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District of Columbia Continued.
bill.(S. No. 389) exempting property in the,
held and used for school

purposes from
local taxation.
received from Senate, 1634 ; passed with

amendment, 2028; agreed to by Senate with amendment, 2289; referred,

2643. bill (H. R. No. 902) concerning the assign

ment of dower in the--[By Mr. Niblack.] referred, 1774. resolution in relation to the transfer of real

estate within the, since 1861 to officers of the Government-[By Mr. Wood,

March 10, 1868. ] agreed to, 1790. bill (H. R. No. 916) to amend an act entitled

"An act to establish in the, a House of Correction for Boys”?—[By Mr.

Welker. ] referred, 1900. bill (H, R. No. 969) supplementary to an

act entitled "An act to establish the office of register of deeds for the,'' approved February 14, 1863-[By Mr.

Ingersoll.] referred, 2109. bill (H. R. No. 91) concerning the property

of married women in the-(By Mr.

Niblack.] reported and recommitted, 2162. bill (S. No. 475) to extend the charter of

Washington city. received from Senate, 2286; discussed,

2409; passed with amendments, 2410; agreed to by Senate, 2429 ; enrolled,

2475. bill (H. R. No. 1009) to amend the law of

the, in relation to judicial proceedings

therein-[By Mr. Welker.] referred, 2291. bill (H. R. No. 1020) to incorporate, the

Washington Building Block Company

[By Mr. Ingersoll.] referred, 2310. joint resolution (H. R. No. 253) to change

the name of Four-and-a-half street, in the city of Washington, to Lincoln ave

nue --[By Mr. Farnsworth.] referred, 2331. bill (H. R. No. 1074) to incorporate the

Harris Steam Engine Company of the

[By Mr. Ingersoll.]

referred, 2480. !. bill (H. R. No. 1104) to incorporate the

National Capital Publishing Company

[By Mr. Ingersoll.] referred, 2542 bill (H. R. No. 1112) to incorporate the

Washington Benevolent Life Associa

tion-[By Mr. Koontz..] referred, 2569. bill (S. No. 286) to incorporate the National

Life Insurance Company of the United

States of America. received from Senate, 2621 ; passed, 4342;

enrolled, 4380. bill (H. R. No. 1150) for the improvement

of the Washington canal-[By Mr.

referred, 2750.
bill (S. No. 433) authorizing the trustees of

Union Chapel of the Methodist Episco.
pal Church, in the city of Washington,
to mortgage their property for church

received from Senate, 2812; passed, 4391 ;

enrolled, 4422.
bill (H. R. No. 1186) to amend the charter

of the National Capital Insurance Com

pany--[By Mr. McClurg.] referred, 2935. bill (H. R. No. 1200) to incorporate the

Washington Gymnastic Association

[By Mr. Wood.] referred, 2936. bill (H. R. No. 1207) to incorporate the,

Concrete Stone Company under Passor's

patent- [By Mr. Covode.] referred, 2976.

District of Columbia Continued.

District of Columbia Continued.
bill (S. No. 534) relating to contested elec bill (H. R. No. 2) to repeal an act entitled
tions in the city of Washington.

Au act to retrocede the county of
received from Senate, 3145 ; called up and Alexandria, in the, to the State of Vir.

discnssed, 3172 ; passed, 3174 ; enrolled, ginia'-[By Mr. Stevens, of Pennsyl-
3199; not returned, become a law, 3761.

bill (S. No. 540) to regulate the sale of hay indefinitely postponed by Senate, 4176.
in the.

In Senate; committee discharged, and
received from Senate, 3236 ; passed, 4430; indefinitely postponed, 4093.
enrolled, 4479.

bill (S. No. 642) to amend the charter of the
bill (S. No. 209) to incorporate the Evening National Capital Insurance Company.
Star Newspaper Company.

received from Senate, 4380.
received from Senate, 3271; passed, 4432; bill (S. No. 637) to authorize the city of
enrolled, 4479.

Washington to issue bonds for the pur-
bill (H. R. No. 1293) to incorporate the pose of paying the floating debt of the

Washington and Georgetown Coal-Tar city.
and Gas-Light Company-[By Mr. In received from Senate, 4395; passed, 4485;

enrolled, 4492
referred, 3363.

Dix, Miss Dorothy L., bill (H. R. No. 1013)
bill (H. R. No. 1294) to incorporate the conferring the franking privilege upon-

Citizens' Gus Company--[By Mr. In [By Mr. Maynard.]

referred, 2304
referred, 3863.

Dix, John A., bill (H. R. No. 1273) in refer.
bill (S. No. 394) to provide for the removal ence to certain accounts on the books of

of the Centre market, in the city of the Treasury Department against, Rich-
Washington, and for the erection of a ard M. Blatchford, and George Opdyke-
market building in

a more suitable (By Mr. Pruyn.)

referred, 3164.
received from Senate, 3333; discussed, | Dixon, Annie E., bill (S. No. 282) granting a
4433; referred, 4434.

pension to
bill (H. R. No. 1828) to authorize the cor. received from Senate, 1859; referred, 1869 ;

porate authorities of Georgetown to sub reported adversely, 3898 ; enrolled, 3948.
scribe the sum of $800,000 to build a | Dixon, Tathan F., a Representative from
branch railroad to connect said city with

Rhode Island

.2 the Alexandria, Loudoun, and Hamp incidental remarks by

.1769 shire railroad, and to levy a tax there

leave of absence granted to ........

..... 2348 for—[By Mr. Welker.]

Dockery, Oliver H., a Representative from referred, 3587.

North Carolina....

.3761, 4007 bill (H. R. No. 6) further to provide for the

remarks on the bill for distributing arms to


southern States.....
acknowledgment of deeds in the--[By
Mr. Woodbridge.]

(See Appendix )
reported adversely, 3616.

Document file clerk, resolution authorizing bill (H. R. No. 182) extending the provisions

the Doorkeeper of the House of Repre. of the act entitled "An act fixing the

sentatives to appoint a, and fixing bis compensation for bailiffs and criers of

salary-[By Mr. Broomall, February 28, the courts of the''-[By Mr. Randall.]

