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striking out thirty-two cents” and inserting being ten dollars at most. What is the effect the square inch, and all refuse scraps and sweepings
"ten cents."
I think as great frauds are of this enormous taxation, a taxation so much

of tobacco, in packages of two, four, eight, and six

teen ounces each. being practiced in the collection of the rev. || disproportioned to the cost of production ? A All cavendish, plug, and twist tobacco in wooden enue from the tax on tobacco as on whisky. man who is in the habit of smoking his pipe, packages not exceeding two hundred pounds net And the very reason for which the Committee | instead of buying a cheap manufactured article


And every such woodon package shall haveprinted of Ways and Means changed or reduced the and paying twenty.one cents a pound for it or marked thereon the manufacturer's name and tax on whisky from two dollars to fifty cents will buy the best quality of leaf tobacco for place of manufacture, and the registered muinber of will, in my opinion, operate for the reduction ten cents a pound, and, rubbing it up in his

the manufactory, and the gross weight, the tare, and

the net weight of the tobacco in each packago: Proof the tax on tobacco from its present rate of hands, put it in his pipe and smoke it, thereby vided, That these limitations and descriptions of forty cents to the rate of ten cents, as pro- depriving the Government of the tax. This is packages shall not apply to tobacco and snuff transposed by my amendment. The tax on tobacco now the practice to a very great extent in the ported in bond for exportation and actually exported. is higher in proportion to its actual value, pre


Grocers in the country buy the leaf Mr. O'NEILL. I move to strike out the vious to the imposition of the tax, than the tobacco instead of the manufactured tobacco, following: tax on any other article upon which a revenue thus getting a better article, which they can Except yellow snuff, which may, at the option of tax is now levied. I am, and have been, sell at one fourth of the price of the manufac- the manufacturer, be put up in bladders not exceed. acquainted with the original value of tobacco; tured article. Thus the Government loses its

ing ten pounds each. and I know that from five to ten cents per revenue from this source altogether. Even if Mr. Chairman, I do this because it is a rad. pound was all that it could be sold for in this tax be fixed at twelve cents, as proposed ical change in the law. As I understand, Scotch market. For the last two or three years the in my amendigent, that would be $120 on or dried snuff is now packed in kegs. It bas tax has been forty cents per pound, or five tobacco costing forty dollars, which would be been packed in kegs for years beyond the memhundred per cent., at least, upon the original excessive. I think, however, the article can ory of living man. Now, why the committee value of the article. In my opinion there are stand this, but no more. I hope the commit- should seek to confine the manufacturers of a great many frauds practiced in the southern tee will consider this matter, and not adopt.

snuff and tobacco to these small packages I States, especially in Virginia, in Maryland, in such legislation as must defeat the object we cannot see. It cannot be for the beneßt of the Kentucky, and, to some extent, in Missouri, in have in view, the raising of revenue from

Government. It cannot increase the amount consequence of the enormous tax now imposed smoking tobacco.

of taxes. It can do nothing but create great upon tobacco. The very same motive for prac. For similar reasons I am in favor of making inconvenience to the manufacturers of snuff

, ticing fraud which has been furnished by the the tax on chewing tobacco twenty-four cents. and subjecting them to great expense and loss. whisky tax is afforded by the tax on tobacco. By insisting npon too high a tax we shall only I also understand, while you reduce the pack. My humble opinion is that if the tax were defeat its collection, as we have done in the case ages, you are increasing the price of snuff to confixed at ten cents per pound we should, with of wbisky. My conviction is (and I will take sumers some fouror five cents a pound, whereas the present arrangements for the collection of this occasion to express it) that even a tax of

if it is continued to be packed in kegs, as now, the iax, derive from tobacco more than double fifty cents on whisky is excessive; that with a you have it in such shape as to make it cheaper. the amount of revenue that will be collected

tax of twenty cents the Government would I speak from information I have received from if the tax be retained at thirty-two cents. derive far more revenue.

gentlemen who represent a firm which has paid Mr. PHELPS. I move to amend the amend. Mr. SCHENCK. Mr. Chairman, under the a tax of $80,000 in five months, or about one ment by inserting "sixteen" instead of 'ten.'' present law there are different classes of tobacco hundred and fifty thousand dollars in one year. Mr. Chairman, the attempt to discriminate be- for the purpose of taxation, at forty cents, thirty I wish to know why this firm, in whose behalf tween the various grades of chewing or smok- cents, and fifteen cents. When the committee I speak, having been in business almost a cening tobacco has been proved by experience to turned their attention to this subject they had tury, following the business of their ancestors, be impracticable. I agree thoroughly with the before them, at various times, representatives | reputable and honest, should not be permitted gentleman from Missouri [Mr. GRAVELY] in from almost every city and town in the country to pack snuff as they have always packed it? the opinion that with the present high rate where tobacco is manufactured, and the repre

The gentleman asks me why they did not come of tax on tobacco, we cannot prevent the sentatives of almost every house engaged in the before the committee.. I do not know. I sup: frauds in the collection of the revenue. From manufacture of tobacco. When they first came pose they did not imagine the committee would the great facility with which tobacco can be before the committee they thought it was better recommend such a change as this. Why, sir, grown almost every person in every State of to have two classes than three. They proposed it will take days to stamp these small packages, the Union can be his own producer of this || originally the tax should be eight and sixteen and there will be unavoidable and endless misarticle, and to a great extent his own manu- cents; afterward, however, on consideration takes, and the honest manufacturer may be facturer. Hence the frauds upon the revenue of the whole matter with the committee and branded as seeking to defraud the Government with reference to this article cannot be success- with different tobacco interests, they settled

out of this tax without any intention of so fully prevented without a material reduction in | down on sixteen and thirty-two, which the com- || doing. I do not see the necessity of this the amount of the tax heretofore levied. There mittee recommend in the bill reported to the clause, and I hope it will be stricken out. is scarcely a State in this Union in which the House. The reason the committee recommend

Mr. SCHENCK. I do not think there will article of tobacco cannot be raised. There is sixteen and thirty-two instead of ten, thirteen, || be the least inclination on the part of the comscarcely a farmer in the country, scarcely the and sixteen is that in small packages of from

mittee to strike that clause out. We have had owner of a lot in a city, who cannot, without one ounce to sixteen ounces of smoking, fine

before us tobacco manufacturers, and, if we great lahor, raise enough of this article for the cut, and chewing tobacco there is convenience are not mistaken, this very firm that the genconsumption of himself and his family. It is in having the multiple in figures. This division tleman represents. idle to attempt by any machinery, however into ounces for the purpose of taxation meets

