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both temporal HAPPINESS and eternal.

Being a very compleat MANUAL and convenient

(Before, At, and After,) for

In III Parts;
Together with an Epistle, Prefaće, and Introduktion,

Appendix, Almanack, and Audition. The Whole shewing how to lead a holy and comfortable Life; be a constant and worthy Communicant; and.dy an eafy and happy Death. Interlaced with Chronological, Historical , Poezja cal, and Proverbial passages.

THE more t’invite; in hopes that he who buys

Will turn delight into a Sacrifice.
Vsefnt / edifying and convincing to all, Sects of Christians.

IN fix volumes. Each A different Tongue peaks:/
As English, French, High.Dutch, and Low,

Port'guese and Italian also. BY a Church of England man; a Gentleman born, [descended from the eldest line of a very anctent Saxon and Norman-Family, restored to their Lands in England by King William the Conqueror, since which has e been 22 Generations, without any blot in their Sourcheon, of which 2 have been Knights, 1 a Bishop, and 1 a Dean; ) a Merchant bied these 37 years; a Traveller; a Linguist; a Native and a registred Freeman of the well built, plentiful, healthy and pleasant Ciry of EXETER, and County of EXON ; half a mile long, and one third of a mile broad within the walls; one of the 4 Chambers of England; one of the [5] Cinque-Poris; à Bishop's See ; an Earldom ; the only Staple for Serges in Great Briitain; and a place of great Trade: Has 2 Weekly Markets, and s Yearly Fairs;

Outgates, and 6 within ; a Guildhall, a frison, a Bridewell, a great Conduit, a Corn and a Serge Market; 2 Latine: Schools and 2 Hofpi*als, a Cathedral and is Parith, Churches and a Chappel in the City;and Churches and 2 Chappels in the 4 large Suburbs: Is governd by a Layor and Aldermen, having a Sword-bearer with the Cap of Mainteance, &c; also ty a Recorder ,Sherrifs, &c. Has a very ancient Calle ithin the Walls, but out of that Cruniy, ) on the North-Eaft, with a Chappel in it, where th' Allizes and Sessions for Devonshire are held, id the County-Jayl hard by it;and a fair high, long stone Bridge on ne West,over the River Exe; (the middle of which parts is from a large, sh Village and Parish, with a Church, a Ward, and a Bridewell , call'á THOMAS th' Apostle , in Devon.) See more afterch'Epiftle.

Omne tulit punétum, qui miscuit utile dulci.

Nothing is pleasant that wants Variety,
EXON, Printed for Joseph Anthony. MDCCXV,

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Ch. 5.

Ch 7

EPISTLEThe Character of a True Church of England Man.
PREFACE. How this Manual may be helpful to Christians of all

INTRODUCTION, Why and how to keep thewhole Lord's Day holy;

to be read to the Family.

Part I. Chap. 1. Preparative Devotions for Sunday or the 7th day

before the holy Supper.

Che 26 Sacramental Meditations before and on the 5 prin.

cipal Festivals, with an Account of all our other

Fasts and Feafts, and proper Prayers.
.Ch. 3. Meditations before that Sacrament for New.
Year's- , Easter-, Ascension-

Whit Sun,
and Christmas day, and the 12 Months; to be

read to the Family.
Ch. 4. Preparative Devotions for Monday, or the 6th.

day before the holy Communion.

for Tuesday, or the 5th day before.

Ch. 6. for Wednesday, or the 41h.day before.

for Thursday, or the 3d. day before.

Ch. 8. for Fryday, or the ado day before.

for Sarurday, or the day before.

Cholo. for the day of my Humiliation.

Partil.Ch, 1. for the Sacrament-day before I go to Church
Ch, 2.Devotions going to Church, there, and homewaris,

at home, at Noon, Evening, and Night,

Ch. 4. Meditations after the Sacrament for Christmas,

Ealter., Ascension-, Whitsunday, Trinity-


for New Year's.', Easter-, Ascension,
Whitsun., and Christmas-day, and the 12

Months, to be read to the Family.