1868.] reported adversely, 3618.

reported and adopted, 1501. bill (H. R. No. 1356) in relation to the ser:

remarks by


Mr. Broomall... vice of the filing of a bill in equity in the

. 1501

Mr. Spalding....
district court of the United States for-
[By Mr. Miller.]

Mr. Washburne, of Illinois ......... 1501
referred, 3757.

Dodge, Grenville M., a Representative from

bill (H. R. No. 1357) making an appropria-
tion to reimburse the city of Washing:

petitions presented by....648, 1094, 2207, 8212

bills introduced by
ton for expenses incurred in improving No. 260-to furnish certain soldiers and
the property of the General Government
in said city--[By Mr. Upson.)

sailors therein designated with honor.

able discharges.......
referred, 3757.
bill (H, R. No. 1362) to establish a commis-

No. 273---to amend the act of April 10,
sion of charities for the--[By Mr. Wash-

1806, for establishing rules and articles
'burnè, of Illinois.]

for the government of the armies of the
United States......

referred, 3758.
bill (S. No. 102) providing for the forma-

No. 305-to amend an act entitled " An
tion of corporations and regulating the

act providing for the better organiza: same in the.

tion of the military establishment,” passed, 3718; received from Senate, 3761;

approved August 31, 1861..............209 referred, 4490.

No. 398-granting a pension to William bill (S. No. 236) in addition to the act en

B. Looney.... titled "An act to incorporate the Wash

No. 452—for the relief of Captain Charles

P. Johnson.
ington, Georgetown, and Alexandria
Steam Packet Company.'

No. 1038-concerning the district court
received from Senate, 3761; referred, 4490.

of the United States for the district of bill (S. No. 491) to provide for the appoint

Iowa...... ment of register of deeds in the.

No. 1130—for the relief of H. G. Aukeny, received from Senate, 3761; passed, 4490;

late captain fourth Iowa infanıry...2680 enrolled, 4496.

No. 1193--authorizing the construction of
bill (H. R. No. 1382) to establish a system

a railroad bridge over the Missouri

of common schools for the-[By Mr.
Steven's, of Pennsylvania.]

joint resolutions introduced by-
reported, 3888.

No. 151-in relation to the settlement of bill (S. No. 609) transferring the duties of

accounts of certain officers and agents trustees of colored schools of Washing

who have disbursed public money under ton and Georgetown.

direction of the Chief of Engineers, 591 received from Senate, 3928; referred, 4491.

No. 281–authorizing the issue of clothing joint resolution (S. R. No. 57) relative to

to company F, eighteenth United States

lighting the streets of Washington city.
report objected to, 4052; substitute re-

resolations submitted by -
ported, 4429; passed with amendinents,

instructing Committee on Military Affairs 4480; agreed to with amendments, 4176;

to inquire into the expediency of estab-
concurred in, 4477; enrolled, 4492.

lishing an arsenal at Cheyenne, Dakota
Territory- [December 10, 1867).....105

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PSA, 7288, 20,

patog i pension to Ellen M.


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Dodge, Grenville M., a Representative from

Iowa-Continued. resolutions submitted by~ in reference to the military reservation at Fort Snelling-[February 25, 1868),

1419 calling for certain correspondence from the General Land Office relating to the most approved method of irrigation, and also illustrative of the natural history and industrial and commercial capacities of the public lands-[May 7,

2379 1868).......... incidental remarks by...688, 694, 875, 2380 remarks on the bill relating to brevet rank in the Army.......

....132 on the bill for the relief of Captain Charles P. Johnson.....

591 on resolution relating to the settlement of

certain officers' accounts..........591, 592 on the bill for the sale of the arsenal

grounds at St. Louis....... ........ 717 on the legislative appropriation bill...1138 on the Army appropriation bill, 1277, 1284 on the civil appropriation bill......... 1476,

1481, 1485, 2005 on the bill to regulate the freight tariff of the Pacific railroad ......

2112 during call of the House....! : 2646 on the bill for the relief of A. W. Ballard.........

- 2680 on the joint resolution concerning cloth

ing for United States troops.........2680 on the bill for the relief of H. G. Aukeny,

2680 on the bill authorizing the sale of the Fort

Leavenworth reservation .....2680, 2681 leave of absence granted' to......

3226 Dodge, William 0., bill (H. R. No. 1213)

granting a pension to-[By Mr. Benjamin.) reported and passed, 3103 ; passed Senate,

4395 ; enrolled, 4434; approved, 4498. In Senate: received from House and re

ferred, 3119; reported, 8954 ; passed,

4566 ; eorolled, 4443. Dornelly, Eliza, bill (H. R. No. 1389) grant

ing a pension to, mother of Dudley Donnely, deceased, late colonel of the twentyeighth regiment infantry New York State volunteers-[By Mr. Miller.] reported and passed, 3891 ; passed Senate, 4395 ; enrolled, 4434; approved, 4498. In Senate : received from House and referred, 3917; reported, 4146 ; passed,

4368; enrolled, 4443. Donnelly, Ignatius, a Representative from Min

.2 petitions presented by:

.372, 648, 1620, 1974, 2030, 2288, 2329, 3381 No. 253–granting å pension to Ellen M.

..90 No. 322—for the relief of Francisco V. De Costa

, of Kingston, Minnesota ......267
No. 356—making a grant of land to the

Territory of Dakota in alternate sections
to aid in the construction of a certain
railroad in said Territory..........

No. 857-to amend an act entitled "An

act to aid in the construction of a rail.
road and telegraph line from the Mis-
souri river to the Pacific ocean, and to
secure to the Government the use of the
same for postal, military, and other pur:
poses," approved July 1, 1862........331
No.899--for the relief of D. A. Miller, 474
No. 486-to amend an act donating public

lands to the several States and Territo-
ries which may provide colleges for the
benefit of agriculture and the mechanic

arts, approved July 2, 1862..........
No. 554-making a grant of land to the

State of Minnesota to aid in the im-
provement of the navigation of the Mis-

i..... 779


Donnelly, Ignatius, a Representative from Min. Donnelly, Ignatius, a Representative from Minnesota ---Continued.

nesota-Continued. bills introduced by

remarks on the bill amendatory of the home. No. 852—to create an additional land dig.

stead law......