Mr. O'NEILL. I did not say I represented complicated or elaborate, to prevent the frauds with the general approval of the whole tobacco this firm or any other. I spoke from informawhich must be practiced if we undertake to trade, inasmuch as we have agreed to the sys

tion obtained from this firm as given me, and collect an inordinate and excessive tax upon tem of the collection of tax by stamps. On one

I believed them to be intelligent men who this article. Because of the difficulty of dis- ounce it is one cent, on two ounces two cents,

should be heard here. tinguishing between the various grades of this and so on, thus showing the advantage of the

Mr. SCHENCK. These persons can only article and because of the facility with which multiple system making a correspondence be heard in the committee-room or through the it can be raised, I have thought it proper to between the number of ounces and the number 1 gentleman, or some other member on this offer this amendment to the amendment. of cents tax. This is the reason which con- door. Now, sir, the snuff manufacturers came

On the amendment to the amendment there trolled the committee. It is only lately, a great before the committee, and they all repres were-ayes 39, noes 64.

many tobacco men having settled down upon sented the great convenience 'in preventing Mr. PHELPS. I call for tellers.

sixteen and thirty-two, have began to cast fraud if we would apply this rule of small Tellers were not ordered. around to see whether they could not get some packages of different sizes for snuff.

We had So the amendment to the amendment was one to move it down lower.

the manufacturers of yellow snuff before us. not agreed to.

Mr. Cary's amendment was rejected. I recollect particularly one from New Jersey. The question recurring on the amendment No further amendment being offered, the

They agreed on all lands that while the other of Mr. Gravely, it was not agrees to. Clerk read as follows:

kinds might be put up in a different way the Mr. CARY. Í move to amend by striking

Scotch snuff should be put up in bladders. So

SEC. 67. And be it further enacted, That from and
out in the last line of the section the word
after the passage of this act all manufactured to-

a compromise was made in the committee, and "sixteen" and inserting in lieu thereof the

bacco shall be put up and prepared by the manufac- this section was prepared according to the repword twelve." Mr. Chairman, we are all turer for sale, or removal for sale or consumption, in

resentations made by them of that which they anxious that the Government shall derive as packages of the following description, and in no

could submit to. much revenue as possible from these luxuries, All snuff in packages of one, two, four, eight, and Mr. O'NEILL. I move to strike out the tobacco and whisky; but we must be careful sixteen ounces, except yellow snuff, which may, at

last word, for the purpose of replying to the
lest by excessive taxation we defeat the pur-
the option of the manufacturer, be put up in blad-

chairman of the committee.
ders not exceeding ten pounds each,
pose we have in view. Now, sir, you can buy

of tobacco not otherwise provided for, in packages | coming from these same people.

Al fine-cut chewing tobacco, and all other kinds hand a protest against this change in the law a hogshead of tobacco, such as is used for the

Now, I can. manufacture of sinoking tobacco, for forty dol

of one half, one, two, four, eight, and sixteen ounces,

except that finc-cut chewing tobacco may, at the not say that they are less intelligent than the lars; that is, at the rate of four cents a pound, option of the manufacturer, be put up in wooden manufacturers from New York referred to. a hogshead containing a thousand pounds. By packages of ten, twenty, forty, and sixty pounds

They did not appear before the committee; each. this bill, as reported, the tax upon that forty All smoking tobacco, all fine-cut shorts which can that is very likely. I do not know why. Perdollars is $160, the profits of the manufaeturer bo passed through a riddle of thirty-six meshes to haps they did not dream of*atly such change in

more to street sing to der 0.89d w 'on all charta tar of the ates fired boles bacco, and, fl je diferent green Futro centra i as last relles $ for differest 23 diferent culis en! last Fear tive dollars per Dade to it,

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the law by the committee. But I do not care The proposition of the gentleman froin New tleman from Pennsylvania (Mr. MYERS] bag from what manufactories these gentlemen ap- York [Mr. Robinson) was a correct one, and, proposed. There is an immense trade in this

lowing por peared before the committee. I speak for failing in that, this is the next best thing. Three small package tobacco-tobacco in one half almost the first manufacturers of Scotch snuff of the largest manufacturers in the United and one quarter ounce packages; and this bill in the country, who have always had their snuff States—who are entitled to a hearing because is in point of fact destructive to that trade. It packed in kegs or bladders, and to make this they pay one ninth of all the tax paid in the will root it out. It will destroy in many of change would be very inconvenient. I hope United States on this article-protest against our cities the business of a large number of the amendment will prevail. I withdraw the this section ; and if it cannot be amended as manufacturers, who in good faith pay immense pro forma amendment.

was proposed by the gentleman from New amounts of revenue to the Government on The amendment was disagreed to.

York [Mr. Robinson) this is the next best tobacco. While what the gentleman from Mr. ROBINSON. I move to strike out the thing. Let me state the proposition as briedy Ohio has stated is true, it is also true that these latter part of the paragraph, as follows: as I can.

persons thus interested, have appeared before

Mr. Chairman, this section as it now stands the Committee of Ways and Means and repreExcept that fine-cut chewing tobacco may, at the option of the manufacturer, be put up in wooden

provides that this chewing tobacco may be sented their interests, and they are now here packages of ten, twenty, forty, and sixty pounds cach. put up in packages of ten, twenty, forty, and I earnestly claiming froin this House the proAlso, by inserting the word "only, after the sixty pounds each. Very well; you put up a tection of a large trade. The appeal which pands 20

ounces ;'' so that the paragraph will package of sixty pounds and there is but one they make is the appeal of the small package read: stamp upon it. You can take from that what

men, to be permitted to live as well as the All fine-cut chewing tobacco, and all other kinds you like and it goes into the market in small || large package men; the appeal of the retailers

ag: sut of tobacco not otherwise provided for, in packiges || packages upon which nothing is paid, while or dealers in tin-foil packages to be permitted bragtended of ono half, one, two, four, eight, and sixteen ounces these manufacturers who sell what is generally to exist along with the other manufacturers of only.

