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the importance of the question of distilled | them over with the understanding—of which, l be one exported you will make $30,000,000 by
spirits in the economy of exportation.
however, I have not much hope from what I bave

it rather than to have transportation all over Now, Mr. Chairman, let me say that it is for seen--that if the plan proposed by the gentle

this country. those who favor the exportation of alcohol to man from lowa and others, to be established [Here the hammer fell.] devise a method, after the internal tax has been by his amendment, prevails, then these sections Mr. LOGAN. Will gentlemen of the compaid, where the property has been really used sball be stricken out; but if it does not pre

inittee allow me to give them the quantity of in business or for the purposes of exportation, vail, then these sections may be voted on as exports in 1866? From grain, five hundred so they can get their money back. Last night they stand in the bill. It will save a great and three thousand one hundred and ninetytho of us who desired to carry out the propo. deal of time.

six gallons; from molasses, one million nine sition of the gentleman from lowa (Mr. Price] Mr. JUDD. I withdraw my amendment. hundred and ninety-three thousand three hun. tried to get over the point of the destruction The CHAIRMAN. The Chair knows of no dred and thirty-four gallons. A little over two of that business by introducing a system of way in which the object can be reached except million gallons were exported from this coun: drawbacks, and nearly all the gentlemen in by considering the sections as stricken out. try in 1866. favor of this system of exportation fought it, Mr. LOGAN. I renew the amendment of Mr. FARNSWORTH. I am opposed to the and it was defeated by their votes. If, then, | my colleague. I desire to say a word on this amendment. It seems to me that the argument the amendment of the gentleman from Iowa question. It probably will be the last time I presented here by the Committee of Ways and operates harshly in regard to this thing, it is shall trouble the committee with any discussion Means and the gentleman from Massachusetts, the fault of the gentlemen who last night of this point. I offered an amendment last || [Mr. BUTLER,] that if drawback is allowed it refused to accept any amendment which enti- | night which was voted down. I had no oppor. will open the door for immense frauds, is a tled them to receive back any portion of the tunity to reply to the chairman of the commit- confession of weakness. It certainly is a con tax afier the distilled spirits have actually been tee or to the gentleman from Massachusetts. fession that the machinery presented by this exported.

I take this occasion to say now that in my judg. || bill for the collection of the tax upon whisky My object is to meet this question fairly. ment fair treatment of all propositions is the is very imperfect. If it is so imperfect that There is no necessity for these sections of the best policy if we desire to come to a rational you are not sure that you will collect the tax bill if the amendment of the gentleman from understanding. It will not do to undertake to on whisky I ask gentlemen what sort of assurlowa is adopted. From what I have seen they change gentlemen's opinions in reference to ance we may have, if you allow exportation are only a portion of the machinery. I would collecting the tax on whisky at the distillery by without payment of lax, that whisky will not go trust the question of machinery to the chair- shaking a quart cup at them. Nor will it do upon the market through the same leaks and man, as to bave discussion in the House after for the gentleman from Massachusetts to imperfections. It may be, if gentlemen cannot the principle has been established.

undertake to change gentlemen's opinions prepare a bill that makes the machinery perfect Now, sir, if gentlemen who believe with us about the propriety of arranging a drawback ) enough to insure the collection of this tax, that and are in favor of the amendment of the gen- by offering an amendment saying it shall not they have not ingenuity enough to provide for

cathe tleman from Iowa, desire in good faith to amount to inore than all the revenues of the the payment of drawback, and to secure the export distilled spirits, let them

such Government. That may be a very good way

Government against frauds. But it seems to a system as will return the tax afier the article of discussing a question, but it has very little me that it would not tax the ingenuity of a is exported in good faith, and I will vote for it. argument in it.

man much to do it, and I believe the gentleman We tried to do it last night, but it was not sat- Now, I propose to answer the statement of from Ohio can provide a section which shall isfactory. If they will do it I will vote for it. the gentleman from Ohio [Mr. GARFIELD] insure the Government, by requiring proof We of the West are not for striking down any last night, while fighting my proposition. It that the whisky which it is sought to export has portion of the industrial interests of this coun- was so remarkable and so perfectly absurd that paid a tax before the money is refunded. If a try. We have as large a stake in this country

I take this occasiou to answer it. My propo. man inanufactures whisky at the distillery for as the gentleman from Massachusetts, and we sition was that the drawback system should the purpose of exporting it he pays the tax are for giving free scope and encouragement to only be allowed on the number of gallons there, and it is easy to trace that whisky to the the business and commerce of the country. exported, and that they should only have a Seaport and to the foreign port, and to prove When he insinuates we struck it down

return of fifty cents after evidence taken at the its identiiy, Mr. BUTLER. I did not insinuate it-I port of exportation and of arrival, and sub. Mr. ALLISON. That is just what we do in said it.

mitted to the entire satisfaction of the Secre- this bill. Mr. JUDD. When he says we struck down tary of the Treasury. The gentleman said that Mr. FARNSWORTH. Very well; that is the export trade, he presents us in an attitude was opening a wider door for fraud than by any all we ask. Let the tax be paid at the disbefore the House and country I, for

other system. Now let us see.

Our export

tillery, and if your machinery is so perfect that not submit to it if I can help it.

ation of rum and alcohol amounts to from three you can trace that identical whisky, wbere is [Here the hammer fell.]

to five million gallons. Now, will any man the chance to comunit frauds on the GovernMr. SCHENCK, Mr. Chairman, I have no

say to a sensible body of people that there is ment by drawback? doubt the speech of my friend from Illinois was a greater door open to fraud where there are Mr. HARDING. Suppose it is transported made in all seriousness, but it is about as funny only four or five million gallons exported than in bond to the rectifying establishment where a thing as I have ever listened to.

there is where you provide for the transport- it is inade into alcohol, how can the gentleman two systems. I was disposed to stand up in ation of all distilled spirits from Maine to Cali- say how many other barrels of illicitly distilled favor of the system of transportation and ex- fornia, amounting to a hundred million gallons? | whisky are mingled with it in the production portation, sufficiently guarded, as I think, but I ask gentlemen to reflect a moment and tell of alcohol, which alcohol goes out without any on the other side it was thought safer and bet- me if there is likely to be more fraud in the new imposition of tax? if you will make ter that distilled spirits, in every form and for exportation of five million gallons than in the alcohol by continuous distillation at the disevery purpose, must have the tax prepaid at

transportation of one hundred million? tillery, and brand it there as tax-paid, you can the distillery. The gentleman says they have Mr. HOOPER, of Massachusetts. If the identify it at the port of exportation as easily prevailed over us, and now they want us to fix | gentleman will allow me, I will admit there is as you could a horse, and you cannot do it in up the machinery for them. Now, a system of inore chance for fraud in reference to one hun- any other way. drawbacks was offered last night, I think dred million gallons than in reference to five Mr. FARNSWORTH. I was arguing on about drawbacks as these gentlemen do about .nillion; but I believe if this drawback system the supposition that this bill provides sullicient transportation in bond. Having carried their is adopted your exportation would amount to machinery to secure the collection of the tax point, that distilled spirits intended for export- from twenty to fifty million gallons within a year at the distillery warehouse. If the bill is not ation must have the tax prepaid, it seems to

sufficient for that purpose, it is good for nothme they should go further and renew their Mr. LOGAN. Very well; then to satisfying. If it is sufficient for that purpose, then proposition of drawbacks, or in some way op- the gentleman we will limit it. There was it is sufficient to guard the Government agaiust erate the bill on their plan. Therefore it is an never yet exported more than five million gal. frauds by drawback. You certainly can trace amusing proposition, really, as presented by lons from the country, but we can limit it and the article anywhere and everywhere after it the gentleman froin Illinois, that it becomes provide some way by which the door shall be has paid the tax.

