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bad his salary raised to $4,000; and now here amendment, and I hope the Senate will not

fail for the sake of a few hundred or a few is the Assistant Secretary of the Interior, who | adopt it.

thousand dollars which is simply required by has for a long time acted as Secretary of the A great deal of truth has been stated by the each and every subordinate. Interior, who is practically the law officer of Senator from Ohio as to the necessities of these Sir, I speak from actual knowledge-my that Department, whose business it is to review gentlemen. That is a truth that he could assert friend from Maine, the chairman of the Comall litigated questions in reference to land titles as to the necessities of every Senator who hears mittee on Appropriations, will bear me outand other questions of that description, and to me who has not a fortune, whose expenditures that there is not a consul of the United States finally decide them, and he is left to get on necessarily exceed his official income and sal- anywhere from the Mosquito Islands to London with a salary of $3,500. It seems to me to be ary, for the same reason that was told hy some who does not demund an increase of salary, and a very singular state of affairs. I supposed that gentleman in debate, that even in this repub- show us that it is absolutely necessary to susthe same reason which justified increasing the lican and democratic country there are certain tain the dignity of the flag and the diguity of salary of the Commissioner of Pensions would expenses that belong to official station some- this great Government that his salary should justify an increase of this salary, and I did not what proportioned to the dignity of that station, || be increased. suppose any objection would be made. The

family expenses, social expenses, official ex- This is all right, I suppose; but if we compropositions that have been made here, I have penses, and "begging expenses,

mence the increase of salaries, let us go through no doubt, though I am not advised as to all, gested. You are expected to subscribe to and increase them all; let us have the dignity have been simply made by certain members every good work, and a great many that are not sustained ; let the women in the Departments of the committee applying to other members good; and you have to do it. So, although be paid enough to sustain the dignity of the of the committee for consent to propose those our salaries are somewhat higher than those of United States ; let the consuls of the United amendments, and they have been proposed as these Comptrollers, it is just as true of us that Slates who are scattered over the broad globe coming from the committee, when perhaps in we are pinched in order to make the ends meet have money enough to sustain its dignity. Let point of fact they had never been considered on our salaries at the end of the year. It can- us have dignity by all means; and let there be by any committee, either by the committee pot be done. We are obliged, those of us who

no lack, proposing them or by the Committee on Appro- are lawyers, to resort to our professional occu. But, sir, enough of this. We have coin priations, and in that way have been brought pations during the vacation, and during odd menced here and now an initiatory step. If before the Senate and have been considered hours of the session of the Senate to run into this increase of salary is sustained in the Sea and adopted. If it be decided to be out of the Supreme Court and earn $100, and do ate, then, sir, you must increase every salary order I have nothing further to say. . whatever we honorably and properly ean in

froin the highest to the lowest, and next year The PRESIDENT pro tempore. The ques

order to eke out that sum which it is necessary $10,000,000 will not pay for this initiatory step: tion is whether the decision of the Chair shall that persons in our position should expend for You have inaugurated a system that, it carried stand as the judgment of the Senate. public and private objects.

out, will involve millions, and it must be car. Mr. SUMNER. I do not know that I can All this is true undoubtedly of these Comp- ried out. I have here before me, and shall add to the discussion; but without undertak- troilers, but the question is whether we can propose it now, a proposition coming from the ing to express any opinion on what the old lift them at this time out of the position in Treasury Department to increase other salaries rule was, or the old practice, it does seem to which they are placed and leave the poor low of a higher grade. You haveivsulted men here me that the new rule we have established, is || grade of clerks—and when I speak of low by raising their subordinates over them, actit is to be preserved, requires an interpreta- | grade, I of course am speaking of their official | ually insulted them. You have raised the saltion that shall exclude such a motion as that grade-who only getnine, ten, twelve, fourteen, aries of subordinates over that of their princiwbich is now made, except according to the or sixteen hundred dollars a year in the slough pals. The dignity of the United States cannot notice required by the rule. I do not doubt of despond, while we are elevating these others. be maintained if you raise the salary of a subthat a proposition may be made on an amend. They are pinched in the same way. Their ordinate over that of his principal. You must ment which shall be germane to it, which expenditures are not as large, to be sure, but maintain dignity.

Here you have raised the shall be kindred to it, which shall be essentially if they have only a third of the money to pay salaries of your subordinates over that of an associated with that special amendment. For i them with. We are all in need of an increase Assistant Secretary. You lose your dignity at instance, a condition may be annexed, or it of salary, or else we ought all to be able to

It cannot be done. may be reduced ; but to add another distinct make a dollar that we receive worth more in Mr. VYE. I should like to know from the proposition relating to another distinct subject. wheat and corn and wine and oil than it is now. honorable Senator from Michigan if he did matter it seems to me entirely nullifies the That is the truth about it.

not vote for the additions. I noticed that lie new rule. If you can add to the first amendment Can we, before we have settled our finances, voted for them, and the question arises in my a second amendment to increase the salary of before we have adjusted our taxation, before mind whether he has not helped to sustain the another officer, why may you not go through we have taken any of those great reformatory dignity by his votes. the whole Government and add a proposition and revisory steps that always must follow Mr. CHANDLER.

I propose to put them to increase the salary of the President of the after a period of disturbance and distress, such all

on; you want part; I want them ail on; i United States or of the Chief Justice? By the as this war has brought about, enter upon this gave notice that I would vote for them all on same argument that you can add a proposition special method of elevating particular salaries the ground that if you raise one you must raise to increase the salary of one other officer you to particular otlicers? They must bear thegriefs all. I voted for every one after I gave that may add a proposition that shall increase the they have as the rest of us do, for the time notice. If you are going to sustain the dig, salaries of all the officers of the Government. being, until we shall be able to adjust all these | nity I want to sustain the whole dignity, and It seems to me, therefore, that we cannot pre- salaries upon some proper substantial basis. not a little part of it. I want them all raised serve the rule which we have at last established These are the reasons briefly why I feel if you raise any, and I expect the Senate to without excluding the proposed amendment. obliged to vote against this amendment as I raise them all. And now, sir, I wish to move

The PRESIDENT pro tempore. The ques. voted against the particular ones that were to put in at the place where my friend from tion is, "Shall the decision of the Chair stand offered to it.

lowa put in his amendmentas the judgment of the Senate ?"