known as tin foil tobacco in packages of seven tobacco. Mr. Chairman, during the week past a very eighths of an ounce, two ounces and so on, Mr. ALLISON. I desire to say only one intelligent committee of gentlemen connected have to put a stamp on each. The section as word in reference to this proposition. The zst for18 with the manufacture of tobacco have been it now stands opens large avenues to fraud. small package men did complain that we were here, and they have drawn up a memorial or in all this trade which has sprung up the tobacco injuring their business, because they put up statement, a copy of which has been sent to which is so widely known ihroughout the Uni- packages of a little less than an ounce, and yel 462 each member, and one of which I hold in my ted States as "century, and “solace" is put more than a half ounce; and these small pack hand. Now, sir, if you allow fine-cut chewing up in fractional parts of an ounce, and at least, ages were sold at retail for ten cents a pack. tobacco to be put up in packages of from ten it this wrong is to be perpetrated, do these age, so that they were compelled to pay the to sixty pounds in the way here provided the manufacturers at least the justice of allowing wholesale dealer will send them to the retail

tax upon a full ounce. Now, to accomodate them to put on stamps on å package of three | these gentlemen, we have reduced the tax from dealer, the retail dealer will open them and put | dozen or six dozen as they are now allowed by || forty cents a pound to thirty-two cents, so that them up again, and you never will be able to law to do. I hope that this amendment will they can certainly make more profit now by tell what is paid and what is not paid. The be agreed to, and that, if possible, the commit- || selling these little packages to the retail con. consequence will be that never one pound that tee will return to their senses on this subject. sumer at ten cents a package, than they could is mixed in the large package will pay a cent Mr. SCHENCK. The committee will try before when the tax was forty cents per pound. of tax. The representatives of three of the to return to their senses on this subject, and I | They can now put up these packages just as

del largest manufacturers in New York have been || begin by asking the gentleman whether he || they please. here and declared that if you pass this law knows such manufacturers as Buckoor, Mccontaining the words which I propose now to

Mr. BROOKS. Why not serve them all Camman & Co., McDowell, Dohan & Tait? strike out, you will not and cannot collect the Mr MYERS. Yes, sir; but the gentleman

alike? Why not give fair play to both the big tax on tobacco., They say that they are willing may as well address his speech to the Chair

, pachages and the little packages?

The amendment of Mr. Myers was not to comply with the law as you have provided and I will answer him when I obtain the floor. it to this time, making it up in packages or

agreed to.

Mr. SCHENCK. Very well. These tobacco half an ounce, two, four, eight, and sixteen men by scores came here during the past win

Mr. MYERS. In order that I may say & ounces, and they say what i10 dishonest tobacco

They wrangled and disagreed among

word or two further, I move to amend by strikunder that law can well get into the market. theinselves. At lengil we said to thein : "Gen- ing out the last word of the paragraph. Mr. These men say that wlrile dishonest men have tlemen, you differ so much in regard to what Chairman, the names quoted by my friend, the been making large amounts of money during will affect your interests one way or the other, distinguished chairman of the Committee of the last year, they have not made a penny of that you had better come to somecompromise

Ways and Means, are names of highly respectprofit on their entire bnsiness. They come or common conclusion, and if we can agree

able firms in Philadelphia and elsewhere. But here and beg that if you intend to collect a with you we will adapt our legislation accord.

the gentleman did not read that to which they tax on these kinds of chewing, tobacco you ingly." They came to us afterward with “res

affixed their names.

Of course he could not, will strike out the words I have designated. I olutions of the tobacco trade amendatory to

in his five minutes, read this long paper. But do not know how they got in there, or by what the present internal revenue law, adopted in

I will thank him to show me where in their influence. No matter how wise the Committee convention at Washington, January 29 and 30,

resolutions, these men ask for a provision that of Ways and Means may be, they cannot 1868.” They sat here two days. They signed

“fine-cut chewing tobacco may, at the option fathom the designs of the men who come here all the resolutions, so that there might be no of the manufacturer, be put up in wooden and make these representations. And this mistake about the matter. In these resolutions packages of ten, twenty, forty, and sixty pounds clause was got in by some influence-if there || they distinctly agreed that packages of snuff,

each. was any used with the committee--intending &c., should be put up separately, with a stamp Mr. SCHENCK. I did not say there was to defraud the Government of the tax on this on each package. They compromised among any such thing in those resolutions. kind of tobacco.

theinselves, and afterward before the commit- Mr. MYERS. Very well; then the resolu[Here the hammer fell.]

tee, by agreeing to some of these larger pack- tions contain no such thing. Does the paper Mr. ALLISON. I hope the amendment pro- ages. I myself was in favor of small packages to which the gentleman has referred say any posed by the gentleman from New York will all round, although that arrangement was said thing about packages of forty pounds each? not prevail. The whole subject was fully con- to be against the western interests. But a com

Mr. SCHENCK. I did not say that any such sidered, not only by the Committee of Ways promise was finally arrived at between the rep- thing was in the paper. I say that these men and Means, but by these tobacco manufacturers, resentatives of the trade from all parts of the came before the Committee of Ways and Means, when they were here before us two or three Union; and that compromise was assented to as every member of the committee will testify, months ago; and the very gentlemen named by || by the committee. I intend to stick to that ) and, atier wrangling a day and a half before the the gentleman from New York all at one time compromise, and I intend to hold the gentle- committee, made a compromise. yielded their assent to this provision which we man's constituents to it. I have here the sig. Mr. MYERS. Then I understand the gen. have in the bill. I know that they protest

natures of all those men, because, fortunately, tleman. Now, sir, those gentlemen, I take it, against it now; but I think that under no con- they attached their signatures to their resolu. did not want to interfere with those who sell sideration should it be stricken out.

tions. These signatures embrace the names tobacco in smaller packages. They desired, if The question was taken on Mr. Robinson's of delegates from all the different cities. The they chose, to sell in larger packages ; but they amendment; and it was disagreed to.

provision contained in this bill is precisely in did not wish to interfere with those who sell in Mr. MYERS. I offer the following amend

accordance with that which was finally settled smaller packages. Now, if these larger pack; ment:

upon ; and this idea of little packages with a ages are permitted at once an avenue to fraud On line fifteen, page 92. after the word "each”

wrapper outside to afford an opportunity for is opened ; and while the honest man will pay inscrt or in bundles or packages containing threc

fraud, is a new thing that we never heard of his taxes honestly, the dishonest man will take and six dozen of the smaller packages herein pro- until within the last two or three weeks. vided for,"

advantage of this avenue to fraud by putting

The CHAIRMAN. Debate is exhausted. Mr. Chairman, I should like to have the

sixty pounds in a large barrel and selling it out

Mr. BROOKS. I move to amend the aliendattention of the House for five minutes. I

without any stamps. If this is allowed then ment, so as to say “one quarter of an ounce." have aided to perfect this bill as far as I could ;

those men who sell in tin-foil packages should In reply to the gentleman from Ohio, I will but I do not believe that it is the best thing

be put upon the same footing. say that, while what he states is correct, it is to lurry through the bill and put questions not the less true that all the small package from Pennsylvania to one paragraph of aber

Mr. SCHENCK. I will refer the gentleman without scarcely bearing gentlemen ibrongh. manufacturers of tobacco desire what ihe gea- resolutions of these tobacco manufacturers.

