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Many there be that say,
Who yet will show us good
Talking like this world's brood;
JBut, Lord, thus let me pray ;
On us lift up the light,
Lift up the favour of thy countenance bright.
Into my heart more joy
And gladness thou hast put,
Than when a year of glut
Their stores doth over-cloy,
And from their plented us grounds
With vast encrease their corn and wine
In peace at once will I
Both lay me down and sleep;
For thou alone dost keep -
Mesafe where’er I lie;
As in a rocky cell
Thou, Lord, alone, in safety mak'st me dwell.

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Jehovah, to my words give ear,
My meditation weigh;
The voice of my complaining hear,
My King and God; for unto thee I pray.
Jehovah, thou my early voice
Shalt in the morning hear:
I the morning I to thee with choice
Will rank my prayers, and watch till thou appear.
For thou art not a God that takes
In wickedness delight;
Evil with thee no biding makes;
Fools or mad men stand not within thy sight.
All workers of hiquity
Thou hat'st; and them unblest
Thou wilt destroy that speak a lye ;
The bloody and guileful man God doth detest.
But I will, in thy mercies dear,
Thy numerous mercies, go
Into thy house; I, in thy fear,
will towards thy holy temple worsh'p low.
Lord, lead me in thy righteousness,
Lead me, because of those
That do observe if I transgress;
Set thy ways right before, where my step goes.
For,in his faltering mouth unstatle,
No word is firm or sooth;
Their inside, troubles miserable; [smooth.
An open grave their throat, their tongue they
God, find them guilty, let them fall
3y their own counsels quell'd ;
Push them in their rebellions all
Still on ; for against thee they have rebell’d.
Then all who trust in thee, shall bring
Their joy; while thou from blame
Defend'st them, they shall ever sing
And shall triámph in thee, who love thy name.
For thou, Jehovah, wilt be found
To bless the just man still;
As with a shield, thou wilt surround
Him with thy lasting favour and good will,

PSALM WI. Aug. 13, 1653.

Loan, in thine anger do not reprehend me
Nor in thy hot displeasure me correct;
Pity me, Lord, for I am much deject,
And very weak and faint; heal and amendme:

For all my bones, that even with anguishake, Are troubled, yea, my soul is troubled sore, And thou, O Lord, how long? Turn, Lord; restore My soul ; O save me for thy goodness sake: For in death no resemblance is of thee; Who in the grave can celebrate thy praise? Wearied I am with sighing out my days; Nightly my couch I make a kind of sea; My bed I water with my tears; mine eye Through grief consumes, is waxen old and dark I' the midst of all my enemies that mark. Depart, all ye that work iniquity, Depart from me; for the voice of my weeping The Lord hath heard; the Lord hath beard my prayer; My supplication with acceptance fair The Lord will own, and have me in hiskeeping. Mine enemies shall all be blank and dash'd With much confusion; then, grown red with shame, They shall return in haste the way they came, And in a moment shall be quite abash'd.

PSALM VII. Aug. 14, 1655. Upon the words of Chush the Benjamite againsthis.

Lord, my God, to thee I fly;
Save me and secureme under
Thy protection while I cry;
Lest, as a lion, (and no wonder)
He haste to tear my soul asunder,
Tearing, and no rescue migh.

Lord, my God, if I have thought
Or done this; if wickedness
Be in my hands;, if I have wrought
Ill to him that meant me peace;
Or to him have render'd less,
And not freed my foe for nought;

Let the enemy pursue my soul,
And overtake it ; let him tread
My life down to the earth, and roll
In the dust my glory dead,
In the dust; and, there out-spread,
Lodge it with dishonour foul.

Rise, Jehovah, in thine ire,
Rouse thyself amidst the rage
Of my foes that urge like fire;
And wake for me, their fury asswage;
Judgment here thou didst engage
And command, which I desire.

So the assemblies of each nation
Will surround thee, seeking right;
Thence to thy glorious habitation
Return on high, and in their sight.
Jehovah judgeth most upright
All people from the world's foundation.

Judge me, Lord; be judge in this
According to my righteousness,
And the innocence which is
Upon me: cause at length to cease
Of evil men the wickedness
And their power that do amiss.

