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The Notion of Pride ftated, and the
Pretenfions to it examined.


Not to think of himself more highly than be ought to think, but to think foberly.


T is a common Obfervation, that SERM. I. however forward Men may be to re

pine at the unequal Portion, which God has allotted them of worldly Bleffings; yet they are generally well fatisfied with their Share of inward Endowments: it being as hard to meet with a Perfon, who humbly thinks he has too little Senfe and Merit, as it is to find one, who fancies he has too great Riches and Honours.

What makes Men uneafy in their Circumftances, is that they are continually setting to View the bright Side of themselves, and the dark Side of their Condition in Life; VOL, II.



SERM. I the first to find out their own Grievances, and the laft to difcern their own Faults and Follies. Whereas if they took a contrary Method, they would perceive, that God had been kinder to the Worft of Men, than the very Beft of Men could deferve.

Self-Love is a Paffion interwoven in our Frame and Conftitution; and if it be not kept under due Regulations, Self-Conceit will be the neceffary Effect of it. For fince we are apt to believe, what we wish to be true; is it a Wonder, if we over-rate those Perfections, which we have, and imagine ourselves poffeft of those, which we have no Title to?

In our Youth Pleasure has often the Afcendant, in the Middle of our Age Ambition; and Avarice brings up the Rear at the Clofe of Life. But this Vice, of which I am speaking, attends too many of us from the Cradle to the Grave: we being equally vain, whether we pursue Pleasure, Honour or Wealth: The Mafter Paffion of the Soul is the fame, though it's Servants are often changed according to the different Stages of Life.

For this Reason the Apostle ufhers in the Words of my Text with a peculiar Em

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