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Scottish Chronicle.

HIS MAJESTY's Birth Day. mony of approbation on the good conduct SATURDAY, June 4. being the anniversary and discipline of these corps.

Next day the following general order was into his 71st year,) the same was celebrated issued. a Edinburgh with every demonstration of

“ The Commander of the Forces having loyalty and respect. The Court of Session been ptesent yesterday at a field-day of the did not meet, and the Banks and Public Of 1st Regiment of Royal Edinburgh Voluntices were shut. The flag was displayed teer Infantry, and of the 1st battalion of from the Castle in the morning, and ac

the 2d Regiment of Royal Edinburgh Vo. noon all the guns were fired. The whole lunteers, when both battalions were exer. military force in the district paraded in the cised together on Brunesfield Links by the New Town; and after the brigades were

Right Honourable Charles Hope, approves drawn up, they passed his Excellency Lord

most highly of their appearance and perViscount Cathcart in the following order :

formance in all respects, and is satisfied that A detachment of the Royal Artillery- their discipline and instruction are such as Berwickshire, Lanarkshire, a berdeenshire, would enable them to act with advantage Dumfrieshire, Edinburghshire, Inverness in the line with any troops in the service." şhire regiments of militia-Mid Lothian

The following regiments belonging to the Cavalry-1st regiment Royal Edinburgh city and county

of Edinburgh, have voluna Volunteers--Ist hattalion 2d regiment Roy. teered into the Local Militia, viz. the 1st al Edinburgh Volunteers--Loyal Edinburgh and 20 battalions of the 2d regiment of Artillery-Royal Leith Volunteers- Tric Royal Edinburgh Volunteers-Royal Highnity House Artillery-Loyal Edinburgh land Volunteers-Loyal Edinburgh VolunVolunteers--20 battalion 2d regiment Roy: teers-Royal Leith Volunteers-Museelo al Edinbusgh Volunteer-Royal Highland burgh and Dalkeith Volunteers, and RoyVolunteers-Royal Edinburgh Artillery.,

al Mid Lothian Artillery. - Similar offers They then marched to Hope Park, have been made by the Glasgow Highland where they were drawn up in the walks, regiment, the Loyal Greenock Volunteers, and fired a feu-de-joye. In the evening a

the Mearns-shire battalion, the Aberdeea grand collation was given by the Lord Light Infantry regiment, the Fraserburgh Provost and Magistrates, in the Parlia. corps, and the Culloden battalion. ment House, which was elegantly decorated with flowers and shrubs, to a number

Universitý or EDINBURGI. of noblemen and gentlemen, and many of

On Friday, June 24. the Senatus Acade. the first characters in the country. The

micus of the University conferred the denumber of men under arms amounted, it gree of Doctor in Medicine on the followis supposed, to between 9000 and 10,000.

ing Gentlemen, after having gone through

the appointed examinations, and publicly MILITARY INTELLIGENCE.

defended their inaugural dissertations:-On Friday, July 22. the 1st Regiment of Of Scotland.-J. M. G. Malloch, CharRoyal Edinburgh Volunteer Infantry con. les Wightman, James Ranken, John Morcluded theit permanent duty with a grand rison, George Goldie, Colin Rogers, Chara feld-day, when they were brigaded with les Ferguson Forbes, James Veitch, Wilo the 1st battalion of the 2d Regiment on liam Thomson. Bruntsfield Links. It is but doing justice From England.-Peter F. Luard, Chara to the parent corps, and to its first shoot, les Carr, James Cowles Prichard, N. Thoto state that their performance on this oc mas Smith, William Back, John Clayton casion was most masterly, whether consi- Hall, Joseph Arnoulde, Hardwicke Shute, dered in the accuracy of posicion, correct Edwin Goddin Jones, John Bunnell Davis. nėss of manoeuvre, steadiress of march, or From Ireland.--James Beatty, William closeness and regularity of firing. Lieut. Maccartney, Robert Bradine, Richard Gen, Lord Viscount Cathcart, command. Greene, Edmund G. Ryan, George Augusing the forces in Scorland, with several o tus Borthwick, John Moore, J. De Courcy ther distinguished officers, honoured the Latran, Michael M°Сre sy, Richard Keofield with their presence, and his Lord- nedy, Mason Stanhope Kenny ship then bestowed a most fastering testi Fron Wales, William Bonsall,


From America. - Francis Hunter, John don of Keith, to Mary, daughter of the late Grimke.

