the British so worn out, as to be unfit for service, character, suon brought a powerful force

It seems to have been at first under. to the shores of Portugal. stood by the Portugucze that they had That part of the Portuguese army only exchanged masters, and, even with which local circumstances permitted, this view of their situation, they seem united itseif with the Biitish, w hust tie to have been by no means dissatisfied ; rainder cfierted a powerful diversion. but on that head they must have been Midasures were taken in concert for the completely tranquillized by the follow. defeat of the common enemy. The ing Proclamation issued by Sir H. Dal steps of that force have been marked by rymple on the isth September. viciory, and the expulsion of the enemy PROCLAMATION,

has opened the way to the restoration By his Excellency Lieut.Gen. Sir Hew of the Portuguese Monarchy, the most Dalrymple, commanding the British grafisying duty which could be impesed Torces in Portugal, to the Portuguese by his Sovereign ou a British Com. Nation,

mander, The success with which it has pleased No views of national interest or ag. Almighty God to bless the British Armos, grandizement can be traced in the li

. has brought about the moment when it beral policy of Britain ; but, true to the becomes my duty to address the faith. principles of honour and good faith ibat ful and loyal inhabitants of this country. have ever directed her conduct, she I seize the opportunity with eagerness, sees, in the events now passing in Porin order to tranquillize the minds of the tugal, only the happy means of re-estatimid, to repress the designs of the dis. blishing order, and restoring to the Soaffected (if any such remain,) and to as- vereign and the people their just rigbts. sure the nation at large, that the cfforts In the execution of these views, as

Com. Commander of the Britisi forces, I shall As Commander of the British forces, best fulfil the intentions of the King I shall hold it to be my first and most my Master, and most effectually secure urgent duty to maintain the authority the interests of Portugal, by placing in of the Government thus established, to the exercise of authority, thai body to insure the tranquillity and subsistence which his Royal Highness the Prince of the capital, and to encourage the reRegeir thouge tit io delegate the So. establishment of the former prosperity vereigo Polier, when he withdrew the ofthe kingdom. Rovel dignity from the insults of an When these objects are attained, and implacable enemy, and preserved the the attainment of them can only be deSovereignty of his dominions beyond layed by intrigue or disaffection, the inthe Arlantic.

terference of a military force will cease One respectable Nobleman, a mem- to be necessary ; but until these ends are ber of the body thus leit in power by accomplished, the most vigorous and his Royal Highness, has unforiunately decided measures will be trken for main. been removed from his country, by the taining the peace and good order of the authority or arms of itsenemy, by which country, and all offences against the at this critical period it is deprived of tranquillity of any part of ihe Kinghis services, whilst some of the mem- dom, will be proceeded against with the bers having appeared to unite tbem- utmost severity. selves with the French interest, have Given at the lead-quarters of the rendered their re-establishment in the British Army at Prayas, this 18th Government at this moment impossible. day of Sept. 1805.

Therefore the distinguished persons (Signed) Hew DALRYMPLE, under-mentioned, the remaining Miem: Lieutenant General, and Come ander bers of the Regency appointed by his of the British Forces in Portugal. Royal Highness the Prince Regent, and who have incurred no such disability, In consequence of the Convention of are called upon to repair to Lisbon to Cintra, by which Portugal is now libetake upon themselves the functions of rated from her cruel invaders, a new Government, until such time as the will scene of action is opened for the British of his Roval Highness the Prince Re- A great portion of our army, gent shall be more fully known, viz.-- about 20,000, was preparing to march,

The Count de Castro Marin, Moo. under the command of Gen. Sir John teiro Mor of the Kingdom, and Meruber Moore, for New Castile, in order to coof the Councils of his Royal Highoess. operate with the patriotic Generals of

Don Francisco Xavier de Noronha, Spain, in their plans for attacking the Member of the Councils of his Royal French army posted on the left bank of Highcess, and Grand Cross of th: Or. the Ebro. A corps of 10,000 Spaniards, der of Saint-lago, President of the Board under Gen. Jones, who had approached of Conscience, and Lieutenant-General Lisbon, had been joined by the 4000, who of the Royal Armies.

had been disarmed and put on board the Francisco de Cunha e Menezes, Mem. hulks by Junot, (see p. 628.) These ber of the Councils of his Royal High- were also in motion on their return to ness, and Lieutenant-Gen, in the Royal Spain ; and, together with the British, Armies.

