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our neighbour in the country, has been here this morning,” resumed Lord Vernon he told us that he saw Lord Annandale, with Miss Montressor and a party of fashionables, at Drury Lane last night, opposite to us. Now, only fancy his not having even the politeness to come to our box, if only for half an hour!-I don't understand all this, Lord Nottingham,” said Lord Vernon, after a pause; " but such conduct, on the part of your friend, argues but ill for the happiness of our darling child."

“ I observed she was changed the moment I saw her,” observed Lady Vernon ;

- she is thinner and paler, and her spirits are no longer the same — she, that used to be all gaiety and sunshine. Would to God she had never married Lord Annandale !”-A wish that my heart


I must see into all this,” said Lord

my darling Gusty shall not be made unhappy if I have the power to prevent

Vernon ;

it. Shall she, my dear?” resumed he, turning

to his wife.

Lady Vernon shook her head, as she replied, “ Alas, my dear friend! the happiness of children does not depend on their parents : if it did, our daughter would never have known a moment's pain.”

I left them expecting a visit from Lady Annandale, which, from the state of evident

agitation in which I saw her, I fear she will not be able to make. You will hear soon

again from

Your sincere friend,




Affairs advance here, ma chère amie, even more rapidly than I had contemplated. La belle Auguste est tellement entêtée, that she compromises herself more than my most sanguine expectations ever led me to anticipate. I should be more disposed to regret her folly if I possessed her confidence; but I am hurt at finding her growing every day more reserved to me: nor will she, though I have frequently probed her heart, acknowledge the passion that, I am convinced, is consuming it, for her preuz chevalier, Lord Nottingham.

So little disposed is she to repose this secret in my breast, that I can see she resents my leaving her alone with him. It was but a few days ago, that, more than suspecting she had had a conjugal tête-à-tête with her lord, which, judging from the redness of her eyes, could not have been agreeable, I thought that, with her softened feelings, a tête-à-tête with her lover might produce an éclaircissement between them. He, of course, as I concluded, would demand some question as to the source of her visible

depression, and an explanation of their mutual feelings would ensue. To secure them from interruption, on leaving the room, I charged the footman to tell the nurse that it was her lady's orders that the child should not be brought until she rang for him. . I guessed this order would give rise to evil suspicions among the servants, as well as keep Augusta and her Adonis free from interruption until he had declared his passion. But, would you believe it, ma chère, I had not left her boudoir five minutes before she rang for the child ; and, on asking the nurse why she had not brought him as hitherto, the whole story of my interference was discovered. She was more angry with me than I had ever seen her before; for she appeared to have a latent suspicion that I prohibited the boy's admission in order that she might be left alone with Lord Nottingham. I, however, extricated myself from this scrape, by saying, with a most innocent face, that I only acted thus because I saw she was ill and depressed, and that I feared the noise of the child would increase her dejection.

The best of the affair was, that Lord Annandale heard the boy crying violently, and

sent to learn the cause; when the officious

servant informed him, that “his little lordship cried to go to her ladyship.”

Why the devil don't they take him, then ?” asked the kind father.

“ Her ladyship has given orders that he is not to be admitted until she rings for him to be brought, my lord,” was the reply. This reply has ignited the first spark of a jealousy, not easily to be extinguished, in the breast of his lordship, who happened to know that his cara sposa was, at that moment, tête-à-tête with Lord Nottingham; as I had gone to the library to ask him for a frank, which I did not want, and casually observed, that I had been writing letters in my own apartment. Annandale has

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