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They recommend, among other things, the fol facility for fraud as rascals could ask for, and opportunity for fraud I suggested. Now, it lowing provision :

in correspouding degree you increase the seems to me not a very great stretch of imaginSec. 6. All smoking tobacco shall be put up in two, temptation.

ation to suppose that there is a time in the four, eight, and sixteen ounce packages only. But I ask the chairman whether the point I have process of manufacturing tobacco where it has fine-cutchewing tobacco shall be put up only in pack

made is not a meritorious one which the House not yet been put into packages, and hence has ages of one half, one, two, four, cight, and sixteen ounces; or of five, ten, twenty, forty, sixty, and eighty ought to carefully consider. I have therefore not paid the tax; and at that time the manupounds each. All packages weigbing ten pounds or moved to strike out these three amounts, facturer might, if he is a ruscal, take some of more shall be of wood.

twenty, forty, and sixty, so that a stamp shall it out of his shop by night and fill up the Then after they had made their compromise, ll certainly cover the package and be destroyed retailer's half empty barrel on which a stamp and after they came before the committee, a in opening it.

has been placed, and thus directly defraud the question arose between these men and the

Treasury out of the tax on all the amount, thus

} western men about those packages. Itresulted Mr. LOGAN. I think can explain to the put in. This was the suggestion I made to in the eastern men getting so far the better of

gentleman's satisfaction. The gentleman has the committee in support of any amendment. western men that the latter yielded, and agreed been on the Committee of Ways and Means for I have heard no remark from the geutleman to bring the wooden packages down to four a couple of years, and has some knowledge of nor anybody else which seems to me an adepounds according to the provision of the present inatters of this kind; but I do not think he has quate answer to that suggestion.. law.

read the bill to a good purpose. He says after Now, another thing in regard to which I beg the Mr. MYERS. That is a sufficient explana. Il you have this package stamped you may open indulgence of the committee for a moment. tion; but I say that the amendment ought to it and fill it up a dozen times with tobacco I most strenuosly deprecate the practice of be agreed to in order to favor these other men, without breaking the stamp. I will be much | charging a man on this floor the inoment he that they may put one stamp on their three l obliged to him if he will tell me where he will speaks on any subject, with representing some dozen and six dozen packages as they formerly | get the tobacco not stamped with which to fill it? | body's special interest. I offered my amenddid, and not lose, as they will have to do under Mr. GARFIELD. I think there is a time, meut and made my remarks, I believe, in good the provision of the bill, one eigbth of an ounce indeed, from experience on the Committee of temper-certainly with very good intentionson every package they sell. I withdraw the Ways and Means, I know there is a time, when and with the kind attention of the committee. amendment. the tobacco is not in the package.

The gentleman immediately referred to me as Mr. GARFIELD. I move to amend by strik- Dir. LOGAN. A man in a little store would representing some three houses in New York, ing out in line fourteen the words “twenty, hardly go to the manufacturer to have his barrel which houses I have never before heard of. forty, and sixty;" so as to make the paragraph || filled without its being stamped. It is impos- I desire to inform that gentleman that I rep

sible to open it without breaking the stamp. resent no house in New York or elsewhere. All fine-cut chewing tobacco, and all other kinds It is stamped at the manufactory, and when it This Committee of the Whole House ought to of tobacco not otherwise provided for, in packages goes behind the counter it goes with a stamp. have something to say on the practical working of one half, one, two, four, eight, and sixteen ounces, except that fine-cut chewing tobacco may, at the

You cannot break the package without break- of a proposed law, and when we express option of the manufacturer, be put up in wooden ing the stamp. That is a simple proposition. | opinion, I, for one, do not intend to submiit to paekages of ten pounds each.

The gentleman is representing about three be told that I am a partisan of some special I desire for a moment the attention of the establishments in the United States. There interest in this country. That does not seein committee, and particularly of the chairman are three establishments in the United States to me to be the way to argue a question before of the Committee of Ways and Means. I am which put up tobacco in tin-foil, and they desire this House. · Nor du I think it necessary to well aware that when antagonistic interests are to do so hereafter and to wipe out the western turn to gentlemen in the course of debate and represented it is sometimes of great conse- manufacturers who put it up in boxes. Here say if they had read the bill they would quence to the Committee of Ways and Means are the Messrs. Lorillard, who pay $1,000,000 bave known something about it; or if they to get the opposing interests to compromise taxes. They have the most extensive estab. had read a little further, and come down to and concede something for the sake of harmony. lishment in the United States. They agreed plug tobacco, then they would know someBut this House ought to have something to say to the proposition, but they now come here thing. I do not pretend to know a great deal. in reference to the safety of the revenue under and get some one to defeat it before the House I do not know that I ever set myself up for any proposed bill. And I raise the question so as to strike down the western manufacturer. | being very wise. But I did declare before the whether, in the opinion of the chairman of the I am astonished, therefore, to see a western cominittee, a few minutes ago, that I thought Committee of Ways and Means and in the man take their side. They wish to advance here was an opportunity for frauds being peropinion of the House, it is possible to prevent

their interest to the destruction of the western petrated upon the Government. I said so a very large amount of fraud when we allow a tobacco manufacturers. Now, sir, we do not then, and I say so now, and to my dull capabarrel holding sixty pounds of tobacco to go interfere with gentlemen putting up tobacco city, no answer has been made thus far to the out into trade with the revenue protected only 1) in tin-foil. Let them sell as much as they can objection that I have indicated. If any genby a paper stamp put somewhere on the head of it, but do not let them interfere with those tleman will answer it I shall be glad to listen. or staves. Suppose the barrel thus stamped is who cannot do it.