would form a reinforcement of 34,000 Juan Antonio Salter de Mendonga, men to the patriotic armies. The reDesembargador Poco, and Procurador of mainder of the British army, about 8000 the Crown.

men, are understood to remain at Lis. Don Miguel Pereira Forjaz Boutin. bon, and Sir Charles Cotton to guard ho, Member of the Councils of his Roy. the Tagus with six ships of the line, al Highness, and Brigadier in the Royal which, with the native Portuguese for Armies.

ces, may be considered as sufficient to To this Government tbe inferior Ju- defend the kingdom against any future risdictions and Tribupals, the Constitu- attempt of the enemy: fed aod Legal Authorities of this King- Sir Arthur Wellesley, Lord Paget, dom, and persons of every descrip. Geo. Ferguson, and a number of officers tion, are required to pay all deference of inferior rank, have come over to Engand submission.

land on leave of absence,



VII. painted by Don Joseph Cameron, PROCLAMATION OF FERDINAND VII. surrounded with laurei. The other bou. Madrid, August 27.

ses that attracted much attention were On the evening of the 24th of Aug. those of the Marquis de Cimarosa, the the proclamation of our beloved Sove. Marquis of Montealegre, the Conde de reign, Don Ferdinand VII. was cele. Onate, &c. It is impossible to gire aa brated here. The celebrity of that day adequate idea of the beautiful perspecwas marked by all those circumstances tive exhibited by the streets of Maond. which could render it great and memo: His Excellency the Marquis of Astorrable. If we consider the joy and de- ga, as the standard-bearer of Madrid, light manifested on the occasion, they had invited the Grandees of Spain, ibe could not be exceeded; if we consider Nobles of Castile, the Officers of the the magnificence of the preparations, Palace, the Councellors of gate, the they could not be surpassed ; if we con- Judges of the Tribunals, the Oficers sider the order and demeanour preser- of the Armies of Valencia and Andalaved by the people, it will seem that e. si', the Inspectors and Colonels of the very individual had imposed upon him. Royal Spanish and Walloon Guards, tbe self the severe but equitable law of not Governor and Mayor of the Palace, the giving the smallest offence to his neigh. Secretaries of Dispatches, and many o. bour; not to offend in actions not in ther persons of distinction, to attend on words; not 10 protane a day dedicated horseback, and assist at the solemn ce. tu Ferdinand VII. with the least appear. remony. What gave additional lustre ance of impropriety.

to the procession, and joy to the specThe city of Madrid, who were parti. tators, was the happy circumstance of cularly anxious to demonstrate their the presence of Signors Doyle and Whitlove for their Sovereign, requested per- tingham, who were likewise toth invi. mission of the Supreme Junta of Castile ted to perform a function, as an acknow. to wear at the act of proclamation the ledgment for the generous friendship ancient dress of the Spaniards, that they manifested by the British nation towards might in this manner record the heroic this country. Scarcely had the procesdeeds of their ancestors, and to banish sion begun to move, when the people from their minds the very name of the began to express their joy with loud dress of Frenchmen, who had brought shouts and acclamations. Their dresses such misery upon Spain. The Supreme were highly becoming, giving them an Tribunal, with much satisfaction, grant- appearance of great dignity and gravity. ed their iequest, and with the procla- Madrid never was the scene of such ination celebrated the evening of the happiness; never did its inhabitants es. 24th. The time being arrived, the pro- press such satisfaction, because they ne. cession began to pass through the diffe- ver saw a Monarch proclaimed so be. rent streets. The houses and public loved as Ferdinand VII. buildings were splendidly decorated; A party of cavalry led the procession, but our limits do not permit us to give and were followed by a company of hala particular detail of the ornaments. berdiers, with twenty-four alguazils, pre. Portraits of Ferdinand VII. were hung ceded by the Alguazil Mayor. The peron all the houses. The houses which der sons invited followed, atiended by the serve particular attention were those of maces and arms of Madrid, the Alcal. the Marquis d'Astorga and Conde Alta- des of the Brotherhood, the four Kings mira, standard bearer of Madrid. On at Arms, and a great many other cha the front of his house were placed four racters of distinction, and public offi. statues, representing Prudence, Justice, On the arrival of the procession Fortitude, and Temperance. The city at the court of the Palace, the Chief of Madrid preserved for this day the Standard Bearer, Corregidor, the Regimagnificent triumphal arch, which had dor Dean, the Kings at Arms, with the been erected for the entrance of the vic. Secretaries of State, ascended a platform, torious armies of Valencia and Andalu. which had been prepared for their re. sia. The house of the Royal Philip- ception, whereon was placed a hana. pine Company was splendidly ornament- some portrait of Ferdinand VII. Ha. ed. In the great entrance was placed ving arranged themselves according to a handsome portrait of King Ferdinand seniority, the cidest, according to the



