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Cooksey, Helia B., joint resolution (H. R. No. Core, Andrew S., bill (S. No.522) to authorize Cotty, William J., bill (H. R. No. 1295) grant

160) granting a pension to-[By Mr. Mc the Commissioner of the Revenue to settle ing a pension to, late of the twenty-first
the accounts of.

Missouri infantry--[By Mr. Benjamin.] referred, 636.

received from Senate, 3236; referred, 8327; referred, 3363; reported and passed, 3893; Cooperative Association, bill (H. R. No. 577)

reported and passed with amendments, passed Senate, 4395; enrolled, 4434; ap. to incorporate the Washington, in the Dis

3556; agreed to by Senate, 3594; enrolled, proved, 4498. trict of Columbia-[By Mr. Halsey.] 3597.

In Senate: received from House and rereferred, 780.

ferred, 3917; reported, 4145; passed, 4367; joint resolution (S. R. No. 172) to construe Cooper, Edmund, resolution inquiring whether,

an act entitled "An act to authorize the enrolled, 4443.
is now perforining the daties of Assistant
Secretary of the Treasury, or has been

accounting officers of the Treasury to Counsel, joint resolution (S. R. No. 99) to
settle the accounts of."

authorize the Secretary of War to employ, since the rejection of his vomination by

in certain cases. received from Senate, 4395; passed, 4474, the Senate, and, if so, by what authority

received from Senate, 990; read, 990, 991;

4475 ; enrolled, 4492. of law-[By Mr. Schenck, March 9, 1868.]

passed, 992; enrolled, 997. adopted, 1771. Corley, Simeon, a Representative from South

resolution directing the Secretary of State to Copies, bill (H. R. No. 1428) authorizing the Carolina.........

inform the House of the amount of admission in evidence of the, of certain Cornell, Thomas, a Representative from New money paid out for special, each year papers, documents, and entries--[By Mr.



since 1860, besides the amount paid to Washburne, of Illinois.)

petitions presented by........ .......901, 979 salaried officers, &c.--[By Mr. Higby, read and passed, 4003.

motions made by......

.1228, 1327 February 10, 1868.] In Senate : received from House, 3984; re

incidental remarks by..


laid over, 1084; referred, 1860. ferred, 3987; reported, 4264.

remarks on the Military Academy appropri resolution directing the Secretary of State, Copper, résolution instructing Committee of

ation bill .........

.997 Treasury, War, and Attorney General, Ways and Means to inquire into expediency on the tax bill (H. R. No. 1060)......3140

to furnish a statement of the amounts of authorizing a drawback for exportation

leave of absence granted to........ 1689, 2307 paid by them, respectively, for legal upon, smelted by the infusion of foreign Cornmesser, Christopher M., bill (H. R. No, services. &c., during each year since

ores-[By Mr. Phelps, January 14, 1868.) 1183) granting a pension to, late a private 1860—[By Mr. Jenckes, Feb. 11, 1868.] agreed to, 506.

in the independent Iowa home guards- agreed to, 1116. resolution requesting Committee of Ways [By Mr. Miller.]

Court, joint resolution (H. R. No. 108) extendand Means to inquire into the expediency reported, 2909; passed, 2910; passed Sen ing the privileges of the libraries to the of making certain amendments in the ate, 4395; enrolled, 4484 ; approved, justices of the supreme, of the District of tariff laws in respect to the duties on im 4498.