John Grant, Esq. of Gallovie. From the West Indies.Robert Benstead 2. Alexander William Mitchell, Esq. of Wright, of Jamaica, R. Hamden, of Bar. Virginia, to Miss Eliza Fowler, eldest badoes, J. T. Caines, of Sc. Christopher's, daughter of Reeves Fowler, M. D. Nassau, Richard H. Dyøtt, of Montserrat.

New Providence.


writer, to Miss Giles Campbell. Whitehall, July 16. 1808 — The King has been pleased to order a Conge d’Elire Advocare, to Miss Hunter, eldest daughter

4. Ac Edinburgh, George Ross, Esq. to pass the Great Seal, empowering the of the Rev. Dr Andrew Hunter of Barjarg, Dean and Chapter of the Cathedral Church Professor of Divinity. of Hereford, to elect a Bishop of that See, the same being void by the translation of merchant, to Margaret, eldest daughter of

4. Ac Glasgow, Mr Michael Neilson, the Right Rev. Father in God, Folliott Jas. Spreull, Esq. Chamberlain of Glasgow. Herbert Walker Cornwall, lace Bishop

4. Ac Throsk, Stirlingshire, James Wil. thereof, to che See of Worcester ; and his

son, Esq. lace of the island of Jamaica, to Majesty has also been pleased to recom. mend the Right Rev. Father in God lohn Deas, Esq. of Throsk.

Wilhelmina, youngest daughcer of William Luxmore, Bishop of Bristol, to be elected

5. At Glasgow, Mr James Paterson, Bishop of the said See of Worcester.

writer in Edinburgh, to Euphemia, daughThe King has been pleased to appoint ter of the late Mr Walter Aitchison, mer. Dr Andrew Grant Minister of Kilmarnock, chant in Glasgow. to be first Minister of Canongate cburch,

5. At Edinburgh, Mr Alexander BlackEdinburgh, void by the death of the Ref. adder, Hill.of Dreip, to Miss Eliza Fraser, Robert Walker.

second daugbter of Mr William Fraser, MARRIAGES.

Pilrig Street. At New York, James Arnott, E«q. mer

6. At Dunkeld, Mr Thomas Wilson, chant, Philadelphia, to:Miss Stewart, daugh- merchant, Monynusk, to Mary, daughter ter of the late 'Tho. Stewart, of Steel-end, of the late Patrick Reid, Esq. St Domingo Perthshire.

7. Mr Nathaniel Harvie, writer, CampJune 11. Mr William Johnston, Hall- belton, to Janet; second daughter of the late tree, to Miss Margaret Pulton, daughter John Campbell, sen. merchant, Campbelton. of the late Mr Mark Fulton, Bessborough 19. At Barskimming House, Ayrshire, Mains.

William Macdonald, Esq. younger of Sc 19. At Clifton, Robert Andrew Riddel, Martin's, Advocate, to Miss Miller, eldest Esq. London, co Miss Miles, daughter of daughter of the Hon. Sir William Miller the late William Miles, Esq. nterchant in of Glenlee, Bart. one of the Senators of the Bristol,

College of Justice. 20. At London, Brigader Gen. the Hon. 20. Ar Haddington, Capt. John Turner, Rakett Meade, to Miss Dalling daughter of the 75th regiment, to Miss Nancy Haof the late General Sir John Dalling, Bart. milton, eldest daughter of Lieut. William

21. At Edinburgh, Mr John Logan, Hamilton, Royal Lanark Militia. Hassington Mains, to MissThomson, daugh- - At Aberdeen, Mr Wm. Littlejohn, ter of James Thomson, Esq. of Earnslaw. merchant; to Miss Ann Littlejohn, of Lan

