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T O ST of the following Pieces relate to Sube M j ects that have been controverted in the

Course of our Magazine, but could not be conveniently inserted, for the Reasons mention'd in Vol. X. p. 250. We thought it therefore our Duty to make a Publication in this manner, which we hope our Correspondents will accept as an Instance of our Gratitude and Willingness to oblige them. We' onght indeed to ask their Pardon for so long a Delay, 'it being not less than two Years fince we gave them Expectations of seeing their Letters appear. But after several Shects were printed off, tome Dillertations which 'we mention'd in Vol. X. p. 297. were unluckily nilaid. However, Thould this Undertaking - meet with a kind Reception, we intend a fecond in a convenient Time, and if the Authors of thole Differtations will favour us with new Copies, we, fhall not fail to infert them...si. .Bir Besides those formerly mention'd, welhave, to wards the next Number, been favour'd with feveral Manuscripts too prolix for the Magazine, viz. Elays on Biography-On Education- A Compa. rifon between Buchanan and Johnson, &c. &c .


A Letter to a Friend on Reason and Revelation, by

A. B.

obory Page

Tbose, wbo wilfully disobey God, and continue in fucb

Disobedience, will suffer eternally. . ibid.

--God requires a perfeit Abfinence, except in lawful Ma-


Of the Metbodifs, by J. S. Bil j . . 3

-Mr Whitefield's Design good. To

-Mr Wesley's Method of praying and preaching com-
. mended.

-Their religious Exercises.
Upon the Doctrine of the Methodists, by P. T.,
They are Novellifts and Innovators.

- Endeavour to asperse ibe Clergy..

I be Do&trine of three Persons in the Unity of the Gode
bead affirm'd' by the Clergy.

What Original Sin is.

s c obi . ibid.

...Men treated in Scripture like free Agents,


---Mr Whitefield's Boastings.
..-Uncharitable in bis Cenfures,

-- His Assemblies tumultuous,
---His Notions of Fafting...

...His Neglen of Rule and Order.

...What it is to be in a State of Salvation.

A Letter from Fido concerning Mr Whitefield's Cha-


---Wby be is obnoxious to the Clergy.


God's Prescience concerning buman Astions vindicated, by

Mr Ifaac Thompson.

Obje£tions to Mr Thompson's Arguments, by M. N.

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Immersion necesary in Baptism, by Philo. Mag.

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