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6 And he said to me: It is gold, to measure the city and done : I am alpha and omega: the gates thereof, and the wall. the beginning and the end. To 16 And the city lieth in a bim that thirsteth I will give four-square, and the length of the fountain of the water of thereof is as great as the life, freely:

breadth: and he measured the 1 He that shall overcome city with a golden reed for shall possess these things, and twelve thousand furlongs, ar I will be his God: and he shall the length and the height ard be my son.

the breadth thereof are equal. 8 But the fearful and unbe- 17 And he measured the wall lieving, and the abominable, thereof an hundred forty-four and murderers, and whoremon cubits, the measure of a man, gers, and sorcerers, and idola- which is of an angel. ters, and all liars, they shall 18 And the building of the have their portion in the pool wall thereof was of jasperburning with fire and brimstone, stone; but the city itself pure which is the second death. gold, like to clear glass.

9 And there came one of the 19 And the foundations of the geven angels, who had the vials wall of the city were adorned full of the seven Jast plagues, with all manner of precious and spoke with me, saying: stones. The first foundation Come, and I will shew thee the was jasper : the second, sapbride, the wife of the Lamb. phire: the third, a chalcedony:

10 And lie took me up in spi. the fourth, an emerald: rit to a great and high moun- 20 The fifth, sardonyx : the tain : and he shewed me the sixth, sardius: the seventh, holy city Jerusalem coming chrysolite: the eighth, beryl : down out of heaven from God, the ninth, a topaz: the tenth,

11 Having the glory of God, a chrysoprasus: the eleventh, and the light thereof was like a jacinth : the twelfth, an ameto a precious stone, as to the thyst. Jasper-stone, even as crystal. 21 And the twelve gates are

12 And it had a wall great twelve pearls, one to each: and and high, having twelve gates, every several gate was of one and in the gates twelve angels, several pearl. And the street and names written thereon, of the city was pure gold, as it which are the names of the were transparent glass. twelve tribes of the children of 22 And I saw no temple Israel.

therein. For the Lord God 13 On the east, three gates : Almighty is the temple thereof, and on the north, three gates : and the Lamb. and on the south, three gates : 23 a And the city hath no and on the west, three gates. need of the sun, nor of the moon,

14 And the wall of the city had twelve foundations, and in

a Isaias 60. 19. thein, the twelve names of the twelve apostles of the Lamb.

Ver. 17. The measure of a man, i.e. 15 And he that spoke with I used by the angel: This seems to be the

According to the measure of men, and me, had a measure of a reed of į true meaning of these words



to shine in it. For the glory of And he said to me: These God hath enlightened it, and the words are most faithful and Lamb is the lamp thereof. true. And the Lord God of the

24 And the nations shall walk spirits of the prophets sent his in the light of it: and the kings | Angel to shew his servants the of the earth shall bring their things which must be done glory and honour into it. shortly.

25 · And the gates thereof 7 And, Behold I come quickshall not be shut by day: for ly. Blessed is he that keepeth there shall be no night there. the words of the prophecy of

26 And they shall bring the this book. glory and honour of the nations 8 And I John who have into it.

heard and seen these things. 27 There shall not enter into And after I had heard and seen, it anything defiled, or that I fell down to adore before the worketh abomination or maketh feet of the Angel, who shewed a lie, but they that are written me these things. in the book of life of the Lamb. 9 And he said to me : See

thou do it not: for I am thy CHAP. XXII.

fellow-servant, and of thy breThe water and tree of life. The Con- thren the prophets, and of them clusion.

that keep the words of the A ND he shewed me a river of prophecy of this book. Adore

water of life, clear as crys- God. tal proceeding from the throne 10 And he saith to me: Seal of God and of the Lamb. not the words of the prophecy

2 In the midst of the street of this book : for the time is at thereof, and on both sides of hand. the river, was the tree of life, bearing twelve fruits, yielding

CHAP. XXII. Ver. 10. For the its fruits every month, and the

time is at hand. That is, who leaves of the tree were for the pared to eternity, all time and tem. healing of the nations.

poral things vanish, and are but of

short duration 3 And there shall be no curse

As to the time when

the chief predictions should come to any more: but the throne of pass, we have no certainty, as appears God and of the Lamb sball be by the different opinions, both of the in it, and his servants shall

ancient fathers and late intepreters.