.588, 535, 540 trict in the State of Minnesota ...... 1631 on the bill concerning land grants to No. 853—for the relief of Mrs. Catharine

southern railroads.

.838, 839 Dreyer......

1631 on the bill in reference to the rights of No. 942—additional to an act granting American citizens abroad........865, 866

lands to aid in the construction of a rail. on the legislative appropriation bill...1139. road and telegraph line from Lake Su

1140, 1141, 3703, 3704, 3707 perior to Puget sound, on the Pacific on the joint resolution relating to the coast, by a northerti route............2022 Osage Indian lands.................... 1704 No. 1037-making a grant of lands to the on the Washburne and Donnelly contro. State of Minnesota to aid in the con.

versy ............... 2349, 2350, 2351, 2352, struction of a railroad from Taylor's

2353, 2356, 2360, 2361, 2766, 2757 Falls, via Saint Cloud, to the western on the order of business. ..............

...2354 boundary of said State.......... .... 2363 on the bill to prevent the further sale of No. 1054-to grant lands to aid in the con public lands

2384 struction of a railroad from the Missis on the joint resolution to regulate the sippi river to Yancton, on the Missouri freight tariff on the Pacific railroad, 2424 river, and to amend an act entitled “An on the Indian appropriation bill, 2619,2620 net for a grant of land to the State of on the bill to improve the Mississippi Iowa, in alternate sections, to aid in the

river....... 2830, 2834, 3888, 3889, 3890, construction of a railroad in said State,"

3927, 4255, 4250, 4257, 4258, 4300 approved May 12, 1864...............2406 on the joint resolution in regard to the No. 1064-to extend the limits of certain mail service in Dakota ................

....3311, land grants in Iowa and Minnesota, 2456

3312, 3313, 3326 No. 1088--amendatory of an act entitled , on the purelase of Alaska.......... ..3860

"An act to socure homesteads to actual on the joint resolution relating to the settlers on the public domain," ap

Minnesota land grant.....

4001 proved May 20, 1862, and the acts amend. on irrigation and forest culture......... 1083 atory thereof, approved March 21, 1864, (See Appendix.) and June 21, 1856..... .2527 on the funding bill.........

4173 No. 1139-to establish, under the direc s» on the bill to create an additional land tion of the Secretary of State, agencies district in Minnesota .......

4343 in Great Britain, Germany, Sweden, leave of absence granted to ........1101, 2030 and Norway for the promotion of emi resolution for a select committee to investigration to the United States......... 2750 gate the charges made by Hon. E. B. No. 1154-granting lands to the Territory Washburne against-[By Mr. Window,

of Dakota in aid of the Sioux City and May 4, 1868. ]

Pacific Railroad Company ............2813 proposed, 2355; adopted, 2359.
No. 1216-regulating the disposition of the remarks by-,
land grant already made for a railroad

Mr. Benton.

.2360 from Stillwater to St. Paul, Minnesota,

Mr. Blaine.......

,2360 3063

Mr. Burr.....egoriegerin"!!
No. 1368--to equalize the taxes und reduce

Mr. Cary...

.2360 the interest on the public debt......3758

Mr. Dawes,

.2356, joint resolutious introduced by

2357, 2358, 2359, 2360, 2361 No. 237—for the relief of Francis S.

Mr. Donnelly ... 2343, 2350, 2351, 2352, McDonald

......1900 No. 238—for the relief of F. A. Conwell,

2353, 2356, 2360, 2361, 2756, 2757

.2361 an Army chaplain..........

Mr. Driggs.........

Mr. Eldridge..
No. 333--to protect the existing land

,2949, grant to the Minnesota railroad., ... 4000

2355, 2356, 2359, 2360, 2861 No. 336--to protect the existing land

Mr. Garfield...... 2349, 2359, 2360, 2361 grant of the Minnesota Valley railroad

Mr. Higby...

2359, 2301 in the State of Minnesota.............. 4001

Mr. Maynard.

... 2757


Mr. Miller.
resolutions submitted by--
in reference to the distributing of the Land

Mr. Mullins.

.2358, 2359 Office report in Europe-[December 9,

Mr. Mungen

.2359, 2300 1867]. ......

Mr. Poland...

.2756, 2757 granting the use of the Hall to the Con

Mr. Robinson.


Mr. Ross......... gressional Temperance Society--(Janu.


Mr. Schenck. ary 20, 1868].

.2360, 2361 calling for certain information respecting

Mr. Spalding.....2356, 2359, 2360, 2361 the Sioux Indian reservation, in the

Mr. Van Wyck.......

.2360, 2361 State of Minnesota, exposed to sale on

Mr. Washburne, of Illinois..... the 2d of December, 1867, under proc

2351, 2352, 2353,-2354, 2359, 2861 laination of the President-[January

Mr. Wilson, of Iowa... 2360, 2861 22, 1868] ....

Mr. Windom...

... 2854, calling for all papers relating to the im.

2355; 2356, 2357, 2858, 2359, 2360 prigonment of Åntonio Pelletier, a citi. Mr. Woodbridge....

2358, 2859 z'n of the United States, and the con

select committee to investigate certain fiscation and destruction of his property

charges against... 2362, 2367, 2379, 2380 by the people of Hayti-[February 10,

instructions to

2362, 2364, 2408 1868).

... 1084
report from .......

.... 2756 inistracting Judiciary Committee to in. Doorkeeper, resolution instructing the, to re

quire into the expediency of so amend. tain in his service during the vacation of
ing the bankrupt law as to require the Congress all crippled soldiers now in his
petition of a majority of the creditors employ–[By Mr. Logan, July 18, 1868.).
to compel the debtor to go into involun referred, 4216; adopted, 4263.
tary bankruptcy--[February 10, 1868], Doty, George W., joint resolution (8. R. No.