It the chairman of the committee will answer sent to the retailer's shop, and the manufac- I will explain a little further. If the gentle. it I will gladly hear him. If, however, he turer, being in collusion with the retailer,comes man is anxious to have all tobacco put up in does not desire to answer it I have nothing by night when the barrel is balf exhausted and tin foil what is to be the result? Is it not as more to say. But I take it we are here as puts in thirty pounds, which has never paid the easy to take plug tobacco behind the counter, Il gentlemen and friends, each working for the tax, may he not do this again and again and tear the package, and fill it up again? Is it same purpose, and it any member offers a again? It seems to me there is no possibility not as easy to do that as to open a box of fine- proposition nothing but that proposition ought of preventing this kind of fraud so long as a cut chewing tobacco? He does not say a word to be spoken to in this House. wooden package of the size of a barrel is al- about plug tobacco. They are all stamped essence of honorable debate is that it shall be lowed to be put into market with no other evi- alike. The question is that these three inen impersonal. For my part, I do not intend to dence of the payment of the tax than a paper

wish to get the whole business of the country, engage in any personalities here. I think the stamp. Of course so large a package can be and we propose they shall not do it; that they point I made in my amendment was well opened without the destruction of the stamp, shall not wipe out the western manufacturers. taken, and has not been answered. I hope and even if the stamp were canceled by tear- [Here the hammer fell.]

the committee will strike out the three words ing, the barrel could still be filled fraudulently Mr. GARFIELD. I move an amendment


“ forty,” and “ sixty." in the manner I have already indicated. It to the amendment.

Mr. LOGAN. I am certainly very much should also be remembered that fine-cut chew- Mr. LOGAN. Then we shall have it all astonished at the manner and tone of the reing tobacco can be manufactured in garrets night, for I shall move another.

marks of the gentleman from Ohio. If there and out-of-the-way places, and the retail dealer Mr. GARFIELD. I desire the attention is anything in the world that I am incapable would find many small' manufacturers who of the committee.

of it would be an intended offense toward a could keep the barrel filled.

Mr. MULLINS. The gentleman has spoken gentleman. I certainly did not accuse him of I am opposed, therefore, to these large wooden

being the attorney of anybody. I certainly packages. It seems to me, whatever parties The CHAIRMAN. The gentleman has the said nothing that ought to have caused bim to are concerned in this interest the House ought | right to inove an amendment to the amend- be so sensitive. I said there were about three to be concerned in inquiring what doors the ment.

firms manufacturing this kind of tobacco. I did provision opens to fraud.

Mr. PILE. Has he the right to make another not mean that the gentleman was identified This bill requires snuff. to be put up in pack. || speech?

with them, and he did not; or could not have ages of not more than ten pounds; why not

The CHAIRMAN. He has.

so understood it, unless he was desirous of bave the same rule in regard to chewing

Mr. GARFIELD. I move to strike out the misunderstanding what I said. Now, so far tobacco? Why not put it up in packages of last word.

as dull comprehension is concerned I am not ten pounds with a stamp on each package ?

Mr. Chairman, I rose to move an amendment responsible for that. If the gentleman could With such a provision there would be little which I believed to be meritorious, and the not understand what I said, it certainly is not opportunity for fraud. The stamp must veces- only answer the gentleman from Illinois [Mr. my misfortune. I intended no offense to the sarily be destroyed in opening the package ; i Logan] has given is this: that in order to gentleman, nor did I expect to see him become and the business of retilling such packages i refill a barrel bearing the United States rev- so heated and exasperated. There is no neceswould be too small to warrant the risk'incurred enuestamp, the manufacturer must break some ity for that. I have the kindest feeling toward in practicing the fraud. But when you have a other packages of tobacco also bearing a rev- him, I am sure, and always bave had. But whole barrel of sixty pounds you atord as great ll evue stamp, and therefore there is no such occasionally he gets a little hot toward me for.

The very

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some reason or other ; but I never inquire the ufacturers are by this bill placed upon exactly committee. To rename these arguments briefly, we So far as regards the gentleman's not

will say: the same footing. They have precisely the intending to submit to such things, I never same privileges under this bill. They can put

First. The present system of packing fine-cut in have made any remark to him that would have

bulk has grown from experionce, and as the trado their tobacco up in two, four, eight, or sixteen increases so fast does the sale of foil packages de offended the most sensitive person in this ounce packages, or they can put it up in ten; House, unless he desired to become offended.

Second. Tobacco is fresher, is more easily kopt twenty, forty, or sixty pound kegs. All stand This is all I have to say in reference to that

sweet, can be moistened by the retailer, and can be on an equality.

sold cheaper, as less labor is expended in its manu matter.

Mr. GRISWOLD. Has it ever occurred to

facture. Ther, sir, I repeat what I said before; with

Third. The present high esteem in which western the gentleman how many more stamps it takes fine-cut is held is the result of these advantages. out intending to say that the gentleman repre- on these small packages than on a ten-pound Against the proposed amendment we urge, sents anybody-if he prefers that term I will package ?

First, It requires an immense and unnecessary say he represents nobody--there are only about

change in our manufacturing facilities.

Mr. JUDD. Yes, sir, it has; and the man Second, Our fine-cut tobacco is by a poculiar prothree houses that are represented. But then

g ali ห้า who puts his tobacco up in these small pack cess of cultivation and curing deprived of certain I will take it he represents nobody. If I can ages and goes to the additional expense of

vegetable and chemical constituents, which are able understand myself, my intention is to try and

to preserve it from "musting" in warm weather. these small packages intends to make his

profit It was first introduced by western manufacturors do what is best for the whole country, and || by such proceeding. He does not do it for the

in the bright-colored and delicate-favored cut which when there are hundreds and hundreds of benefit of the Government. The revenue to

in a fair business competition has driven out all the manufacturers who would be injured by adopt.

old, dark, rank cuts of the eastern manufacturers. the Government, the amount paid upon the To illustrate its advantage we would speak of the ing the gentleman's amendment, and but three | tobacco, is precisely the same whether it is put

Mr. P)

superiority of Havana tobacco, containing only two firms in the United States who would be benup in small or large packages, and when a

per cent, of nicotine-the poisonous and deleteefited by it, I think there is something in what manufacturer selects the small package mode

rious principle of tobacco-over the western growth I have said. Now, so far as frauds are con

of seed-leaf, containing over fourteen per cent. of of doing business he intends to make his profit nicotine; so our western fine-outs, containing so much cerned, frauds may be committed no matter by it. If he did not he could put it into forty

less of this deleterious

principle, are in greater favor how we fix the law, but frauds are as easily pound kegs and use but one stamp: It is not

than the heavy, fat, dark cuts of the East. And it

was in those same eastern cuts that tobacco earned committed in plug tobacco put up in boxes for the benefit of the Government, but for the

its reputation of harmfulness and unhealthiness. as in this kind of tobacco, and it does seem to

The absence of these makes our fine-cuts moro interest of his own trade. The gentleman from

perishable, and our experience and we as ert the me that the objection should be taken in refer.