Mr. CHANDLER. There is not a consul The PRESIDENT pro tempore. The ques. The question being put, the decision of the of the United States, I believe, who is not tion pending is on the amendment as amended. Chair was overruled.

asking for an increase of salary because he has Mr. CHANDLER. It is in order, I believe, The PRESIDENT pro tempore. The amend- all the dignity of the United States to sustain to amend the amendment. ment offered by the Senator from Oregon is and nearly all the charities. A consul with Mr. DRAKE. It has just been decidh that out of order under the construction of the Sen- $1,500 a year has to maintain his flag and the

you cannot do it. ate. The question is on the amendment made dignity of the United States and contribute to Mr. CHANDLER. I wish to put in " that as in Committee of the Whole as amended, to all the charities; and I believe there is not a the Assistant Secretary of the Treasury shall add as a new section :

single consul of the United States who is not receive a salary of $5,000 per annum." And be it further enacted, That from and after the to-day demanding an increase of salary because move that as an amendment to the amend3011 day of June, 1868, the angual salaries of the his necessary expenses in supporting the dig. ment, and after that I have twenty or thirty Comptrollers of the Treasury and the Commissioner of Customs shall be $1,500 each; of the Solicitor, the

nity of this great Government are so great that others which I wish to put in likewise. Auditory, the Register, and the supervising architect bis pay is utterly incompetent to support him. Mr. MORRILL, of Maine. I will ask the of the Treasury, the Commissioner of the General Now, sir, I find that the dignity of the United Senator whether he has given any notice of Land Ofice, and the Commissioner of Pensions $ 1,000

States has to be sustained by every one of these each; and the additional amount necessary to pay

that? the increase of salaries provided for by this section officers whoge salaries have been raised; but Mr. CHANDLER. No, sir ; it is an amendo be, ond the same is hereby, appropriated out of any I find also that there is not a subordinate, no ment to an amendment. money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated.

matter whether his salary be $600 as a watch: Mr. MORRILL, of Maine. That has been Mr. EDMUNDS. I have voted against man or he be an Assistant Secretary, who does ruled out of order. These other amendments to this amendment, not equally have the whole dignity of the The PRESIDENT pro tempore. It is not in not because I had any special ground to dis. United States upon his shoulders. If it is order, tinguish against gentlemen whose salaries it

necessary that every employé of this Govern- Mr. CHANDLER. It ought to be if it is was proposed to increase-I presume some of ment should sustain the dignity of the United

not; and if this is not entertained, I shall vote them ought to be increased--but because I am States let us increase them all, and let us enable | against the whole section. opposed to any increase at this time. That is

every one of them to sustain the dignity of the Mr. EDMUNDS. I ask for the yeas and the reason why I have voted "no" upon several United States. It will be pretty costly; but

Days on the amendment as amended. amendments that have been offered adding to after all dignity must be sustained; we cannot The yeas and nays were ordered. this list of officers, and I shall vote against this allow the dignity of this great Government to

Mr. HOWE. I have not said anything about

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this matter, and would not if you had not Edmunds, Howe, McCreery, Patterson of New Hamp- now been before the Senate for four days, and
obliged me to say yea or nay-
shire, Trumbull, Wade, Williams, Wilson, and

ought to be disposed of.
Mr. RAMSEY. I should like to appeal to
ABSENT-Messrs. Anthony, Bayard, Buckalew,

The PRESIDENT pro tempore. Before putthe Senator from Wisconsin to know whether Cameron, Dixon, Ferry, Fowler, Grimes, Hender- ting that motion the Chair will lay before the he will not yield to a motion to adjourn or for

son, Howard, Johnson, Morton, Norton, Patterson Senate certain communications.

of Tennessee, Pomeroy, Rice, Saulsbury, Sprague,
an executive session.
and Thayer-19.

Mr. CHANDLER. Very weli.
Mr. HOWE. In one moment.
So the amendment, as amended, was con-

Mr. MORRILL, of Maine. We can finish

curred ip.
this bill in a short time now.

The PRESIDENT pro tempore laid before
Mr. RAMSEY. I desire to submit an amend-
Mr. HOWE. I will yield to a motion to

the Senate a letter from the Secretary of War,
ment, of which I give notice now according transmitting, in compliance with a resolution
adjourn in a moment.
Nr. EDMUNDS. Oh, no; let us go right

to the rules, and desire to have printed and of the 27th ul:imo, à copy of the report of

referred to the Committee on Appropriations. Inspector General Marcy, made in 1864, on the
on with the bill.
Well, I will yield any way in

The PRESIDENT pro tempore. It will be

condition of the department of Arkansas and
so referred and printed.
a moment, whatever comes.

the Indian territory; which was referred to Mr. President, I am going to vote against

Mr. MORRILL, of Maine. I desire to call the Committee on Military Affairs and the

the attention of the Senate to an amendment Militia. this amendment; and yet I subscribe to the

that ought to have been made in Committee of He also laid before the Senate a letter of the truth of almost every word that was urged by

the Whole, on page 18, which for the time was the Senator from Ohio some time since. I

Secretary of War, recommending that so much informally passed over.

I ask the unanimous of section thirteen of an act entitled "An act believe that we are not paying these officers an

consent of the Senate to have that amendment adequate salary. I believe we are not paying

to increase and fix the military peace estabconcurred in. a single Government employé in the city of

ment of the United States," approved July

Mr. EDMUNDS. What is it?
Washington, who does the duty which the law

28, 1866, as provides that no vacancies occur.

The PRESIDENT pro tempore. It will be ring in the quartermaster's department in the imposes upon him, anything like an honest salary. I believe that real suffering grows out reported.

grades of major and captain shall be filled

The Chief Clerk read the amendment, which of these meager salaries, and to relieve that

until the number of majors is reduced to twelve was on page 18, line four hundred and thirty: l and the number of captains to thirty, be resuffering I would be willing to vote for an increase of this compensation.

one, to strike out “two' and to insert“ four ;" || pealed ; which was referred to the Committee

in line four hundred and thirty-two, to strike
But when Senators enlarge here upon the

on Military Affairs and the Militia.
impossibility of supporting a family on a salary four hundred and thirty-seven to strike out
out “ five" and to insert “ six;'' and in line

of $3,000 it astounds me that it does not occur

· tive” and insert “nine;'' so that the clause A message from the House of Representa. to them that the difficulty of supporting a famwill read :

tives, by Mr. McPherson, its Clerk, announced ily on $1,800 or $1,200 must be very much

For First Auditor of the Treasury, chief clerk,

that the House had passed the following bill greater. The House of Representatives, I am

four clerks of class four, eight clerks of class three, and joint resolution, in which it requested the
told, a short time since agreed to continue an six clerks of class two, five clerks of class one; also, concurrence of the Senate :
appropriation or an increase of twenty per cent.

two clerks of class three, four clerks of class two,
and eight clerks of class one, (transferred from the

A bill (H. R. No. 1313) granting an increase to the present salaries of the clerks in these

ollices of the third Auditor and the Solicitor.) one of pension to Sarah Hakleman, widow of BrigDepartments, and sent to this body a bill for mesenger and one assistant messenger, and one la- adier General Pleasant A. Hackleman; and that purpose, but the next day they recalled it, borer, in all $59,360.