If the machinery of this bill our bonnden duty to furnish the machinery for closed. But do not let gentlemen, because is not sufficient, if it is so imperfect that it their plan.

they have wedded themselves to a particular does not insure the collection of the tax on I desire now to say that I was perhaps not section of a bill, because it is their own child whisky, then the Government is equally as clearly understvod when up before, when I and is like themselves in feature, perhaps, liable to be defrauded as if you allowed export; objected to the proposition made by my col- when anybody else offers a proposition here, ation without the payment of the tax. So if league, [Mr. GARFIELD.] He proposed that undertake to laugh it down. Now, sir, I say you take either horn of the dilemma we are these sections, four or five of which are of that if gentlemen strike these provisions out of equally, at sea, and equally liable to be de no use now upon the decision made by the the bill, and are not willing to provide any other frauded. Now, I suppose the Committee of committee, should be kept open for amend- means, I will introduce a proposition that will Ways and Means, by proposing a reduction of ment.

That I objected to. I was about to provide means for the saving of the export the tax to fifty cents per gallon, and by the suggest that if the committee will adopt that trade. I will introduce the same proposition proposition the Committee of Ways and Means that I did before, and the committee may guard

contrivanaes proposed by them and by this

Committee of the whole to secure the collechave no amendment to offer. But I prefer || it as well as they have a mind to.

tion of this tax, bave acted upon the presumpthe proposition made by my colleague on the reduce your export to $5,000,000, as the gen- tion that the Government will be able to secure committee for saving time, that by unanimous tleman suggests, and then if you have to pay the whole or nearly the whole of it. consent we withdraw these sections or pass drawback on every gallon when there shall not Mr. ALLISON. I now ask that, in order

one, will


Here are

or two.

You may

to save time, sections fifty.one, fifty-two, fifty- | believe it is, in the amendment I have sub- Mr. GRISWOLD. I desire merely to say three, and fifty-five be stricken out. mitted.

that in view of the striking out of every other Mr. BOUTWELL. I move to amend that Mr. BECK. Mr. Chairman, I desire to provision calculated to preserve this export motion by inserting what I send to the Clerk's oppose the amendment. The drawback of trade of the country, I for one trust the amend. desk in place of the sections proposed to be sixty cents now proposed is certainly too high, ment submitted by my friend from Massachustricken out.


any drawback at all should be allowed, which setts will be adopted. I regard it as he does, The CHAIRMAN.. Strictly speaking only I very much doubt. In my judgment, if we as the most objectionable of the three plans section fifty-one is now under consideration. allow any drawback at all it should be a very which have been submitted to the House; but, The gentleman can move what he proposes as small one. By other provisions in this bill we for one I am prepared to adopt almost any a substitute for that section, and the question | have cut off all right of removal of distilled plan within the range of reason and propriety upon striking out the other sections can be spirits from the West to the markets of the rather than strike down any material export determined when those sections shall have been East, where it is to be sold for hoine consump- interest that now exists in this country. I am reached.

tion. The manufacturers of the West can one of those who willöregard a business of that Mr. BOUTWELL. Very well ; then I offer store their whisky only in the distillery ware- kind, a business now important and which what I have sent to the Clerk's desk as a substi- 11 house, which must be upon the same lot as the promises in the future to become enlarged; tute for section fifty-one.

distillery. Our .Kentucky manufacturer, who but, sir, I am not one of those who believe we The substitute was read, as follows:

never redistills, rectifies, or exports must keep are at liberty in legislating for any of the great And be it further enacted. That a drawback shall be his whisky on hand in the distillery warehouse interests of the country to strike down any allowed upon alcohol and rum exported to foreign at an immense expense for insurance, &c. other interest.' Inasmuch as this committee countries, on which taxes have been paid under the provisions of this act, of wbich proof shall be fur

He is never allowed to remove it until the tax has indicated a determination they will accept pished by the person exporting the same, under such has been paid. What we insist upon is that no other amendment, I trust the amendment rules aod regulations as the Commissioner of Internal

no other person shall be allowed, under pre- of the gentleman from Dassachusetts will be Revenue may prescribe. Before any drawback shall be paid the exporter claimingdrawback shall furnish

tense of export or anything else, to remove adopted. satisfactory proof that the articles exported have been whisky until the tax is paid. Let every manu- Mr. HARDING. I move to strike out the landed in a foreign country and sold, or consigned facturer or dealer be put on the same footing. last word. for sale in such country; and the Commissioner of Internal Revenue shall prescribe such rules and regUnder pretense of exporting it whisky is sent

Mr. Chairman, there is no provision in this ulations as may be necessary to secure the Treasury across the river from "Buffalo or Black Rock,

bill for the payment of tax on alcohol. This of the United States against fraud. The drawback from Detroit to Windsor, from Maine to Nova provides that the tax on alcohol shall be reallowed shall include all the taxes levied and paid upon the alcobol and rum exported, not, however, Scotia, from Brownsville to Matamoras; it is

turned as drawback on exportation. The exceeding sixty cents per gallon of proof-spirits.

dodged about from one place to another under presumption is, I suppose, under the bill as Mr. BOUTWELL. I will add to my sub

pretense of export until it gets back and floods amended, that all alcohol is made out of spirits stitute the following from a proposition read the whole country, and heavy drawbacks are

that have paid the tax. But, sir, that is not claimed on it. More frauds are committed in susceptible of proof except in the case of by the gentleman from Illinois (Mr. LOGAN] the other day: this way than in any other form. In this way

alcohol which is produced by continuous disProvided, however, That no claim for drawback the revenue is defrauded, while the honest

tillation. There we may have identification. shall be allowed on either of the said articles which manufacturer is debarred from getting his