28. Lord Arthur Somerset, brother to the Duke of Beaufort, to the Hon. Miss At Berwick, Lieut. Allan Cameroti, Boscawen, daughter of the late Viscoune 9th Veteran Battalion, to Mrs Scott, relict Falmouth.

of Mr Scott, late teacher of the Academy, 23. At Inyerary, Mr James Pollock, Musselburgh. manufacturer in Glasgow, to Miss Ewart, At Edmonton, Capt. Charles Maleldest daughter of Mr John Ewart, Landa colm of the Royal Navy, to Miss Pasley, surveyor of the Customs at Greenock. daughter of the late C. Pasley, Esq.

37. At Barr, Wigtonshire, John Han- Dr James Gordon, Physician, Old nay, Esq. younger of Crochmore, to Su- Aberdeen, to Miss Helen Ritchie, youngsaona, daughter to John M'Gill, Esq. of est daughter of Mr James Ritchie, PotterGlencaird.

30. At Inverary, Mr Colin M'Kenzie, Mr James Spalding, advocate in A. merchant, to Miss Agnes Campbell. berdeen, to Frances, daughter of the late

- At Lendon, James Moncrieff, Esq. Mr Samuel Read. Advocate, to Miss A. Robertson, youngest daughter of the late Capi. G. Robertson, of April 28. At Paris, the Queen of Holland, the Royal Navy.

a son. Respecting the baptism of this inFredy 1. At Easter Elchies, Dr James Gore fant, the following pompous notice is an





sounced in the Moniteur, of date Paris, 22. In India, Mr David Fleming, surJune 3. " The Priace Arch Chancellor of geon on board his Majesty's ship Culloden. the Empire having yesterday gone to the March 24. At Demerary, Alexander Frapalace of her Majesty the Queen of Hol- ser, Esq. of Goodintent, late resident Counland, there declared, that the will of his missary at St Kitt's. Majeay the Emperor and King was, that 28. At Savannah-la-Mar, Jamaica, Capt. the Prince born to their Majesties the Wardlaw. King and Queen of Holland, on the 28th April. At Grand Bacolet, Granada, Mr of April last, should receive the name of William-Christie M'Vey. Charles-Louis Napoleon ; of which a for- May. At Montrose, Mr James Caird, mal deed was drawn up, in presence of the confectioper. Emperor's mother, the Queen of Holland, 24. Ac Stirling, Mr George Wingate, the Grand Duchess of Berg, &c.”

merchant. June 18. At Gunsgreen, Mrs Robert- Lately, at Dublin, Mrs Ford, wife of sou of Prenderguest, a son.

Ford, Esq. of the county of Down, 19. At London, the Countess of Abing, and eldest daughter of the late Rt. Hon. don, a son.

William Brownlow. She went, in appa*). At Redbourne, Lincolnshise, the rent good health, to the sout of Mrs Lof. Lady of Lord William Beauclerk, a son. tus Tottenham ;-while seated at the card

21. Mrs Graham Stirling, of Duchray table, she found herself suddenly indispoand Auchyle, a daughter.

sed, and being near lier accouchement of 23. At Edinburgh, Mrs Nairne, a son. her (wenty-first child, considerable alarm

26. At ditto, the Lady of the Hon. was excited; but finding herself much reArchibald Macdonald, a son,

covered, she yielded to the natural impulse - At Belmont Castle, the Lady of Sir of wishing to be in her own house on such Ceorge Prevost, Captain of his Majesty's an occasion, and was conveyed into her ship Saracen, a daughter:

coach, accompanied by her sister the CounJuly 2. At Dunnichen House, Mrs Soper tess of Powerscoure, and her son; but, beDempster, of kibo, a daughter,

fore they arrived at her house, she was 3. Mrs Hamilton of Fairholm, a daugh. dead.