A joint resolution (H. R. No. 225) respectand it is said that no such proposition as that Mr. MORRILL, of Maine. This clause was

ing national banks in liquidation. will receive the assentof this Congress. Taking passed over on the suggestion of the Senator

The message also announced that the House it for granted that that is so, I cannot myself from Ohio, (Mr. SHERMAN,] that he desired to

had passed the following joint resolutions of see the propriety of raising $3,500 to $4,500, offer an amendment to it; but I believe he after- the Senate: and $3,000 to $4,000, and leaving $1,200 and ward put his amendment somewhere else, so

A joint resolution (S. R. No. 129) donating $1,400 to be just so many dollars. I do uot that it becomes necessary to act on this amend. certain captured ordnance for the completion believe that it is honest or just. There are ment reported by the Committee on Appropri- of a monument to the memory of the late nuen holding $1,200 clerkships in the city of ations.

Major General John Sedgwick; and
Washington who take to the daily discharge of The amendment was agreed to.

A joint resolution (S. R. No. 143) for the
their daily duty as much integrity, as much Mr. CORBETT. I desire to offer an amend- relief of George W. Doty, a commander in the
character, and ás much capacity as you find at ment to House bill No. 818, the miscellaneous United States Navy on the retired list.
the heads of many of these bureaus. Now,
appropriation bill, which I ask to have referred

Mr. President, I think that Congress must to the Committee on Appropriations.
afford relief in some way to these necessitous.

The message further announced that the
Mr. CHANDLER. I desire to submit an
I should be glad to see it done at this session; amendment to this bill which I intend to offer.

Speaker of the House had signed the followat the next session I believe it will be done;

ing enrolled bills and joint resolutions; and

Mr. SPRAGUE. I desire also to give notice but when you shall offer me an opportunity to of an amendment I intend to offer to the mis

they were thereupon signed by the President vote to relieve the necessities of all these em: cellaneous appropriation bill.

pro tempore of the Senate:
ployés I am ready for it, and will vote for it.

A bill (H. R. No. 236) granting a pension to
Mr. PATTERSON, of New Hampshire. I
you give me such an opportunity I can- offer an amendment to the miscellaneous appro-

John Q. A. Keck, late private in the third not vote to relieve the necessities of any of

Missouri cavalry ;
priation bill, to be referred to the Committee
them, or if I do it must not be the least neces.

A bill (H. R. No. 347) for holding terms of on Appropriations.

the district court of the United States for the sitous ones that I will vote to relieve, but I The PRESIDENT pro tempore. The amendwill ask that it be the most necessitous, those

southern district of Illinois at the city of Cairo,
ment will be referred to the Committee on
who receive the lowest salaries.

in said State ;
Mr. FRELINGHUYSEN. I intend to vote Mr. SHERMAN. These notices are not in

A joint resolution (S. R. No. 129) donating in favor of this amendment, and for this reason:

certain captured ordnance for the completion of order until we pass the bill before us. I believe the committee who have examined

Mr. CATTELL. I desire to offer an amend.

a monument to the memory of the late Major this subject know a great deal more about it

General John Sedgwick; and
ment to the pending bill. The Clerk has the
than the rest of the Senate, and they have | amendment, and I ask that it be read.

A joint resolution (S. R. No. 143) for the unanimously recommended it, and the respon

relief of George W. Doty, a commander in the

The Chief Clerk read the amendment, which sibility is with them. We have been told by

United States Navy on the retired list. was on page 44, line one thousand and eighty. one of the members of that committee that one, to strike out “six ” and insert “nine;

HOUSE BILLS REFERRED. most valuable talent to the Government would

and in the same line, after the word “thou. The bill (H, R. No. 1313) granting an inbe lost unless this increase of salary was made. auds to strike out "five hundred," and at crease of pension to Sarah Hackleman, widow I do not see the logic of the argument which the end of the line to insert:

of Brigadier General Pleasant A. Hackleman, has been made here, that nen who get $1,200

Provided, That from and after the 1st day of July, was read twice by its title, and referred to the or $1,800 are any worse off because we do 1868, the annual compensation of the weighing clerk Committee on Pensions; and the joint res. justice in this emergency to a few of the shall be $2.500, and the compensation of the calcula

olution (H. R. No. 225) respecting national officers.

ting, accounting, and warrant clerks shall be $2,000

banks in liquidation, was read twice by its title, The PRESIDENT pro tempore. The ques. So that the clause will read :

and referred to the Committee on Finance. tion is on concurring in the amendment as

Mint at Philadelphia:

LEGISLATIVE, ETC., APPROPRIATION BILL. amended, on which the yeas and nays have For salaries of the Director, treasurer, assayer, beeu ordered.

melter and refiner, chief coiner and engraver, assist- The Senate resumed the consideration of the The question being taken by yeas and nays,

ant assayer, and seven clerks, $39.000: Provided, bill (H. R. No. 605) making appropriations for

That from and after the 1st day of July, 1863, ihe resulted-yeas 24, nays 13; as follows:

the legislative, executive, and judical expenses annual compensation of the weighing clerk shall be

of the Government for the year ending the YEAS-Messrs. Cattell, Conness, Corbett, Davis,

$2.500, and the compensation of the calculating, acDoolittle. Drake, Fessenden. Frelinghuysen. Harlan,

counting, and warrant clerks shall be $2,000 each. 30th of June, 1869. Hendricks, McDonald. Morgan, Morrill of Maine, Mr. CHANDLER. I move that the Senate The PRESIDENT pro tempore. It is moved Morrill of 'Vermont, Nye, Ramsey, Ross, Sherman, do now adjourn.

and seconded that the Senate do now adjourn. Stewart, Sumner, Tipton, Van Winkle, Vickers, and Willey-24.