Alcohol may be made out of distilled spirits shall have been exported as a foresaid prior to the whisky to market. He must store it in the

that have not paid any tax, and yet when the time at which this act shall take effect,

distillery warehouse, as I said, in the custody | alcohol is exported the Government will be SEC. -. And be it further enacted, That if any per

of the Government officers until the tax is paid. son or persons sbal} fraudulently claim or seek to

compelled to pay these parties-not refund, for obtain an allowance of drawback on any article or He cannot even transport to a fire-proof warearticles aforesaid, on which an internal tax shall have

they did not pay anything--the amount of the house, which may be within a short distance been paid, or shall fraudulently claim any greater

tax that would be levied upon it. When you allowance or drawback than the tax actually paid

of his establishment, without subjecting himthereon as aforesaid. such person or persons shall forself to the severest penalties.

permit a man to take distilled spirits from the

distillery and to transport them in bond, as feit and pay to the Government of the United States But the exporter can carry whisky all over triple the amount wrongfully or fraudulently sought

this bill provides, to a place where they can to be obtained; and on conviction thereof shall be the country with the amplest opportunity to

be rectified and manufactured into alcohol, imprisoned in the penitentiary for a period not less fraud, and he subjects himself to no penalty than one year nor more than ten years. except the forfeiture of his bond, which may

when it comes to be exported, in the nature

of things, it cannot be identified. Mr. BOUTWELL. Upon the suggestion be worthless; while the distiller is punished Mr. LOGAN. The bill, as amended, proof members of the Committee of Ways and | by fine, imprisonment, seizure, and confisca

vides that all distilled spirits shall pay tax Means, I will modify my amendment so that

tion of all his property if he is guilty of any prior to removal from the distillery. Alcohol, the rules and regulations in regard to this draw. fraud, or even neglects in the smallest details,

therefore, must be made out of tax-paid whisky. back shall be prescribed by the Secretary of even to the failure to paint pipes, guess at the

Mr. HARDING. Not necessarily. The the Treasury and not by the Commissioner of capacity of his mash-tubs, or in the slightest Internal Revenue; perhaps that would be better. particular violate a law that none but a lawyer this way: we know there are many small dis.

great frauds perpetrated are perpetrated in Now, I wish to say a few words to the Com- can understand. Why this severity on the dismittee of the Whole in reference to this propotiller and this leniency to the fraudulent pre

tilleries in garrets and cellars. These people

distill alcohol out of whisky that has never sition. As is very well known, I am in favor tended exporter who has partners in bis fraud of a system of transportation in bonds. I pro- all along the lines? This whole system ought

paid any tax.

Mr. LOGAN. You cannot make alcohol posed a plan of my own which did not meet to be made harmonious. If gentlemen desire the approbation of the Committee of the Whole. to impose such stringent requirements upon

in a rectifying establishment. Rectifying is I next sustained, as well as I was able, the the manufacturers of whisky to be consumed

only running it through charcoal.

Mr. HARDING. When alcohol is made proposition of the Committee of Ways and in this country, let everybody else be subjected Means for a system of transportation in bond. to similar requirements. Every gallon of whisky

out of whisky that is manufactured illicitly in But the judgment of the Committee of the that gets into the market fraudulently under

this way, how is it to be identified? Only by Whole seems to be that there shall be no such pretense of export is just that much stolen from

affidavits, except in the case of alcohol from transportation in bond, but that the taxes upon the Government that much stolen from the

continuous distillation. all distilled spirits shall be paid before the honest manufacturer who has to pay the tax or

[Here the hammer fell.] article is removed from the distillery ware- keep his whisky in the distillery warehouse.

ENROLLED BILL. houses. I am unwilling that the export trade Hence the amendment of the gentleman from

The committee informally rose; and Mr. in distilled spirits shall be broken up; 'not Iowa seemed to me to cover the difficulty; and because the trade itself is of such importance to

Holman, from the Committee on Enrolled this amendment proposing to allow a drawback

Bills, reported that they had examined and the country as because of the fact that it is con- ought not to be adopted unless the amount of

found truly enrolled a bill H. R. No. 365, nected with a large trade in domestic products, the drawback be reduced from sixty to ten,

constituting eight hours a day's work for all cotton goods of various kinds, as a leading arti- fifteen, or twenty cents at the utmost, and I

laborers, workmen, and mechanics employed cle of export to the coast of Africa, to South think it had better be stricken out altogether.

by or on behalf of the Government of the UniAmerica, to the Indian ocean, and to other

Mr. BOUTWELL. I wish merely to state

ted States; when the Speaker signed the same. parts of the world. The abolition of this trade my reason for putting the drawback at sixty is not limited to the five millions of export cents. The committee knows very well that

MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT. commerce in whisky or alcohol and rum; but the specific tax per gallon has been fixed at it is quadrupled, perhaps multiplied tenfold, or

A message in writing was received from the fifty cents. The tax of four dollars barrel


President of the United States, by Mr. Moore, soon will be, in connection with other trade or ten cents a gallon increases the tax to sixty

one of his Secretaries. which cannot be successfully carried on, if

cents; and the additional tax upon the capacity this be abolished.

INTERNAL TAX BILL-AGAIN. of the distillery amounts to three cents more Although I think the drawback system the per gallon, making in all sixty-three cents tax. Mr. HARDING. I withdraw the amendleast desirable of the three propositions which

I have limited the drawback to sixty cents, three ment. have been presented to the committee, I still cents less than the tax actually paid. Hence, Mr. MOORHEAD. I move to strike out cannot consent, after ascertaining the judg: | I think, there can be in this respect no ground "sixty" and insert “ fifty" in the amendment. ment of the committee, that this branch of of complaint. I wish only to add that the Mr. Chairman, I am in favor of drawbacks. trade shall be abolished without making, one

drawback is limited to alcohol and rum. I am not in favor of destroying this export more effort for its continuance under a draw. I yield the remainder of my time to the trade; but I do not think there should be a back system pretty carefully guarded, as i ll gentleman from New York, [Mr. Griswold.]

premium upon that foreign trade. I therefore

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move to strike out sixty cents and insert fifty Mr. SCHENCK. I now move to strike out withdrawn for transportation by from
cents, the amount of the tax.
sections fifty-two and fifty three.

warehouse in the - district, State of on the Mr. BOUTWELL. There is more than ten

day of A. D. - for transportation to --

The motion was agreed to; and the sections And the entry shall specify the whole number of cents of special taxes.

were accordingly stricken out, as follows: casks or packages, with the marks and serial numMr. MOORHEAD, I understand that. We Sec. 52. And be it further enacted, That distilled

bers thereon, the number of gauge or wine gallons,

and of proof gallons, and the amount of the tax on spirits may be removed in bond, without payment propose to refund the tax, and that is fifty of the tax, from a distillery warehouse, to be transthe distilled spirits contained in them, as stated in

