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man and cook. My next service was son was sent; but I ktrow she CRM with the Vice Prefect of Monca. I when he was dancing. was applied to on this busiacss by thc How long did she remain presex police of Milan. I had never men: | wlien Mahomet was making those ges. tioned any of the cireninstances I have ticulations. When she came I saw mentioned here before. I said nothing ber; but how long she stayed I paid Pill I was sent for. I was examined at no attention to, for I attended to my Milan. My examination was taken in duty. writing. I have not seen it since. 1 Viscount FALMOUTH.-The withave been examined also in England: ness says that the Princess gave balls: The person who examined me had a | I wish to know who asked the compaper which he read.

pany; whether it was the Princess, or Re-examined.--When I first landed whether it was the servants were allow. in England it was at Dover, I stopped led to ask iheir friends ?-I don't know pre day and a night.

who invited the company. They came, Tall further examination on this sub- I don't know who invited them, beject was stopped on the interposition cause I attended to my own business, of Mr. Depman.)

Then I understand they were not Marquis of LANSDOWN. I wish | servants' balls? - They were not. the witness to state, if he is able, whie- Lord DE DUNSTANVILLE. ther, on the occasions on which he has Did you consider the motions of Mahodescribed a person of the name of met as the mere customary motions of Mlalomet to have exhibited before the that person in bis dance?-He always Princess, he can declare, from his own made those gestures as a customary act kuowledge, that Mahomet had been to his dance. sent for by her Royal Highness?-Her Earl of DARNLEY. During those Koyal Highness never sent for Ma. exhibitions of Mahomet were there homet.

many persons present? Were women By another Peer.---What did Ma

present as well as men?_There vere homet represent with part of his dress? no women.

The examination of this withess Yon bave described this Mahomet | closed here. making up a roll; what did it repre. sent? It seemed as if it were • • •

THIRTEENTH WITNESS. Did lier Royal Highness, while this dance was performing, remain? Was

(Louisa DUMONT.) it all performed in her presence?-She' LOUISA DUMONT was next called did remain.

| in. The examination of this woman How long did her Royal Highness kad been looked for with considerable semain ?-I cannot precisely say, curiosity, and the moment she apo

Does the witness know the cause of peared at the bar, the peers in all parts Bergami's leaving her Royal Highness's stood up to look at her. She did not service?-No.

seein abashed. She is a woman of The Earl of LIVERPOOL ex- petite figure, well niade but not band. pressed a wish that the answer of the some. She was dressed with great kitness to the question, whether ber neatness, and rather expensively. Her Royal Highness had sept for Mahomet, gown was of black sarspet, richly should be read.

trimmed. On her head she wore a The short-hand writer read the ques. black satin hat, and round her neek a tion and answer, viz---- On the occa- ruff, trimmed with lace. Over her sion in which you saw Malomet use shoulders and boson was thrown a certain gestioulations in her Royal small white silk neck kerebief. The Highness's presence, can you state, on curiosity of the noble lords having your own knowledge, that he was sent been gratified, they sat down amidst for by her Royal Highness ?-Her the cries of order! order!'s The Royal Highness did not send for him-- Marquis of Spinetto having sworn the poi altogether."

witness, he was proceeding to examino Earl of LIVERPOOL.-Does the her in the French language, when virness mean to say, that her Royal Mr. WILLIAMS interposed, and Highness did not send for Mahomet at begged to ask her if she could not ail?--I never saw any person sent to speak English. She answered, “very fetch him. I don't know that any per- little." She admitted that she had been

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a this country six months; but a sub- crossed the passage to which I have al sequent question being put to her in ready alluded, and entered the cabinet, English, she did not seem to under- Ido not know where Bergami was at that stand it, or to be able to give an an- time. Neither do I know what her Royal swer (cries of “Go on, go on.") The Highness did in the cabinet; as soon ' examination then proceeded in French. / as she returned into the bed-room, she .