Part III, Ch. s. Sacramental Devotions for Monday., or th

first day after that heavenly Feaft,

for Tuesday, or the adoday after.

for Wednesday , or the 3 d. day after.

for Thursday, or the 4th day after.

for Fryday, or the 5th. day afier.

Ch. 6. for Saturday, or the 6th. day after.

for Sunday, or the 7th. day after,

APPENDIX-How to lead a fober, righteous, unil godly Life, to be

read to the Family.

ALMANACK To read the Bible yearly, and Psalms on occasions.

ADDITION — 5 Things to be the meanet Chriftian's study.



THE Character of a True Church-Man. Epiftle,

How this Tract may be helpful to all Sects of Christians.Preface.

Of sanctifying the Lord's Day; Introduction, all, Part 2.chap, 1.

9.2.P.3.ch. 3.8. 4.- the Morality of the Sabbath,Intr. 5 2.

Why call'd the Sabbath., Sun., and Lord's-day, Introd. S 1.

The soliloquy afsoon as we awake every day, Introd 6.8.

7 Ejaculations before we rise, Introd. 5.9. Part. 1. ch.4,5,6,

7,8,$, 1. and P. 2. ch. 1,$. 1.

3 Prefaces for Prayers, Introd. S. 10,15,32.
General Prayers alone; on the Lord's day, Introd. 9.11,33, on

Week days, Appendix § 5, 42.
Prayers with a Family; on the Lord's day, Introd. $.36,37,on

Week days, Append. S. 16,29,44:49.

The Meditation in the way toChurch,Intr.9.1 S. Entring inş.19.

3 Prayers when seated, Introd. $.20, 29, P. 2.ch. 3,5,7.

Actions and Postures therc, Introd. S. 21, 22, 23, 25,26, 27.

Part 1, Ch. 10, S. 34, 54, 55.

3 Prayers before leave the seat, Intr. S. 24, 30.1.12, ch. 3.9. 8.

A Prayer before service, or after,or both, P. 2.ch.2, $ 2.

The Blessing after a Psayer, Inirod. S,13,

3 Conclulions of Prayers, Inir.$.14,17, 35.

The foliloquy going to Bed every night, Intr.8.39.

7 Ejaculations before we Neep, Introd. 9. 40.P.1.ch.4, 9.15,

ch. 5, §. 17.ch.6.9. 15,ch. 7, 9, 11.ch. 8, 8.12.ch. 9, S. 10.

The Meditation and Prayer in the Night, Introd. 9.41.

7 Arguments for Frequent Communion P. 1. ch. 1.5.2.ch.4,5,

6,7,8,9,2, ch.9, $ 1.

What a Sacramentis ch.1, S. 3, Addit. Lord's supper G. 4, Addit,

What the Baptismal Vow, ch. 1. 9. 6. New Covenant, S. 8.

The Warning before the Commu.9.9. Exhortation,ch.6,9. 10.

Proper Pfalms before, ch. 1.9. 12, 13, ch. 4, 5, 12.ch.5. 9.8.ch.

6, S. &, 11, 12, ch.7, 5.7, 8, ch. 8, S.), ch.9.9.6.

Particular Prayers, For success to those pages, Preface. Know-

• jedge P. I. ch. 1, $. 14. Judging arighe,ch.4.9. 14.Faith.ch.si

S. 10. Doing Good, Append. S. 46. Speaking Good. P. 1.

ch. 2, S. 13. Forgiving Evil, ch.6, S. 9. Repentance. S. 14.

Fervent Delires, ch. 7. 6. 10. Self Relignation, ch. 8, s. 8.

On Christ's Passion, ch. 8, S. II. On Baptismal Vow and

New Covenant, ch.9. $.9.

Preparatory Prayer for 7 days before Receiving, P.1,ch. 1,5.15."