120 cents; and I do not think the special taxes ported directly to an export bonded warehouse for

the transportation entry, all of wbich shall bo veriought to be refunded. I am a member of the the storage of distilled spirits, established at a port

fied by the oath or affirmation of said owner or agent,

which shall be attached to the entry, and be in foria Committee of Vays and Means, and I have of entry as herein before provided, on application of

as follows: the distiller or owner of such spirits to the collector not said a word on this subject, as I could not of internal revenue of the district from which such I,

do solemnly swear that the distilled support the chairman in the view he took. The transportation is to be made, and under such rules

spirits described in this entry are the identical spirits

described in the transportation entry made by amendment of the gentleman from lowa [Mr. and regulations, and after making such entries and

inexecuting such bonds and giving such other addi

- district, State of, on the - day of PRICE] has been adopted, however, and I am tional security, as may be prescribed by law and by

A. D,-; and that said spirits are the same in glad of it. I think it is a good amendment. regulations of the Commissioner of Internal Rev.

quantity, quality, value, and package, unatoidablo It seems to be impossible to transport whisky enue, and after being inspected, gauged, proved, and

waste and damage excepted, as at the time of said inarked, as provided by this act. The entry to with- entry for transportation, from the distilleries to the sea-board in bond draw for transportation shall bo made in triplicate,

The said spirits, after being entered, shall, on arriwithout the perpetration of frauds. The whole | and shall designate the name of the distiller or

val at the port of entry, be unladen from the vessel,

as the railroad car, or other conveyance by wbich they were owner applying for the transportation, the name of country knows it. I agree in this bill there

5941p.10 brought, under the supervision of an officer of interthe place to which it is to be transported, with the are guards and checks thrown around this

Life nal revenue designated by said collector in charga name of the consignee or agent at such place, and a

Ite ret transportation not before in existence; but, full designation of the wholo route by which it is to

of exports, who shall also supervise the transfer or sir, we know they will do us as they have done be transported, whether by water, by railroad, or

conveyance of the same to such export bonded ware

house as the collector may by written order desigotherwise, and shall be in form as follows: heretofore, get their whisky to market withont

nate; and, after being gauged and inspected by a [Transportation entry to export warehouse.)

Coo paying any tax. I was opposed in committee

United States gauger designated by said collector,

Entry of distilled spirits to be withdrawn by to this transportation of whisky in bond, and

shall be deposited in such warehouse and a return from the bonded warehouse of “, in district shall be iininediately made by the gauger to said colalso to these bonded warehouses, and I hope | State of for transportation to by -- via lecier of such gauging and inspecting, and the tax they will be entirely abolished. I am in favor

, consigned to

shall be paid on any difference in the number of of a drawback of fifty cents upon exported

And the entry shail specify the whole number of

proof gallons as shown by the return of the gauger casks or packages, the marks and serial nuinbers and the number of proof gallons stated in the entry whisky, and I hope the amendment will prevail. thereon, the number of gauge or wine gallons aud to withdraw the distilled spirits for transportation,

ole Mr. BENTON. I rise to oppose the amendof proof gallons, and the amount of the tax on such aster deducting therefrom the allowance for actual

i Re ment. I think there has been an exaggeration

distilled spirits, all of which shall be verified by the loss by leakage, to be established, ascertained, and

oath or aflirmation of the distiller or owner of the proved under such rules and regulations as the Comof the importance of this export trade. But spirits, who shall give bis bond, executed in dupli- missioner of Internal Revenue may prescribe. One

et still it would probably be bad policy to under: cate, with one or more sureties satistactory to said

entry for deposit in the warehouse shall be retained collector, conditioned that the principal named in take to prohibit it, and if we are not disposed

in the office of said collector, one shall be transsaid bond will transport the distilled spirits as speci- mitted to the collector ot the district whence the to prohibit it, we should not impose such lied to the port of entry named, and that said spirits transportation was made, and one sent to the Comclogs upon it as to discourage exportation.

shall be entered on or before arrival there, and shall missioner of Internal Revenue, to be recorded and

be deposited in the export bonded warehouse; also, filed in his office. It certainly seems to me a tax of fifteen cents that he will export the said spirits beyond the juriswould have that effect. Now, as has been diction of the United States within six months iron

The Clerk read as follows: the date of said bond, or cause the same to be so said by the gentleman from Massachusetts, a

SEC. 51. And be it further enacted, That any distilled exported; and the penal sum of said bond shall not drawback of sixty cents would fall short of be less than double the amount of the tas on such

spirits may, on plyment of the tax thereon, bo with.

drawn from warehouse on application to the collector covering the amount paid on the gallon by at spirits. One of the entries shall be filed in the office

of the district in charge of such warehouse, on makleast from three to five cents. Now, while I of the collector, one shall be transmitted by said col

ingil vi hdrawal entry, in duplicate, and in form as lector, with the bill of lading, 10. the collector in follows: think this export business of alcohol and rum churge of exports at the port of entry to whicit the is not to be specially favored in this country, spirits are to be transported, and one, together with

[Entry for withdrawal of distilled spirits from warethe duplicate of the bond, to the Commissioner of

house. Tas paid.] still, under the present circumstances of our

Internal Revenue, to be filed in his ofiice. The Entry of distilled spirits to be withdrawn, on pas. national indebtedness and the necessity of removal from the warehouse of such distilled spirits ment of the tax, froin warehouse by

for transportation shall be only after receiving the fostering and encouraging our manufacturing

deposited on the - day of A. D. by order or permit for the same, signed by the collector in said warehouse. resources, I think we should not prohibit it.

and addressed to the storekeeper, and after cach cask It withdrawn by any other person than the person Therefore I am opposed to fixing the amount or package has been distinctly marked or branded, who made the deposit, the authority for so doing shall of the drawback at such a rate as will amount at the expense of the distiller or owner, as follows: be attached to the entry signed by the person who "Bonded in district of ---, for transportation

made the deposit, and be in form as follows: to a tax of from thirteen to fifteen cents on the to the port of , in the State of -" (losurting,

I authorize - to withdraw from warehouse gallon. It seems to me if we allow any at all, in each case, the number of the district and wane of the distilled spirits described in this entry. such guards and restrictions should be im- the State whence, and the name of the port and State And the entry shall specify the whole number of

to which the same is to be transported.) The bills casks or packages, with the marks and serial puma posed as to prevent all frauds and all imposi

of lading for such transportation shall be not less bers thereon, the number of gange or wine gallons, tions upon the officers of the Government, so than three in number, and shall contain the name ali of proof Ballong, and the amount of the tax on as to secure an honest administration of the of the owner or his agent, with the name of the col- the disunted spirits contained in them; all of which

lector in charge of exports as joint consignees at the shall be verified by the oath or affirmation of the law. I think we should allow such a sum as

port of entry to which the same is to be transported, person making such entry; and on payment of the will approximate very nearly to the amount of with a full statoment of the whole route by which it tax the collector shall issue his order to the storethe tax paid.

is to be transported, and shall specify the marks and keeper in charge of the warehouse for the delivery. numbers on the casks or packages, and the name of

Onv of said entries shall be filed in the office of the The qnestion was taken on the amendment

the distiller of said spirits; two of said bills of lading collector, and the other transmitted by him to the of Mr. Moorhead, and there were-ayes 48, shall be delivered to the collector of the district Commissioner of Internal Revenue.

