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Deut. ii. 20, 21.) The monuments seem to indicate that their possessions in Egypt also had been ceded to Moab and Ammon. This war seems to have taken place while Sethos reigned in Egypt In his first year the Zuzim were a very powerful nation : but in the wars of his son Ramses, they were much diminished, and confederate with him against Moab.

S ody sht-n. The geographical identification of the enemies of Egypt who bear this appellation, with Moab in the mountains of Sheth, we published long ago.* We are now in position to confirm this identification unanswerably. In the long inscription at Abu Simbel, the Shethites are declared to be

S of “the race of the Mubith,” that is, G'ania “ Moabites” in Hebrew. In the decree of the 21st Ramses expelling Sheth from Egypt, the princes of 9 Side Ar Moab (Num. xxi. 28 &c.) sep Moab-Dannah (Jos.xv. 49.) and X L Aroer, (Jer. xlviii. 19.) represent the Shethites. We need scarcely remind the reader, that all these are cities of Moab, mentioned in the Bible.

These are the four principal Canaanite nations mentioned on the monuments of ancient Egypt. Many others are likewise named casually. We have given them at length elsewhere.t

* Egypt: her testimony, pp. 130—136. + Ubi supra. Also monumental history of Egypt, Vol. II. Trans. R. S. L. &c.


N.B. -The letters over each name refer

the figures, to their

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Aphophis, Phiops, or Apappus, son bol of Meris. Crowned king of Lower

199 Egypt, and many years co-regent with his father. Afterwards king of all Egypt. Reigned for 61 years.


APPENDIX B. THE SOJOURN OF ISRAEL. to the planes of the chamber of Karnak, succession there.


B 14

Amuntimæus C 12

Amenemes IV. B 13
(12th dy.lists) (mmy

co-regent and lost Memphis

successor to
to Saites.

Shepherds in Up. Eg. Mencherian Pharaohs.
o Meris, father of
Aphophis : expelled

Skeniophris from

expelled Crocodilopolis.

(9) from the

Melaneres son of
SAphophis conquered

by Meris. by all Upper Egypt.


Prince viceroy of

Menthesuphis II.
B Thebes, the son of

E 2


E 3 erased.

Aphophis. They were his sons and grandsons. Five successive kings in this line during the reign of


The line of the Menecherian Pharaohs passed down 10 descents during the

reign of Aphophis


The immigration of Israel late in the reign of Aphophis, either in the 51st or 54th year.

Iannes succeeds Aphophis at Mem000 phis, reigned 50 years (lists).


G 3 Six descents of Shepherds at Abydos in friendly co-regency Son of H 5. with the 18th dynasty.

Asses : the son of Jannes, and for | many years his co-regent. Whole

2 reign 49 years lists. Actual duration of the reigns of Iannes and Asses 60 years.—Asses probably perished in the attempt to maintain Memphis against Amosis ;-about the 70th year of the immigration.

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