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1. Thou Shepherd, that dost Israel keep,
Give ear in time of need;
Who leadest like a flock of sheep
Thy loved Joseph's seed;
That sitt'st between the cherubs bright,
Between their wings out-spread;
Shine forth, and from thy cloud give light,
And on our foes thy dread.
2. In Ephraim's view and Benjamin's,
And in Manasse's sight,
Awake thy strength, come, and be seen
To save us by thy might.
3. Turn us again, thy grace divine
To us, O God, vouchsafe ;
Cause thou thy face on us to shine,
And then we shall be safe.
4. Lord God of Hosts, how long wilt thou,
How long wilt thou declare
Thy smoking wrath, and angry brow
Against thy people's prayer!
5. Thou feed'st them with the bread of tears;
Their bread with tears they eat;
And mak'st them largely drink the tears
Wherewith their cheeks are wet.
6. A strife thou mak’st us and a prey
To every neighbour foe;
Among themselves they laugh, they play,
And flouts at us they throw.
7. Return us, and thy grace divine,
O God of Hosts, vouchsafe;
Cause thou thy face on us to shine,
And then we shall be safe.
8. A vine from Egypt thou hast brought,
Thy free love made it thine,
And drow'st out nations, proud and haut,
To plant this lovely vine.
9. Thou didst prepare for it a place,
And root it deep and fast,
That it began to grow apace,
And fill'd the land at last.
10. With her green shade that cover'd all,
The hills were over-spread;
Her boughs as high as cedars tall
Advanc'd their lofty head.
11. Her branches on the western side
Down to the sea she sent,
And upward to that river wide
Her other branches twent.
12. why hast thou laid her hedges low,
And broken down her fence,
That all may pluck her, as they go,
With rudest violence?
13. The tusked boar out of the wood
Up turns it by the roots;
Wilá beasts there brouze, and make their food
tier grapes and tender shoots.
14. Return now, God of Hosts, look down
From Heaven, thy seat divine;
Behold us, but without a frown,
And visit this thy vine.
15. Visit this vine, which thy right hand
Hath set, and planted long,
And the young branch, that for thyself
Thou hast made firm and strong.

16. But now it is consum'd with fire,
And cut with ares down;
They perish at thy dreadfulire,
At thy rebuke and frown.
17. Upon the man of thy right hand
Let thy good hand be laid;
Upon the son of man, whom thou
Strong for thyself hast made.
18. So shall we not go back from thee
To ways of sin and shame;
Quicken us thou; then gladly we
Shall call upon thy name.
19. Return us, and thy grace divine,
Lord God of Hosts, vouchsafe;
Cause thou thy face on us to shine,
And then we shall be safe,

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1. To God our strength sing loud, and clear,
Sing loud to God our King;
To Jacob's God, that all may hear,
Loud acclamations ring.
2. Prepare a hymn, prepare a song,
The timbrel hither bring;
The cheerful psaltery bring along,
And harp with pleasant string.
3. Blow, as is:eont, in the new moon
With trumpets' lofty sound,
The appointed time, the day whereon
Our solemn feast comes round.
4. This was a statute given of old
For Israel to observe;
A law of Jacob's God, to hold,
From whence they might not swerve.
5. This he a testimony ordain'd
In Joseph, not to change,
When as he pass'd through Egypt land;
The tongue I heard was strange.
6. From burden, and from slavish toil,
I set his shoulder free:
His hands from pots, and miry soil,
Deliver'd were by me.
7. When trouble did thee sore assail,
On me then didst thou call;
And I to free thee did not fail,
And led thee out of thrall.
I answer'd thee in thunder deep,
With clouds encompass'd round;
I tried thee at the water steep
Of Meriba renown'd.
8. Hear, O my People, hearken well,
I testify to thee,
Thou ancient stock of Israel,
If thou wilt list to me:
9. Throughout the land of thy abode
No alien God shall be,
Nor shalt thou to a foreign God
In honour bend thy knee.
10. I am the Lord thy God, which brought
Thee out of Egypt land;
Ask large enough, and I, besought,
Will grant thy full demand.
11...And yet my people would not hear,
Norhearken to my voice;
And Israel, whom I lov’d so dear,
Mislik'd me for his choice.

12. Then did I leave them to their will,
And to their wandering mind;
Their own conceits they follow'd still,
Their own devices blind.
13. O, that my people would bewise,
To serve me all their days!
And O, that Israel would advise
To walk my righteous ways!
14. Then would Isoon bring down their foes,
That now so proudly rise;
And turn my hand against all those,
That are their enemies. -
15. Who.hate the Lord should then be fain
To bow to him and bend;
But they, his people, should remain,
Their time should have no end.
16. And he wbuld feed them from the shock
With flower of finest wheat,
And satisfy them from the rock
With honey for their meat.