Mr. MORRILL, of Maine. I hope not. We Mr. CATTELL. I have the floor, and did NAYS-Messrs. Chandler, Cole, Conkling, Cragin, can finish this bill in a few minutes. It has

not yield to the motion to adjourn. I offered 40TH CONG. 20 SESS.No. 221.

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an amendment, and while the amendment was ington. Having said this much, I submit it that they be called. I do not ask that they be being read the Chair introduced these matters, to the Senate.

notified to attend, but that the list of those who I holding the floor; and I have not yielded it Mr. McCREERY. I move that the Senate have not voted shall be called by the Secretary, to allow a motion to adjourn to be made.

now proceed to the consideration of executive that it may be seen who are absent. Mr. CHANDLER. It was after my motion business.

The PRESIDENT pro tempore. They will to adjourn that the Chair laid those matters Several SENATORS. Let us pass this bill be called. before the Senate. I had the floor. first.

The Chief Clerk proceeded to call the names The PRESIDENT pro tempore. The Sen- Mr. McCREERY. Very well; I withdraw of the absentees, as follows: ator from Michigan had the floor, I believe. the motion for the present.

Mr. ANTHONY, Mr. Bayard, Mr. BUCKaLEW,

I ge 1 Mr. CATTELL. It was during the reading The PRESIDENT pro tempore. The ques- Mr. CAMERON, Mr. CHANDLER, Mr. Dixox,

be questi of my amendment, I submit to the Chair. tion is on the amendnient of the Senator froin Mr. DRAKE, Mr. Ferry, Mr. FESSENDEN, Mr. The PRESIDENT pro tempore. The amend- New Jersey.

FOWLER, Mr. Grimes, Mr. HENDERSON, Mr. ment had been read. The question is on the Mr. TRUMBULL. Is that within the rule, | Hexpricks, Mr. Howard, Mr. Howe-

French adjournment. I should like to know?

Mr. MORRILL, of Maine. Mr. Howe i The question being put, there were, on a Mr. CATTELL. Certainly it is. If the present. division-ayes 9, noes 19.

Senator had done me the honor to listen to my The Chief CLERK, (continuing.) Mr. MorThe PRESIDENT pro tempore. There is no remarks he would have learned that it had rill of Vermont, Mr. Morton, Mr. Norton, quorum voting. been through all its stages.

Mr. Nye, Mr. PATTERSON of Tennessee, Mr. Mr. EDMUNDS. That does not make any The question being put, there were, on a POMEROY, Mr. RAMSEYdifference on a motion to adjourn; the motion division-ayes fourteen.

Mr. RAMSEY, Here. is lost.

Mr. TRUMBULL. That is not a majority The Chief Clerk, (continuing:) Mr. Rice, Mcheco Mr. TRUMBULL. But you cannot do any of a quorum ; the amendment is lost.

Mr. SaulsBURY, Mr. SUMNER, Mr. THAYER, business.

The PRESIDENT pro tempore. Those in Mr. TIPTON Mr. WILSON. We had better have the yeas the negative will rise.

Mr, TIPTON. Here. and nays on the motion.

Six Senators rose.

The CHIEF CLERK, (continuing.) Mr. Wil. Mr. MORRILL, of Maine. Nineteen and The PRESIDENT pro tempore. There is no nine constitute a quorum. quorum voting.

Mr. VAN WINKLE. I desire to state that The PRESIDENT pro tempore. It takes Mr. CRAGIN. There is one little amend- my colleague (Mr. WillEY] has gone home twenty-nine now to make a quorum. ment that I wish to offervery unwell.

brand, Mr. MORRILL, of Maine. Then I ask for The PRESIDENT pro tempore. There is Mr. HOWE. Is not my vote recorded ? the yeas and nays on the motion.

an amendment pending, and there is no quo- The PRESIDENT pro tempore. It is not. The yeas and nays were ordered ; and being rum to decide it.

Mr. HOWE. I voted in the negative.

1:00) taken, resulted-yeas 6, nays 25; as follows: Mr. CATTELL. I ask for the yeas and Mr. SHERMAN. The Senator from Min

YEAS– Messrs. Cole, McCreery, Sprague, Tipton, nays on my amendment. I hope Senators will nesota and the Senator from Nebraska, with
Trumbull, and Willey-6.
NAYS-Messrs. Cattell, Conkling, Conness, Cor-

vote; and I trust they will agree to this amend. the Senator from Wisconsin, make a quorum. bett, Crigin, Davis, Doolittle, Edmunds, Frelinghuy- ment. I think it is but an act of justice.

Mr. MORRILL, of Maine. I move that the sen, Harlan, Howe, McDonald, Morgan, Morrill of The yeas and nays were ordered; and being names of the Senator from Minnesota and the Maine, Patterson of New Hampshire, Ross, Sherman, Stewart, Thayer, Van Winkle, Vickers, Wade,

taken, resulted--yeas 15, nays 11; as follows: Senator from Nebraska be called. Williams, Wilson, and Yates-25. YEAS-Messrs. Cattell, Cole, Corbett. Davis, Doo

Mr. EDMUNDS. It does not need any ABSENT-Messrs, Anthony, Bayard, Buckalew, little. Frelinghuysen, McDonald, Morrill of Maine, motion. You have a right to insist upon it. Cameron, Chandler Dixon, Drake, Ferry, Fessenden, Ross, Sherman, Stewart, Van Winkle, Vickers, Wil Fowler, Grimes, Ilenderson, Hendricks, Howard, liams, and Yates-15.

Mr. TRUMBULL. Called for what pur-
Johnson, Morrill of Vermont, Morton, Norton, Nye, NAYS-Messrs. Conkling, Conness, Cragin, Ed- pose ?
Patterson of Tennessee, Pomeroy, Ramsey, Rice, munds. Harlan, McCreery, Morgan, Patterson of Mr. EDMUNDS. To vote.
Saulsbury, and Sumner-25.

New Hampshire, Trumbull, Wade, and Witson-11.
ABSENT-Messrs. Anthony, Bayard, Buckalew,

Mr. TRUMBULL, They cannot vote after
So the Senate refused to adjourn.
Cameron, Chandler, Dixon, Drake, Ferry, Fessenden,

the result is declared. There is an express The PRESIDENT pro tempore. The ques. Fowler. Grimes, Henderson, Hendricks, Howard, Howe, Johnson, Morrillof Vermont, Morton, Norton,

rule forbidding it. I object to it. They have tion now is on the amendment of the Senator Nye, Patterson of Tennessee, Pomeroy. Ramsey,

no right to vote. from New Jersey.