Witness said, I am a native of the told me to forbid Wm. Austin to sleep." Pays de Vaud. I had resided at Bo-1 in her room, as she wished to be quiet. logna before I went into the service of Wm. Austin slept in a small cabinet the Princess of Wales. I am a Protes. where he remained all the time. That tant. I engaged with the Princess at cabinet was near to the chamber of here Lausanne. I first had the situation of Royal Highness, and thiere was a door femme-de-clambre. I went with the of communication between them. I Princes to Milan, In the suite of her saw that door shut on the night in Royal Highness were four gentlemen : question. When that door was shut, Sis Wm. Gell, Mr. K. Craven, Dr. I there was no communication between flolland, and Mr. Hesse. The ladies the cabinet and the passage. There with her sere Lady Elizabeth Forbes were two beds in der Royal Highness's and Lady Lindsay.' When we arrived chamber : a large bed and a travelling at Milan, we lodged at the Royal Ho- bed. She usnally slept in the traveltel. I remember a person of the name ling bed. It was made up for her that of Bergani being engaged in that place night. I saw afterwards that there a courier to tke Princess. This was were no sheets on the other bed. I fourteen or fifteen days before we went remained some minutes with her Royal frga thence. During that period Ber-Highness before I left the room, ( gami waited at table,and wore the dress saw lier Royal Highness extremely agiof a courier. From Milan her Royaltated. I do not know where Bergami Highness passed througb Rome to Na- slept that night. I believe ples. I recollect a person of the name Mr. BROUGHAM. We do not of Wm. Austin being with her Rovel want your belief. Highness. He was in the habit of I do not recollect precisely the hoor sleeping in the room of her Royal at which I saw her Royal Highness the Highness. On the night before we next morning. It was about eleven entered Naples, the Princess slept at a o'clock, nearly her usnal hour of rising. country house. I capnot say whether I did not see Beigami the whole of the on that night Wm. Aastin slept in her morning. The first tinie I saw him Royal Highness's room. Her Royal that day was at dinner. I took notice Highness told me on that evening, that of the travelling bed that morning. I Wa. Austin was too big to sleep in her observed that nobody kad slept in it, room, and that he must have a chaober but that the larger bed had been slept to himself. Up to this period, Berlin. It was not much deranged, Mr. gami breakfasted and dined with the Jeronymus slept near her Royal otlier servants. I do not remember the Highness. That was in a room before roosi in which Bergami slept on the entering the room of the Princess. It first night of his arrival in Naples. was in a room off the corridor. The The second night he slept in a room near two doors opened into the same pas. » to that of the Princess. There was an sage. I have seen Bergani in the internal communication between the Princess's bed-rooin often at Napies. two rooms. There was a small cabinet I assisted her Royal Highness in and a passage, through which an ap- making her toilette, on those occasions proach might be made from one to the I have seen Mr. William Anstin and other. There was a door learling out Bergami present. Bergami was a comof the passage to the otber part of the rier at that time. Wm. Austin was 13 hopse; when this door was fastened, years of age. I have frequently seen had the outer door of Bergami's room, Bergami in the Princess's bed-room. no person could get to the Princess's Her Royal Highness was sometimes chamber. The evening after the arri. dressed and sometimes not. Bergami val of the Princess at Naples, her Royal entered, and went in and out. I have Highness told me when she was dress. seen Bergami in the passage which I ing, that she was going to the Opera. mentioned at night. Her Royal HigkeShe returned early, and sent for me. Iness was then in her bed-room unWeat to her chamber. The Princess dressed. I was near her Royal Higle

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ness's bed-room, I saw Bergami come \ I went in to assist her.' Her Roval ont of his room, and come through the Highness took a dress something like passage, he went towards the Princess's a Turkish peasant. Bergami was in bed-room. He was not dressed at all the anti-room, and in coming out I saw (a langh.) He had sippers on his feet; him arrayed like a Turk. I saw her I saw no stockings; he had nothing on Royal Highness going down stairs in but his shirt. The Princess had not this dress, and Bergani went with her, got into bed. When I saw Bergami in The Princess was on Bergami's arm. this way, I ran away; I escaped by a He was still a courier. The Princess little door near me out of the apart returned immediately from the ball. ment of the Princess. I did not after- room. I do not remember whether wards observe the state of the smaller Bergami returned with or before her. travelling bed. More than one ap. There was a garden belonging to our peared to have slept in the large bed. house in which there was a terrace. I I have always seen it (meme chose) once saw Bergami walking with the the same thing at Naples.' It was part | Princess on this terrace : they were of iny business at the latter end of our | alone, the Princess leaning on bis arm. stay at Naples, to make the Princess's The Princess was in the habit of breakbed. I made the small travelling bed. fasting in a small cabinet near BergaI cannot remember whether I made it mi's room. I remember an accident up every day. I remember a masked happening to Bergami at Naples. On ball being given to her Royal Highness that occasion there was a sofa in this by Murat in a house near the sea. cabinet, I know the theatre of San Her Royal Highness dressed herself in Carlos. I went there with her Royal a room of the house where the ball was. Highness and Bergami, in a hackney Her Royal Highness went in the cha-carriage. Bergami went in the same rácter of a country girl in the neigh-carriage. Her Royal Highness went bourhood of Naples. It was my busi- through the terrace in the garden to a ness to assist her Royal Highness in small door which led out of the gar. putting on the dress of that character. Hen. It was a very gloomy night; it I went to the onse, and Bergami wentrained. When we went to the theatre also at the same time. Her Royal we went high to the top, to the saloon Highness remained in that character where they walked. Her Royal Higli. about an hour. Her Royal Highness ness was dressed in a red cloak, Berreturned for the purpose of ebanging gami was in a red domino; a large her character. The dress she took the hat was on his head. After we get second time was that of the Genius of l into the saloon we descended into the History. She was obliged to change pit. When we got there many ngly ber dress entirely for that purpose. I masks surrounded us, and began to did not assist her in changing her I make a great noise and lies. We dress. Bergami went into the room had great difficulty to withdraw, and with her Royal Highness; into the get into a small room. Her hoval room where the toilette was. I stood Highness's dress was very ugly, monin the anti-room. I saw Bergamienter strous. the room. He remained about three Lord HAMPDEN repeatrd_“Very quarters of an hour. Bergami came ugly--monstrously ugly dress." out of the room first, and her Royal Mr. BROUGHAM.--I beg to call Highness came out after in a very lit. the attention of your lordships, witli de time in two or three minutes. Her I great humility, to what appears to me Royal Highness went down stairs to exceedingly irregnlar. One of the go to the ball in this character. She judges in this case enlarges the ex. was absent about three quarters of an pression given in evidence, by a conhour, when she returned again into the struction which the words do not bear. anti-room. In the dress of the Genius The witness says, “ very ng!y--monof History; her Royal Highness's arms strous," and a noble lord thinks himwere bare, her breasts bare, and the self called on--(Loud cries of “Order, drapery was, a 119eal in that character, order.") looped up before. I did not observe ! Lord HAMPDEN rose, and said whether the arms were entirely naked. something which we could not hear. When her Royal Highness came back (“ Order, order.") the second time, she went again into The LORD-CHANCELLOR said, the dressing-room to cliange her dress. that if any noble lord thought the

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