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Books printed for William Blackwood, Edinburgh.


PRACTICAL DIRECTIONS FOR LEARNING FLOWER-DRAWING. By PATRICK SYME, Flower-Painter, Edinburgh. Elegantly rinted in one Volume. Royal 4to, and illustrated by 12 beautifully co- oured Drawings and six Outlines of Flowers. Price 1). 5s. boards.

*** The Publisher of this beautiful Work flatters himself that it will be found one of the most complete Treatises on this Branch of Drawing ever offered to the Public. Its superiority over those hitherto published on Flower Drawing will be seen at once, from the Beauty of the Drawings, the methodical arrangement of the directions, and the clear manuer in which they are conveyed. The Flowers being selected with the greatest care as to simplicity and elegance of form, beauty and variety of eolours, will be found equally useful to beginners, and to those who are advanced in the art. By studying them with care, the taste will be gradually improved, and the pupil led at last to ...” draw fro-Nature, the ultimate end of teaching and of learning the art of —o is allowed, that by looking at objects accurately copied from ature, the taste is formed, and afterwards refined, by which the eye perceives beauties in Nature which escape a common observer, and thus we acquire a relish for innocent and rational pleasures formerly unknown. This w elegant and useful work the publisher is convinced will tend greatly towards the attainment of these desirable objects,


EX TENTAMINIBUS, METRICIS Puerorum in Schola Regia Edinensi Provectionam Electa, Anno MDCCCXII. Beautifully printed in one Wolume small Octavo, Price 4s. 6d.

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For a very favourable and interesting Account of this little Work, see Edinburgh Review, No. XL.



. SERMONS on SEVERAL SUBJECTS and OCCASIONS. By the late REv. JAMES RIDDOCH, A.M. one of the Ministers of St Paul’s Chapel, Aberdeen. The Fourth Edition, handsomely printed in 3 vols 8vo. Price £1 :4s boards.


A LAYMAN’s ACCOUNT of his FAITH and PRACTICE, as a Member of the Episcopal Church in Scotland: Published with the Approbation of the Bishops of that Church. Tołwhich are added, Some Forms of Prayer, from the most approved Manuals, for assisting the Devotion of private Christians on various occasions. The Second Edition; with an Appendix con- * * taining the Code of Canons of the Episcopal Church in Scotland. In One Volume 12mo, price as, 6d, boards.


Lately published by

I. THE FIRST BOOK FOR CHILDREN, price 3d. II. A SPELLING-BOOK, upon a new Plan, for the Use of Schools. The Second Edition, Part I. and II. 18mo: price 1s. 6d. each bound. III. AN EPITOME OF ENGLISH GRAMMAR ; with a Wariety of Exercises, for the Use of Schools. The Third Edition Improved, 18mo, Price 1s. 6d. bound. IV. EXERCISES ON THE HISTORY OF ENGLAND: Containing a regular Series of Questions on all the important Facts of the History, from the Invasion of the Romans to the Peace of Amiens. Chiefly taken from Goldsmith's England, 12mo, price 2s. 6d. bound. W. EXERCISES ON THE HISTORIES OF GREECE AND ROME; containing a regular Series of Questions on all the important Facts of both Histories, chiefly taken from Robertson’s Greece and Goldsmith’s Rome. The Second Edition improved, 12mo, 2s. 6d. bound. WI. OUTLINES OF MODERN GEOGRAPHY: Intended to facilitate the Labour of Teaching, by exhibiting a simple Arrange <f the Objects of Geography, and by affording appropriate Exercises to the L er. To which is added, A WARIETY OF PROBLEMS, The Third Edition Improved, 12mo, price 2s. 6d. bound. The above publications are intended as a regular series of School-books, —The SPELLING-Book, part 1st, presents a complete view of the general principles of English Pronunciation, arranged in such a manner as seems best fitted for the purposes of teaching, and illustrated with copious exercises in

the form of short sentences, and little stories peculiarly accommodated to the capacity of children. The chief merit of the plan consists in carefully ex

