Life in the Limes: Studies of the people and objects of the Roman frontiers

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Rob Collins, Frances McIntosh
Oxbow Books, 31 mar 2014 - 264
Lindsay Allason-Jones has been at the forefront of small finds and Roman frontier research for 40 years in a career focussed on, but not exclusive to, the north of Britain, encompassing an enormous range of object types and subject areas. Divided into thematic sections the contributions presented here to celebrate her many achievements all represent at least one aspect of Lindsay s research interests. These encompass social and industrial aspects of northern frontier forts; new insights into inscribed and sculptural stones specific to military communities; religious, cultural and economic connotations of Roman armour finds; the economic and ideological penetration of romanitas in the frontiers as reflected by individual objects and classes of finds; evidence of trans-frontier interactions and invisible people; the role of John Clayton in the exploration and preservation of Hadrian s Wall and its material culture; the detailed consideration of individual objects of significant interest; and a discussion of the widespread occurrence of mice in Roman art.

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Introduction A wall for all
The nature and function of Roman frontiers revisited
The Roman army and the Roman smith Some evidence from Britain
The accommodation of soldiers wives in Roman fort barracks on Hadrians Wall and beyond
If the shoe fits Style and status in the assemblage of childrens shoes from Vindolanda
A group of finds from outside the southwest gate of south shields roman fort
The Roman names of the fort at South Shields and an altar to the Di Conservatores
Commemorating the Wall Roman sculpture and inscriptions from HadriansWall
Keeping watch A key handle from FontyGary Vale of Glamorgan
Art and society Gems from northern Britain
Personal possessions or traded goods? Finds of decorated mouldblown glass vessels on Flavian sites in Northern Britain
Stories from black bangles Jewellery and other finds of jetlike materials in Roman Scotland
Lost and Found Casual loss and rediscovery of Roman objects from the northern frontier
Known unknowns Invisible people in temporary camps
The rise and fall of the Housesteads amphitheatre
The Walls first great collection The Clayton Collection

Monumentalising military service Soldiers in RomanoBritish
The Corbridge Hoard revisited
Characterising cult communities in the Roman provinces Some observations on small finds evidence from the sanctuary of Liber Pater Apulum
The Boston helmet A preliminary account of a ParthianRomanera ARTEFACT at the musem of fine arts
A pipeclay pseudoVenus figurine from Binchester Roman fort County Durham
Notes on the Vindolanda calendar Related artefacts and the purpose of the Vindolanda fragment
A bead from Housesteads revisited
An Etruscan mirror from the collection of the Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle upon Tyne
Drive away the cloud of plague A Greek amulet from Roman London
Putting some flesh on the bones leather bikinis and body size
Tailpiece Roman mice in art allegory and actuality
Lindsay AllasonJones A bibliography
Colour Plates
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Informacje o autorze (2014)

Rob Collins is Researc h Associate in the Department of Archaeology at Newcastle University. His principal research interests are in frontier studies and the collapse of complex societies, making use of archaeological remains of built structures and small finds to provide a social interpretation of the material record.

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