whence the spirits are transported, one of which
shall be filed in his office, and the other transmitted

No amendment being offered, the Clerk read Mr. RAUM. I demand tellers. by him, with the transportation entry, to the col

as follows: Tellers were ordered ; and the Chair ap- lector in charge of exports at the port of entry to Sec. 55. And be it further enacted, That distilled pointed Messrs. MOORHEAD, and STEVENS of which the spirits are to be transported. Every mas- spirits may be withdrawn for immediate export, with

ter of a vessel, conductor of a railroad car, and perNew Hampshire.

out payment of the tax, from any warehouse at & son in charge of any other vehicle by which distilled The committee divided; and the tellers were

port of entry where a collector has been designated spirits are transported in bond by any route shall by the Commissioner of Internal Revenue, to bavo unable to agree as to the count.

exhibit, on application of any officer of internal rev- charge of all matters relating to the exportation of The Chair ordered other tellers; and ap

enue, a manitest particularizing the casks or pack- articles subject to tax under the laws to provide

ages of distilled spirits so transported; and any dis- internal revenue, on application of tbe owner thereof pointed Messrs. Cullom, and Washburn of tilled spirits transported under bond from one district to the said collector, and under such rules and regu

to another shall be liable to seizure and forfeiture if Indiana. found elsewhere than in regular transit on the route

lations, and after making such entries, and executing The committee again divided; and the tellers

such bonds, and giving such other additional security, as prescribed in the entry for transportation of the as may be prescribed by law and by the Commisa reported—ayes 62, noes 42.

same, or if, after arrival at the port of entry to which sioner of Internal Revenue. The entry for such So the amendment was agreed to.

it was destined, it has not been entered for deposit
in the warehouse as prescribed by law and regula-

exportation shall be in triplicate, and shall contain Mr. SCHENCK. I desire unanimous contion. Every collector shall report weekly, to the

the name of the person applying to export, the name

of the distiller, and of the district in which the spirits sent of the committee to stop debate on this Commissioner of Internal Revenue, all entries made were distilled, the date of transportation from ibar section. I understand the amendment of the of distilled spirits, for transportation in bond from district, and the name of the vessel by wbich, and

their respective districts during the week, and of disgentleman from Massachusetts [Mr.BOUTWELL]

the name of the port to which, they are to be exported i tilled spirits transported into such district from other and the

form of the entry shall be as follows: to be a substitute for sections fifty-one, fifty- districts. Sec. 53. And be it further enacted, That before the

[Entry for export of distilled spirits.) two, fifty-three, and fifty-five.

Entry of spiriis distilled by arrival of any distilled spirits, transported in bond


-,in Mr. BOUTWELL. I think the Chair stated as aforesaid, at the port of entry to which it was

State of and transported thence on the day it as a substitute for the fifty-first section. destined, or immediately on its arrival, the owner or

of AD. to be withdrawn from

house by agent named in the bill of lading as one of the conThe CHAIRMAN. It could be regarded as

for immediate export by him ou signecy shall enter the same for deposit in the ware

board tho ,

whereof a substitute for the sections that have not been house; and said ontry shall be in triplicate, and shall

to read only by unanimous consent.

contain the name of the person applying to make Aud the entry shall specify the whole number of Mr. SCHENCK. I ask unanimous consent

the deposit, tho designation of the export bonded casks or packages, the marks and serial numbers

warchouse in which the deposit is to be made, the thereon, the quality or kind of spirits as known in that debate may cease on the pending section. district and State whence it was transported, with commerce, the number of gauge or wine gallons and No objection being made, debate on the the date of the transportation entry, and the con

of proof gallons, and

amount of the tux on such disveyance by which it arrived, or is to arrive, in forin, tilled spirits; all of which shall be verified by the pending section was closed. as follows:

oath or aflirination of the owner of the spirits, and The question being taken on the amendment (Entry for deposit in export bonded warehouse.]

that they are truly intended to be exported to the of Mr. BOUTWELL as a substitute for section

Entry of distilled spirits to be deposited by

port of, and not to be relanded within the limits

of the United States; and said owner shall giro his Gifty-one, it was agreed to.

in export bonded warehouse

which was

bond executed in duplicate, with one or more sure.

noes 52.


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is master, bound

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; by

ties satisfactory to said collector, conditioned that for redistillation, the alcohol redistilled therefrom Commissioner of Internal Revenue, who sball keep the principal named in said bond will export the dis- shall be entered for warehousing by the distiller or a record of the distilled spirits received and how tilled spirits as specified in said entry to the port owner thereof, and deposited in the same warehouse used, and of the delivery of any articles from the of —, and that the same shall not be landed within from which it was withdrawn; and the entry for warehouse, and make such reports as required of thie jurisdiction of the United States. The penal sum warehousing shall be made in duplicate, and shall storekeepers in other bonded warehouses; and no named in said bond shall be equal to not less than designate the name of the distillor or owner, the article manufactured therein shall be removed from double the amount of the tax on such spirits. For warehouse in which it is to be deposited, and tho date such warehouse except on an order or permit from the discharge of any such export bond the same time of its withdrawal from said warchouse, and shall be the collector in charge of exports at such portof entry shall be allowed, and the same certificatcs of landing in form as follows:

for immediate transfer to the vessel by which it is to and other evidence shall be required as is or may be provided and required for imported inerchandise

[Entry of alcohol for warehousing.)

be exported to a foreign country as hereinafter pro.

vided. Any materiale imported into the United States exported from the United States, that the said spirits Entry of alcohol for warehousing by

in may, under such rules as pow exist, or as may herehave been landed at the port named, or at any other - warehouse, - State of redistilled from

after be prescribed for the removal of imported goods port beyond the jurisdiction of the United States, or spirits withdrawn by me from said warehouse on the into United States bonded warehouses, be removed upon satisfactory evidence that the spirits have been - day of A. D.