Ohio [Mr. GARFIELD] says how easy it is to same of all our neighborg--has shown us that we canence to plug as well as to fine-cut. And when

refill large packages. Sir, I know that. How not put up these tobaccos in foil, except in the cold I saw an objection taken in regard to fine-cut, easy it is to refill whisky barrels. If a man is

months, without its spoiling, unless we soak the which affects the interests of the manufacturers

tobacco with unplcasant and deleterious drugs. A desirous of defrauding the Government of rev- careful comparison of tigures at ourconvention indi. of the whole West, I thought I was justified in enue, how easy it is to refill any large package. cated that less than an hundredth part of our westsaying that the adsocacy of this proposition | The same objection applies to every other kind

ern fine-cut was putin foil during the last year, a very was only the advocacy of the interests of these of goods, wares, and merchandise that are con

sure indication, prima sucie that such a style is

unadapted to our guods. three firms, and that was all I meant by it, and tained in large packages ; it is not particularly

Third. We see no reason wby the Governmentcanthat is all I have got to say on the subject. incident to tobacco any more than it is to any

not be protected without this feature. Mr. GARFIELD. I withdraw the amend.

By the proposed law a check is put upon those other large parcel or thing that the Govern- entering our business with the purpose of defraudment to the amendment. ment desires to impose an excise upon.

ing by larger bonds, Mr. GRISWOLD. I renew it. I do not The question then arises, what is best for

So, also, by the small-package system in smoking

tobaccos, which can be made withoutskill, and which propose to differ at all from the decision ar

the business of the country, and what will pro- forin the chief work of the dishonest, this opporrived at by the Committee of Ways and Means; tect best in every direction the revenues of the tunity is denied them. But fine-cut manufacture but I cannot consent to have the idea put for: Government, and at the same time conform to

requires peculiar skill, and cannot be taken up by

every one; hence needs no more especial protection ward that the interest intended to be reached all the various interests of business in the dif.

than does the plug manufacture, which is allowed in and protected by the amendment offered by my ferent parts of the country and not any partic.

bulk boxes. friend from Ohio (Mr. GARFIELD] is uiterly ular class alone? Suppose that tobacco manu

Fourth. The proposed change would necessitate

immenso purchases of tin-foil, which is handled by unworthy of consideration. I desire to ask the

facturers in Chicago, St. Louis, Cincinnati, and only one or two houses in New York, and whose gentleman from Illinois ( Mr. LOGAN] if he does all over the West have a particular mode of

stock could be bought up entirely by New York capnot know that the parties claiming this pro; l packing their merchandise. Now, is it right

italists to prevent our supplies coming until their

goods should flood our country and, by necessity, tection, claiming that large packages should that because tobacconists in the city of New supplant our travle. be applicable to both, or that small packages York have a different mode of doing their busi- We believe this move is being urged by a New York should be applicable to both, are not as insig.

ness, therefore the tax laws of these United ring for their own profit and aggraudizement, under nificant as he would represent?

the specious claim of giving increased protection to States shall be made so as to fit the business the revenue. Mr. LOGAN. I do not say they are insig. | of the city of New York at the expense of all We learn that they have sept a Government agent nificant. I know they are large manufacturers. the western States? Is there any right prin.

over tho country, who, on his return, asserts that he Mr. GRISWOLD. I simply desire to say that

has the assent of Chicago, Detroit, 'Toledo, and other ciple involved in that? It seems to me there western cities to the amendment. Yet we have never these three firms whose interests are affected by | is not.

seen him, nor has any of our neighbors, and we are this discrimination between different classes or

I now ask the Clerk to read, as a part of my

a unit in asking protection against this attempt to sections of manufacturers pay one tenth of the

drive us out of our tride. Concerning the general remarks, a letter which I received from some provisions of the proposed law, we can only express whole amount of revenue that is collected from of my constituents. I will indorse the charac.

our approbation. We have already asked a reductobacco in this country. I maintain that it is

tion of tax on the leal smoking tobacco-the poor ter of the gentleman who writes it, and who is perfectly right and proper for some one upon

man's only harmless luxury-and trust our petition, engaged in this business. I ask to have it read already presented and referred, will be answered. ihis floor to represent so large an interest as simply because I want this committee to un

In conclusion, we ask your assistance in this meas. that; and if I had not been a member of the derstand this conflict of interest, so far as the

ure, and trust the passage of the bill will, while it Committee of Ways and Means, and had not

favors none, prove the protection of the honest magbusiness is concerned, and there is in reality ufacturer nnd the destruction of the hopes of all disagreed with the committee in its decision, I nothing that to any extent involves the interest

honest cutters. myself would have offered the very amendof the Government in the collection of its reve

Accept our warm wishes for your health; and ment which the gentleman from Ohio has

believe us, yours, very respectfully.

And I ask to have this letter read as preoffered and spoken in behalf of these men who senting this conflict of interest better than I

Mr. JUDD. After the various manufaccome here and simply ask this House to put them

turers have assembled in convention, and by upon the same footing as others, either give

to the letter. There is another reason why I them the right to use large packages, or else feel authorized to ask the attention ofthe House

of doing business under the revenue laws, and take that right from those who have it. to this letter. There has been placed upon my

when that mode bas met the views of the Com Mr. JUDD. Mr. Chairman, I desire to say || desk, and upon the desk of every other mem

mittee of Ways and Means so that they have a few words upon this question, and I do not ber here, a printed circular urging the views of

reported their bill in accordance with such see any occasion for any particular heat or these eastern manufacturers and attacking the

arrangement, is it good faith for a portion of excitement. It is exceedingly natural that any mode of doing business in the West,

those same manufacturers so agreeing to come dealers which have a particular mode of busi:

to this House and ask to have that agreement ness by which they make a large amount of

The Clerk read as follows:

violated, the work of the committee overruled, money, and the effect of which if the law were

CHICAGO, June 15, 1868, all for the special benefit of their trade and not arranged as they desire would give them a Hon. N. B. JUDD, M.C.

in the interest of the Government? I cannot monopoly of the trade, should seek to have DEAR SIR: We have just learned of an effort now believe for one moment that this House will the tax bill framed in accordance with their

being made by New York capitalists to secure an
amendment to the new tax bill for tobacco, which we

sanction such an attempt. interests. I do not complain of those gentle- believe and can prove would work to the destruction Mr. GRISWOLD. I withdraw iny amend: men for seeking this benefit or advantage, but of our interests and our business, and we hasten to

ment to the amendment. I should complain, and I think with justice, if

ask your attention and influence in opposition to
their efforts.

