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dear brother, especially to me: 21 Trusting in thy obedience but how much more to thee I have written to thee: knowboth in the flesh and in the ing that thou wilt also do more Lord ?

than I say. 17 If therefore thou count 22 But withal prepare me me a partner; receive him as also a lodging. Por I hope that myself.

through your prayers I shall be 18 And if he hath wronged given unto you. thee in anything, or is in thy 23 There salute thee Epadebt, put that to my account. phras my fellow-prisoner in

19 | Paul have written it Christ JESUS. with my own hand: I will re- 24 Mark, Aristarchus, Demas, pay it: not to say to thee, that and Luke, my fellow-labourthou owest me thy ownself also. ers.

20 Yea, brother. May I enjoy 25 The grace of our Lord thee in the Lord. Refresh my Jesus Christ be with your spirit bowels in the Lord.





Sr. Paul wrote this Epistle to the Christians in Palestine, the most part of whom being Jews before their conversion, they were called Hebrews. He sa sorts them to be thoroughly converted and confirmed in the faith of Christ, clearly shewing them the pre-eminence of Christ's priesthood above the Levitical, and also the excellence of the new law above the old. He commende faith by the example of the ancient fathers : and exhorts them to patience, and perseverance, and to remain in fraternal charity. It appears, from chap. xiii., that this Epistle was written in Italy, and probably at Rome, about twentynine years after our Lord's Ascension.


to us by his Son, whom he hath God spoke old by the prophets, but appointed heir of all things, by now by his Son, who is incomparably

whom also he made the world. greater than the angels.

3 a Who being the brightness GOD; who at sundry times and of his glory, and the figure of in divers ,

Wis. 7. 26. in times past to the fathers by the prophets, last of all,

Ver. 3. The Apure, . In these days hath spoken χαρακτηρ; that is, the express



eth in the first begotten.inta T diligently to observe the

his substance, and upholding | same, and thy years shall not all things by the word of his fail. power, making purgation of 13 But to which of the angels sins, sitteth on the right hand said he at any time: 8 Sit on my of the majesty on high; right hand, until I muke thy ene

4 Being made so much better mies thy footstool ? than the Angels, as he hath in- 14 Are they not all ministerherited a more excellent name ing spirits, sent to minister for than they.

them, who shall receive the in5 For to which of the Angels heritance of salvation ? nath he said at any time: a Thou art my son, to-day have I begot

CHAP. II. ten thee? And again, I will

The transgression of the precepts of the be to him a father, and he shall Son of God is far more condemnable, be to me a son ?

than those of the Old Testament given 6 And again, when he bring

by angels.

'HEREFORE : And all the angels of God adore him. things which we have heard,

7 And to the angels indeed lest perhaps we should let them he saith : d He that maketh his slip. angels, spirits; and his minis- 2 For if the word, spoken by ters, a flame of fire.

angels, became steadfast, and 8 But to the Son : Thy throne, every transgression and disobeO God, is for ever and ever : a dience received a just recomsceptre of justice is the sceptre of pense of reward : thy kingdom.

3 How shall we escape if we 9 Thou hast loved justice, and neglect so great salvation ? hated iniquity: therefore God, which having pegun to be dethy God, hath anointed thee with clared by the Lord, was aonthe oil of gladness above thy firmed unto us by them that fellows.

heard him. 10 And: I Thou in the begin. 4 * God also bearing them ning, O Lord, didst found the witness by signs and wonders, earth: and the works of thy and divers miracles, and distrihands are the heavens.

butions of the Holy Ghost ac11 They shall perish, but thou cording to his own will. shalt continue : and they shall 5 For God hath not subjected -all grow old as a garment. unto angels the world to come,

12 And as a vesture shalt thou whereof we speak. change them, and they shall be 6 But one in a certain place changed: but thou art the self. hath testified, saying: What is

man, that thou art mindful of a Ps. 2. 7.-02 Kings 7. -14.-c Ps.

him : or the son of man, that 96. 7. Ps. 103. 4.- Ps. 44. 7.-f Ps. thou visitest him? 110. 26.

7 Thou hast made him a little

lower than the angels: thou hast image and most perfect resemblance. -Ibid. Making purgation. That is, having purged away our sins by his passion

& Ps. 109. I. 1 Cor. 1. 25.- Mark

16. 20.- Ps, 8.5. 859

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crowned him with glory and who hnd the empire of death, honour, and nust oot him ovor

that is to say, the nyil: the works of thy hands.

15 And might delivti ham. 8 a Thou hust subjected all who through the fear of deata things under his feet. For in were all their lifetime subject that he hath subjected all things to servitude. to him, he left nothing not sub- 16 For nowhere doth he take ject to him. But now we see hold of the angels : but of the not as yet all things subject to seed of Abraliam he taketh bim.

hold. 9 6 But we see JESUS, who 17 Wherefore it behoved was made a little lower than the hina in all things to be made angels, for the suffering of death, like unto his brethren, that he crowned with glory and honour: might become a merciful and that through the grace of God faithful high-priest before God, he might taste death for all. that he might be a propitiation

10 For it became him, for for the sins of the people. whom are all things, and by 18 For in that, wherein he whom are all things, who had himself hath suffered and been brought many children into tempted, he is able to succour glory, to perfect the author of them also that are tempted. their salvation, by his passion. 11 For both he that sancti.

