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&11. VII. dored. He expressly faith, If tbere arise

mong you a Prophet or a Dreamer of Dreams, and give thee a Signor Wonder, and tbe Sign or. Wonder come to pass, wbereof fpake unto Thee, saying, LET US GO AFTER OTHER Gods, which thou hast not known AND SERVE THEM; Thou shalt not hearken, &c. Deut. xiii. 1, 2, 3.

I shall beg leave to propofe fome Queries to those who are of a different Way of Thinking, which are as follow :

Whether in those Points, which have an immediate Connexion with Practice, and which relate to the great and fundamental Article of the Object of Worship, the Christian Religion, being intended for the Use of Mankind in general, must not be suited to that common Sense and Reason, which Mankind in general have, as distinct from superior, exalted and refined Sense, the distinguishing Perfection of a few only?

Whether, supposing Arianism to be true, common Sense, as distinct from metaphysical Subtleties, would enable the Generality of Mankind to distinguish between a Person, such as our Saviour is, by whom all Things were created, and who upholdeth all Things by the Word of bis Power; and a 4

Person preme God

Person who is properly and essentially God > SER. VIT,

Whether it would enable them to point out any Difference between a Person, by whom all Things, to which he must be

present, confft, as they are said to do by our blessed Saviour ; and a Person strictly Omnipresent ? Whether they would not be apt to imagine, that he, whom St. Paul ftiles over All, God blessed for ever, is the sua

? Whether, fuppofing, according to the Arian Hypothesis, two adorable Gods, one of which must infinitely transcend the other; the Bulk of Mankind could with a metaphysical Accuracy adjust their Homage to the Dignity of each Being, to whom it was paid, never offering fövéreign and absolute Adoration, where relative was only due; but lowering and heightening their Intentions, in an exact Proportion, fo as never toʻexceed, nor to fall short in their religious Addresses ?

Whether that Sense of numberless Palsages in Scripture relating to the Trinity, which occurs first to a Man of natural Sagacity and Honesty, who reads the Bible without any View to confirm a darling Hypothesis, is not generally the true one ?



Str. VII. Whereas the Interpretation, which depends

upon refined Subtleties, artificial Turns of Wit and Criticism, and surprising laboured Glosses, is greatly to be suspected.

Whether a Polytheist might not explain away all the scriptural Proofs for the Unity of the divine Nature by the same Subterfuges and evasive Arts, which an Antitria ritarian makes Use of to elude the Arguments from Scripture to prove a Trinity of Persons ?

Whether those Texts, which seem to imply the Son to be inferior to the Father, may not be reconciled with those, which ascribe to him all the essential Attributes of God, by understanding them either of his human Nature, as distinct from the di. vine, or of the ministerial Office, which he undertook in the Oeconomy of the Redemption, or of such a Subordination only, viz. that of a Son to a Father, a mere Relation of Order, which is not inconsistent with a strict Equality of Nature ?

Whether the exclusive Term of the only true God, when applied to the Father, need be so rigorously interpreted, as to exclude not only Creatures and other Gods,

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#hith'arë separate'from-hith ; "but' even the ser. VII.
Son and Holy Ghost, who are fo'united,
This to Be One


and inseparably included with him?' But if it must be thus rigorously interpreted, whether it will not follow from Ffatah and St. Paul compared together, that

the Son likewire is the only God Look'ünoto me, and beye saved, all the Ends of the

Eartb?" Ford 19 am God; and there is none else : 1 Bave sworn by myself, the word is gone out of my Mouth in Righteousness, and shall not return, bætlanto me every Knee Ball

Ball bord,' everj Tongue shall Swear! Isaiah Xv. 22, 23. Compare the New Testáment! We shall all fand before the Yudgment-seat of Chrift: For it'is written, As I live, faith the Lord, every Knee

Jhall bow to me, and every Tongue shall con# fess to God, Romans xiv. 10, 11: And

again; At 45. Nime of Jesus 'every Knee mall bow, of Things in Heaven, and Things in Earth, and Things under the Earth, Phil. il: "Id. The Application of the Text in Tfàiah to Chtift is manifeft froin these twoPassages: It is as manifest that the Perfon

Tpoken of in Ifaiaħ is the only God, I am Gouno and there is none else? Therefore Scripture treating of the Unity of God VOL. II.



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1. places it in another Person, besides the Father.

Whether common Christians, without understanding technical Terms, such as Mode, Perfon, Substance, numerical, and Specifical, may not understand, that Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, though really disting from one another, may be so far. one, as to have an inseparable Union of Presence, Will

, and all Perfections ; fo far one, that they can no more exist or a&t ajunder, than they can not exist at all?

Whether such a Faith, which requires no great Abstraction of Thought, may not answer several beneficial Ends; and incline them, from the Fulness of an eyergrateful Heart, to pay the Tribute of undissembled Love and Adoration to the Father, whose unfathomable Wisdom laid and concerted the stupendous Plan of our Redemption, to the Son, whose unbounded Love undertook the Execution of it, and to the Holy Spirit, whose never-failing Grace enables them to fulfil the Conditions of it?

Whether common Christians may not have correcter Notions of the three divine Persons by resting in the general Truth of

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