1084 126) for the relief of, a commander in the
in reference to Weeks's torpedo machine United States Navy on the retired list.
[February 14, 1868]

i... 1184 received from Senate, 1998; referred, 2029 ; reports made by.........538, 2812, 2830, 4255 * reported and passed, 2321 ; enrolled, 2475. motions made by ...........

638, 2830 joint resolution (8. R. No. 143) for the reincidental remarks by.........


lief of,' a commander in the United 1711, 2022, 8768, 4344 States Navy on the retired list. remarks on the bill for the relief of settlers received from Senate, 2976 ; passed, 8624; on the late Sioux reservation.........538 enrollod, 3535.


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bille introduced by


... 2359

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sissippi river.......
No. 703-to establish certain mail routes

in the State of Minnesota .....
No. 726---to regulate the disposition of

lands that may be hereafter granted to

aid in the construction of railroads, 1161 40TH CONG. 2D SEBs.


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Doty, Julia L., bill (II. R. No. 1253) granting Driggs, John F., a Representative from Michi Driggs, John F., a Representative from Michi.
a pension tomo[By Mr. Beatty.]

a partide se reported and passed, 3105; passed Senate, bills introduced by

remarks on the bill for the distribution of 4395; enrolled, 4434; approved, 4498. No. 1156_authorizing the Commissioner the rewards for the capture of Jefferson In Senate : received from House and re

of the General Land Office to issue a

Davis ........

.......3935, 3937 ferred, 3120 ; reported, 3954; passed, patent to F. N. Blake for one hundred on the tariff bill.......

..4017 4866; enrolled, 4443.

and sixty acres of land in Kansas...2829 on the Portage Lake ship.canal bill...4455, "por Dower, bill (H. R. No. 902) concerning the No. 1161-to authorize front proprietors

4467, 4468

pa *** the body assignment of, in the District of Colum

on the Menomonee river, in Michigan on the Western Pacific railroad bill...4482 bin--[By Mr. Niblack.):

and Wisconsin, as riparian owners, to during call of the House........ 4522 | referred, 1774. have surveyed and to enter the fast lands | Dryer, Mrs. Alice A., bill (H. R. No. 614) for

Enter therectDrafted inen, bill (H. R. No. 424) amenda

in said river.........

......2876 the relief of-[By Mr. Ferriss.] tory of an act entitled "An act for the joint resolutions introduced by-

referred, 934; substitute reported and passed,

INI relief of certain'' --[By Mr. Koontz. ] No. 211-for the relief of Henry S. Gib 3898; passed Senate, 4335; enrolled, 1434;

& na referred, 475; reported and passed, 4083.

bons, late postmaster at St. Johns, approved, 4498. In Senate : received from House, 4096.


................ 1419

In Senate: 'received from House, 5917; rebill (H. R. No. 463) to amend an act for the No. 228--concerning certain lands granted

ferred, 3917; reported, 4145; passed, relief of certain, approved February 28, to the States of Michigan and Wisconsin

4367; enrolled, 4142. 1867–[By Mr. Van Aernam.).

for a military road to Lake Superior, 1631 Dubuque, bill (H. R. No. 1359) approving the referred, 636; reported and tabled, 4083. No. 242-relating to mails and mail ser.

sale of certain lands in the city of, by said bill (H. R. No. 491) giving a bounty to, in vice.......

city--[By Mr. Allison.] the Army of the United States-[By resolutions submitted by

referred, 3757. Mr. Poland.]

Duel, resolution in relation to a, fought in or referred, 637. directing the committee to which was re

near the District of Columbia--[By Mr. bill (H. R. No. 702) in reference to the pay:

ferred the report of the Secretary of War

Jenckes, May 25, 1868.]

on awarding the bounty offered for the ment of pensions to—[By Mr. Price.]

capture of Jeff. Davis to report as soon

objected to, 2368; agreed to, 2570. referred, 1083; reported adversely 2907.

Duhigg, David, bill (H. R. No. 218) granting bill (H. R. No. 186) to extend an act

as possible-[December 12, 1867)...162 instructing Committee for the District of

a pension of seventeen dollars per month entitled "An act for the relief of cer

Columbia to report such bill as will re

to, of Lyndon, Vermont, father of late tain,'' approved February 28, 1867—

First Lieutenant Dennis Duhigs, of com[By Mr. Covode.]

quire the Washington and Georgetown
Railroad Company to furnish ample and

pany M, tirst regiment Vermont artilleryreported and tabled, 4083.

[By Mr. Poland. )

adequate accommodation to the travelDrawback, bill (H. R. No. 943) to allow a

ing public-[December 16, 1867).... 216

referred, 89; reported and passed, 2908; certain, on copper in pigs, bars, or ingots

passed Senate, 4394 ; enrolled, 4434; requesting Committee of Ways and Means exported from the United States--[By

approved, 4498.

to inquire into the expediency of making Mr. Phelps. ]

In Senate: received from House, 2925; re

certain amendments in the tariff laws in referred, 2022.

ferred, 2935; reported, 3814 ; passed,

respect to the duties on imported copbill (H. R. No. 1286) to allow, on articles

4362 ; enrolled, 4112.

per-[March 4, 1868] ......... 1667 used in the construction of vessels--[By for printing extra copies of the report of

Dunn, Hezekiah, bill (H. R. No. 749) grantMr. Lynch.)

the life-saving commission on the sub

ing a pension to, father of La Fayette referred, 2363 ; printed, 3397.

ject of the life-saving invention recently

Dunn, Tate of company E, one hundred

and twenty-third Obio volunteerinfantryDrenning, Henry, bill (H. R. No. 425) author. examined at New York-[March, 13,

[By Mr. Lawrence, of Ohio.] izing the Secretary of the Treasury to

1868] ........

