An appeal to the public for religious liberty against the oppressions of the present day

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John Boyle in Marlborough-Street, 1773 - 62

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Strona 46 - And not holding the Head, from which all the body by joints and bands having nourishment ministered, and knit together, increaseth with the increase of God.
Strona 43 - ... tually done in this life," that they mall receive at the hand of God hereafter. 2. Cor. v. 10. " for we muft all appear before the " judgment feat of Chrift -, that every one *' may receive the things done in his body, " according to that he hath done, whether
Strona 22 - I am come in my Father's name, and ye have not received me; another will come in his own name, him ye will receive.
Strona 21 - Episcopalians out of the tax, the people wonder he is not aware that he is all this while forbidding that the king should have his dues paid unto him ; and forbidding the king's minister to receive what the king...
Strona 49 - Christ's ministry ; but are a papal spot that is abhorred by all pious protestants. And since you wrote this letter the constable of Attleborough has been taking away the estates of our dear friends and pious dissenters to maintain the minister. The like hath been done in the town of Mendon. Is this the way of peace ? Is this the fruit of your love ? Why do you hug the...
Strona 4 - The true liberty of man is, to know, obey and enjoy his creator, and to do all the good unto, and enjoy all the happiness with and in his fellow creatures that he is capable of; in order to which the law of love was written in his heart, which carries in it's nature union and benevolence to Being in general, and to each being in particular, according to it's nature and excellency, and to it's relation...
Strona 13 - It appears that the true difference and exact limits between ecclesiastical and civil government is this, that the church is armed with light and truth to pull down the strongholds of iniquity and to gain souls to Christ and into his Church to be governed by his rules therein, and again to exclude such from their communion, who will not be so governed; while the state is armed with the sword to guard the peace and the civil rights of all persons and societies and...
Strona 7 - Then when luft hath conceived, it bringeth forth fin ; and fin, when it is finifhed, bringeth forth death.
Strona 21 - I received yours by your sonne, and was unwilling to let him returne without telling you as much. The exercise and troubles which God is pleased to lay upon these Kingdomes and the inhabitants in them, teaches us patience and forbearance one with another in some measure, though there be difference in our opinions, which makes me hope that, from the experience here, it may also be derived to yourselves...
Strona 57 - Such prosecutions do but give a principle, which would be most fatal to the church of God ; yea, they do but afford a root for Cain's club to grow upon. These violences may bring the erroneous to be hypocrites, but they will never make them to be believers ; no, they naturally prejudice men's minds against the cause, which is therein pretended for, as being a weak, a wrong, an evil cause. — Wherefore, that things may go well...

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