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22 Impose not hands lightly 7 . Por we brought nothing upon any man, neither be par- into this world: and certainly taker of other men's sins. Keep we can carry nothing out. thyself chaste.

8 6 But having food, and 23 Do not still drink water: wherewith to be covered, with but use a little wine for thy these we are content. stomach's sake, and thy fre- 9 For they that will become quent infirmities.

rich, fall into temptation, and 24 Some men's sins are mani-into the snare of the devil, and fest, going before to judgment: into many unprofitable and ard some men they follow hurtful desires, which drown after.

men into destruction and per25 In like manner also good dition. deeds are manifest: and they 10 For the desire of money is that are otherwise, cannot be the root of all evils; which some hid.

coveting have erred from the CHAP. VI.

faith, and have entangled them

selves in many sorrows. Duties of servants : the danger of covet- 11 But thou, o man of God, Lessons for the rich, fly these things: and pursue

, chaunder the yoke, let them rity, patience, mildness. count their masters worthy of 12 Fight the good fight of all honour; lest the name of faith : lay hold on eternal life the Lord and his doctrine be whereunto thou art called, and blasphemed.

hast confessed a good confes2 But they that have be-sion before many witnesses. lieving masters, let them not

13 I charge thee before God, despise them, because they are who quickeneth all things, and brethren, but serve them the before Christ JESUS who gave rather, because they are faithful testimony «under Pontius Pland beloved, who are partakers late, a good confession, of the benefit. These things 14 That thou keep the comteach and exhort.

mandment without spot, blamo3 If any man teach otherwise, less, unto the coming of our and consent not to the sound Lord Jesus Christ, words of our Lord Jesus Christ, 15 Which in his times he and to that doctrine which is shall shew, d who is the Blessed according to godliness,

and only Mighty, the King of 4. He is proud, knowing kings, and Lord of lords. nothing, but sick about ques- 16 Who only hath immortions and strifes of words: from tality, and inhabiteth light inwhich arise envies, contentions, accessible, whom no man bath blasphemies, evil suspicions. seen nor can see, to whom be

5 Conflicts of men corrupted honour and empire everlasting. in muind, and who are destitute Amen. of the truth, supposing gain to be godliness.

a Job 1. 21. Eccli. 5. 14.- Prov. 6 But godliness with content. 27 26.-c Matt. 27. 11. John 18. 33.

57.-d Apoc. 17. 14. and 19.16.- John ment is great gain.

1 18. 1 John 4. 12.

17 Charge the rich of this selves a good oundation against world not to be high-minded, the time to come, that they may . nor to trust in the uncertainty lay hold on the true life. of riches, but in the living God 20 O Timothy, keep that (who giveth us abundantly all which is committed to thy things to enjoy).

trust, avoiding the profane 18 To do good, to be rich in novelties of words and opposigood works, to give easily, to tions of knowledge falsely 80 communicate to others.

called 19 To lay up in store for them- 21 Which some promising,

have erred concerning the faith. a Luke 12.

Grace be with thee. Amen.




In this Epistle the Apostle again instructs and admonishes TIMOTHY in what

belonged to his office, as in the former; and also warns him to skun the conversation of those who had erred from the truth, describing at the same time their character. He tells him of his approaching death, and desires him to come speedily to him: It appears from this circumstance, that he wrote this second Epistle in the time his last imprisonment at Rome, and not long before his martyrdom.


a pure conscience, that without He admonishes him to stir up the grace ceasing I have a remembrance

he received by his ordination, and not to be discouraged at his sufferings,

of thee in my prayers night and but to hold firm the sound doctrine of

day. the gospel.

4 Desiring to see thee, being Pauhtian apostle of Jesus mindful of thy tears, that I may

Christ, by will of God, be according to the promise of life, 5 Calling to mind that faith which is in Christ JESUS. which is in thee unfeigned,

2. To Timothy my dearly be- which also dwelt first in thy loved son, grace, mercy, and grandmother Lois, and in thy peace from God the Father, and mother Eunice, and I am cerfrom Christ JESUS our Lord. tain that in thee also.

8 I give thanks to God, whom 6 For which cause I admonish I serve from my forefathers with thee, that thou stir up the grace

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of God, which is in thee by the they who are in Asia, are turned imposition of my hands.

away from me: of whom are Taror God hath not given Phigellus and Hermogenes. Usile spirit of fear: but of 16 The Lord give mercy to boller, and of love, and of 80- the house of Onesiphorus: bebnety.

cause he hath often refreshed 8 Be not thou therefore me, and hath not been ashamed ashamed of the testimony of of my chain. our Lord, nor of me his pri- 17 But when he was come to soner: but labour with the Rome, he carefully sought me, gospel according to the power and found me. of God,

18 The Lord grant unto him 9 Who hath delivered us and to find mercy of the Lord in called us by his holy calling, that day. And in how many . not according to our works, things he ministered unto me but according to his own pur- at Ephesus, thou very well pose and grace, which was knowest. given us in Christ Jesus before the times of the world.

CHAP. II. 10 But is now made manifest

He erhorts him to diligence in his by the illumination of our Sa- office: and patience in sufferings. viour JESUS Christ, who hath

The danger of the delusions of here

tics. destroyed death, and hath brought to light life and incor- THOV therefore, my son, be ruption by the gospel :

strong in 11 Wherein d I am appointed | is in Christ JESUS : a preacher, and an apostle, and 2 And the things which thou teacher of the gentiles.

hast heard of me by many wit12 For which cause I also nesses, the same commend to suffer these things : but I am

faithful men, who shall be fit to pot ashamed. For I know whom teach others also. I have believed, and I am cer- 3 Labour as a good soldier of tain that he is able to keep that Christ JESUS. which I have committed unto 4 No man being a soldier to him, against that day.