.......... 1869

referred, 1217. settle the account of Sergeant, late of

in reference to the selling of the surplus Dunn, William A., bill (H. R. No. 1346) for company K, fifty-fifth Pennsylvania vol marble and other materials not required

the relief of, of Virginia-[By Mr. Butler, anteers -[By Mr. Koontz.]

for the completion of the public build

of Tennessee.] referred, 475; bill for the relief of Mary A. ings-[March 24, 1868]........ .....2083

referred, 8656. Filler reported as substitute, 2677; passed,

in relation to the extension of the frank

Durding, Ann D., bill (H. R. No. 910) for the 2678.

ing privilege to the heads and members
of the legislative branches of such for-

relief of the grantees of-[By Mr. - AlliDreutzer, Orlaf E., bill (S. No. 89) for the

son.] relief of, late consul of the United States

eign Governments as shall extend the
same privilege to the members of the

referred, 1866; reported and passed, 3656 ; to the kingdom of Norway.

Government of the United States

passed Senate, 4488; enrolled, 4495; reported, 152; discussed, 420; passed, 421 ;

approved, 4500. [April 21, 1868).......

2:320 enrolled, 433.

In Senate: received from House, 3645; reremarks by

reports made by..

106, 24159, 2829 motions made by... 67, 1453, 2305, 2544, 2829

ferred, 3645; reported and passed, 4152;
Mr. Beaman.

incidental remarks by.

enrolled, 4501.
Mr. Farnsworth......


Duties, bill (H. R. No. 297) to remit the, upon

371, 1044, 1427, 1668, 1859, 1908, 2081,
Mr. Holman........

2083, 2361, 2407, 2752, 2876, 3308, 4495

certain goods, wares, and merchandise
Mr. Lawrence, of Ohio ......... 421

destroyed by fire in the city of San FranMr. Myers....

remarks on the joint resolution concerning .152, 420, 421

cisco-[By Mr. Axtell.]

Michigan and Wisconsin land grants, 106,
Mr. Washburn, of Indiana....... 421

referred, 209; reported adversely, 2611. yeas and nays on the......

107, 1427, 2459, 2460
on the Union Pacific railroad bill...... 211

bill (H. R. No. 447) to refund certain over. Dreyer, Mrs. Catharine, Bill (H. R. No. 853)

on the bill concerning land grants to south

paid, to Bolton & Patterson--[By Mr. for the relief of--[By Mr. Donnelly.)

erp railroads.........


...812, 844, 870 referred, 1631.

on the Kentucky election (case of John

referred, 561, Driggs, John F., a Representative from Michi

Young Brown.............

resolution in reference to the regulation of

...941 gan

"styy............. 2
on the legislative appropriation bill, 1088,

import, by treaty, &c.-[By Mr. May.
petitions presented by
..90, 203,

nard, February 4, 1868.)

1138 342, 372, 689, 605, 648, 785, 901, 920, on the resolution reported for the impeach

objected to, 967. 949, 997, 1054, 1308, 1330, 1428, 1643,

ment of the President.........

resolution in reference to the power and
1693, 1774, 1909, 2006, 2083, 2176, 2328,
on the civil appropriation bill...1459, 1474

right to determine the rates of, on im.
2456, 2537, 2544, 2652, 2757, 2957, 3982 on the articles of impeachment........1613

portations-[By Mr. Allison, February bills introduced by(See Appendix.)

25, 1868.] No. 239-defining the acts granting lands on the joint resolution relating to the

agreed to, 1419. to the State of Michigan to aid in build

Osage Indian lands........

bill (H. R. No, 881) refunding, paid ander

... 1705 ing a harbor and ship canal at Portage on the order of business..

protest on the importation from France

..1706, Lake, Keweenaw Point, Lake Superior,

of a bell donated for the use of the St.

2233, 2328, 2543, 3707 approved March 3, 1865, and July 3, on the bill to prevent further sales of the

5. Mary's Institute and Notre Dame Uni-
· 1866 ...............

Fino, ...54.99
public lands.....

versity, Indiana -- [By Mr. Colfax.)

.........1715, No. 892-to establish post routes from

1716, 2379, 2:380, 2382, 2384

referred, 1759; reported and passed, 2001; Saginaw to St. Louis, and from Isabella on the Donnelly and Washburne contro

passed Senate, 2286, enrolled, 2287 ; to Midland, in the State of Michigan, 474

approved, 2320. versy..

No. 893-defining the act making appro-

In Senate : received from House, 2084;
on the case of Charles W. Woolley, a
priations for the repair, &e., of certain

referred, 2084; reported, 2114 ; dis-
recusąnt witness.....
fortifications, approved March 2, 1862,

on the President's message......2724, 2725

cussed, 2242; passed, 2244; eprolled,

on the tax bill (H. R. No. 1060)......3143
No. 1127--to provide for specific duties on the river and harbor bill, 3208,3211,3560

bill (H. R. No. 895) to repeal all. op im-
on copper, copper ore, and regulus
on the bill to promote American com-

ported goat skins and Sicily sumac-
imported into the United States.... 2676

(By Mr. Myers. ] ........3231, 3235 referred, 1760..

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wold. 1

dian circle imported as a present for the


Education and Labor, the Committee on, inbill (H. R. No. 1127) to provide for specific, joint resolution (H. R. No. 327) authorizing stractions to...... Jutione on copper, copper ore, and regulus imthe Secretary of the Treasury to remit reports from .......

..3888 ported into the United States--[By Mr. the, on certain meridian circles-[By bill (H, R. No. 499) to abolish the office of Driggs.] Mr. Schenck.]

director of the Bureau of Statistics, and referred. 2676. reported, 3854 ; passed, 3854.

transfer the business of the bureau to bill (H. R. No. 1162) to amend the various In Senate: received from House, 8875; the Department of-[By Mr. Baldwin.] acts relative to the bonding of imported referred, 3875.

referred, 637. goods, and to provide for the more joint resolution (H. R. No. 343) to admit resolution for printing report of Commissioner

speedy payment of, thereon-[By Mr. free of, certain statuary-[By Mr. Ste of-[By Mr. Laflin, July 25, 1868.] GIR Raum.] vens, of Pennsylvania.]

reported and adopted, 4469. referred, 2895.

read and passed, 4081; passed Senate, || Edwards, Bartlett and Carrie, bill (S. No. department

joint resolution (H. R. No. 295) to authorize 4293 ; enrolled, 4302; approved, 4422. 424) granting a pension to, children of
the Secretary of the Treasury to remit