Mr. PILE. I renew it, for the purpose this House should assent to any such wishes at We refer to the attempt to have the proposed bill the cost of destroying the business of all other altered to preclude tho packing of tine-cut tobacco

saying that the adoption of the proposition to

strike out that portion of this provision which manufacturers who do their business in a dif

in kogs of ten, twenty, and thirty pounds each, and

necessitate its putting up in one ounce foil packages ferent mode. The gentleman from New York only. And first, we will say that this provision was

relates to twenty, forty, and sixty pound pack[Mr. GriswOLD] says that these gentlemen argued before the Committee of Ways and Means by

ages will have the effect, until new faciories only want the same privileges that other manu

are established and until the process of manu. facturers bave. Why, Mr. Chairman, all man- prevailed, as is wholma by the million reportering en his this manufacture from the West aud Southwest, ington in January last, at which timo bur arguments i facture

can be changed in the West, to trauster



can as it, and I ask the attention of the House compromise agreed upon the form and mana


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where tobacco is raised, to those cities where which we have heard nothing until the last few manufacture goods and not to stamp them. I these establishments are now located which days. It is now said that the eastern men will know one inanufacturer whose manufactory is put up tobacco exclusively in small packages. be injured unless they are allowed to put up a miles away from his store house. I know that I repeat, what has already been well said, that great number of small packages inside of an he pays a large amount to the collector of there is no more danger of fraud in connection | exterior wrapper, and have a single stamp put internal revenue in a neighboring State, while with these small packages of fine-cut chewing | upon the outside wrapper instead of having a his snuff is brought in barrels to his store in tobacco than there is in plug tobacco. And stamp upon each separate package.

Philadelphia. Now, sir, I will repeat that I barrels of whisky that have been stamped and Now, as I said before, I think there would have no idea of permitting any goods to go branded can be as easily refilled or supplied as be more opportunities for fraud in connection unstamped; but for the convenience of the barrels of smoking tobacco. I hope there will with the large wooden packages than in con- manufacturers in any part of the country, situnot be such an unjust provision put in the law | nection with the small packages. But I think ated as this one is, I ask why we should oblige as will wipe out all manufactories of tobacco the plan proposed by this other proposition them to stamp their goods in the State or other in the West, for the present at least, and would be capable of still greater abuse. All locality where they are made, thus paying a transfer all that business to these large cities | things considered, therefore, trying to accom- tax, and then to have them brought to their of the East.

modate my views to what seems to be a gen- warehouses to be broken up to be put into Mr. GARFIELD. Will the gentleman allow erally fair conclusion, embracing a concordance these smaller packages and restamped? I me to ask him a question ?

of the greatest number of opinions, I have come also would like the chairman of the commit. Mr. PILE. Certainly.

to the conclusion to stand by this bill just as it tee [Mr. Schenck) to inform me how it will Mr. GARFIELD. I understood the gen- is upon this subject, and just as it was agreed be possible to put upon these small packages tleman to say that there is no difference in the upon by general consent all around at the time of two, four, six, and eight ounces the Gov. opportunities for fraud between fine-cut tobacco it was made. I now ask that all debate upon ernment stamp and then the name of the manand plug tobacco. I would ask him if there is this section and the amendments thereto be ufacturer and other labels required by the not this difference: plug tobacco is manufacclosed.

provisions of this bill. It seems to me they tured in large screw presses, by the use of costly No objection was made ; and debate was would be literally covered with stamps and all processes, while fine-cut tobacco is manufac- accordingly closed.

kinds of devices. tured in a small way. In the one case, where The question was then taken upon the amend- Mr. SCHENCK. There did not seem to be such large establishments are concerned, a fraud ment of Mr. GARFIELD, and it was not agreed to. any difficulty with the manufacturers when they can easily be detected; in the other it cannot. No further amendment was offered.

were here. Stamps can be engraved small I think there is a difference.

The next section was read, as follows:

enough for the smaller packages. The great Mr. PILE. It is easy for the manufacturer SEC. 68. And be it further enacted, That every person

difficulty is to prevent the tobacco being carried of plug tobacco to enter into collusion with the before commencing, or, if already commenced, beforo about unstamped. When it is so carried we dealer. The manufacturer can send small

continuing the manufacture of tobacco or souff, shall, make it prima facie evidence it has not paid

in addition to a compliance with all other provisions quantities of plug tobacco to the retail dealer of law, furnish, without previous demand therefor,

any tax. I do not think we ought to change to fill up and replenish a half-empty box as to the assessor or assistant assessor of the district the general rule for a single case. easily as a barrel of fine-cut tobacco can be

where the manufacture is to be carried on, a state- The amendment was disagreed to.

ment, in duplicato,subscribed under oath or affirmafilled and replenished. I can see no difference tion, accurately setting forth the place, and if in a

Mr. MYERS. I move to strike out " offers between the two, so far as the opportunities for city, the street and number of the street where the the same or any part thereof for sale.'' fraud are concerned. manufacture is to be carried on; the number of cut

This does not call upon him to pay the tax ting-machines, presses, snuff-mills, hand-mills, or [Here the hammer fell.] other machines; the name, kind, and quality of the

until he sells the tobacco.
Mr. SCHENCK. I desire to ask consent article manufactured or proposed to be manufac- Mr. SCHENCK. This is put upon the same
that the debate on this section be closed. But
tured; and if the same shall be manufactured for,

ground as the tax on whisky.
or to be sold and delivered to, any other person, as
before doing so, as I have been so specially agent, or under a special contract, the name and

The amendinent was disagreed to.
referred to by my colleague, (Mr. GARFIELD] residence and business or occupation of the person No further amendment being offered, the
I desire to make a remark in reply. I thought
for whom the said article is to be manufactured, or