cluding, from the exercises which accompany each rule, every word which has not been previously explained, or which does not come under some of the heads formerly illustrated. In this way simplicity and consistency are given to English pronunciation, without altering the spelling or disfiguring the page, and the learner is freed from all those embarrassments which arise from the constant recurrence of anomalous words.-PART 2d contains stories of greater length, which are intended as promiscuous exercises upon the preceding rules. The chief anomalies of English pronunciation are now introduced and placed at the head of each class of lessons, in order to impress them more strongly upon the mind of the pupil. To the whole are added Notes in which the author attempts to explain what appears to him the best method of teaching the rules. THE GRAMMAR contains a full and comprehensive view of the different parts of speech, copious exercises for par. sing, with explanatory foot-notes to assist the learner, and a complete collection of rules and remarks on syntax, accompanied with exercises on false grammar, These exercises are fuller than in any other grammar of the same a size; by which means the expence of a separate book of exercises is saved. This small treatise is chiefly distinguished for the simplicity of its arrange. ment, for the brevity of the rules and remarks, and for containing a great variety of lessons peculiarly calculated to exercise the judgment and ingenu: ity of the learner. THE QUESTIONs on History are merely books of ex: ercises. They are intended to assist the teacher in examining his pupils, and are peculiarly calculated to excite the attention, and exercise the ingenuity of the pupil himself. Each question rises out of the preceding, and care has been taken to introduce every important fact, by which means the exercises may be regarded as a kind of abridgement of the respective histories. THE GEogRAPHY presents a general view of the four quarters of the world, and

a minute account of the provinces in each subdivision, with the rivers, lakes,

islands, capes, and bays, peculiar to each. The whole is presented in a tabular form, and is intended as the materials of each day’s lesson. At regu: lar intervals the more important parts of the precedinglessons are presented in the form of questions, or promiscuous exercises. To each section is subjoined a short account of the face of the country, the climate, the natural productions, the manufactures and commerce of each subdivision,

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Splendidly printed by BULMER, in One Volume Imperial 4to, and Illustra-
ted by Sixty beautiful Plates, by Blore, Lizars, &c. Price 5l. 5s. boards.


An ENQUIRY into the HISTORY of SCOTLAND, preceding the Reign

of Malcolm III. or the Year 1056; including the authentic History of that

Period. To which is added, A Dissertation on the Origin and Progress

*cythians and Goths, being an Introduction to the Ancient and

—onHistory of Europe. By JoHN PINKERTON, Second Edition,

- :* Handsomely printed by BALLANTYNE, in Two Volumes


CHILDE ALARIQUE, “A POET'S REVERIE.” In Three Cantos. Elegantly printed by BALLANTYNE, in One Wolume 4to. Just published, price 15s.


LECTURES ON INFLAMMATION; Exhibiting a View of the General Doctrines, Pathological and Practical, of Medical Surgery. By JOHN THOMSON, M.D. F.R.S. EDIN. Professor of Surgery to the Royal College of Surgeons, and Regius Professor of Military Surgery in the University of Edinburgh. In One large Volume Octavo.


F.R.S. EDIN. Lecturer on Anatomy and Physiology, and Fellow of the
Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh. In Three large Volumes Octavo,
illustrated by numerous Engravings.


A POPULAR VIEW OF ASTRONOMY; with appropriate Exercises, for the use of Schools. By ANDREW MYLNE, A.M. In one Wolume Octavo, with Plates.

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ESSAY on the THEORY of the EARTH, as illustrated by the Structure
of the Globe, by Organic Remains, and by the Testimonies of the most An-
cient Writers. Translated from the French of the celebrated PROFES-

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Books printing for William Blackwood, Edinburgh.


Imprinted at Edinbrugh, by Thomas Vautrouillier.—1584.

The POEMs of KING JAMES VI. (1) of which the present Volume contains the First Essays, though in point of merit they do not rank very high, will always be considered curious and interesting, not only on account of the high rank of the author, but as exhibiting a specimen of what he regarded the essence of poetry and criticism. As a royal poet, though he must yield the palm to his ancestors, King James I. and W., he certainly excels his predecessors and successors on the throne of England. The most curious and valuable article in the volume, is the “Treatise on the Airt of Scottis Poesie,” which unfolds rules, the observation of which he considered essential in the composition of verse. With some the display considerable learning, and are constructed on the tooby the excellent Scottish poets who preceded him. This publication is not included in the folio edition of the works of James I, and is at present very seldom to be met with. These considerations have induced the publishers to offer a new edition to the public, exhibiting a perfect facsimile of that of 1584. A Memoir, containing Strictures and Observations on the Work, and Remarks explanatory of the “Revlis and Cautelis to be obseruit and eschewit in Scottis Poesie,” will be prefixed, and the Editor hopes to be enabled to illustrate the subject from some unpublished MSS.

The number proposed to be printed is limited to One Hundred, and it is requested that persons who wish to possess the work will send in their names as early as possible to the publishers, WILLIAM BLAckwooD, and John BALLANTYNE and Co. Edinburgh, -


The LETTING of HWMORS BLOOD in the HEAD-WAINE. With a new Morissco, daunced by seuen Satyres, vpon the bottome of Diogenes Tubbe. Imprinted at London by W. W. 1611.