In Senate: received from House, 4080; David W. Edwards, deceased.
the, on certain articles contributed to
referred, 4092; reported, 4197; passed, received from

Senate, 1859 ; referred, 1869 ;
the National Association of American
4251 ; enrolled, 4275.

reported and passed, 3102 ; enrolled, 3144. Sharpshooters-[By Mr. Schenck.] joint resolution (H. R. No. 354) admitting Edwards, William B., bill (H. R. No. 9873) reported and passed, 3105; passed Sen.

steam plows free of, for one year from for the relief of-[By Mr. Gravely.] ate, 3266; enrolled, 3299; approved,

June 30, 1868---[By Mr. Allison.)

referred, 2228. 3731.

read and passed, 4253; passed Senate, bill (H. R. No. 1399) granting an increased In Senate': received from House, 3130;

4295 ; enrolled, 4302 ; 'approved, 4422. pension to-[By Mr. Benjamin.] referred, 3130; reported and passed,

In Senate: received from House, 4236 ; reported and passed, 8893 ; passed Senate, 3239; enrolled, 3279.

referred, 4236; reported, 4266; passed, 4395 ; enrolled, 4435 ; approved, 4497. bill (S. No. 448) to refund, erroneously ex

4267; enrolled, 4275.

In Senate : received from House and reacted in certain cases. bill (H. R. No. 1456) to authorize the im

ferred, 3917; reported, 4197 ; passed, received from Senate, 3171; referred,

portation of machinery for repair only 4369; enrolled, 4443. 3476.

free of-[By Mr. Schenck. ]

Edwards, W. P., a Representative from Georjoint resolution (H. R. No. 306) to authorize reported and passed. 4770.


.4433, 4472 the Secretary of the Treasury to remit

In Senate: received from House, 4451 ; Eggleston, Benjamin, a Representative from the, on certain articles contributed to referred, 4453.

2 the National Association of American

Dycher, Anne, bill (S. No. 281) granting a petitions presented by .....9, 18, 78, 98, 163, Sharpshooters~[By Mr. Schenck.] pension to, widow of Mathew D. Dycher.

264, 433, 452, 490, 517, 648, 699, reported and passed, 3336. received from Senate, 1859 ; referred, 1869.

967, 1058, 1229, 1428, 1514, 1620, In Senate ; received from House, 3359 ;

1681, 1693, 2083, 2304, 2318,

E. referred, 3363; reported, 3$11.

2348, 2725, 2957, 3313, 3566, 4264

bills introduced byjoint resolution (H. R. No. 339) authorizing Earnest, I.H., joint resolution (H. R. No. the remission of the, on a chime of bells

236) to authorize a settlement of the claim No. 224---to charter Washington and Cinof, lieutenant colonel one hundred and

cinnati National Railroad Company, 89 imported for presentation to the Epis fifteenth United States colored troopscopal church at Hoosack, Rengselaer

No. 315-to pay certain troops of Cincincounty, New York-[By Mr. Gris. [By Mr. Golladay.)

nati who were engaged in putting down referred, 1900.

the Kirby Sinith raid in 1862....

.230 reported and passed, 4007.

Eastman, Brevet Brigadier General Seth, joint No. 594-to take possession of the bar In Senate : received from House, 4024;

resolution (H. R. No. 42) authorizing the known as Pass à L'Ontre, at the enreferred, 4024.

employment of, on special service-[By trance of the Mississippi river, and to joint resolution (H. R. No. 344) authorizing Mr. Schenck.]

construct a canal without any expense indefinitely postponed by Senate, 1619.

to the Government...... the Secretary of the Treasury to refund,

.851 paid on a chinne of bells and clock in

In Senate: reported adversely and indefi No. 025--for the relief of David Wrighi, ported for St, Joseph's cathedral, Bufnitely postponed, 1567.

Jate captain of company E, fifty second falo, New York-[By Mr. Griswold.)

East river, joint resolution (H. R. No. 106) regiment Indiana volunteers...... .331 reported and passed, 4172..

for removing obstructions to navigation No. 725—supplemental to an act approved In Senate : received from House, 4151;

in, and Hell Gate, in the port of New July 14, 1862, entitled " Au act to referred, 4159. York-[By Mír. Barnes.]

establish certain post roads" ....1161 referred, 899.

No. 788-to regulate appraisement and injoint resolution (H. R. No. 359), providing Eckhardt, Catharina, bill (S. No. 549) grantfor increased, on imported copper and

spection of imports in certain cases, 1334 ing an increase of pension tu.

No. 835—to provide for the completion copper ore- -{By Mr. Schenck. ] reported, 4467.

'received from Senate, 33-15; referred, 3346; of the Louisville and Portland canal bill (H. R. No. 1460) to regulate the, on reported and passed, 3897.

around the falls of the Ohio river, at imported copper and copper ores-[By

Eckley, Ephraim R., a Representative from Louisville, Kentucky..................1504 ni Ohio.........

......2 No. 837—to protect the rights of insurleave to report asked, 4467, 4485; re

petitions presented by... ...... 144, 2757, 2789 ance companies and to give them a lien bills introduced by—

on vessels in certain cases...........

... 1512 ported, 4494 ; discussed, 4494, 4495,

No. 795—for the relief of John W. Pow No. 1102-to take possession of the bar 4496, 4499; passed, 4499, 4501. Daty , bill (H. R. No. 714) to regulate the, on



known as Pass à L'Outre, at the enNo. 919—for the relief of Emily Gardner, trance of the Mississippi river, and to lumber, timber, wood, and manufactures

1900 ..construct a canal. without any expense No. 1029--to repeal a portion of an act to the Government...

..2542 entitled "An act to revive and extend joint resolution (H. R. No. 202) to reinsburse

joint resolutions introduced bythe provisions of an açt granting the No. 157-in regard to requiring steam

right of way and making a grant of land boats to use a newly-invented fire ex: the Treasury on account of, on imported to the States of Arkansas and Missouri tinguisher

636 to aid in the construction of a railroad No. 282-in relation to the trial of Jetferfrom the Mississippi river to the Texas son Davis.......