June 1. At Mauchline, Miss Jane Rouet, S. At Glasgow, Lady Janet Buchanan, a sister to the late Professor Rouet, Glasdaughter.

gow. 3. At Darnhall, the Hon. Mrs Oliphant 4. At Gluncullen, near Kilternan, in the Murray, a son.

county of Dublin, aged 109 years, three S. Ai Gilston House, Fifeshire, the Lady months, and seventeen days, Valentine of Major General Moncrieff, a daughter. Walsh, farmer. This venerable patriarch

4. At Barrogill Castle, the Countees of enjoyed a perfect state of health until a few Caithness, a son.

days of his death, was a keen sportsman, 4. At London, the Lady of Major Gene- and a constant companion of the famous ral the Hon. Alexander Hope, a son.

Johnny Adair of Kilternan. - At Edinburgh, Mrs Bryce, wife of 5. At Edin. Mr William Haig, baker, Mr James Bryce, surgeon, a daughter. Potterrow. 13. At Lee, Mrs Lockhart, a sou, who 6. At Edinburgh, Mr Edward Simpson,

of the Hotel, Prince's Street, aged 47. 16. At Inveresk, the Lady of Lieut. 9. At ditco, Mr Thomas Dunlop, merColonel Thornas Inglis, a still-born son. chant there. DEATHS.

9. At ditto, Mrs ifelen Allan, spouse of Lately, in the East Indies, Mr dlexan. Mr William Forrest, land surveyor. der Walker, surgeon of his Majesty's ship 9. At Newhaven, Anna Mitchell, eldest Seaflower, son of Mr Robert Walker, prin- daughter of Mr George Mitchell, Secretater, Edinburgh,

Ty to the Royal Bank. Sept. 3. Mr George Simpson, First Lieu- 9. Lillias Coats, wife of George Scott, tenant of the Fox frigate, and second son Esq. of Boghall. of the Rev. William Simpson, of Edinburgh. 10. At Blairhall, Margaret Elizabeth, seWhen gallantly leading a boarding party cond daughter of James Ranaldson Dickin a late enterprize ai Batavia, he recei

son, Esq. of Blairhall. ved a musket ball in the neck, and instant- 11. At Glasgow, in the 88th year of her ly expired. He was a young officer, of the age, Mrs Catharine Hutchison, relict of highest promise.

Mr John Robertson, merchant, Glasgow. Oc. il. In the island of Liateen, in 12. At Douglas, Isle of Man, the Hon. China, Dugald Campbell, Esq. fourth son Andrew Forbes of Brus; Captain in the of the lace Dugald Campbell of Carradale, Royal Manx regiment of fcot, and brother

of Lord Forbes


died next day.

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June —. At Clifton, the seat of the Coun- 25. At Ardblair, Ross-shire, Mrs Mace tess of Orkney, the Right Hon. Lady Ann kenzie, widow of John Mackenzie, Esq. O'Brien, daughter of the late William of Letterrew. Farl of Inchiquin, and Anne Countess of 26. At Glasgow, Robert Dunlop, Esq. Orkney, in her 89th year.

merchant. - Vice Admiral Sir James Kempthorpe. 25. At Edinburgh, Mrs Margaret Fullar

-. At Calderbank, Jane, youngest daugh. ton, youngest daughter of the deceased ter of George Monro, of Calderbank, Ed. Gen. Fullarton, of Skeldon, and spouse of

At Lancefield, near Glasgow, Mr Mr James Dalrymple, merchant in EdinJames Inglis, hat manufacturer.

burgh. 7. At Skerry, John Mackay Esq. Capt. 27. At Whitehouse, aged 90, Mrs Farof the Volunteer Company in the parish quharson, of Balfour. of Tongue.

27. Ac Duochattan, Mrs Maiy Moore, 7. Ai Bristol, Mrs Laidlaw, wife of Wil relict of the late George Macintosh, Esq. liam Laidlaw, Esq. of Allantown, writer in merchant in Glasgow Dumfries.

27. At Edinburgh, in her 20th year, Miss 8. At Belhaven, Mrs Marion Hepburn, Janet Gardner, eldest daughter of Mr relict of William Sandilands, Esq. of Bar- James Gardner, apothecary, George Street. nyhill.