Rice, Saulsbury, Sprague, Sumner, Thayer, Tipton, Mr. EDMUNDS. All you have to do is to Mr. CATTELL. I desire to make a very and Willey-30.

call the yeas and nays over again. brief statement in regard to the amendment The PRESIDENT pro tempore. There is Mr. TRUMBULL. You have no right to which I have proposed, which is to increase no quorum voting.

call the yeas and nays over again. I object the salaries of the principal clerks in the Mint Mr. MORRILL, of Maine. I should like to that. The question is decided, and you at Philadelphia, those who are ebarged with to have the absentees called, and I make that cannot decide it twice except by a motion to the responsible duty of having charge of the motion.

reconsider. bullion and passing millions of dollars through The motion was agreed to.

Mr. MORRILL, of Maine. . Then I will their hands. Their salary has not been changed Mr. CONKLING. I rise to a question of submit another motion, and see what the Sen. since 1854, and when a revision was made of

order, and I ask for the reading of the six- ator says to that. I move that the Sergeantthe salaries of the officers in the Mint these teenth rule.

at-Arms be directed to notify absent members gentlemen were in some way overlooked. They

The Chief Clerk read it, as follows:

to attend the meeting of the Senate. I feel are now under heavy bonds, and yet they are

"'16. When the yeas and nays shall be called for by

justified in making this motion because I upon salaries of $1,500 each, less than that

one fifth of the Senators present, each Senator called notice that by a systematic effort certain Sen. of a third-class clerk in the Departments in upon shall, unless for special reasons ho be excused tors left the Senate obviously for the purpose the city of Washington, This advance of

by the Senate, declare openly and without dehate his
assent or dissent to the question. In taking the yous

of breaking up a quorum when this call began. their salary is recommended by the Treasurer, and nays and upon a call of the Senate the naines Mr. SHERMAN. I do not think that motion Mr. McKibbin, at Philadelphia, by the Director, of the Senators shall be called alphabetically."

is necessary. The rule is imperative and plain. Mr. Linderman, and also by the Secretary of Mr. CONKLING. I see the Senator froin If the want of a quorum is disclosed the vote the Treasury in a very warm letter on the sub. Minnesota [Mr. RAMSEY] in his seat. I beg to fails, and then as soon as a quorum is got ject. One of these clerks, the weigh clerk, inquire of him whether he voted on the call? | together the roll is again called, without an for instance, informs me that he passes through His name does not appear.

ordering of the yeas and nays, and the vote is his hands in the course of a year from thirty Mr. RAMSEY. I respectfully inform the taken again. to fifty million dollars, reaching one year Senator from New York that I was not in my Mr. EDMUNDS. Certainly; there is no $69,000,000 of bullion, and that lie frequently seat at the time the roll was called.

doubt of that. has in charge under his own key five, six, Mr. CONKLING. But some time before Mr. SHERMAN. Anl I ask now that tbe seven, or eight million dollars of treasure. All the announcement was made the Senator was roll be called again. of the gentlemen connected with the Mint in his seat.

Mr. MORRILL of Maine. If that is in order speak of these as being highly responsible Mr. RAMSEY. I was in conversation with I withdraw my motion for the present. positions, and of the incumbents, who have a Senator, and did not observe that my name The PRESIDENT pro tempore. Regularly filled them for years, as being of the highest was called,

the roll should be called to ascertain whether character both as to ability and as to integrity. Mr. CONKLING. Nevertheless, I submit there is a quorum.

This proposition has been submitted to the we are entitled to have the Senator vote, as we Mr. EDMUNDS. It now appears that there Committee on Finance, and upon examination are trying to get a quorum.

is a quorum present. has been recommended by that committee. It Mr. DOOLITTLE. This is all out of order. Mr. TRUMBULL. It has not been made has also been submitted to the Committee on As a quorum is not present, we must adjourn to appear yet. Appropriations, and I believe has met with or send for the absentees,

The PRESIDENT pro tempore. The roll some success even with that committee ; at any

Mr. MORRILL, of Maine. I believe my may be called again on the same question. ! rate with its chairman. I believe that this

motion is in order to call the absentees. advance upon these salaries is justly due to The PRESIDENT pro tempore. The mo.

see no impropriety in that, although I never

knew it to be done before. honest, faithful, competent officers, filling high tion of the Senator from Maine is in order. Mr. TRUMBULL. I suppose when it is positions of trust and responsibility upon sal. Less than a quorum can compel the attendance ascertained that we have got a quorum that aries, as I have already observed, really below of the absent members.

must be done. that of a third-class clerk in the city of Wash- Mr. MORRILL, of Maine. I merely ask

Mr. CONKLING. That is ascertained now.


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Mr. TRUMBULL, If the Chair is satisfied
and sixty-two contain a proposition to pay for that

for additional laborers and messengers for the that a quorum is present, very well.

particular branch of the work for the ensuing ses- Senate-
The PRESIDENT pro tempore. I suppose

The deficiency which exists in the appropriations

Mr. MORRILL, of Maine. The same rule the proper way to test that would be to call

for reporting and printing in the Daily Globe we shall applies to that.
the roll and find out. The Chair is of opinion tako ineasures to have provided for in the deficiency Mr. CRAGIN. The rule as I understand is
that there is a quorum present. The roll may

bill now framing by the appropriate committee of
the House of Representatives.

that you cannot introduce new matter.
be called again on the amendment of the Sen-

Trusting that our suggestion may be favorably Mr. MORRILL, of Maine. This is an in. ator from New Jersey, if there is no objection considered by yourself and your honorable commit

I raise the question of order.
toe, we remain, very respectfully.
to it. I see no objection.


Mr. CRAGIN. I supposed you could in-
The question being again taken by yeas and Reporters and Printers of the Debates of Congress. crease or diminish an appropriation in the
nays, resulted-yeas 16, nays 15; as follows: Hon. Lot M. MORRILL, Chairman of Committee on bill.
YEAS-Messrs. Cattell, Cole, Corbett, Davis. Doo-
Appropriations, United States Senate.

