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" ... Benedicts every night — at least, it is but charitable to suppose that such is their object. These very clubs, too, furnish another and powerful antidote to matrimony. The luxurious sensualists who frequent them, being, for the most part, gastronomers,... "
The victims of society - Strona 206
autor: Marguerite Gardiner (countess of Blessington.) - 1837
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The Victims of Society, Tom 2

Marguerite Countess of Blessington - 1837
...them, being, for the most part, gastronomers, who prefer a well-dressed dinner to the best-dressed woman in the world, are well aware that the recherche...worth the sacrifice of those delicious dinners, en gaff on, the well-iced wines, gilded salons brilliantly illuminated; and, above all, that faeilite...
Pełny widok - Informacje o książce

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