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During the Autumn of 1812; illustrated by Maps, Portraits, and other

Plates. By THOMAS THoMson, M.D. F.R.S. L. and E. &c. Elegantly

printed in 4to, Price 21, 2s.

*...* This Journey, though undertaken by Dr Thomson principally with a view to Geognostic Researches, which alone in such a country would furnish ample materials for a volume, is by no means confined to that subject. It enabled the author to obtain much valuable information respecting the political state and resources of Sweden, so peculiarly interesting at the present moment. The work is embellished and illustrated by thirteen plates, which are, 1. A Portrait of the Crown Prince.—2. Portrait of the late

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the Mountain Taberg–9. View of the Hill Kinnekulle.—10. The Falco

Umbrinus.-11. The Mine of Fahlun.-12. Section of Ditto.—13. Geological Structure of the Provinces.

The following Works by the same Author,

I.—A N N A LS OF PHILOSOPHY, Or, Magazine of Chemistry, Mineralogy, Mechanics, Natural History, Agriculture, and the Arts.

*...* This Work is continued in Monthly Numbers, price 2s. 6d. each; the first of which o in January, 1813. As the best illustration of the Plan of the Work, printed, and may be had (gratis) of the principal Booksellers of the United Kingdom.

*"il-History of THE ROYAL society,

From its Institution to the End of the 18th Century, 4to. 21. 2s.

*** The object of this work is to present an Analysis of the Labourg of the Royal Society from the commencement; to show how far the sciences are indebted to its institution; and how much each owes to British, how much to foreign assistance. Biographical Sketches of many of the most illustrious members are interspersed; and the Appendix contains two complete Lists of the Fellows of the Royal Society down to the period of its publication: the one chronologically, the other alphabetically arranged.


of LONDON, from their Commencement in 1665 to the Year 1800,
abridged. With Notes and Biographical Illustrations, by CHARLEs HUT-
PEARSON, M.D. F.S.A. The Work complete, with a copious Index, in
18 *. with very numerous plates, price 381, 6s. 6d. or on large pa-
per, 631. -
The extreme difficulty of procuring a complete set of the TRANSACTIONs
of the Royal Society, which comprise an unrivalled treasure of facts and
discoveries in every branch of demonstrative and experimental knowledge,
has for a long time caused a reprint of that valuable work to be most eagerly
desired. It has consequently been several times projected, but as often
abandoned on account of the immense expence which would have attended
the undertaking. At last it was determined to publish an Abridgemént of
the Work, but upon a plan which should render it a substitute for the ori-
ginal, as complete as moderate limits and a reasonable price would allow.

a List of the Contents of the five first Numbers is now

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Books prinied for Robert Baldwin, Paternoster-Row, London.


The HOLY BIBLE, containing the Old and New Testaments, according to the public Version; with explanatory Notes, practical Observations, and copious Marginal References. By THoMAs Scott, Rector of Aston Sandford, and formerly Chaplain to the Lock Hospital. In Six vols 4to.

*** More than twenty years have now elapsed since the first edition of this arduous undertaking was completed; and the author has been, in a very uncommon degree, favoured by Divine Providence subsequently to superintend three editions of the work. During that period he has employed a considerable part of his time in improving on what may properly be called the first hasty rough draft, and many years have almost wholly been devoted to it. Of these inprovements, the Marginal References, an undertaking which exclusively em: ployed the author full four years as his unremitting labour, may be considered. as the chief; but his studies having led him to apply to the original languages, and to a variety of sources of information before unex plored by him, he must think that the work has been very greatly improved in all respects 5 and he trusts that it is become, in a considerable measure, more adequately entitled to that favourable reception by which it has been hitherto distinguished.

As very few complete Copies are remaining, the new Edition will proceed with all possible dispatch; and to accommodate those persons to whom it

may be convenient to take the work in smaller portions, it is now publishi-sole

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With Notes and Illustrations, partly original, and partly selected from the
most approved Expositors, ancient and modern. By JoHN FAwcETT,
D.D. In Two Volumes royal 4to. Price, in boards, 5l. 5s. or elegantly
printed on super-royal paper, 8l.
• *, A peculiar and interesting feature of this edition of the Holy Scriptures

consists in the great variety of Devout Aspirations with which the chapters are

closed. As each of these aspirations is the effusion of the author's mind after

studying the chapter to which it is subjoined, they may be considered as aptly

tending to inspire the reader with the Faith, Hope, and Charity, which are the grand objects of the perusal of the Sacred Volume. The Notes, which are numerous, are the result of the labour of a very long life; and it has been the author's endeavour to adapt them, by their plainness and simplicity, to the unlearned reader; though, from the use he has made of the researches of the most learned commentators, it is presumed that they will be found not destitute of interest or utility to the more critical enquirer.


The HOLY BIBLE, containing the Old and New Testaments, according to
the authorized Version: with short Notes, by several learned and pious
Reformers, as printed by Royal Authority, at the Time of the Reforma-
tion. With additional Notes and Dissertations. Illustrated by 25 En-
gravings including Maps. In one Volume 4to, Price in boards, 31, or
beautifully printed on royal paper with proof impressions of the Plates,
price 41 igs. -
An Apocrypha is printed uniform with the above. Price of the demy paper,
7s.—royal 12s. -
< *. The Dissertations prefixed to each Book are written expressly for this
edition; the Notes on the New Testament are those by Theodore Beza; and
those of the Old Testament are such as were affixed to the Bibles published by
authority between the years 1560 and 1616, and written by those learned and
pious Reformers who were driven into exile by the persecution of Queen Mary :
on which account the present Work is distinguished by the appellation of THE

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The LIFE of LUTHER, with an Account of the early Progress of the Re#". By ALEXANDER BOWER. In One Wolume Octavo, price 12.S. boards.

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