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" I verily believe, shall see again, except in her. Then, her figure ! by Jove, it is matchless ! All the elasticity and bounding animation of the child, with all the rounded beauty of contour of the woman. Arms that might serve as models to the sculptor... "
The victims of society - Strona 38
autor: Marguerite Gardiner (countess of Blessington.) - 1837
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The Victims of Society, Tom 1

Marguerite Countess of Blessington - 1837
...1 have imagined, except it be the beau ideal of a Hebe. The most luxuriant tresses, of the fiirest and most silken texture, eyes blue and radiant as...form an idea of Lady Augusta Vernon, than I could have believed that such transcendent loveliness existed, until 1 had seen her. She is a perfect child...
Pełny widok - Informacje o książce

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