28. Near Edinburgh, Mr B. Lund, mer9. At Rock Villa, near Glasgow, Ro- chane in Elie, late of the city of York. bert Græme, Esq. Sheriff-substitute of La- 28. At Edinburgh, the Rev. Joseph Johnnarkshire, much and justly regretted. ston, minister of lonerleithen.

9. At Ochiltree, John M'Gregor, in the 28. At ditto, Colonel Ross of Balsarroch'; 92d year of his age, being the oldest man late Lieut. Colonel of the 14th Regt. of in that parish.

foot. 10. At Kilmarnock, Miss Janet Paterson. 28. At ditto, George, son of John Reid,

10. At Peebles, Mrs Katherine Brun- Esq. Advocate, aged 15 months. ton, wife of William Bruncon; surveyor of 28. Mr Peter Ray, farmer at Mains of taxes there.

Condie, in consequence of a fall from his 13. At Anstruther Easter, Mr James horse in returning from Crieff fair. Ballantyne, Land.surveyor of the Custom- 28. At Laurencekirk, the Right Rev. house there.

Jonathan Watson, a deservedly respected - At Corrybrough, James M'Queen, and much lamented Bishop of the Episcothird son of Donald M'Queen, of Corry. pal Church of Scotland, having been a mobrough.

dest and worthy man, a sincere and faith14. At Ayr, Mr James Gray.

ful friend, an exemplary pastor, and a res17. At Edinburgh, Mrs Charlotte Wood, pectable divine. wife of Rollo Gillespie, Esq. and daughter 30. Ac Pitscandly house, John Farquhar, of the deceased John Wood, Esq. late Go. Esq. of Pitscandly. vernor of the isle of Man.

90. At Parson's Green, William Simpson, 17. At ditto, aged 90 years, Mr John Esq. Cashier to the Royal Bank of Scoto M'Intyre, for many years a teacher of the land. Latin, Greek, and Hebrew languages, a 30. At Edinburgh, the Rev. Robert Walworthy man, much regretted by his nume- ker, senior minister of Canongate. tous acquaintances.

30. At ditto, Miss Margaret Auchinleck, 17. At ditto, Miss Helen Ferguson. daughter of the late James Auchinleck,

18. At Irongray, John Wauch, labourer, Esq. of Woodcockdale. aged 83; and, about 12 hours afterwards, At Bath, Colonel Lambert, former. Mary Stott, his wife, aged 82. They had ly of the East India Company's service, been married upwards of sixty years. Bengal.

19. At London, Alexander Dalrymple, At Greenwich, aged 76, Lieutenant Esq. F. R. S. and A. S. aged 71, only' survi- General William Borthwick, of the Royal ving son of the late Sir James Dalrymple, Artillery. Bart. of Hailes, and many years hydrogra- Fulv 1. At Ayr, Charles M‘Miken Bus pher to the Board of Admiralty.

chan, Esq. of Killantringan, whose private 20. At Edinburgh, Mrs Jane Thomson, virtues, and respectability of character, wife of Mr George Irving, one of the Mas. make him most sincerely regretted by an ters of the High School, aged twenty-six ; extensive circle of friends and relations. and on the 24th, John Irving, her infant 2. Ac Kingsbarns, in the 64th year of child, nine days old.

his age, and 38th of his ministry, the Rev. 21. At ditto, Mrs Christian Scott, widow Robert Arnot, D.D. minister of that parish, of the deceased Alexander Leith of Free. Professor of Divinity in St Mary's College, field, Esq.

and Rector of the University of St An24. At ditto, Mr Alex. Michie, accountant. drew's.

July James Lyon.