Columbia--[By Mr. Welker.] ported-[By Mr. Driggs, March 4,1868.] In Senate: received from House, 2925; re

referred, 89. agreed to, 1667.

ferred, 2935; reported, 3857; passed, 4364;

bill (8. No. 163) declaring what shall conbill (H. R. No. 943) to allow a certain drawenrolled, 4443,

stitute a quorum of the Supreme. back on, in pigs, bars, or ingots ex

referred, 96; reported, 477, 478; disCorporations, bill (S. No. 102) providing for ported from the United States-[By Mr. the formation of, and regulating the same

cussed, 478; passed, 489; vote exPhelps.) in the District of Columbia.

plained, 506. referred, 2022

bill (H. R, No. 274) providing for holding a received from Senate, 3761; referred, 4490. bill (H. R. No. 1127) to provide for specific

circuit, at the city of Erie, Pennsyl. bill (S. No. 610) in relation to, created by duties on, copper ore, and regulas imlaws of the United States,

vania-[By Mr. Scofield. } ported into the United States-[By Mr.

referred, 134; reported and passed, 692; received from Senate, 4225; referred, 4493. Driggs.]

passed Senate, 1682; enrolled, 1698; referred, 2676. Correction of the Journal............ .11, 734,

approved, 1860. joint resolution (H. R. No. 859) providing

1293, 1712, 1993, 2021, 2371,

In Senate : received frem House, 678; refor increased duties on imported, and

2387, 3376, 3397, 8416, 4172

ferred, 699; passed, 1646; Journal cor of the report copper ore-[By Mr. Schenck.]

.1865, 4216

rected and committee discharged, 1658 ; reported, 4467.

Cotton, Polly W., bill (H. R. No. 1411) grant. reported adversely and indefinitely postbill (H. R. No. 1460) to regulate the duties ing a pension to-[By Mr. Perbam.)

poned, 2556. on imported, and copper oreg—[By Mr. reported and passed, 3898; passed Senate, bill (H. R. No. 279) to provide for the ap: Schenck.) 4395; enrolled, 4435; approved, 4498.

pointment of judges for the district, of leave to report asked, 4467, 4485; reported, In Senate: received from House and re

the district of West Tennessee-[By 4494 ; discussed. 4494, 4495, 4496, 4499; ferred, 3917; reported, 4197; passed, 4370;

Mr. Nonn.) passed, 4499, 4501. enrolled, 4443.

referred, 154. remarks by

Cotton, joint resolution (H. R. No. 83) to bill (H. R. No. 285) regulating writs of error Mr. Banks... 4494, 4496, 4499, 4500, 4501 repeal the tax on--[By Mr. Barnes.]

and appeals from the supreme, of the Mr. Boutwell.. 4495 committee discharged, 13.

District of Columbia--[By Mr. Poland.]
Mr. Kelley..

bill (H. R. No. 207) to provide for the ex-

referred, 208. Mr. Kerr


emption of, from internal tax-[By Mr. bill (H. R. No. 348) to provide for helding Mr. Maynard.....


terms of the United States district, for
Mr. O'Neill..........
4467, 4495

the western district of Missouri at St.
reported, 18; discussed, 13, 27; passed,
Mr. Ross ...

36; passed Senate with amendments,

Joseph-[By Mr. Loan.)
Mr. Schenck

.4467, 4485,
384; referred, 389; reported, 505; dis-

referred, 331 ; reported and passed, 3619.
4494, 4495, 4496, 4499, 4500, 4501

In Senate: received from House, 3630; cussed, 505; non-concurred in, 506;

4494 Mr. Scofield. conference, 638, 648; conference report,

referred, 3632. Mr. Thomas .4485, 4496, 4499 673; no agreement, 673; new confer:

bill (H. R. No. 379) requiring the concurMr. Washburne, of Illinois, 4467, 4495 ence, 694; report, 740; agreed to by

rence of two thirds of the judges of the Mr. Washburn, of Massachusetts, 4495 Senate, 735; disagreed to by House, 742;

Supreme, of the United States in order yeas and nays on the ...............4495, 4499

third conference, 742, 830; report, 895;

to pronounce a law passed by Congress Copyright, resolution instructing Committee

agreed to by Senate, 895; agreed to by

to beunconstitutional-[By úr. Miller.] on the Library to inquire into the subject

House, 898; enrolled, 899; approved,

referred, 473'; committee discharged, 668. of international, and the best means for


bill (H. R. No. 497) to regulate the sessions the encouragement of cheap literature, In Senate: received from House and re

of the district, for the northern district and the protection of authors-[By Mr.

of New York--[By Mr. Churchill.]

ferred, 38; reported, 145; discussed, Arnell, January 16, 1868.]