in original packages from on shipboard or from lost after shipment. One bill of lading, duly signed And the entry shall specify the whole number of bonded wareliouses in which the same may be, into by the master of tbo vessel, shall, when shipped, casks or packages, the marks or serial numbers

the bonded manufacturing warebouse in which such bc deposited with said collector, to be filed at his thereon, the number of gauge or wine gallons and of manufacture may be carried on, for tbe purpose of office with the entry, retained by him; one of said proof gallons, and the amount of the tax on such being used in such manufacture, without payment entries shall be sent to the collector of customs alcohol. The said alcohol, after being gauged and of duties thereon. No articles so removed shall bo at said port of entry, and when the shipment is inspected by a United States gauger designated by used except in the manufacture of any of the above coinpleted the other entry shall be transmitted, said collector, shall be deposited in such warehouse; enumerated articles; and it shall be the duty of tho with the duplicate of the bond, to the Commissioner and each cask or package shall be branded or marked internal revenucstorekeeper in charge ofsuch bonded of Internal Revenue, to be recorded and filed in his "alcohol," and with the name of the distiller thereof, manufacturing warehouse to personally see that said ofice. The removal of such distilled spirits from the and serial numbers placed thereon; and a return articles are used in such inanufacture, and his certifi warehouse for exportation shall be only after the shall be immediately made by the gauger to said col- cate of such artioles having been so used shall bo receipt of an order or permit signed by the collector lector of such gauging and inspecting, and the tax taken by the collector of customs of the district in in charge of exports and directed to the storekeeper shall be paid on any difference in the number of which such warehouse may be situated, in cancellaof the warehouse, and after oach cask or package proof gallons, as shown by the return of the gauger, tion of any bonds given for the payment of duties on shall have been distinctly marked or branded, at the and the number of proof gallons as stated in the cntry such imported articles. expense of the owner, as follows: "U. S. export to withdraw the distilled spirits for redistillation. SEC. 60. And be it further enacted, That alcohol or warehouse; for export.” Before shipment the casks The distiller or owner of any alcohol so deposited in other distilled spirits required for use in the manor packages shall be inspected and gauged alongsido

the warehouse shall give his bond, with one or moro ufacture of medicine, medical preparations, per of or on the vessel by an internal revenue gauger, suroties satisfactory to the said collector, conditioned fumery, cosmetics, and cordials or liqueurs, composed designated by said collector in charge of exports. that the principal named in said bond will, within in part of such spirits, may be removed from bonded under such rules and regulations as the Commissioner six months from the date of said entry, withdraw the warehouse without payment of the tax, to be transof Internal Revenue inay prescribe; and on appli- alcohol specified in the entry for consumption or sale, ferred directly to a bondcd manufacturing warebouso cation of the said collector in charge of exports it

and pay the tax thereon; and the penal sum of such in the collection district, to be used in manufacturing sball be the duty of the surveyor of the port to desig

bond shall be not less tban double the tax on such the articles aforesaid, on application of the mannate and direct one of the custow-house inspectors alcohol. One of the entries shall be retained and ufacturer having such warehouse to the collcctor in to superintend such shipment. Thegluger, as afore- filed in the office of said collector, and the other trans- charge of exports at such port of entry, and under said, shall make a full return of such inspecting and mitted to the Commissionor of Internal Revenue, to such rules and regulations, and after making such gauging, certifying thereon that the shipment has

be filed in his office. Alcohol deposited in any Uni- entries, and executing such bonds, and giving such been made, in his presence, on board the vessel named ted States bonded warehouse may be withdrawn on other additional sccurity as may be prescribed by law in the entry for export, which return shall be indorsed the payment of the tax, or for transportation in bond, and by the Commissioner of Internal Rerenue. Tho by said custom-house inspector, certifying that the without the payment of the tax, to an export bonded entry for such removal and transfer shall bein duplicasks or packages have been shipped under his warehouse established and designated at a port of cato, and shall contain the name of the person applysupervision on board said vessel; and the snid in- entry, and for export, in thesame manner and on the ing therefor, the kind of spirits, and the name of the spector shall make a similar certificate to the sur

same conditions, and the execution of such entries distiller and of the district in which it was distilled, veyor of the port indorsed on, or to be attached to, and bonds in all respects as provided for in the case and designate the warehouse to which it is to be rethe entry in possession of the custom-house. of other distilled spirits.

moved; and the form of the entry shall be as follows: Mr. SCHENCK. I move to strike out that

Mr. ALLISON. I move to strike out that [Entry of distilled spirits for manufacture in bond.) section, section.

Entry of a to be withdrawn froin bonded warcThe motion was agreed to. The motion was agreed to.

house in the - district, State of

- to be manufactured by me for export from tho The Clerk read as follows:

of The Clerk read the next section, as follows: port

to iny bonded manufacturing ware

house in SEC. 56. And be it further enacted, That distilled

Sec. 58. And be it further enacted, That the Com- And the entry shall specify the whole number of spirits inay be withdrawn from any bonded ware

missioner of Internal Revenue be, and he is hereby, casks. or packages, the marks and serial numbers house other than an export warehouse for the pur

authorized to grant permits to curators or principal thereon, the number of gauge or wine gallons and pose of being redistilled into alcohol within the city,

officers of incorporated or chartered scientific insti- of proof gallons, and the amount of the tax on such iowo, or district in which such warehouse is situated,

tutions to withdraw alcohol in specified quantities distilled spirits; all of which shall be verified by tho on application of the distiller or owner of such spirits

from bond, without payment of the internal revenue oath or affirmation of the distiller or owner of said to the collector of internal revenue of the district in

tax on the same, or on the spirits from which the spirits, also by the oath or aflirmation of the person which they are stored, under such rules and regula

alcohol has been distilled, for the sole and exclusive making such entry, who shall give bis bond executed tions, and after making such entries, and executing

purpose of preserving specimens of anatomy, physi- in duplicate, with one or more sureties satisfactory such bonds, and giving such other additional security

ology, or of natural history, belonging to said insti- tosaid collector.conditioned that the principal nained as may be prescribed by law and by regulations of

tutions: Provided, That the said curators or other in said bond will transfer the spirits specified in tho the Commissioner of Internal Revenue. The entry

officers, on applying for such permit, shall file a bond entry to his bonded manufacturing warehouse, and, to withdraw for redistillation shall be made in dupli

for double the amount of tax on the alcohol to bo after using the same for manufacturing any of the cate, and shall designate the name of the distiller or

withdrawn, with two good and sufficient suroties, who articles allowed by law, will enter for export all such owner applying for the redistillation, tho name of

shall not be officers of the institution making appli- articles in which said spirits have been used, and the distiller and of the district in which it was dis

cation, said bonds and suretics to bo approved by the export the same to some foreign port, and that such tilled, the distillery in which it is to be redistilled,

Commissioner of Internal Revenue, and conditioned articles shall not be landed or consumed within the and by whom, and sball be in form as follows:

that the whole quantity of alcohol so withdrawn jurisdiction of the United States. The penal sum

from bond shall be used for the purpose above spc- named in said bond shall be equal to not less than (Entry to withdraw for redistillation.]

cified, and for no other; and that the curators, or double tho amount of the tax on such spirits. Tho Entry of spirits distilled by

in dis- other officers, shall comply with such other require- removal of such distilled spirits from the bonded trict, State of to be withdrawn from the dis

ments and regulations as the Commissionerof Inter- warehouse shall be oply after the receipt of an order tillery warehouse by

for redistillation into

nal Revenuo may prescribe. And if any alcohol so or permit signed by the collector in charge of esports, at distillery, and to be re

obtained shall be used or allowed to be used by any turned thereafter to the said warehouse.

and directed to the storekeeper of such warehouse, curator or other officer of said institution for any pur- and after each cask or packageshall have been gauged And the entry shall specify the whole number of

poyo other than that above specified, then tho said and inspected, and shall have been distinctly marked casks or packages, the marks or serial numbers

curators, officers, and sureties shall pay the tax on or branded, at the expense of the person making the thereon, the number of gauge or wine gallons and

the whole amount of alcohol witbdrawn from bond, entry, as follows: "For removal to bonded manufacof proof gallons, and the amount of the tax on such together with a like amount as a penalty in addition suring warehouse of

One of said entries, distilled spirits, all of which shall be verificd by the thereto.

with the duplicate of the bond, sball be transmitted distiller or owner of the spirits, who shall give his bond, with one or more suretics satisfactory to said

Mr. BUTLER. That section should be

by said collector to the Commissioner of Internal

Revenue, to be filed in his office, and the other entry collector, conditioned that the principal named in

stricken out. It provides for putting alcohol and bond shall be retained and preserved in the office said bond will return the said spirits, and enter the same after redistillation into alcohol for deposit in in bond, and taking it out without payment of of said collector.