CHAP. III. fieth, and they who are sancti. Christis more ercellent than Moses: and fied, are all of one. For which therefore we must adhere to him by cause he is not ashamed to call

faith and obedience. them brethren, saying:

12 I will declare thy name ren, partakers of the heato my brethren: in the midst of venly vocation, consider the the church will I praise thee. apostle and high-priest of our 13 And again : d I will put

confession JESUS : my trust in him. And again: 2 Who is faithful to him that • Behold I and my children, made him, as was also & Moses whom God hath given me.

in all his house. 14 Therefore because the 3 For this man was counted children are partakers of flesh worthy of greater glory than and blood, he also himself in Moses, by so much as he that like manner hath been partaker hath built the house, hath of the same : that through greater honour than the house. death he might destroy him 4 For every house is built by

some man: but he that created

all things is God. a Matt. 28. 18. 1 Cor. 15. 26.-5 Phil. 5 And Moses indeed was 2. 8.-c Ps. 21. 23.-d Ps. 17. 3.

faithful in all his house as a Isaias 8. 18.- Osee 13. 14. 1 Cor, 5, 51,

g Num. 12. 7. CHAP. II. Ver. 10. Perfect by his passion. By suffering Christ was to Ver. 16. Norvhere doth he, &c. enter into his glory, Luke xav. 26, That is, he never took upon him the wluich the apostle here calls being nature of anges, but that of the seed made perfect.

of Abraham,

my rest.

servant, for a testimony of those 18 And to whom did he swear things which were to be said:

that they should not enter into 6 christ as the Son in bis bis restbut to them that were

A house: which house are we, incredulous ? if we hold fast the confidence 19 And we see that they could and glory of hope unto the end. not enter in, because of unbelief,

7 Wherefore, as the Holy Ghost saith : « To-day if you

CHAP. IV. shall hear his voice,

The Christian's rest: we are to enter 8 Harden not your hearts, as into it, through Jesus Christ. in the parents or iso mie de serie

, day LET us fear therefore test the of temptation in the

being of enter9 Where your fathers tempted ing into his rest, any of you me, proved and saw my works

should be thought to be wanting. 10 Forty years : For which

2 For unto us also it hath cause I was offended with this

been declared, in like manner generation, and said: They as unto them. But the word always érr in heart. And they of hearing did not profit them, have not known my ways, not being mixed with faith of

11 As I have sworn in my those things they heard. wrath: If they shall enter into

3 For we who have believed,

shall enter into rest: As he said : 12 Take heed, brethren, Jest • As I have sworn in my wrath : perhaps there be in any of you If they shall enter into my rests an evil heart of unbelief, to de- and this indeed when the works part from the living God. from the foundation of the world 13 But exhort one another

were finished. every day, whilst it is called to

4 For in a certain place he day, that none of you be hard- spoke of the seventh day thus : ened through the deceitfulness - And God rested the seventh day of sin.

from all his works. 14 For we are made partakers 5 And in this place again : of Christ: yet so if we hold the If they shall enter into my rest. beginning of his substance firm

6 Seeing then it remaineth unto the end.

that some are to enter into it, 15 While it is said, To-day if and they, to whom it was first you shall hear his voice, harden preached, did not enter because not your hearts as in that provo- of unbelief : cation.

7 Again he limiteth a certain 16 For some who heard did day, saying in David : To-day, provoke: but not all that came

after so long a time, as it is out of Egypt by Moses.

above said: • To-day if you - 17 And with whom was he

shall hear his voice; harden not offended, forty years? Was it not with them that sinned,

your hearts.

8 For if Jesus bad given whose carcasses were overthrown in the desert ?

c Ps. 91. 11. Gen. 2. 2. Supra, 3. 7.

a Ps. 94. 8. Infra, 4. 7 Num. 14. 87.


CHAP. IV. Ver. 8. Jesus. Josue, wha in the Greek is called Jesus

them rest: he would never have dained for men in the things afterwards spoken of another that appertain to God, that he day.

may offer up gifts and sacrifices 9 There remaineth therefore for sins: a day of rest for the people of 2 Who can have compassion God.

on them that are ignorant and 10 Por he that is entered into that err: because he himself also his rest, the same also hath is compassed with infirmity: rested from his works, as God 3 And therefore he ought, as did from his.

for the people, so also for him. 11 Let us hasten therefore to self, to offer for sins. enter into that rest : lest any

4 * Neither doth any man man fall into the same example take the honour to himself, but of unbelief.

he that is called God 88 12 For the word of God is Aaron was. living and effectual, and more 5 So Christ also did not glopiercing than any two-edged rify himself that he might be sword: and reaching unto the made a high-priest: but he that division of the soul and the said unto him, Thou art my spirit, of the joints also and the Son, this day have I begotten marrow, and is a discerner of thee. the thoughts and intents of the 6 As he saith also in another beart.

place: I Thou art a priest for 13 • Neither is there any crea- ever, according to the order of ture invisible in his sight: but Melchisedech. all things are naked and open to 7 Who in the days of his flesh his eyes, to whom our speech is. with a strong cry and tears

14 Having therefore a great offering up prayers and supplihigh-priest that hath passed in-cations to him that was able to to the heavens, JESUS the Son save him from death, was heard of God: let us hold fast our con

for his reverence. fession.

8 And whereas indeed he was 15 For we have not a high- the Son of God, he learned obepriest, who cannot have com- dience by the things which be passion on our infirmities: but suffered: one tempted in all things like 9 And being consummated, as we are, without sin.

he became, to all that obey him, .16 Let us go therefore with the cause of eternal salvation. confidence to the throne of 10 Called by God a highgrace: that we may obtain mer- priest according to the order of cy, and find grace in season.wle


11 Of whom we have much to

say, and hard to be intelligibly CHAP. V.

uttered : because you are beThe office of a high-priest. Chnat to come weak to hear. our high-priest.

12 For whereas for the time


For every high-priest taken you ought to be masters ; you

froin among men, is or

4 Ps. 33. 16. Bccli. 15. 20

& Exod. 28. ). 2 Par. 26. 18.-€ Po 2. 7.d P. 109. 4.


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