*...* “The curiosity of the present age has been much directed towards the fugitive pieces of the reigns of Elizabeth and James I. both as illustrating obscure passages of Shakespeare, and of our earlier dramatists, and as containing an authentic record of the private life of our forefathers. This little work will be found to gratify, in no common degree, the curious antiquary who investigates these subjects; and as the original volume is rare, and bears a high price among collectors, it is hoped that the present very limited impression may render the knowledge which it contains accessible to some who may not have an opportunity to consult the original edition. A very few notes are added, less with the purpose of illustrating the epigrams and satires, than of shewing, in some degree, their connection with the literature and domestic history of the age in which they were written.

“The literary merit of a rare work is a postponed object of enquiry to the Bibliomaniac; but even in this point of view something may be said for the credit of our unknown author. He anatomises in his rugged numbers the follies of the time in which he lived with a satirical force not inferior to that

of Hall or Donne.”—Editor’s Preface.

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MEssrs CADELL and DAVIES respectfully inform the possessors of . the magnificent edition of the SACRED SCRIPTURES, published by the late Mr MACKLIN, that it will shortly be completed by the publication of the APOCRYPHA, printed in the same size and manner by Mr BENSLEY, and forming a volume similar to those of the OLD and NEW TESTAMENT. It will be illustrated with Historical Engravings by Messrs C. Heath, Landseer, Bromley, Golding, &c. and head and tail pieces wholly by Mr Landseer, from pictures and drawings which were the last work of the late Mr de Loutherbourg. No more copies will be printed than are previously subscribed for. The impressions of the plates will be faithfully appropriated according to the dates of the subscriptions. . . . The price of the APOCRYPHA, with the engravings complete, delivered in extra boards, will be Twelve Guineas; one half whereof is to be paid at the time of subscribing. A list of the subscribers’ names will be prefixed to the volume. - Subscriptions are received by T. CADELL and W. DAVIES, in the | Strand, Booksellers to the Royal Academy: and by their agent, WILLIAM BLACKWOOD, Bookseller, Edinburgh. By whom orders are likewise re

ceive”for the following interesting and valuable works, also preparing for - ication. ,

MRS MONTAGU’S LETTERS, SECOND PORTION. LETTERS of Mrs ELIZABETH MONTAGU, with some of the Letters of her Correspondents; Vol. IIs. and IV. published by her Executor and Nephew, MATTHEw MonTAGU, Esq.


Splendidly embellished from Pictures by Mr SMIRKE. This new publication of the celebrated work of CERVANTEs will consist of a revised translation, carefully compared with, and corrected from, the best editions of the Spanish original, and illustrated by forty engravings, besides head and tail pieces to the several books, by Messrs Heath, Raimbach, *Warren, Fittler, C. Heath, Englehart, Golding, Anker Smith, Mitan, Armstrong, &c., executed in the most highly-finished manner, from pictures by Robert Smirke, Esq. R.A. and will be brought forward in four handsome volumes. A few copies, with proof impressions of the plates on India paer, will be printed in quarto; a limited number, with the next impressions,

in royal octavo, and the remainder of the edition in demy octavo.

THE ARABIAN ANTIQUITIES OF SPAIN, By JAMES CAVANAH MURPHY, Architect; Author of the Description of - Batalha, &c. This work, elegantly printed in large folio, will consist of numerous en* gravings by the best artists, from drawings made on the spot by the author, - representing the most remarkable remains of the SPANISH ARABs now subsisting in the Peninsula, including their gates, castles, fortresses, and towers; courts, halls, and domes; baths, fountains, wells, and cisterns; inscriptions in Cufic and Asiatic characters; porcelain and enamel Mosiacs, encaustic paintings, and sculptured ornaments; town-houses and villas: bridges, mills, subterraneous granaries, &c. accompanied by descriptions of these various objects; an illustration of the architecture, sculpture, painting, and Mosaics of the Arabs; an account of their progress in sciences and arts, under the Eastern and Western Caliphs. To which will be prefixed a ge, neral history of the Arabs, their institutions, conquests, arts, and manners, from the earliest accounts to the expulsion of the Moors from Spain. The first Volume, which is just published, contains near one hundred en . gravings by Messrs Fittier, Landseer, Roffe, Porter, Le Keux, Armstrong, Cooke, Neagle, &c. with descriptions illustrative of the architecture, sculpture, painting, and poetry of the royal palace of ALHAMBRA; theimpressions will be punctually delivered according to the dates of the orders received, for wif a book is opened, and the names of the subscribers will be printed.

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