Mr. NORRILL, of Maine. You can di-
little, Frelinghuysen, McDonald, Morrill of Maine, Mr. MORRILL, of Maine. The committee minish, but not increase.
Ramsey, Ross, Sherman, Stewart, Van Winkle,
Vickers. Williams, and Yates--16.

did not adopt that suggestion, for reasons obvi- The PRESIDENT pro tempore. The amend.
NAYS-Messrs. Conkling, Conness, Cragin, Ed- ous enough on the reading of the letter. The ment is not in order.
munds. Harlan, Howe, McCreery, Morgan, Patter- committee had no such information as justified The amendments were ordered to be en.
son of New Hampshire, Sprague, Tbayer, Tipton,
Trumbull, Wade, and Wilson--15.

them in adopting it; and supposing that if it grossed, and the bill to be read a third time.
ABSENT-Messrs. Anthony, Bayard, Buckalew, was offered by the Committee on Printing in the The bill was read the third time, and passed.
Cameron, Chandler, Dixon, Drake. Ferry, Fessen- Senate they would be able to communicate such
den, Fowler, Grimes. Henderson, Hendricks, How- intelligence to the Senate as would enable the

ard, Johnson, Morrill of Vermont, Morton, Norton,
Nye, Patterson of Tennessee, Pomeroy, Rice, Sauls- Senate to act intelligently on the subject, we

Mr. WILSON. I move to take up the bill
bury, Sumner, and Willey-25.
left it to them. Whether they have done so or

establishing rules and articles for the governSo the amendment was agreed to. not, it is for the Senate to judge. I would

ment of the Army of the United States. It is a Mr. ROSS. I wish to offer two amend. suggest, however, that as these persons say

very important bill, and I want an hour or two ments. Notice of them has been given, and I themselves that they have a further appropri

to-morrow for the purpose of considering it.

Mr. McCREERY. I move that the Senate am instructed by the Committee on Printing to

ation to put upon the deficiency bill which is
report them. The first is on page 9, at the end
now being matured in the other House, much

proceed to the consideration of executive busi-
of line two hundred and seven, to insert: damage will not be likely to accrue to them if
Provided, That the foreman of binding in the Goy-
this amnendment be withdrawn. This, evi.

Mr. WILSON. I hope I shall be allowed

to have Senate bill No. 529 first taken up. ernment Printing Office be paid the same salary now dently, is a deficiency, if anything. allowed to the foreman of printing. Mr. EDMUNDS. They say it is in their

The PRESIDENT pro tempore. If there be Mr. CONKLING. What is the salary of

no objection the Chair will put the question on own letter. the foreman of printing?

the motion of the Senator from Massachusetts.
Mr. MORRILL, of Maine. A deficiency
Mr. ROSS. The salary of the foreman of

The motion was agreed to.
growing out of increased service occasioned
printing is now $1,800. The foreman of bind. | by the extra sessions last year.

The PRESIDENT pro tempore. The quesing receives $1,500, and performs the same Mr. CRAGIN. Perhaps I can shed some

tion now is on the motion of the Senator from labor and the same responsibility, and onght to light on this subject, and this may not be a

have the same pay:
deficiency except in mere form. Our former

The motion was agreed to; and the Senate Mr. CONKLING. I suggest to the Senator | Secretary drew the money appropriated for proceeded to the consideration of executive who moves this, if it is in order-I do not

this purpose.

When the present Secretary | business; and after some time spent in execuknow whether notice has been given—that he was elected by the Senate the moneys on hand

tive session the doors were reopened, and the change the phraseology and specify the sum. in the charge of Colonel Forney were restored

Senate adjourned.
I think it is an unfortunate way of legislation to the Treasury. Among those moneys, to my
to make the salary the same as some other certain knowledge, was a portion of the amount HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES.
appropriated for this purpose.

FRIDAY, June 26, 1868.
Mr. ROSS. I will accept the modification. Mr. EDMUNDS. Restored to the credit
Mr. MORRILL, of Maine. It had better of the appropriation ?

The House met at twelve o'clock m. Prayer
be put distinctly, so as to state the sum to be Mr. CRAGIN. Restored to the credit of || by the Chaplain, Rev. C. B. Boyntox.
the Secretary. When his accounts are settled

The Journal of yesterday was read and The amendment was modified to read : I suppose the money will be handed over approved.

EXCUSED FROM COMMITTEE SERVICE. Provided, That the salary of the foreman of binding again. in the Government Printing Office shall hereafter be Mr. EDMUNDS. The money is provided Mr. PAINE. Mr. Speaker, I find it imprac$1,800 per annum. The amendment was agreed to. for the object, whether it be in the Secretary's

ticable to attend, as one of the representatives bands or in the Treasury.

of the House, the national shooting festival at Mr. ROSS. On page 3, after line sixty-two, Mr. ROSS. Acting on the suggestion of New York, and ask, therefore, to be excused, I move to insert:

the chairman of the Committee on Appro- It was ordered accordingly.
Provided, That $20,000 of the appropriations hereto-
fore made and unexpended for purchase of onc com-
priations, I withdraw the amendment.

The SPEAKER appointed Mr. WASHBURN, plete set of the Congressional Globe and Appendix

The PRESIDENT pro tempore. The amend- of Wisconsin, to fill the vacancy.
for each Senator and Representative who have not ment is withdrawn.

already received them," may be applied for the pay- Mr. RAMSEY. In page 41, line nine hun.
ment of the Congressional Globe and Appendix for

On motion of Mr. POLAND, by unanimous the fiscal year, ending June 30, 1868.

dred and eighty-four, I move to strike out

"three' and insert "ten. The object of Mr. MORRILL, of Maine. That comes from

consent, leave was granted for the withdrawal

from the tiles of the House of the papers in this amendment is to increase the salaries the Committee on Printing, and I know nothing

the case of Richard Willard, for reference to of the Assistant Postinasters General to the about it except what is gathered from a copy of

the Treasury Department.
a letter which I have received and ask the Clerk

same amount that has been bestowed on the
to read.
Comptrollers of the Treasury. It is obviously

The Chief Clerk read as follows:

correct. The duties are equally honorable and Mr. PAINE, by unanimous consent, intro

responsible, and there is no reason why there duced a bill (H. R. No. 1342) to provide for CONGRESSIONAL GLOBE OFFICE,

should be a discrimination. WASHINGTOy, June 12, 1868.