Meditations, Prayers and Notes on the Feasts, Vigils and Fasts

of the Church, ch.2, all , and ch. 10, 8, 1, 2.


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before the Sacrament for Months and 5 Feafts,ch: 3, all.

Of Fasting one day before the Communion, Part I. ch.4.9.20

The necessity of Receiving, ch.48.4, P,2,ch. 1, 5.3.

Of not being able Read, P.3.c.3.5.4. Simple folk.ch.7.$ 4,mid.

-young people's communicating, P.1,ch.4,9.5.P.3,ch.1,9.7.

bad clothes, P.3,ch.4, S. 3, color-and black-clothes,ch.5.5.3.

P. 1.ch.2, 5.7.-Law-Suits, P. 3.ch.4, 5.6.

-administring to a mixt Congregation P. 3, ch.5,1.4,

at Noon and Fafting, P. 1. ch. 1, 5.5,P.2, ch. 1, 8.12.

-receiving it kneeling, P. 2.chi 2, S. 3, 4.

Against Con-&Tran-substantiation, P.1,ch 4,9.9,P.2,ch.2,8.3.4.

The necessity of Preparation, P.1.ch.4.5.6.Wherein consists.s,.

The Author of this Sacrament 5,8. Preciousness of its parts, 8.9.

-Excellency of the Ends and Fruitsch. 5, $. 3.

Of my unworthiness, P. 1, ch. 1, 5.11,P.3. ch.5.5.5 ch.6,5.3,

ch. 7, 5.4.

- Judging my felf,P. 7,06.4,5,10,11.ch.5,8.4.to 7.ch.

ch. 7, 5.5, 6.ch. 8.9.6, 7, ch.9.3.4, 5, Append. 9.1, 3.41,51.

My Duty to God and my NeighborP.1.c.4.5.1.Self, App.5.47.

6 Divine Colloquies'ıwixt the soul & her Savior, P. 1, ch. 4, §.

13, ch.5.5.9. ch.6,9. 13,ch, 7, 8, 9. ch. 8,9.10.ch.9.0.7.

Of the Knowledge of the Trinity, Creation and Fall, Nitures

and Offices of Christ,and Redemption by Him, P. 1, ch.5.5.3.

ch. 6,9. 3, P. 2, ch, 2, §. 29. Addition. Doctrine of the Sacra-
ments,P,1,Ch.1,9:34,6,7.ch.4 9.8,9 ch.5,9.3.ch,6,9.4Aduit.

Faith, P. 1, ch. 6,9.5, ch. 10, 8.57, Append. 9. 32.33.

-Charity, Introil. $.25, P. 1, ch. 4, . 27 ch.7,5 3, P.2, ch. 2.

$. 12,76. P. 3. ch. 4.$.4, 5, 6, Append. 9.45.

-Repentance, P.1,ch.7. $ 4,2.3.ch.1,9.8,9,10.ch.2 3.3.ch.38.3,

-Delires, P. 1, ch. 8, 5.3Self-Resignation: 5.4.

Meditation of Christ's Passion, ch.9, $. 3.

The Service for the Preparatory Fasting day, ch. 10, all.

Of the Holy Scriptures,ch.10,9 61010, APP.S.12,13,14. Almun.

Psalms, Introd.S.31,P.1,Ch.10, 8.12, App. 9. 11, 43, Alman.

-Proverbs, Append. S. 19. Epistles & Gospel, P.1,ch, 10,$.34,

-Common Prayer and other Forms, P. 3.ch. 7, 5.5,6,70

-the Lord's Prayer, P. 3, ch. 3.5.3.

Litanies private and publiek, P. 1,'ch. 1o. S. 18, 19, 20.

-faying, Have mercy upon me, thrice, S, 27, 45.

-daily attendance on the Prayers at Church, Appen. 9.50.

keeping Holy.daies, Introd, S. 2, P. 1, ch. 2, 8.1, 8, 10, 12.

14, 16, to 20.

A 3


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