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inculcated to you; that I chufe to live, and SERM.III. hope to die in that Perfuafion; that, after having read the moft confiderable Books that have been written againft it, I do not know any Objection, but what has received repeated and fatisfactory Anfwers. A thotough Christian in Principle, I wish I was as good a one in my Practice: and then I should, in fome Measure, deserve that Approbation, with which you have honoured


I heartily thank you, that you have candidly overlooked my numerous Defects, kindly accepted my well-meant Endeavours to serve you, both from the Desk and from the Pulpit; and, what is more, generously encouraged them. And, to your other Obligations, which you have conferred on me, be pleased to add this, which will be the greatest Obligation of all, viz. to make Me, in fome Degree, inftrumental to your Salvation, by deliberately weighing what I have laid down.


They are the last Words of a departing, though not a dying Friend; and let them therefore make a fuitable Impreffion. Quit not your Religion, your Trust in God, your Virtue, for any Pleasure or Profit, which

SERM. III. this World can give, for the World itself. For all the Profit and Pleasure this World can give, this World itself may shortly be nothing to you: But Religion and Virtue will make you happy, when Life's idle Employments, and it's idler Follies, when the World, when Time fhall be no more. Falfe Friends will forfake you, and true Friends may either leave you through neceffary Avocations, or they may be divided from you by Death: Falfe Friends will ftand afar off in the Day of Trouble, and even true Friends can, in fome Cafes, ftand only looking upon your Mifery, afflicted indeed in all your Affliction, but without any Power to cafe your Calamities: But God is a prefent Friend, infinitely powerful and good, in all Cafes, at all Times, in all Places; He is able to hear us, wherefoever difperfed; and to relieve us, howsoever diftreffed: Almost every Thing may separate us from other Friends; But neither Life nor Death, nor Principalities nor Powers, nothing but Sin, can feparate us from Him, and the bleffed Influences of his Prefence.

Some there have been here, and fome there are here, to whom I am in a parti


cular Manner indebted; from whom I have SERM. III. received Obligations much greater than my Expectations, and only not so great as their enlarged Souls and generous Inclinations to do me Good.-Some, of whom almost every one fpeaks well; and few or none can fpeak fo well as they deserve. It is a Pleafure even to be obliged to Perfons of their Turn, who give liberally, and upbraid not; a Pleasure only not fo affecting as that (which is beyond my Abilities) of obliging them.

Injuries I do not remember, that I have received any from any of this Place: And for whatever Kindneffes you have done me, may God reward you fevenfold into your Bofom. And I do not queftion but he will reward you For they were defigned : to cherish and countenance Worth and Learning; though bestowed on me. My Relation to you, as a Paftor and Teacher, is now upon the Point of expiring; but there is one. Relation, which will always. fubfift, and that is, of your affectionate and fincere Well-wisher: Whatever Distance of Place may be between us, I fhall rejoice to hear of any Good that befals you, and be heartily forry for any Difafter that affects

you. My Prayers, my best Wishes (alás! what can I fay or do more?) fhall always be yours: For I am ftill yours fincerely in all good and Christian Offices.

Finally, Farewel, my Brethren; To God's Grace I commend you. May he grant you everlasting Welfare, and as much Health and Profperity, as are confiftent with your everlasting Welfare! May your Souls, while you live, improve in every Christian Grace; and when ye die, may they be pre fented without a Spot before the Throne of Grace! May God protect you by his Power, guide you with his Counsel through the feveral Stages of Life, and after that receive you into Glory!



The Nature and Duration of future
Punishments confidered; and the
Goodness of God fully vindicated;
as to that Article against the prin-
cipal Objections of fome late Wri-



It had been good for that Man, if he had
not been born.


HESE Words are fpoken of Ju-SERM.IV. das Iscariot, but they are applica-" ble to every unrelenting Criminal; and the Senfe of them is, Whoever lives abandoned; and dies impenitent, shall find his Miseries in the whole Extent of his Being to overbalance the Enjoyments he has had so far, that it had been happy for him

not to have been at all; it being better not 1 to be at all, than to be fo miferable as he


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