Clerk read th to whom it is to be delivered; and shall give a bond

next section, as follows: that our fury had been exhausted upon whisky; in conformity with the provisions of this act, to be SEC.69. And be it further enacted, That within thirty it generally rises upon that; but it seems that approved by the collector of the district, in tbosumn days after the passage of this act every manufacturer smoke and fire can come from tobacco as well,

of $2,000, with an addition to said sum of $3,000 for of tobacco and snuff shall place and keep on the sido

each cutting-machine kept for use, of $1,000 for each or end of the building wiibin which his business is I see no necessity at all for any feeling in this screw-press kept for use in making plug or pressed carried on, so that it can be distinctly seen, a.sign matter. I will content myself with stating tobacco, of $5,000 for each hydraulic press kept for with letters thereon, not less than three inches in what the facts are; I have before stated them

use, of $1,000 for each snuff-mill kept for use, and length, painted in oil colors or gilded, giving his full

of $1,000 for each hand-mill, or other millor machine, name and business. Any person neglecting to comin part. All the different interests of tobacco kept for the grinding.cutting, or crushing of tobacco; ply with the requirements of this section shall, on in the United States, being well represented

that he will not engage in any attempt, by himself conviction, be fined not less than $100 normoro

or by collusion with others, to defraud the Govern- than $500. from the different establishments large and

ment of any tax on his manufactures; that he will small, and the different cities, met together in

No amendment being offered, the Clerk read render truly and correctly all the returns, stateJanuary. Among the questions about which ments, and inventories prescribed by law or regula

the next section, as follows: they were very mueh divided was this of put

tious; that whenever he shall add to the number of SEC. 70. And be it further enacted, That it shall be

cutting-inachines, presses, en uff-inills, hand-mills, or the duty of every assistant assessor to keep a record, ting up tobacco in small packages or in large other mills or machines, as aforesaid, he will imme- in a book or books to be provided for the purpose, to wooden packages. The western interest gen

diately give notice theroof to the colleator of the be open to the inspection of any person, of the name erally, and I believe I may say universally,

district; that he will staip, in accordance with law, and residence of every person engaged in the many,

all tobacco and snuff manufactured by him bcfore he facture of tobacco or spuff in his division, the place with the exception of a firin in Detroit, pre- offers thesame or any part thereof for sale, and before where such manufacture is carried on, and the numferred to be allowed to go on and use the large

he removes any part thereof from the place of man- ber of the manufactory; and the assistant assessor packages. The eastern interest desired that

ufacture; that he will not knowingly sell, purchase, shall enter in said record, under the name of each

expose, or receive for sale any manufactured tobacco manufacturer, a copy of every inventory required by the law should be so changed as to require the or snuff which has not been stamped as required by this act to be made by such manufacturer, and an use of small packages. I myself believed then, law; and that he will comply with all the require- abstract of his monthly returns; and each assossor and I believe yet, that there would be some

ments of law relating to the manufacture of tobacco shall keep a similar record for the district, and shall

or snuff. And the sum of the said bond may be in- cause the several manufactories of tobacco or enuft
what greater security to the Government in the creased from time to time, and additional sureties in his district to be numbered consecutively, which
production and collection of its revenue, if the required by the collector, under the instructions of pumbers shall not thereafter be changed.
packages were all small. And I believe the

the Commissioner of Internal Revenue. And every
manufacturer shall obtain a certificate from the col-

No amendment being offered, the Clerk read
time will come when we shall come to the use lector of the district, who is hereby authorized and the next section, as follows:
of the small packages, and when they will be

directed to issue the same, setting forth the kind and Sec. 71. And be it further enacted, That every peras anxious for that rule in the West as in the

number of machines, presses, sn uti-mills, hand-mills, son, now or hereafter engaged in the manufacture of or other mills and machines, as aforesaid, for which

tobacco or snuff, shall mako and deliver to the assistthe bond has been given; which certificate shall be

ant assessor ofthe division a true inventory, in such point abroad, in other countries, that they have posted in a conspicuous place within the manufac- form as shall be prescribed by the Commissioner of Ingot to the production of very small packages,

tory. And any tobaceo manufacturer who shall ternal Revenue, of the quantity of each of the differ

neglect or refuse to obtain such certificate, or to keep ent kinds of tobacco, snuff-flour, snuff, stems, scrare, much smaller than in this country.

the same posted as herein before provided, shall, on clippings, waste, tin-foil, licorice, sugar, gum, and But the trade in this country does not seem

conviction, be fined not less than $100 nor more than other materials held or owned by him on the lst day of to be generally prepared for that plan ; they

$500. And any person manufacturing tobacco or Januaryof each year,setting forth wbat portion ofsaid

snuff of any description without first giving bond as goods and materials, and what kinds, were manufachave different modes of putting up tobacco. herein required, shall, on conviction, be fined not tured or produced by him, and what was purchased have thought it expedient and wise legislation

less than $1,000 nor more than $5,000, and imprisoned from others, which inventory shall be verified by his to do the best we could to secure the revenue

for not less than one year nor more than five years. oath or affirmation; and the assistant assessor shall

And the working or preparation of any leaf tobacco of the country, and at the same time, as far as

make personal examination of the stock sufficient to or tobacco stems, scraps, clippings, or waste, by sift- satisfy himself as to the correctness of the inventory, practicable, to do it without shocking the trade

ing. twisting, screening, tieing, or any other process and shall verify the fact of such examination by oath too much by changing the modes of doing the shall be deemed manufacturing.

or affirmation taken before the assessor, to be inbusiness. Therefore, after consideration and

Mr. O'NEILL. I move to strike out the dorsed on or affixed to the inventory; and every such

person shall kcep a book or books, the forms of which examination, I yielded my preferences to the following:

shall be prescribed by the Commissioner of Internal opinions of the committee, and came to the

That he will stamp, in accordance with law, all Revenue, and enter therein daily an accurate account conclusion that at this time it would be well to

tobacco and snuff manufactured by him before he of all the articles aforesaid purchased by him, the

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offers the same or any part thereof for sale, and quantity of tobacco, snuff, and snuff-dour, stents, make a few large packages permissible in order before he removes any part thereof from the place of scraps, clippings, waste, tin-foil, licorice, sugar, gum, to satisfy the trade in that direction, while in manufacture.

and other materials, of whatever description, wheththe general we required the use of small pack

er manufactured, (and if plug tobacco the number of Mr. Chairman, I do not offer this amend.

net pounds of lumps made in the lump-room, and ages. Now, there is a new scheme set up of ment with any view of permitting anybody to the number of packages and pounds produced in the


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