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1. Gop in the great assembly stands Of kings and lordly states; Among the gods, on both his hands, He judges and debates. 2. How long will ye pervert the right With judgment false and wrong, Favouring the wicked by your might, Who thence grow bold and strong? 3. Regard the weak and fatherless, Despatch the poor man's cause: And raise the man in deep distress By just and equal laws. 4. Defend the poor and desolate, And rescue from the hands Of wicked men the low estate Of him that help demands. 5. They know not, nor will understand, In darkness they walkon; The Earth's foundations all are mov’d, And out of order gone. 6. I said that ye were gods, yea all The sons of God Most High; 7. But ye shall die like men, and fall As other princes die. 8. Rise, God; judge thou the Earth in might, This wicked Earth redress; For thou art he who shall by right The nations all possess.

PSALM LXXXIII. 1. Be not thou silent now at length, O God, hold not thy peace; Sit thou not still, O God of strength, We cry, and do not cease. 2. Forlo, thy furious foes now swell, And storm outrageously; And they that hate thee, proud and fell, Exalt their heads full high. 3. Against thy people they contrive Their plots and counsels deep; Them to ensnare they chiefly strive, Whom thou dost hide and keep. 4. Come, let us cut them off, say they, Till they no nation be; That Israel's name for evermay Belost in memory.

5. For they consult with all their might, Andall, as one in mind, Themselves against thee they unite, And in firm union bind. 6. The tents of Edom, and the brood, Of scornful Ishmael, Moab, with them of Hagar's blood That in the desart dwell, 7. Gebal and Ammon there conspire, And hateful Amalec, The Philistines, and theyof Tyre, Whose bounds the sea doth check. 8. With them great Ashur also bands, And doth confirm the knot; All these have lent their armed hands To aid the sons of Lot. 9. Do to them as to Midian bold, That wasted all the coast; To Sisera; and, as is told, Thou didst to Jabin's host, When, at the brook of Kishon old, They were repuls'd and slain, 10. At Endor quite cut of, and roll'd As dung upon the plain. 11. As Zeb and Orebevil sped, So let their princes speed; As Zeba and Zalmunna bled, Solet their princes bleed. 12. For they amidst their pride have said, By right now shall we seize God's houses, and will now invade Their stately palaces. 13. My God, oh make them as a wheel, No quietlet them find; Giddy and restless let them reel Like stubble from the wind. 14. As when an aged wood takes fire Which on a sudden strays, The greedy flame runs higher and higher Till all the mountains blaze; 15. So with thy whirlwind them pursue, And with thy tempest chase; 16. And, till they yield thee honour due, Lord, fill with shame their face. 17. Asham'd, and troubled, let them be, Troubled, and sham'd for ever; Everconfounded, and so die With shame, and’scape it never. 18. Then shall they know, that thou,whose name Jehovah is alone, Art the Most High, and thouthe same O'er all the Earth art One.

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4. Happy, who in thy house reside, Where thee they ever praise 5. Happy, whose strength in thee doth bide, And in their hearts thy ways' 6. They pass through Baca's thirsty vale, That dry and barren ground; As through a fruitful watery dale, Where springs and showers abound. 7. They journey on from strength to strength With joy and gladsome cheer, Till all before our God at length In Sion do appear. 8. Lord God of Hosts, hear now my prayer, O Jacob's God give ear; 9. Thou God, our shield, look on the face Of thy anointed dear. 10. Forone day in thy courts to be, Is better, and more blest, Than in the joys of vanity A thousand days at best. I, in the temple of my God, Had rather keep a door, Than dwell in tents, and rich abode, With sin for evermore. 11. For God, the Iord, both sun and shield, Gives grace and glory bright; No good from them shall be withheld Whose ways are just and right. 12. Lord God of Hosts, that reign'st on high; Thatman is truly blest, Who only on thee doth rely, And in thee only rest.