164, 197, 220, 244, 299, 346; passed with

referred, 637. adopted, 566.

bill (H. R. No. 30) to regulate the practice

amendments, 358; non-concurred in by bill (H. R. No. 779) for securing to authors

and define the powers of the Supreme, House, 500 ; called up, 552, 565; conin certain cases the benefit of inter

of the United States in certain cases ference, 627, 652; report, 675; disnational, advancing the development of

arising under the Constitution and laws agreed to by House, 674; new conferAmerican literature and promoting the

thereof-[By Mr. Williams, of Pennsylence, 674, 677; report, 703; concurred interests of publishers and book-huyers

vania.] in by Senate, 703 ; non-concurred in by in the United States-[By Mr. Baldwin.)

reported and referred anew, 668.

House, 764; third conference, 793 ; rereported and recommitted, 1816.

resolution instructing Committee on the Judi.

port, 861; concurred in by Senate, 861; Corcoran, Mrs. Ann, bill (S. No. 184) grant

concurred in by House, 886 ; enrolled,

ciary to inquire into the expediency of ing a pension to


giving power by law to the Supreme, received from Senate, 1859; referred, 1869;

of the United States to direct that deCotton cases, resolution inquiring the number reported and passed with amendments,

cisions which they consider have po of judgments in the Court of Claims in the, 3104; conference, 3171; conference re.

intrinsic value for the profession or the port, 3327; agreed to by Senate, 3310; the amount, &c.-[By Mr. Shanks, April country shall not be reported-(By Mr.

17, 1868.] agreed to by House, 3327; enrolled, 3365;

Kerr, January 22, 1868.] adopted, 2806.

agreed to, 698.

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approved, 3761.

1295) grach

issed, 4367



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Mr. Higby.

11, 12

... 862

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Mr. Pruyn..

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bill (H. R. No. 573) for the better organiza bill (H. R. No. 1370) to fix the time for bill (H. R. No. 293) to regulate and limit Enjama)

tion of the district, of the United States holding the terms of the United States the admiralty jurisdiction of the district, within the State of Louisiana-[By Mr. district, in Virginia—[By Mr. Boutwell.] of the United States in certain cases Wilson, of Iowa. ]

referred, 3780; reported and passed, 3966. [By Mr. Kerr.) referred, 780.

In Senate : received from House, 3956 ; referred, 209; reported, 3616; discussed, se and Resolution directing the Committee on the referred, 3982.

3616 ; passed, 3618; indefinitely postJudiciary to inquire into the truth of an bill (H. R. No. 145) in relation to the dis poned by Senate, 3852. alleged declaration of one of the justices trict, of the United States for the north In Senate : received from House, 3607;

of the Supreme, in regard to the consti ern district of Ohio—[By Mr. Ashley, referred, 3608; indefinitely postponed, to emplo, tutionality of the reconstruction acts, of Ohio.]

3814. and report whether the facts as ascer indefinitely postponed by Senate, 4175. remarks bytained constitute such a misdemeanor in In Senate : reported adversely and indefi Mr. Eldridge .............. 3616, 3617, 3618 office as to require this House to present nitely postponed, 4093.

Mr. Kerr......

.3617 to the Senate articles of impeachment | Court-house, resolution concerning an appro Mr. Mungen....

.3618 against said.justice-[By Mr. Scofield, priation for the erection of buildings at

Mr. Woodward..... .3617, 3618 each ter January 30, 1868. ]

Topeka, Kansas, for the use of the United bill (H. R. No. 111) relating to the jurisdicread and discussed, 862; adopted, 865. States courts, post office, and land office

tion of the, of the United States-[By remarks by

[By Mr. Clarke, of Kansas, January 28, Mr. Poland.]

1868.] Mr. Baker...

committee discharged, 230; referred anew, 864 Mr. Blaine.........