ancient custom, spoke in a loud tone of Estremadura.-Don Martin de Garoy voice,“ Silencio, Silencio, Siicucio, oid, oid, and Don Felix de Ovalle. oid," and the Chief Standard Bearer re- Granada.--Don Rodrigo Requelinde peated three times, the following words, and Don Luis Gines y Salido.

Castilla, Castilla, Castilla, por el Senor Faen.-Don Sebastian de Tocano and Rei Don Ferdinando VII. que Dios garde." Don Francisco Paula Castanedo. And the four Kings at Arms threw a For Majorca and the Adjacent Islands, quantity of gold and silver money a- -Don Thomas de Vizi and Don Josef mongst the people, which they had pro. Sanglada de Tajores. vided for the purpose.

Murcia --The Most Excellent Senor Scarcely load the august name of Fer. the President ad interim, and the Senor dinand been mentioned, when the peo- Marquis de Villar. ple with one voice, from the bottom of Seville.-The Senor Archbishop of their hearts, cried out, Viva ! viva! viva! Loadicea and the Conde de Tille. and expressed their determination to Toledo. -Don Pedro de Bibero and shed the last drop of their blood in de. Don Josef Garcia de la Torre. fence of the just rights of their legiti. Valencia.-The Conde de Contamina mate Sovereign, and the glory of the and El Principe de Pio. Spanish nation. They saluted the En. In consequence of the agreement of glish officers, Colonels Doyle and Whit. yesterday, the 24th inst, made in a pretingham, and the words England, Spain, paratory conference, and by which it and Ferdinand, were continually mixo was resolved, that, at half past nine o'. ed. The procession went to the Plazı clock this morning, the Supreme CeaMayor, the Plazuola de la Descalzas, tral Junta of Government of the kinga and de la Villa, where the proclamation dom should be installed (to whicli effect was repeated with the same formalities, all the most Serene Deputies, present in and in the Court of the Palace.

this royal residence, amounting to more During the night of the asth, very than two-thirds of the number which hrilliant fire-works were displayed on should compose the Junta of Governthe Prado. On the 27th and 28th there inent, who are mentioned alphabetically were bull.fights.

in the margin, were summoned); the

ceremony was observed in the followA supreme Junta of the kingdom ing manner :has been at length convoked, and Spain The said Most Serene Deputies, as. has now a Regency and a central sembled in the sacristy of the chapel be. point of union and co-operation. The longing to the palace of this royal resifollowing is the official account of the dence, and, when formed, seated the minstallation of the Supreme Junta of selves on the benches placed on both Government at Aranjuez on the 25th sides for that purpose. They then heard of September.

mass, which was celebrated by the Most

Excellent the Archbishop of Laodicea, INSTALLATION OF THE SUPREME JUNTA coadjutor of the Archbishop of Seville, AT THE PALACE OF ARANJUEZ. and deputy of that kingdom; after which

the following uath, which had been pre. List of the Members Assembled. viously taken by that Prelate, was ad.' President ad Interim.

ministered by him, upon the book of The most Excellent Senor the Conde the Holy Evangelists, to all the Most de Florida Blanca.

Serene Deputies :Arragon.-Don Francisco Palafox and “ You swear by God and his holy Don Lorenzo Caloe.

Evangelists, and by Jesus Christ cruciAsturias.—The most Excellent Senor fied, whose sacred image you have here Don Melchor de Jovellanos and the present, that, in the employment and Marquis del Campo Segrado.

functions of a Member of the Central Old Castile.-Don Lorenzo Bonifacio Supreme Junta of Government of the de Quinran and — Valdes, absent. kingdom, you will defend and promote

Catalonia.--The Marquis de Villel and the preservation and increase of our hothe Marquis de Sabazona.

ly Catholic, Apostolic, and Roman reCordova.— The Marquis de la Pue. ligion ; that you will be loyal to, and bla and Don Juan de Dios Rabe. defend our august Sovereign Ferdinand Oct. 1808.


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