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1. Thy land to favour graciously
Thou hast, not, Lord, been slack;
Thou hast from hard captivity
Returned Jacob back.
2. The iniquity thou didst forgive.
That wrought thy people woe;
And all their sin, that did thee grieve,
Hast hid where none shall know,
3. Thine anger all thou had'st remov’d,
And calmly didst return
From thy fierce wrath which we had prov'd
Far worse than fire to burn.
4. God of our saving health and peace,
Turnus, and us restore;
Thine indignation cause to cease
Towards us, and chide no more.
5. Wilt thou be angry without end,
For ever angry thus *
Wilt thou thy frowning ire extend
From age to age on us?
6. Wilt thou not turn and hear our voice,
And us again revive,
That so thy people may rejoice
By thee preserv'd alive?
7. Cause us to see thy goodness, Lord,
To us thy mercy shew;
Thy saving health to us afford, -
And life in us renew.
8. And now, what God the Lord will speak,
I will go straight and hear,
For to his people he speaks peace,
And to his saints full dear, -
To his dear saints he will speak peace;
Butlet them never more
Return to folly, but surcease,

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9. Surely, to such as do him fear
Salvation is at hand;
And glory shall ere long appear
To dwell within our land.
10. Mercy and Truth, that long were miss'd,
Now joyfully are met;
Sweet Peace and Righteousness have kiss'd,
And handin hand are set.
11. Truth from the Earth, like to a flower,
Shall bud and blossom then ;
And Justice from her heavenly bower,
Look down on mortal men.
12. The Lord will also then bestow
Whatever thing is good;
Our land shall forth in plenty throw
Her fruits to be our food.
13. Before him Righteousness shallgo,
His royal harbinger:
Then will he come, and not be slow,
His footsteps cannot err,

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1. Thy gracious ear, O Lord, incline,
O hear me, I thee pray;
For I am poor, and almost pine
With need, and sad decay.
2. Preserve my soul; for I have trod
Thy ways, and love the just;
Save thou thy servant, O my God,
Who still in thee doth trust.
3. Pity me, Lord, for daily thee
I call; 4. Omake rejoice
Thy servant's soul; for, Lord, to thee
I lift my soul and voice.
5. For thou art good, thou, Lord, art prone
To pardon, thou to all
Art full of mercy, thou alone,
To them that on thee call.
6. Unto my supplication, Lord,
Give ear, and to the cry
Of my incessant prayers afford
Thy hearing graciously.
7. I, in the day of my distress,
Will call on thee for aid ;
For thou wilt grant me free access,
And answer what I pray'd.
8. Like thee among the gods is none,
O Lord; nor any works
Of all that other gods have done
Like to thy glorious works.
9. The nations all whom thou hast made
Shall come, and all shall frame
To bow them low before thee, Lord,
And glorify thy name.
10. For great thou art, and wonders great
By thy strong hand are done;
Thou in thy everlasting seat,
Remainest God alone.
11. Teach ine, O Lord, thy way most right,
I in thy truth will bide; . -
To fear thy name my heart unite,
So shall it never slide.
12. Thee will I praise, O Lord my God,
Thee honour and adore
With my whole heart, and blaze abroad
Thy name for evermore.

13. For great thy mercy is toward me,
And thou hast freed my soul, *
Even from the lowest Hell set free,
From deepest darkness foul.
14. O God, the proud against me rise,
And violent men are met
To seek my life, and in their eyes
No fear of thee have set. -
15. But thou, Lord, art the God most mild,
Readiest thy grace to shew,
Slow to be angry, and art styl'd
Most merciful, most true.
16. O, turn to me thy face at length,
And me have mercy on;
Unto thy servant give thy strength,
And save thy handmaid's son.
17. Some sign of good to me afford,
And let my foes then see,
And be asham'd; because thou, Lord,
Dost help and comfort me.


1. AMONG the holy mountains high Is his foundation fast; There seated in hissanctuary, His temple there isplac'd, 2. Sion's fair gates the Lord loves more Than all the dwellings fair Of Jacob's land, though there bestore, And all within his care. 3. City of God, most glorious things Of thee abroad are spoke; 4. I mention Egypt, where proud kings Did our forefathers yoke. lmention Babel to my friends, Philistia full of scorn; And Tyre with Ethiops' utmost ends, Lo this man there was born: 5. But twice that praise shall in our ear Be said of Sion last; This and this man was born in her; High God shall fix her fast. 6. The Lord shall write it in a scroll That ne'er shall be out-worn, When he the nations doth enroll, That this manthere was born. 7. Both they who sing, and they who dance, With sacred songs are there; In thee fresh books, and softstreams glance, Andall my fountains clear.


1. Lond God, that dost me save and keep,
All day to thee I cry;
And all night long before thee weep,
Before thee prostrate lie.
2. Into thy presence let my prayer
With sighs devout ascend;
And to my cries, that ceaseless are,
Thine ear with favour bend.
3. For, cloy'd with woes and trouble store,
Surcharg'd my soul doth lie;
My life, at Death's uncheerful door,
Unto the grave draws nigh.

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