230. 863, 864

agreed to, 806. Mr. Boyer......

Court of Claims, bill (H. R. No. 354) to amend bill (H. R. No. 105) to regulate the selection .863

an act entitled An act to restrict the Mr. Eldridge .........

of juries for the several, of the District .862, 863, 864 Mr. Farnsworth..

jurisdiction of the, and to provide for the of Columbia-[By Mr. Ingersoll.]

862 Mr. Garfield.

payment of certain demands for quarter In Senate: indefinitely postponed, 242. 863

master's stores and subsistence supplies bill (H. R. No. 388) to amend an act cn. ...864

furnished to the armies of the United Mr. Holman.

titled "An act to extend jurisdiction of Mr. Johnson....

States," approved July 4, 1864-[By Mr. the district, of the United States in

863, 864
Mr. Mungen...

certain cases on the lakes and naviga.
Mr. Phelps....
referred, 331.

ble waters connecting with the same,' 863, 864

joint resolution (H. R. No. 192) relating to approved February 20, 1845–[By Mr.

862, 863 Mr. Robinson...

claims arising from Indian depredations Judd.]

.865 Mr. Ross......

and to restrict the jurisdiction of the referred, 473.

865 Mr. Scofield............. 862, 863, 864, 865

[By Mr. Clarke, of Kansas.].

bill (H. R. No. 478) to amend an act enMr. Wilson, of Iowa.. referred, 935.

titled "An act extending the jurisdic....1045 yeas and nays on the.....

resolution inquiring in relation to judgments tion of the district, to certain, cases

of the, paid by the Treasury Departbill (H. R. No. 697) regulating the terms of

upon the lakes and navigable waters
ment-[By Mr. Washburne, of Illinois, connecting the same,'' approved Feb-
the United States, for the western dis-
trict of Missouri-[By Mr. Van Horn,
May 4, 1868.]

ruary 26, 1845—[By Mr. Judd.]
of Missouri.]
agreed to, 2354.

referred, 636.
referred, 1083.

bill (S. No. 164) to provide for appeals from bill (H. R. No. 78) to amend an act entitled the.

"An act to regulate the fees and costs bill (H. R. No. 861) relating to the Supreme, received from Senate, 2810; referred, 3034; to be allowed clerks, marshals, and

of the United States—[By Mr. Eliot.) reported, 3266; passed with amend attorneys of the circuit and district, of
referred, 1681; reported and passed, 1993; ments, 3267; agreed to by Senate, 3294 ; the United States," approved February
passed Senate with amendment, 3271;
concurred in, 3811; enrolled, 3327; ap-

enrolled, 3308;
approved, 3761.

26, 1853–[By Mr. Kelley. ]
joint resolution (H. R. No. 310) limiting the committee discharged, 668, 669.
proved, 3732

jurisdiction of the, to the loyal citizens bill (H. R. No. 720) to amend an act entitled In Senate : received from House, 1992; of the State of Arkansas-[By Mr.

An act to extend the jurisdiction of referred, 1992; reported, 2556 ; passed

district,, to certain cases upon the with amendment, 3240; concurred in

referred, 3524; reported and passed, 3967. lakes,'' &c., passed February 26, 18454 by House, 3316; enrolled, 3321.

In Senate: received from House, 3956 ; [By Mr. Humphrey.] bill (H. R. No. 922) in relation to the Su

referred, 3982.

referred, 1127. preme-[By Mr. Washburn, of Indiana.] joint resolution (H. R. No. 348) to extend bill (H. R. No. 798) to change the time of

the provisions of the act of July 4, 1864, holding the circuit and district, of the bill (H. R. No. 925) to establish a district,

limiting the jurisdiction of the, to the United States in Tennessee--[By Mr. at Lewisburg, West Virginia--(By Mr.

loyal citizens of the State of North Caro Nunn.]