the issue of arms for the use of the militia; DEAR SIR: In consequence of no appropriations Mr. MORRILL, of Maine. I must raise a which was read the first and second time, whatever being made to meet the accounts of this question of order.

referred to the Committee on the Militia, and office for reporting and printing the debates of the

The PRESIDENT pro tempore. Has notice
Senate for the additional session (sittings of March,

ordered to be printed. July, and November, 1867.) and for the copies of the been given to the Committee on Appropria

Congressional Globe and Appendix for Senators for tions ?
the same session, a deficiency has been created-a
Mr. RAMSEY. I did give notice a few

Mr. SCOFIELD submitted the following deficiency which may, however, be in large part met

resolution; which was read, considered, and and provided for without additional appropriation, moments ago. and in this way, namely: by authorizing a transfer Mr. MORRILL, of Maine. That will not agreed to: of a portion of an unexpended balance of appropri

Resolved. That the Clerk of the House of Repredo. It is not in order. ations heretofore made to pay for complete sets of

sentatives be directed to present to the Secretary of the Congressional Globe and Appendix for new Sen

The PRESIDENT pro tempore. The amend. State the act entitled," An act to admit the States of ators. (Not more than fifty per eent, of the appro- ment is not in order.

North Carolina, South Carolina, Louisiana, Georgia,

Alabama, and Florida to representation in Congress,' priations made for that specific purpose have ever

Mr. RAMSEY. For that reason I desired been required.)

together with the certificates of the Clerk of the House The unexpended balance referred to amounts to the Senate to adjourn until to-morrow, so that of Representatives and Secretary of the Senate, show$27,293 84; of which sum $20,400 may be transferred it might be in order if it would gratify the

ing that the said act was passed by the vote of two

thirds of both Houses of Congress, after the objections to meet the deficiency existing in the sum requisite chairman of the Committee on Appropria

of the President thereto had been received, and after to pay for the Congressional Globe and Appendix for

tion. Senators for the current session, which work has been

the reconsideration of said act by both Houses in completed to the extent of more than the three thou- Mr. MORRILL, of Maine. I thought I saw accordance with the Constitution. sand pages limit, and delivered to Mr. Defrees, the

that plainly by the movements in that region. Mr. SCOFIELD moved to reconsider the Congressional Printer, and for which we hold his receipts.

Mr. CRAGIN. I have a short amendment. vote by which the resolution was adopted; We would suggest that, providing such a transfer It will take but a few moments.

On page 4, and also moved that the motion to reconsider as we have indicated be made, a very suitable point | line eighty-three, I move to strike out 'live' be laid on the table.

The latter motion was agreed to. mediately after line sixty-two-as lines sixty-one Il and insert “ten." This is an appropriation

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BRAZIL MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY. commander in the United States Navy, on the

CHEROKEE NEUTRAL LANDS. On motion of Mr. NICHOLSON, by unani. retired list.

Mr. CLARK, of Kansas. Mr. Speaker, I mous consent, the Committee on Appropria

The resolution was accordingly taken up ask unanimous consent to present to the tions were discharged from the consideration of

and read a first and second time. It places the House the following preamble and resolutions the letter of the Secretary of the Treasury, trans

name of Mr. Doty on the Navy Register as committing a statement of the sums paid without mander from the 16th of July, 1862, with the adopted at a mass meeting of the settlers

on the “Cherokee neutral lands," Cherokee protest on the vessels of the United States and pay of such rank, to date from his commission.

county, Kansas, held at Centralia, on the 11th zil Mail Steamship. Company at the port

Mr. PIKE. This is merely to correct a day of June, 1868. The sentiments expressed YONCU of New York, amounting to $7,611 10, and mistake in a previous bill.

in these resolutions are not only unanimously the same was referred to the Committee on

The bill was ordered to be read a third time;

indorsed by the settlers on the Cherokee neu-
and it was accordingly read the third time, and

tral lands, by the settlers on the Osage Indian
Mr. PIKE moved to reconsider the vote by watomie Indian lands, the Blackfeet lands, but
lands, the Shawnee Absentee lands, the Potta-

rel or Mr. VAN AERNAM, from the Committee

which the bill was passed ; and also moved on Invalid Pensions, authorized to report at

by a vast majority of the people of my State. that the motion to reconsider be laid on the any time the bill (H. R. No. 1313) granting a

This House will bear me witness that I have table. pension to Sarah Hackleman, widow of Briga- The latter motion was agreed to.

struggled here continually for the protection dier General Pleasant A. Hackleman, reported

of these settlers, and that I have protested Mr. UPSON. I move to reconsider the

En de Spa

against the pernicious policy which the Senate back the same with an amendment. The bill directs the Secretary of the Interior

various votes this morning, and to lay the motion has pursued in refusing to afford this portion

to reconsider on the table. That will include to place on the pension-roll the name of the

of my constituents that relief to which they widow of General Hackleman, with a pension the votes of reference.

are justly entitled. I deeply sympathize with at the rate of fifty dollars per month from the

The latter motion was agreed to.

the views expressed in these resolutions. 3d day of October, 1862, when he fell niortally


The preamble and resolutions are as follows: wounded at the battle of Corinth.

Whereas we, the settlers on the "Cherokee neuMr. HAWKINS. I ask unanimous consent tral lands," citizens of Cherokee county, Kansas, Section two directs that the pension hereto- to report from the Committee on Military having occupied these lands under the conviction fore allowed to the said widow shall be de. Affairs a bill (H. R. No. 1315) for the relief

that the Governinent would soon extinguish the ducted from the pension hereby granted, and of Seth Lea.