Many think that most things set down serve him.

from the 4th chapter to the end, will 4 And they shall see his face:

not be fulfilled till a little time before and his pame shall be on their opinion, that a great part of them,

the end of the world. Others are of foreheads.

and particularly the fall of the wicked 5 6 And night shall be no Babylon, happened at the destruction

of Paganism, by the destruction of more : and they shall not need

heathen Rome, and its persecuting the light of the lamp, nor the heathen Emperors. Of these interlight of the sun, because the pretations, see Alcazar, in his long Lord God shall enlighten them,

commentary, see the learned Bossuet,

Bishop of Meaux, in his treatise on and they shall reign for ever this Book, and P, Alleman, in his notes and ever.

on the same Apocalypse, tom. 12, who in his Preface says that this, in a great

measure, may be now looked upon as a Isaias 60. 11.- Isaías 6. 20, the opinion followed by the learned



11 He that kurteth, let him | Lamb: that they may have a hurt still : and he that is filthy, right to the tree of life, and may let him be filthy still: and he enter in by the gates into the that is just, let him be justified city. still : and he that is holy, let 15 Without are dogs and sorhim be sanctified still.

cerers, and unchaste, and mur12 Behold, I come quickly, derers, and servers of idols, and and my reward is with me, to

every one that loveth and makrender to every man according eth a lie. to his works.

16 I JESUS have sent my 13 a I am alpha and omega, Angel, to testify to you these the first and the last, the be- things in the churches.

I am ginning and the end.

the root and stock of David, the 14 Blessed are they that wash | bright and morning star. their robes in the blood of the 17 And the spirit and the

bride say: Come. And he that a Isaias 41. 4. and 44. 6. and 48. 12. heareth, let him say: Comě. Supra, 1. 8. and 17. and 21. 6.

And he that thirsteth, let him

come: and he that will, let In fine, others think that St. John's design was in a mystical way,

him take the water of life, by metaphors and allegories, to repre- freely. ent the attempts and persecutions of

18 For I testify to every one the wicked against the servants of God, the punishments that should in a short

that heareth the words of the time fall upon Babylon, that is, upon prophecy of this book: If any all the wicked in general: the eternal happiness and reward, which God had

man shall add to these things, reserved for the pious inhabitants of God shall add' unto him the Jerusalem, that is, for his faithful ser- plagues written in this book. vants, after their short trials and the

19 And if any man shall take tribulations of this mortal life. In the mean time we meet with many pro

away from the words of the fitable instructions and admonitions, book of this prophecy, God which we may easily enough under stand: but we have no certainty, when

shall take away his part out of we apply these predictions to parti

the book of life, and out of the cular events: for as St. Jerome takes holy city, and from these things notice the Apocalypse has as many mysteries as words, or rather mysteries

that are written in this book. in every word, Apocalypsis Joannis 20 He that giveth testimony tot habet Sacramenta quot verba- of these things saith, Surely I parum dixi, in verbis singulis multiplices latent intelligentiæ. Ep. ad

come quickly: Amen. Come, Paulin. t. 4, p. 574, edit. Benedict.


21 The grace of our Lord not an exhortation, or license to go on in sin; but an intimation, that how far

Jesus Christ be with you all. soever the wicked may proceed, their

progress shall quickly end, and then
They must expect to meet with propor.
Honable punishments.

.b Isaias 55. L


[blocks in formation]

CHRIST is born at Bethlehem. Luke, ii.