lina-[By Mr. Jones, of North Caro referred, 1418. referred, 1900


bill (H. R. No. 849) to amend an act enbill (H. R. No. 950) regulating the trial of referred, 4252.

titled "An act extending the jurisdiction causes in the United States, for the

joint resolution (H. R. No. 355) to extend of the district, to certain cases upon western district of Pennsylvania—[By

to the State of Louisiana the provisions the lakes and navigable waters connectof an act of Congress, approved July 4, ing the same," approved February 26,

1864, entitled "An act to restrict the 1845—[By Mr. Cook.] bill (H. R. No. 984) authorizing the district,

jurisdiction of the, and to provide for referred, 1631; reported adversely, 3616. of the United States to be held at Fort

the payment of certain demands for bill (H. R. No. 928) authorizing district, to Wayne, Indiana-[By Mr. Shanks.]

be held at the cities of Evansville and referred, 2227.


New Albany, in the State of Indiana,

[By Mr. Niblack.] bil (t. 2. NO. 1038) concerning the district, || Court-room, resolution directing Committee

referred, 1900. on Appropriations to inquire into the ex bill (S. No. 377) to change the times of

pediency of erecting a building at Albany, holding the district and circuit, of the powers of the Supreme, discussed in Com

New York, for the accommodation of the United States in the several districts in
United States courts, the post office, and the State of Tennessee.
custom-house at that place-[By Mr. received from Senate, 1927; referred,
Prayn, December 12, 1867.]

2029; reported and passed with amend'
.2429, 2433
agreed to, 153.

ments, 3266; agreed to by Senate, 3294; Court-rooms, bill (H. R. No. 1159) tọ erect enrolled, 3308; approved, 3761. .2433 ..2433

United States, post office, and internal bill (H. R. No. 944) to provide a remedy revenue offices in the city of Covington, for the loss or destruction of judgment

Kentucky=[By Mr. Jones, of Kentucky.] records or decrees pertaining to probekas district, of the United States for the courts, bill (H. R. No. 220) to perpetuate tes;

ceedings in the United States-[By Mr.

Wilson, of Iowa.]
timony in the, of the United States—[By referred, 2022.
Mr. Ferriss. ]

bill (H. R. No. 1256) to amend an act en-

titled "An act to provide for holding bill (H. R. No. 233) to provide for the rec the, of the United States in case of the ord of deeds in the clerk's office of dis

sickness or other disability of the judges trict and circuit, United States—[By of the district court," approved July Mr. Washburne, of Illinois.)

29, 1850-[By Mr. Lynch.] referred, 30.

roferred, 3132.


referred, 1900.


Mr. Miller.] referred, 2069.

of the United States for the district of

lowa-[By Mr. Dodge.] read and referred, 2368.

mittee of the Whole. remarks by

Mr. Broomall.....................
Mr. Myers........

Mr. Woodward...
bill (H. R. No. 1336) to provide for the em.

ployment of a stenographic reporter for

eastern district of Missouri-[By Mr.
referred, 3587.
bill (H. R. No. 1356) in relation to the ser-

vice of the filing of a bill in equity in
the district, of the United States for the

District of Columbia-[By Mr. Miller.] referred, 3757.


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Covode, John, a Representative from Penn- | Craig, Mary B., bill (H. R. No. 258) for the bill (II. R. No. 182) extending the provis sylvania--Continued.

reliet of-[By Mr. Hubbard, of West Virjuns of the act entitled "An act fixing remarks on the joint resolution to provide for ginia. ] the compensation for bailiffs and criers the examination of distillery meters, 432 referred, 90 ; substitute reported and passod, oftlie, of the District of Columbia''-- on the correspondence relating to the 735 ; passed Senate, 3336; enrolled, 3375; [By Mr. Randall.]

Secretary of War......... .........978 approved, 3731. reported adversely, 3618.

in regard to amplification of speeches, 990 In Senate: received from House, 781; rebill ( No. 449) to revive and continue in on the bill granting a pension to Elizabeth ferred, 764 ; reported, 1311; passed, 3317; force the act of the 29th of July, 1850, Butler.......