Indian title to the same, and throw them open for that this pension shall be subject to the pro

legal settlement under the just and equitable laws

The bill was reported. It directs the Secre. of preëmption and homestead, now existing; and visions of the general pension law. tary of the Interior to place the name of Seth

whereas the settlement of said lands by the bardy The amendment was to add to the first sec- Lea, of Knox county, Tennessee, on the roll

pioneer has been made under circunstances of unution the words 6 to continue during widow

sual hardships and privation, owing to the devastaof invalid pensions at the rate of a full pension tion of Missouri and Northern Kansas by the recent hood." now allowed by law to a second lieutenant,

war, causing suppies to be transported long disThe bill, as amended, was ordered to be en- said pension to commence on the 5th of April,

tances and procured at high prices; and whereas grossed and read a third time; and being | 1865, and to continue for his natural life.

we are now in danger of having our hard-earned

homes transferred to the hands of a railroad corpoengrossed, it was accordingly read the third Mr. STEVENS, of New Hampshire, I call

ration, with no security that we will be remunerated, time, and passed, for the reading of the report.

under the pretext of lavoring the railroad interest:

Therefore, On motion of Mr. BENJAMIN the title of Mr. BENJAMIN. I object, unless the bill Resolved. That we believe we are fully entitled, 50 the bill was amended so as to read, “ A bill || is referred to the Committee on Invalid Pen

soon as the Indian title to the land is extinguished, granting an increase of pension." sions.

to tie benefit of the preëmption and homestead laws;

and we believe those laws will protect us in our rights, Mr. VAN AERNAM moved to reconsider Mr. HAWKINS. It is a unanimous report any treaty by the Senate to the contrary notwiththe vote by which the bill was passed ; and from the Committee on Military Affairs.

standing. also moved that the motion to reconsider be Mr. MAYNARD. I ain perfectly willing

Resolved, That, as the preëmption and homestead

laws are the most important parts in the policy of laid on the table.

that the bill shall be referred to the Committee the Government in relation to the public lands, the The latter motion was agreed to. on Invalid Pensions, provided that the com

homestead law, in particular, having been pledged

by the party now in power to the hardy pioneer, it mittee may have leave to report it back at any LEONIDAS SMITII. time. I ask unanimous consent that it may be

being one of the principal planks in the platform

that carried that party into power, we demand it i13 Mr. WASHBURN, of Indiana, from the so disposed of.

our right, and call on the voters throughout tho Committee on Military Affairs, by unanimous There was no objection; and the bill was

Union to sustain us at the polls. consent, made a report in the matter of the

Resolved, That we view with alarm the recent and read a first and second time, and referred to changed policy of the Government in extinguishing memorial of Leonidas Smith, for relief; which the Committee on Invalid Pensions, with leave

Indian titles to lands only to transfer them into the was ordered to be printed, and recommitted to to report it back at any time.

hands of railroad and speculating companies, thus the committee.

converting the pioneer into a serf at the mercy of a

soulless corporation.

Resolved, 'That in the name oftwenty-five thousand

men, women, and children now living on the "neuMr. HINDS. I ask unanimous consent to Mr. BARNES, by unanimous consent, from

tral lands"--loyal citizens of the United States-we introduce a joint resolution (H. R. No. 310) | the Committee on Banking and Currency, do protest against the sale of any part of this tract to limiting the jurisdiction of the Court of Claims reported back, with the recommendation that any other than actual settlers.

Resolved. That we give notice to all railroad and to the loyal citizens of the State of Arkansas, it do pass, the joint resolution (H. R. No. 2:25)

land-monopolizing companies that, having settled and ask its present consideration.

respecting national banks in liquidation. these lands in the full faith that our Government Mr. BOUTWELL, I object.

The joint resolution was read. It proposes

would act with us as the laws already in force would

warrant, we will not tamely be driven from our Mr. BROOKS. I would like to have it to direct the Comptroller of the Currency to homes or be made to pay an exorbitant price for the reported.

publish a detailed statement of the assets, liaThe joint resolution was reported. It ex: bilities, and general condition of all national

Resolved, That the men in Congress who have stood banks in the hands of receivers, or which may

up for the rights of the self-sacrificing and hardy tends the provisions of the act of July 4, 1864,

pioneer of the West deserve our warmest thanks, entitled An act to limit the jurisdiction of the

be in liquidation on the first Monday of Janu- and we hope their noble efforts may be crowned with Court of Claims'' to the loyal citizens of the ary, April, July, and October of each year, in

success and our Government spared the shame of

dealing falsely with its citizens. State of Arkansas. one paper in the city of Washington, District

Resolved, That all papers that advocate a "home The joint resolution was read a first and

of Columbia, and in one paper in the place for the homeless" on the public domain are solicited gecond time, and referred to the Committee on where said bank may be located, as provided

to give these resolutions a place in their columns.

J. F. PITZER, Chairman. for the publication of other returns in section the Judiciary.

W. S. HUSTON, Secretary. thirty-four of an act to provide a national cur- The resolutions were referred to the ComPAY OF ASSISTANT LIBRARIAN.

rency, approved June 3, 1864. It also provides mittee on Indian Affairs. Mr. BLAINE, from the Committee on Appro- | that after such provision shall first have been

TREATIES WITH INDIAN TRIBES. priations, by unanimous consent, reported the made for refunding to the United States all defifollowing resolution; which was read, consid- ciencies as provided for in section fifty of the

Mr. JULIAN. I ask unanimous consent to ered, and agreed to: same act, the Comptroller of Currency shall

introduce a joint resolution concerning treaties make ratable dividends of the assets of said

hereafter made between the United States and Resolved. That for the present Congress, commenoing therewith, the Clerk is directed to pay from the banks to the creditors thereof once in each

the Indian tribes for action at this time. I ask contingent fund of the House to the Assistant Libra- calendar month, if such dividend shall be equal

that it be read. rian in charge of the Hall Library, the difference to ten per cent. of its indebtedness, and once

The Clerk read the joint resolution, as follows: between his present pay and the pay of the file, printing, and engrossing clerk. in three months, if such dividend shall be equal

Whereas sundry treaties between the United States

and different Indian tribes have heretofore been cogMr. BLAINE moved to reconsider the vote to five per cent. of its indebtedness.

cluded, by virtue of which large bodies of land bare

The joint resolution was ordered to be been transferred to individuals and corporations in by which the resolution was adopted ; and also

contravention of the spirit and policy of the premoved that the motion to reconsider be laid ) engrossed and read a third time; and being

emption and homestead laws of the United States; on the table. engrossed, it was accordingly read the third

and whereas the lands now known as Indian reser: The latter motion was agreed to.

time, and passed.
Mr. BARNES moved to reconsider the vote

thereto, should become the property of the United GEORGE W. DOTY.

by which the joint resolution was passed ; and Mr. PIKE. I ask unanimous consent to take also moved that the motion to reconsider be fore, from the Speaker's table Senate joint resolution | laid on the table. No. 143, for the relief of George W. Doty, a The latter motion was agreed to.

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vations, on the extinguishment of the Indian titlo States and a part of the public domain thereof, and cannot rightfully be disposed of otherwise : There

Be it resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress

assem bled, That in any treaty which may hereafter be con

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