God, entangleth himself with 13 Hold the form of sound secular business: that he may words, which thou hast heard please him to whom he hath of me in faith, and in the love engaged himself, which is in Chris: JESUS.

5 For he also, that striveth 14 Keep the good thing com- for the mastery, is not crowned mitted to thy trust by the Holy except he strive lawfully. Ghost, who dwelleth in us. 6 The husbandman, that la15 Thou knowest this that all boureth, must first partake of

the fruits,

7 Understand what I say: a Rom. 8. 15.- Titus 3. 5.-c That

for the Lord will give thee in is, the beginning-d1 Tim. 2. 7.

all things understanding.

8 Be mindful that the Lord CHAP. I. Ver. 10. By the illumina bion; that is, by the bright coming and appearing of our Saviour,

Infra, 4. 19.

JEOUS Christ is risen again 20 But in a great house there from the dead, of the seed of are not oniy vessels of gold and David, according to my gospel. of silver, but also of wood and

9 Wherein l labour even unto of earth: and some indeed wito bands, as an evil-doer: but the honour, but some unto Pisword of God is not bound. honour.

10 Therefore I endure all 21 If any man therefore shall things for the sake of the elect, cleanse himself from these, he that they also may obtain the shall be a vessel unto honour, salvation, which is in Christ sanctified and profitable to the JESU8, with heavenly glory. Lord, prepared unto every good

11 A faithful saying. For if work. we be dead with him, we shall 22 But flee thou youthful delive also with him :

sires, and pursue justice, faith, 12 If we suffer, we shall also charity, and peace with them reign with him. * If we deny that call on the Lord out of a him, he will also deny us.

pure heart. 13 6 If we believe not, he 23 C And avoid foolish and continueth faithful, he cannot unlearned questions, knowing deny himself.

that they beget strifes. 14 of these things put them 24 But the servant of the in mind, charging them before Lord must not wrangle: but be the Lord. Contend not in words, mild towards all men, apt to for it is to no profit, but to the teach, patient, subverting of the hearers.

25 With modesty admonish15 Carefully study to presenting them that resist the truth: thyself approved unto God, a if peradventure God may give workman that needeth not to them repentance to know the be ashamed, rightly handling truth, the word of truth.

26 And they may recover 16 But shun profane and vain themselves from the snares of babblings : for they grow much the devil, by whom they are towards ungodliness.

held captive at his will. 17 And their speech spreadeth like a canker : of whom are

CHAP. III. Hymeneus and Philetus: 18 Who have erred from the

The character of heretics of latter days:

he echorts Timothy to constancy. Of truth, saying that the resur- the great profit of the knowledge of the rection is past already, and Scriptures. bave subverted the faith of

(NOW also this, that, d in the some. 19 But the sure foundation of

dangerous times, Gud standeth firm, having this

2 Men shall be lovers of them. scal : the Lord knoweth who selves,covetous, haughty,proud, are his; and let every one de

blasphemers, disobedient to pa. part from iniquity who nameth the wame of the Lord.

rents, ungrateful, wicked,


a Matt, 10.8&Park 8. 38.-Rom

cl Tim. L. 4. and 7. Titus 3. 9. di Tim. 4. 1. 2 Pet. 3. 3. Judo 1, 18.


to every


3 Without affection, without things which thou hast learned, peace, slanderers, incontinent, and which have been committed unmerciful, without kindness, to thee: knowing of whom thou

4 Traitors, stubborn, puffed hast learned them; up, and lovers of pleasures more 15 And because from thy inthan of God:

fancy thou hast known the holy 5 Having an appearance in scriptures, which can instruct deed of godliness, but denying thee to salvation, by the faith the power thereof. Now these which is in Christ JESUS. avoid.

16 e All scripture, inspired of 6 For of these sort are they God, is profitable to teach, to who creep into houses, and lead reprove, to correct, to instruct captive silly women loaden with in justice, sins, who are led away with 17 That the man of God may divers desires :

be perfect,

rnish 7 Ever learning, and never good work. attaining to the knowledge of the truth.

CHAP. IV, 8 Now as a Jannes and Mam

His charge to Timothy: he tells him of bres resisted Moses, so these his approaching death, and desires

him to come to him. also resist the truth, men corrupted in mind, reprobate con- CHARGE thee before God cerning the faith.

and Jesus Christ, who shall 9 But they shall proceed no judge the living and the dead, farther: for their folly shall be by his coming, and his kingmanifest to all men, as theirs dom: also,was.

2 Preach the word; be in10 But thou hast fully known stant in season, out of season : my doctrine, manner of life,

reprove, entreat, rebuke in all purpose, faith, long-suffering, patience and doctrine. love, patience,

3 For there shall be a time, 11 Persecutions, afflictions: when they will not endure o such as came upon me at sound doctrine: but according Antioch, at Iconium, and at to their own desires they will Lystra: what persecutions Iheap to themselves teachers, endured, and out of them all having itching ears, the Lord delivered me. 12 And all that will live

C2 Pet. 1. 20. godly in Christ Jesus, shall suffer persecution.

Ver. 16. All scripture, &c. Every 13 But evil men and seducers, part of divine Scripture is certamiy shall grow worse and worse : profitable for all these ends. But, if

we would have the whole rule of chris. erring, and driving into error.

tian faith and practice, we must not 14 But continue thou in those

be content with those Scriptures, which Timothy knew from his infancy, that it

with the Old Testament alone; nor a Exod. 7. 11.- Acts 14. 1. et seq. yet with the New Testament, without

taking along with it the traditions of

the apostles, and the interpretation of CHAP. III. Ver. 8. Jannes and the church, to which the apostles de Mambres. The magicians of ting livered both the book, and the trus Pharao.

meaning of it.

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