. 1041 enrolled, 3359. and the act amendatory thereof of the on the bill concerning the District jail, 1319, Crane, Charlotte, bill (H. R. No. 465) for the 2d of April, 1852.

1334, 1513, 1535, 1536, relief of-[By Mr. Stewart.] received from Senate, 3853; referred, 4490.

1538, 1599, 1510, 2712 referred, 686. bill (8. No. 576) relating to the districi, of on questions relating to impeachment, | Crete, address of the National Assembly of the Utah Territory.

19:29, 1330 Provisional Government of, asking Conreceived from Senate, 3028 ; passed, 4491 ; on the civil appropriation bill, 1508, 1509 gress for recognition. &c........ ..2289 enrolled, 4496.

on the bill for the relief of W. W. Holden joint resolation (H. R. No. 303) for the bill (S. No. 604) regulating the times and and others........

1906, 1909 recognition of the independence of-[By places of holding the district and cir on the order of business .....2239, 2512

Mr. Shanks.] cuit, of the United States for the north on the joint resolution to regulate the referred, 3363. ern district of Florida.

freight tariff on the Pacific railroad, 2425 resolution of sympathy with the people of received from Senate, 4182; motion to on the case of Charles W. Woolley, a re in their struggle for independence-[By take up, 4472; passed, 1192; enrolled, cusant witness..

...2536, 2945 Mr. Loughridge, July 20, 2868.] 4196,

on the bill to regulate the appraisement of agreed to, 4253. Cover, Mary, of Middletown, Pennsylvania, imports...

....2636 joint resolution (S. R. No. 169) appealing te bill (H. R. No 468) granting a pension to, on the resolution relating to a guard-room the Turkish Government in bebalf of the widow of Samuel Cover, deceased, late at the Capitol...

people of. a private in company G, fifty-sixth regi. on the tax bill (H. R. No. 1060)......2010, received from Senate, 4334 ; passed, 4488 / ment Pennsylvania volunteers-[By Mr.

2884, 2979, 2394, 3145

enrolled, 4496. Miller. ]

on the bill to promote American com Crimes, bill (H. R. No. 1015) to amend an act referred. 636.

.8236 entiiled "An act for the punishment of bill ( II. R. No. 1176) granting a pension to, on bill to regulate immigrant ships ...3273 certain, against the United States," áp

widow of Samuel Cover, deceased--[By on the joint resolution in regard to the proved April 30, 1790, so as to extend the Mr. Viller.]

mail service in Dakota......... 3312 time within which certain offenses may be reported and passed, 2008; passed Senate, on the bill to relieve certain citizens from

prosecuted--[By Mr. Spalding.) 4395; enrolled, 4431; approved, 4498. political disabilities.....

.3367 referred, 2305. In Senate: received from House, 2925; on the tax bill (H. R. No. 1294)......3401, bill (H. R. No. 1149) in addition to an act referred, 2935; reported, 3814; passed,

3403, 3404, 3109, 3148, 5460, 3485 passed Jarch 26, 1804, entitled "An ach 4363 ; enrolled, 4112. on the river and harbor bill..... .3596

in addition to an act for the punishment Covode. John, a Representative from Pennon the resolution for a clerk to the Com

of certain, against the United States”sylvania ....

mittee on Invalid Pensions..... .3027

[By Mr. Dawes.)
petitions presented by.......... 433, 490, on the reconstruction bill, (H. R. No. referred, 2750.
1025, 1054, 1094, 1202, 1250, 2030,


.4122 bill (S. No. 509) in addition to an act passed
2593, 2725, 2827, 3197, 3212, 3982
(See Appendix. )

March 26, 1804, entitled "An act in bills introduced by

Cowles, Sherman H., bill (S. No. 322) grant addition to an act entitled 'An act for No. 784-to amend an act entitled "An act ing a pension to.

the punishment of certain, against the aurhorizing the construction of a jail in received from Senate. 1859; referred. 1869;

United States.'" aud for the District of Columbia,'' ap

reported and passed, 3103 ; enrolled, 3144. received from Senate, 3145; passed, 4396 ; proved July 25, 1866..........