2750 boundary, in Arkansas'? ............. 2331 resolutions submitted bythe, on certain imports — [By Mr.

No. 1157--to cede to the State of Ohio in regard to the bridge across the Ohio

the unsold lands in the Virginia military river at Louisville, Kentucky--(January district in said State....... .2830

9, 1868].....

...417 joint resolutions introduced by

instructing Committee of Ways and Means on native petroleum intended for ex

No. 131-to pay Captain Samuel P. Sny to inquire into the expediency of selling der.....


to the highest bidder the exclusive priviNo. 174-for the relief of the heirs of lege of manufacturing spirits in the

Major A. L. Brewer......................779 United States--[January 14, 1868]..,506 concurrent resolution submitted by

for a select committee to investigate the for a recess until May 25--[May 11, 1868], circumstances connected with the writ


ing of a letter by the Missouri delegation reports made by................ 2457, 2830

to Senator Henderson on the question incidental remarks by........1419, 2408, 3883 of impeachment=[May 18, 1868], 2527 remarks on the articles of impeachment, calling for transcript of the records of a

1616, 1618, 1642 military court held at Raleigh, North on the Portage Lake ship-canal bill, 4467 Carolina, in the summer of 1866 for the

on the Western Pacific railroad bill, 4480 trial of E. Whittlesey and others-- [June leave of absence granted to............... 2466 30, 18687.

Mr. Schenck.]

of wood-By Mr. Churchill.] refcrred, 1083.

Israel S. Diehl for money deposited in

animals-[By Mr. Schenck.] reported, 1116. joint resolution (H. R. No. 222) increasing

Broomall.] referred, 1631. joint resolution (H. R. No. 250) imposing a,

port--[By Mr. Spalding.)
referred, 2228.
bill (H. R. No. 1304) to remit the, on a meri-

Astronomical Observatory, Cambridge,
Massachusetts [By Mr. Hooper, of

Massachusetts. ]
referred, 3364.
joint resolution (H. R. No. 317) to admit

kryolite into the United States free of

[By Mr. Bingham.] referred, 3588.


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642, 543

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.900, 945

Eggleston, Benjamin, a Representative from Ela, Jacob H., a Representative from New Eldridge, Charles A., a Representative from

Wisconsin-Continued. reports made by .........

remarks on questions relating to the cur remarks on the order of business.........3, 26, 1334, 2333, 2542, 2634, 2637 rency, &c........


112, 104, 150, 209, 234, 295, 1200, motions made by...........62, 417, 1451, 2333 on printing patent specifications ......4213, 1201, 1838, 222, 2231, 2339, 2240, 2288, incidental remarks by.... .316,

4214, 4215

2291, 2304,2088, 2101, 2198, 233). 2541, 417, 590, 735, 801, 1161, 1346, 3199, 3397 on the resolution for an investigation of

2542, 2574, 2575, 2943, 3310, 3816, 3397 remarks on the order of business, 3, 230, 506 the disbursement of the contingent fund, on the bill to exempt cotton from internal on the resolution for the impeachment of


...........36. 506 the President reported from the Judi. leave of absence granted to ......... 1296, 2499 on the resolution for the impeachment of

ciary Committee............ .62, 65 | Eldridge, Charles A., a Representative from the President, reported from the Judi on the supplementary reconstruction bill Wisconsin ...


ciary Committee........ ..............61, (H. R. No. 439).... ...........514 petitions presented by ........490, 1189, 1418,

62, 66, 67, 68, 69, 95, 96 its to on the resolutions of the Legislature of

1485, 1631, 1668, 2284, 2593, 4264

on the President's message...,


93. Corpo Ohio in regard to the constitutional bill introduced by-

101, 172, 178, 179, 181, 182, amendment No. 1033-for the relief of Thomas Mc

185, 186, 187, 463, 750, 2368 au i bliver *19 on drawing for seats

Lean .......

.2332 on the confiscation bill.........108, 112, 116 on the Kentucky election (case of Samuel joint resolution introduced by

on deficiency bill (II. R. No. 313), 216, 315 E. Smith)

1199 No. 185-tendering thanks of Congress on the correspondence relating to the on the Army appropriation bill......... 1285 to Major General W, S. Hancock...332 removal of Secretary Stanton ......... 241 in correction of The Journal...... 1293 resolutions submitted by

on reconstruction bill (U. R. No. 214), on the Paducah bridge bill instructing Committee on Cominerce to

266, 267 on the civil appropriation bill...........1512 inquire into the expediency of improv on the bill relating to land grants to south. on the bill to exempt certain manufactures ing the harbor at Port Washington, in

ern railroads...

....312, 811, from tax............ the State of Wisconsin, and making an

812, 813, 814, 815, 874, 875, on the naval appropriation bill........ 2335 appropriation theretor-[December 2,

970, 971, 973, 974, 979, 985 on the resolution concerning a letter to 1867] :

on the joint resolution to provide for the Senator Henderson.....

-2527, 2528

for abolishing all internal taxes except examination of distillery meters.....427, on the case of Charles W. Woolley, a reon whisky and tobacco-[December 9,

447, 844 cusant witness............. .2537, 2341, 2587 1867) ....

.............97 on the simplementary reconstruction bill on the bill to regulate the appraisement of calling for information respecting the .(H. R. No. 439).. .........476, 511, imports............... 2631, 2635, 2636, 2637 decisions made in regard to the assess.

512, 513, 514, 515, 542, 543, 548, 580, on the joint resolution relative to the Louis. ment of the income tax upon the Shaker

585, 590, 587, 588, 589, 605, 662, 664 ville Bridge Company.


institution at New Lebanon, New York, on the bill defining & quorum of the during call of the House .........26 15, 2619 and other similar societies--[December Supreme Court ........ ...477, 488 on the bill to amend an act concerning the 12, 1867).........


on the censure of Hon. Fernando Wood, Illinois and St. Louis bridge......... 2974 for the reading of Washingston's Farewell on the tax bill (H. R. No. 1080). ...2983,

Address~[February 22, 1868)... ... 1331 on the Kentucky election (case of McKee 2990, 3046, 3018 that there be paid to John Young Brown vs. Young)............