SEC. 61. And be it further enacted, That medicines, the warehouse from which it was withdrawn, within tax. I move that it be stricken out.

medical preparations, perfumery, cosmetics, and corthirty days from the date of said bond, and will pay

Mr. ALLISON. I think it ought to be dials or liqueurs composed in part of alcohol or other the tax on any quantity of proof gallons so returned stricken out.

distilled spirits and manufactured in bonded manuless than the number of proof gallons stated in the

facturing warehouses as hereinbefore provided. sbal} entry to withdraw the distilled spirits from the ware

The motion was agreed to.

be withdrawn from such warehouses for immediate house, and the penal sum of said bond shall be not

The Clerk read as follows:

export, without payment of tax and without having less than double the amount of the tax on such spirits. One of the entries shall bd retained and filed

Sec. 59. And be it further enacted, That at any port stamps affixed thereto, on application by tho manu

facturer to the collector in charge of exports, and in the office of the said collector, and the other transof entry bonded warehouses may be established, to

under such rules and regulations, and after making initted to the Commissioner of Internal Revenue, to be known as bonded manufacturing warehouses, in

such entries and executing such bonds and giving be filed in his office. The removal from the ware, which medicines, medical preparations, composi

such other additional security as may be prescribed house of such distilled spirits, for redistillation, shall tions, perfuinery, and cosmetics, and cordials or

by law and by the Commissioner of Internai Revebe only after receiving the order or permit for the liqueurs, composed in part of alcohol or other dis

nue. The entry for such exportation shall be in tripsame, signed by the collector and addressed to the tilled spirits, may be manufactured for export exclu

licate, and shall specify the name of the article to be storekeeper, and after each cask or package bas been sively, under such rules and regulations as the Com

exported, the number of packages, and the estimated regauged and inspected, and distinctly marked or missioner of Internal Revenue may prescribe; and

quantity in proof gallons of distilled spirits consumed branded at the expense of the distiller or owner, as po building, or part of a building, shall be designated

in the manufacturo of the article to be exported and United States warehouse for redistillafor such warehouse which has openings connecting it

the amount of the tax on such spirits; and in all with other buildings or other rooms in the same build

other respects, so far as applicablo, the same forms ing, or which shall be within six bundred feet of any

shall be observed and the same proceedings had as Mr. ALLISON. I move to strike out that distillery or rectifying establishment, nor unless rec

provided for in regard to the export of distilled spirits; section. It is the same subject. ommended by the collector of the district and the

and the proof required of landing the game beyond The motion was agreed to. collector having cbarge of exports at such port of

the jurisdiction of the United States shall be the same entry, and approved by the Commissioner of Inter

as in the case of distilled spirits exported. The Clerk read the next section, as follows:

nal Revenue; and such warehouses shall be used for

manufacturing the articles aforesaid for export, and Mr. ALLISON. I move to strike out those SEC. 57. And be it further enacted, That within thirty days from the date of the bond given for the for no other purpose, and shall be under the direc

three sections. withdrawal from warehouse of any distilled spirits tion and control of said collector, and in charge of an

The motion was agreed to. internal revenue storekeeper assigned thereto by the

alcohol by

follows: tion.'

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The Clerk read the next section, as follows: far as to injure their investments, although | acts supplementary thereto, in pursuance of
SEC. 62. And be it further enacted, That all distilled | they may be made in whisky. That it should which it is claimed, in the preamble to this
spirita in any bonded warehouse shall within one
hundred days after the passage of this act be with-

bear a large portion of our burdens I believe, bill, these States have framed and adopted drawn from such warehouse, and the tax paid on the

but legitimate transactions should be fostered, I constitutions of State government. Nor will saine; and the casks of packages containing said

and the exactions of the law should be so I repeat the objections contained in my mes. spirits shall be marked and stamped and be subject || enforced as to bring about their cheerful | sage of the 20th instant, returning without my in all 10spects to the same requirements as if munufactured after the passage of this aet. And any dis

observance by every one. We can afford to signature the bill to admit to representation tilled spirits remaining in any bonded warehouse for defend the upright dealer in whatever line of the State of Arkansas, and which are equally a period of more than one hundred days after the business he may be; and even if we are per- || applicable to the pending measure. passage of this act shall be forfeited to the United

suaded that great frauds have been committed Like the act recently passed in reference to Mr. SCHENCK. I move to amend that

in the whisky traffic, yet we can all of us bring | Arkansas, this bill supersedes the plain and

to our minds many of our constituents who, simple mode prescribed by the Constitution for section by striking out the word "tax" in line

in a series of years, have been engaged in the admission to seats in the respective Houses four and inserting "taxes." I offer that

making and selling that article, and have never of Senators and Representatives from the amendment because I am instructed by the

been known to deprive the Government of one several States. It assumes authority over six Committee of Ways and Means, when we reach

dollar of taxes. It is difficult to bind bad men States of the Union which has never been section sixty-five, to move to add a provision

by even the most stringent laws; and so we delegated to Congress, or is even warranted that whisky in bond shall pay four dollars a

have the greater reason for legislating for the by previous upconstitutional legislation upon barrel as a special tax as well as whisky in

benefit of the honest, who, at last, have to pay the subject of restoration. It imposes condithe distillery The amendment was agreed to..

the penalty, in one way or another, of the tions which are in derogation of the equal

shortcomings and frauds of the dishonest. rights of the States, and is founded upon a Mr. O'NEILL. I move to strike out the Now, sir, I do not care to stand here as the theory which is subversive of the fundamental section. I do not see why the very hard con. special' defender of the whisky sellers, either principles of the Government. In the case dition proposed in this section should be put small or great; but I do'stand here as the of Alabama it violates the plighted faith of upon those who have whisky in bond. There defender of the legitimate business men of the Congress by forcing upon that State a conare many persons in this country, in all the

it fra country. I am always ready to vote for what stitution which was rejected by the people, eities on the sea board, who have invested || I believe to be right. I desire, if possible, to according to the express terms of an act of their money in whisky legitimately, either for increase the revenues of the Government, but | Congress requiring that a majority of the the purpose of home consumption or for ex. || in seeking that object I am not willing to do an registered electors should vote upon the ques. portation. I cannot imagine why the commit- act of injustice. I hope the section will be tion of its ratification. tee should insist upon putting these hard terms stricken out.

