The Works in Verse and Prose of William Shenstone, Esq: In Two Volumes. ...

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Alexander Donaldson, 1768

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Strona 331 - Tempered to the oaten flute; Rough satyrs danced, and fauns with cloven heel From the glad sound would not be absent long; And old Damoetas loved to hear our song. But O the heavy change, now thou art gone, Now thou art gone, and never must return ! Thee, Shepherd, thee the woods, and desert caves With wild thyme and the gadding vine o'ergrown, And all their echoes, mourn.
Strona 300 - Gentler passions triumph here. ' See ! to sweeten thy repose, The blossom buds, the fountain flows ; Lo ! to crown thy healthful board, All that milk and fruits afford. ' Seek no more — the rest is vain : Pleasure ending soon in pain ; Anguish lightly gilded o'er : Close thy wish and seek no more.
Strona 242 - HE that lies a-bed all a fummer's morning, lofes the chief pleafure of the day : he that gives up his youth to indolence, undergoes a lofs of the fame kind.
Strona 162 - There are numbers in the world who do not want sense to make a figure, so much as an opinion of their own abilities to put them upon recording their observations, and allowing them the same importance which they do to those which appear in print.
Strona 159 - POPE'S talent lay remarkably in what one may naturally enough term the condensation of thoughts. I think, no other English poet ever brought so much sense into the same number of lines with equal smoothness, ease, and poetical beauty. Let him who doubts of this peruse his Essay on Man with attention.
Strona 319 - Not her on Paphian plains admir'd, " The bold, the pert, the gay. " Not her whofe amorous leer prcvail'd " To bribe the Phrygian boy ; " Not h*er who, clad in armour, fail'd
Strona 193 - A man has generally the good or ill qualities which he attributes to mankind.
Strona 158 - The advantages of person are a good deal essential to popularity in the grave world as well as the gay. Mr. Pope, by an unwearied application to poetry, became not only the favourite of the learned, but also of the ladies.
Strona 306 - ... oaks and beeches, and the middle beyond the water prefents the Hales Owen fcene, with a group of houfes on the flope behind, and the horifon well fringed with the wood.
Strona 319 - And while the fight unveils a part, Let fancy paint the reft. Let coy referve with coft unite To grace your wood or field ; No ray...

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