...690, 691 on the river and harbor bill.............3209, the sum of $2,500, in full for time spent on the bill concerning the rights of Ameri

3210, 3271, 3537, 3558, 3559, and expenses incurred in prosecuting can citizens abroad. ..............832, 1129
3562, 8565, 3593, 3595, 3615

his claim to a seat in this House-(Feb. on resolution in reference to one of the jus: on the tax bill (11. R. No. 1281)......3401,

ruary 25, 1868] ...... ......... 1119

tices of Supreme Court .....862, 863, 864 3402, 3418, 3419, 3159, 3486 for printing forty thousand copies of the on the Kentucky election (case of Johu on the bill concerning the Black' river opening argument of President's conn. Young Brown)........ bridge, Ohio


sel, Judge Curtis--[April 13, 1868), 2292 on tbe legislative appropriation bill... 920, on deficiency bill (H. R. No. 1341)...4307 in relation to the employment of soldiers leave of absence granted to


in the District of Columbia-[April 20, on the resolution in reference to Stepben Eichholtz, Hugo, bill (H. R. No. 1393) grant. 1868] .......


J. Meany..... ing a pension to--[By Mr. Miller. Í

for a select committee to investigate con on the Military Academy appropriation reported and passed, 3891; passed Senate, cerning a letter purporting to have been bill.........994, 996, 997, 1019, 1020, 1021 4355; enrolled, 4134; approved, 4498.

written by seven meinbers of this House

on drawing for seats.......1043, 1044, 1085 In Senate: received froju House and referred,

to one of the Senators from Missouri

on the Kentucky election (case of Samuel 3917 ; reported, 4197; passed, 4368; en

in relation to the impeachment trial E. Smith)............. rolled, 4443.

now pending in the Senate-(May 16, on the consular and diplomatic appropriaEla, Jacob H., a Representative from New 1868) ...


tion bill............... Hampshire.........


in relation to the seizure of private papers petitions presented by..................648, 997, by the committee of managers--[May

on the Army appropriation bill, 1303, 1307

on the resolution reported for the impeach1141, 1308, 2332, 2337, 2471, 2652, 3856 25, 1868)......

... 2581

ment of the President.......... 1342, 1344, bill introduced by

directing the committee of managers to No. 075-to establish certain offices at the

1346, 1396, 1897, 1998,
examine the witness Woolley inmedi.
navy-yards of the United States...... 780

1399, 1400, 1401, 1402
ately, to the end that if he shall answer
joint resolution introduced by-

he may no longer be deprived of his

on the reading of Washington's Farewell
Address...... ........

....., 1831, 1333
No. 345-relative to printing specifications liberty--(June 10, 1868)..... 3034
of patents......

on the naval appropriation bill, 1422, 2386 ...4213 calling for the names of all persons now resolutions submitted by :

under sentence by military. commis.

on questions relating to impeachment, instructing Committee on Public Build. sions-[June 22, 1868]

1401, 1402, 1425, 1706,

..3377 ings and Grounds to inquire whether any directing Committee on Printing to report

1774, 2227, 2232, 2292, further appropriation is necessary to the resolution for printing the protest

2307, 2319, 2320, 2355, cause the removal of the rubbish about of Democratic members-[June 30,

2364, 2365, 4473, 4474 the west front of the Capitol, and to com


on the articles of impeachment........1543,

.....3613 plete the grading now suspended-[May authorizing Miss Vinnie Ream to continue

1616, 1018, 1638, 1639, 1640, 1642 15, 1868].......

on the impeachment protest..... ....., 2480

to occupy the rooms in the Capitol until instructing Committee on Printing to in

she has completed the statue of Mr.
quire whether the Commissioner of Pat-

on the Tennessee election (case of R. R.
Lincoln, not exceeding the term of one Butler).......
ents bas procured any printing, binding, year-[July 20, 1868] .......4253
or blank hooks except at the Govern-

on the bill to continue the Freedmen's
reports made by....

..... 8616, 3618 ment Printing Office, &c.-[July 10, motions made by ...........

Bureau .......1814, 1815, 1817, 1997, 3310

.3, 172, 372, 664, 1868] .........

on the bill for the admission of Alabama, .........................3926

668, 784, 785, 1401, 1419, 1619, 1761, reports made by....

....664, 4213 1857, 1870, 2533, 2582, 2942, 3223, 4264 remarks on the bill to exempt cotton from incidental remarks by.....2, 11, 12, 27, 96, 97,

on the bill for the relief of w. w. Holden internal tax ........

and others......... ..............16, 897

156, 210, 232, 261, 312, 332,333, 866,403, on the President's message ......... 184, 191

o personal and explavatory ....

644, 783, 785, 890, 891, 936, 945, 1087, on the legislative appropriation bill... 1090 1189, 1198, 1296, 1328, 1401, 1424, 1426,

on the bill to guaranty a republican form
on the resolution in regard to George F.

of government. ........
1619, 1668, 1774, 1806, 1857, 1858, 1861,

1865, 1972,2071, 2073, 2137, 2217, 2288,

on the amendment of the judiciary act,
on the tax bill (H. R. No. 1060), 2891, 2892, 2318, 2354, 2887, 2408, 2421, 2535, 2581,

2060, 2001, 2062, 2065
2914, 2915, 2981, 2980.

on the impeachment replication.....2072.
2668, 2763, 3105, 3199, 3331, 3365, 3375,
3035, 3066, 3133, 3141

3877, 3470, 3485, 3397, 3613,3616, 4083,
on the deficiency bill (H. R. No. 1841),

on the bill to admit Alabama to repre-
4000, 4216, 4253, 254, 4294, 4295, 4296,
8730, 3781

sentation in Congress, 2188, 2189, 2143,
1306, 4879, 1860, 4412, 4496, A499

2133, 2204, 2211, 2218, 2215, 2216, 2717

1024, 1052


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........1197, 1198


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