For these objections, and many others that on men who, perbaps to the extent of hundreds Mr. FARNSWORTH. I move that the com- | might be presented, I cannot approve this bill, of thousands of dollars, in single instances mittee rise, so that the House may act on the and therefore return it for the action of Con. have invested in whisky, and who have a right veto message of the President on the "omnia gress required in such cases by the Federal in fair business transactions to a profit on their bus" reconstruction bill.

Constitution. investment at the time when according to their

ANDREW JOHNSON. Mr. SCHENCK. I hope the committee will own notions they should sell. I undertake to not rise till we have gone through with the

Washington, D. C., June 25, 1868. say that the payment of this tax at the expira- provisions relating to special taxes.

Mr. FARNSWORTH. I call for the pretion of one hundred days by some of these Mr. FARNSWORTH. There are many vious question. gentlemen would amount to so large a sum very good reasons why that veto message should The SPEAKER. The question is, Will the that their entire capital in this trade might be be acted on now. swept away. Why, look at it. Compare it On the motion of Mr. FARNSWORTH,

House, on reconsideration, agree to the pas

there with the bonded system in the customs depart.

sage of this bill notwithstanding the objections were-ayes 43, noes 46.

of the President ? ment of the Government. Look how the Goy- Mr. FARNSWORTH. I call for tellers.

Mr. STEVENS, of Pennsylvania. I call for ernment protects the merchants who import Tellers were ordered ; and Messrs. Farns. the previous question, goods from foreign countries. It does not Worth and Pile were appointed.

Mr. ROBINSON. Would it be in order now make a sweeping law; saying to them, “ In a The committee divided ; and the tellers hundred days you shall withdraw your goods reported—ayes 53, noes 36.

to move that this message be printed, and that

it lie over for consideration on a future day? for consuniption, or if you do not you shall So the motion was agreed to.

The SPEAKER. It would be if the preforfeit them, and thus lose every dollar you The committee accordingly rose; and the vious question should not be sustained. have invested in them." I think, sir, that we Speaker having resumed the chair, Mr. BLAINE Mr. ROBINSON. I tried to get the Speakought to give the manufacturer of whisky, or reported that the Committee of the Whole on

er's eye to make that motion. the purchaser of whisky to sell again, the legit

, the state of the Union had, pursuant to the The SPEAKER. But the gentleman from imate business man, who has used his capital order of the House, had under consideration Illinois [Mr. Farnsworth) addressed the for the purpose of making money by it, the the Union generally, and particularly the Chair before the gentleman from New York, same chances that we give under the laws to

special order, being House bill No. 1284, to [Mr. Robinson.] The gentleman from Penn the importer of foreign goods. We allow him change and more effectually secure the collec:

sylvania, [Mr. STEVENS, however, having had to-day the privilege of putting his goods in a tion of internal taxes on distilled spirits and

charge of the bill in its previous stages, was, bonded warehouse for one year without exact- tobacco, and to amend the tax on banks, and ing from him any penalty, giving him the right had come to no resolution thereon.

by the usage, entitled to be recognized.

Mr. ROBINSON. I hope the previous to withdraw them at any time within that


question will not be seconded. year for consumption at home, to sell them in the home market, and then, after that period Mr. HOLMAN, from the Committee on

Mr. STEVENS, of Pennsylvania. For the has expired, he has the further period of two Enrolled Bills, reported that the committee

information of the gentleman from New York, years to withdraw them, at an advance to be had examined and found truly enrolled bills || [Mr. Robinson,] I will simply say that there paid by him of ten per cent. upon the duties, of the following titles; when the Speaker signed

is not a word of news in this whole message. and if for exportation only, no advance upon the same:

(Laughter.] their withdrawal.

Mr. ELDRIDGE. If the gentleman from An act (H. R. No. 236) granting a pension But here it is proposed to every one who is to John Q. A. Keck, late a private in the third | Pennsylvania wants “news," had he not bet

: doing business legitimately, simply because it Missouri cavalry; and

ter have read telegrams from various parts of is in whisky, that unless he take it out of bond An act (H. R. No. 347) for holding terms the country showing the results of recent elecwithin one hundred days, thus throwing mil. of the district court of the United States for

tions? [Laughter.] lions of gallons upon a falling market, perhaps, the southern district of Illinois, at the city of

The previous question was seconded; there that the extreme penalty of forfeiture shall be | Cairo, in said Ştate.

being--ayes 75, noes 26. suffered. The severity of such an enactment

The main question was ordered.

REPRESENTATION OF SOUTHERN STATES. would drive good men cut of our community

The SPEAKER. The question is, Will the

The SPEAKER laid before the House a and would stifle enterprise. We would have

House, on reconsideration, agree to the pasmessage from the President of the United bankruptcy all around us; and the citizen who

sage of this bill notwithstanding the objections States, which was read, as follows: feels that he has a right to embark in such

of the President? On this question the vote, occupation as he pleases would at once com- To the House of Representatives :

by the requirement of the Constitution, must plain that instead of being protected in his In returning to the House of Representa

be taken by yeas and nays. operations by just and fair laws he is made tives, in which it originated, a bill" entitled The question was taken ; and there werethe victim of such demands as must inevitably "An act to admit the States of North Caro- yeas 108, nays 31, not voting 55; as follows: lead to his destruction and utter ruin. lina, South Carolina, Louisiana, Georgia,

YEAS--Messrs. Allison, Ames, Anderson, Arnell, I do not mean to espouse the cause of the Alabama, and Florida to representation in

Delos R. Ashley, Bailey, "Baldwin,

Beaman, Beatiy

Benjamin, Benton, Blaine, Blair. Boles, Boutwell. manufacturer or trader in whisky especially. || Congress," I do not deem it necessary to state Broomall, Buckland, Butler, Sidney Clark, Cobb, The duty of Congress is not confined to im. at length' the reasons which construiu me to

Coburn, Cornell, Covode, Cuilom, Delano, Dixon,

Driggs. Eckley. 'Eggleston. Ela, Eliot, Farnsworth, posing severe laws upon one class of business | withhold my approval. I will not, therefore, Ferriss. Ferry. Garfield, Gravely. Griswold, Ilal-es, men only. To be sure we should not hesitate undertake, at this time, to reopen the discusto provide for taxation, but let us be careful insion upon the grave constitutional questions

D. Hubbard, Ingersoll, Senckes, Judd, Julian, Kelley, our efforts not to oppress our constituents so involved in the act of March 2, 1867, and the

Ketsey, Ketcham, Koontz. George v. Lawrence,
William Lawrence, Lincoln, Logan, Loughridge,

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