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1. Subscribers solicit attention to their proposed repurcadion of the works of MRS. SHERWOOD in a cheap and handsome edition. This is, unquestionably, one of the most admirable family series in the English language from the pen of a single writer. It is a fact somewhat remarkable, considering the great merit of these writings, their extensive and increasing popularity in England, and the favour with which such as are familiar to American readers have been received, that many of them have never been republished in this country; while some of the works published as MRS. SHERWOOD'S are in fact not her productions.

The Subscribers have recently been favoured with a letter from the accomplished authoress, enclosing a complete list of her works, which are more numerous than is commonly supposed. The subjects are exceedingly various, and adapted to different degrees of capacity, from that of opening youth to the matured intellect of riper years; but in all, the sentiments, the spirit, and the influence upon the mind are such as to command the warmest approbation of every enlightened Christian; while, in their aptitude for the cultivation of the understanding and the improvement of the heart, they challenge competition. These features render the works of MRS. SHERWOOD peculiarly suitable for the ibraries of Sunday-schools, and for families in which

there are young persons; at the same time, most of them are of such a nature as to afford both profit and delight to readers of every age.

Impressed with these considerations, sensible not only of the value of the works themselves, but also of the benefits their more general dissemination will be instrumental in producing, the Subscribers have determined upon their immediate republication in a form worthy of their intrinsic merit. The editions heretofore produced in the United States, even of those portions that have been republished, have been, for the most part, inferior, and in some cases the works selected have been materially injured by alterations and abridgments. The contemplated edition will be printed in the same style as the edition of Miss Edgeworth's Tales published by the Subscribers, and with illustrations on steel. The number of volumes will be hereafter ascertained and stated; and the several works will, as far as practicable, be so arranged that each volume will be perfect in itself, and may be purchased separately, if desired.

The Subscribers feel assured, that the collection to which they invite the attention of the public will be found worthy of the same encouragement that has been extended to their previous standard publications. For that encouragement they avail themselves of the present opportunity to express their grateful sense; and, with confidence, they present their contemplated edition of MRS. SHERWOOD's writings as evidence of their anxiety to merit its continuance.


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