He is circumcized. Luke, ii.
The wise men come and adore him. Matthew, if.
He is presented in the temple. Luke, ii. Joseph and the
Blessed Virgin mother fly with the child Jesus into Egypt.
Matthew, ii.

The massacre of the infants by Herod. Matthew, ii. Joseph
with the Blessed Virgin and her son, return from Egypt, but
for fear of Archelaus, go to live at Nazareth in Galilee. Mat-

thew, ii.
12 Jesus is found in the temple disputing with the doctors
when he was twelve years of age. Luke, ii.

St. John Baptist begins to preach penance, and to baptize.
The chief of the Jews send messengers to ask if he was not
the Messias. John, i.

Jesus himself is baptized by John. A voice from heaven
declares him the beloved Son of God; the Holy Ghost comes
down like a dove, Matthew, iii. Mark, i. Luke, iii.

CHRIst is no sooner baptized, but he retires into a wilder-
ness, where he fasted for forty days. The devil there tempts
him. The angels come and minister to him. Matthew, iv.
Mark, i. Luke, iv.

Christ's first miracle at Cana in Galilee, turned water into
wine. John, ii.
31 St. John Baptist is cast into prison, and beheaded by

Herod. Matthew, xiv. Mark, vi. Luke, ix.

CHRIst makes choice of twelve of his Disciples, whom he
calls Apostles, Peter is the first of them. Matthew, x. Mark,
iii. Luke, vi.

Christ's Sermon, or his instructions on the mountain.
Matthew, v. vi. & vii. He preaches in Judea and Galilee,
casts out devils, cures all manner of diseases, and sometimes
on the Sabbath days confutes and puts to confusion his adver-
saries, who blame him for it. Matthew, xii. Luke, xiv, &on

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He raiseth to life the daughter of Jairus. Malthew, ix.
Mark, v. Luke, viii.

Also the son of the widow of Naiin. Luke, vii,

He calms the sea by his word. Matthew, viii. Muric, iv.
Luke, viii.

He heals the man thirty-eight years ill of a palsy. John, v

He sends his twelve apostles to preach, wih power of
doing miracles. Matthew, x. Mark, vi. Luke, ix.

He teaches them to pray. Matthew, vi. Luke, xi.

He makes choice of seventy-two disciples. Luke, x.
J2 He promises to make Peter the head of his Church, to

build his Church upon him, to give him the keys of the
kingdom of heaven. Matthew, xvi.

He declares himself the Messias in plain terms to the Sa
maritan woman. John, iv.

He excuses his disciples for plucking the ears of corn on
the second-first Sabbath. Matthew, xii.

He feeds at one time five thousand men with five loaves.
Matthew, xiv. At another time four thousand with seven
loaves. Matthew, xy.

He promises to give them his body to be truly meat, &c.
Many even of his disciples leave him, looking upon that
doctrine as hard and harsh. John, vi.

His transfiguration. Matthew,, xvii.

The Sunday, or first day of the week, in which he died on
the cross, he came riding upon an ass into Jerusalem.
Matthew, xxi.

In the beginning that week, he went daily into the
temple, and in the evenings retired to Bethania, to pray ic
the garden of Gethsemani. Luke, xxi. 38, &c.

On Wednesday, Judas made a bargain with the chief
priests to deliver him up to them for a sum of money.
Matthew, xxvi. 15.

On Thursday he sent his disciples in the afternoon to
bring the paschal lamb offered in the temple, which after
sunset he eat with his twelve apostles. Matthew, xxvi.

He washed their feet. John, xiii.

After supper he instituted the Blessed Sacrament and
Sacrifice of his Body and Blood. Matthew, xxvi.

He gave his apostles those excellent instructions set down
by St. John, xiv. xvii.

CHRIST's prayer in the Garden three times repeated.
He is there seized, being betrayed by Judas.

He is led away to Annas, and then to Caiphas.
· He is condemned as guilty of blasphemy, and death, for
owning himself the Son of God. He is spit upon, buffeted,


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