July 2. At Downie, near Crieff, Mr Ar- friends. They were met at the east end phobald Sorley, merchant, Glasgow. of the bridge by the rest of the company 2. At Edinburgh, Miss Sally Burn, aged invited on the occasion, comprehending, 17, second daughter of Mr George Barn, besides a number of the neighbouring genNetherwood.

try, the greater part of the respectable in2. Ar Leith, Mrs Ann Gordon, relict of habitants of the place. The Magistrates, Mr James Ritchie, shipmuster.

attended by the proper officers, preceded 3. At London, in the 74th year of his the hearse, and a party of the Dunkeld and age, of an apoplecticfit, Thomas Coles, Esq. Stormont volunteers, who are now here on one of the Pages of his Majesty's Bedcham permanent dury, lined the streets. The ber, and 38 years Steward to the late John crowd which attended was immense ; men, Duke of Roxburgh.

women, and children, every one vied with 3. At Edioburgh, Mi William Peacock, another in pushing forward to witness the cobacconist.

closing scene; they all seemed to have an 5. At Camnethan House, James Lock- interest in what was going forward, and hart, Esq. of Castlehill.

anxious to bid their last adieu to one whom 6. At Morningside, Mr David Deuchar, they had justly considered as their friend seal engraver, Edinburgh,

and benefactor. But the circumstance which 6. Ai Edinburgh, Mr John Young, So- above all others, will convey the best idea licitor of the Supreme Courts of Scotland. of the public feeling on this occasion is,

6. Dr John Corbet, of Mount Vaccine, that, without any orders to that effect, or physician in Falkirk.

the most distant hint from his friends that 7. Az Edinburgh, Alexander Grant, Esq. it would be agreeable, every warehouse writer to the signet.

and shop in the public streets, throughout 9. At manse of Glammis, Miss Margaret the whole town, was shut during the fuLyon, aged 15; and, on the 10th, Miss Jane neral; this was an unprecedented mark of P. Lyon, aged five, daughters of the Rev. respect, and added peculiar solemnity to

the scene. 11. At Edinburgh, Miss Catharine Hall, “ As a Magistrate, his memory will Batter's Place.

long live in the hearts of his townsmen. 12. At Bolishan, in Angus, aged 19, An. Without the slightest disparagement to his drew, son of Mr James Scott, farnier in colleagues in the Magistracy and Council, Fingask, Fife.

it may be remarked, that it is impossible 12. At Kennet, much regretted, Ales. to turn the eye to any quarter in this town, Brace, Esq. of Kennet.

or its environs, without some remarkable 15. Ai Longcroft, Berwickshire, Mr remembrance of Provost Marshall coming Charles Simpson, farmer.

ip view. He had a particular pleasure in 14. At Richmond in Surrey, aged 70, Sie planning out, and a particular energy and John Day, late Advocate General of Ben- vigour in executing, whatever appeared to gal.

him as calculated to ornament, improve, or 14. Ac Bradley, Staffordshire, aged 80, be in any respect beneficial to his native John Wilkinson, Esq. the great iron-mas- city. Schemes which, from obstacles of ter, and the first that brought that great various kinds, would have appeared imbranch of our national wealth and prospe- practicable to most men, his prudence, exnity to its present state of perfection. ertion, and perseverance speedily effected.

14. At Friock, Miss Elizabeth Ogilvy. As a private gentleman, he was no less 15. At Bower's well near Perth, aged 39, respected and beloved_affable, courteous, Thomas Hay Marshall Esq. of Glenalmond, and pleasing in his manners, he was a barand late Provost of Perth.

barian indeed who could be at enmity with The following tribute to his memory is him. To say more in the way of eulogium communicated in a letter from Perth, of on his character, either in public or private date July 19.-" It is impossible to con- life, is very unnecessary-a stranger, who vey an adequate idea of the sorrow and re- had never before heard of him, could apgret universally produced in this place by preciate it more justly, by witnessing the the death of our late chief Magistrate, Mr unaffected griefs which every countenance Marshall of Glenalmond. His funeral, expressed among the thousands who attenwhich was very a singular one, took place ded him to his grave, than any feeble imthis afternoon.' His remains were brought pression of it our pen can convey. from his late residence, Bower's Well Lodge, " He was a man, take him for all in all, Dear Kinnoul, in a hearse drawn by six hor. " I shall not look upon his like again.". ses, attended by his near relatives, together A subscription has been opened at Perth, with his Grace the Duke of Atholl, Sir to raise a sum of money for the purpose of Aku Muir M'Kenzie, Colonel Murray of erecting a monument to the memory of piatrose, Provost Caw, and a few other the late Provost Marshall. The paper


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