Cox, James, bill (H. R. No. 1237) granting a enrolled, 4422 No. 1207–10 incorporate the District

pension to the widow and minor children Criminal proceedings, bill (H. R. No. 712) to of Columbia Concrete Stone Company of-[By Mr. Polsley. }

allow the respondent in, to testify in his under Passor's patent ........


reported and passed, 3103 ; passed Senate, own behalf in any court of the United joint resolution introduced by

4395; enrolled, 4134 ; approved, 4498. States held in any State where such privi

In Senate: received from House and re lege is allowed in the courts of such State No. 319-in regard to charges of desertion

ferred, 3119; reported, 3900; passed, in cases of soldiers honorably discharged

by the statnte thereof-[By Mr. Peters.] 4365; enrolled, 4143.

referred, 1083. from the service........ ...3014 | Cox, John T., joint resolution (H. R. No. 162) | Crossley, Thomas, bill (8. No. 426) for the resolurions submitted by for the relief of, late regimental quarter

relief of. requesting the Secretary of the Interior to master of first regiment Indiana home received from Senate, 1859; referred, 1869, withhold any further payments upon the guards--[By Mr. Clarke, of Kansas. ]

2029; reported, 3297; passed, 3327; contract for building the jail in and for referred, 637; reported adversely, 2678.

enrolled, 3365; approved, 3761. the District of Columbia until the Com. Cox, Nancy, bill (H. R. No. 959) for the relief Crowther Institute, bill (H. R. No. 848) to mittee on Public Buildings and Grounds of, widow of Jesse N. Cox, late of the incorporate, in the District of Columbiahave an opportunity to investigate said seventy second enrolled Missouri militia [By Mr. Ingersoll.] contract, and authorizing said commit [ By Mr. Gravely.)

referred, 1631. tee to make such investigation-[De referred, 2070. cember 19, 1867)...........

Crutchett, James, joint resolution (S. R. No. 295 Cox, William II., hill (H. R. No. 1420) direct



101) referring ihe petition and relatin, to the revision of speeches for pub ing the Commissioner of Pensions to pro the claim of, to the Cuurt of Claims.

lication in the Congressional Globe ceed io hear evidence and determine the received from Senate, 1160; referred, 1772. [February 5, 1868].....

...990 right of, deceased, late a sergeant in com Cullom, Shelby M., a Representative from that Andrew Johnson, President of the pany F, second regiment Pennsylvania Ilinois......

Uvited States, be impeached of high artillery, to a pension-[By Mr. Miller.] petitions presented by. crimes and misdemeanors--[February referred. 4000; reported and passed, 4081;

1094, 1741, 1774, 2652, 2789, 3115 21, 1868)...........

.1329 passed Senate, 4395 ; enrolled, 4435; ap bills introduced byfor paying George H. Haupt and Lewis proved, 4498.

No. 324--to amend the law in relation to W. Leeds, witnesses before the Commit In Senate: received from House, 4075; pensions.. tee on Public Buildings and Grounds referred, 4092; reported, 4197; passed, No. 373-10 place the name of Mabala A. [June 20, 1868)........ 3327 4370; enrolled. 4443.

Straight upon the pension-roll of the report made by.........

1319 Craft, William, bill (H. R. No. 661) granting United Siates...... motions made by ......1330, 1334, 3062, 4478 a pension to the widow and child of-[By No. 906~-for the relief of Robert Lender, incidental remarks by...... 11, 264, Mr. Perham.] 696, 945, 1177, 1188, 1451, 1504,

company B, twenty-fourth regiment reported and passed, 1040; passed Senate Illinois infantry volunteers.......... 1791 1514, 2364, 2498, 3327, 3614 with amendments, 3336; disagreed to, No. 945—to place the name of Ellen remarks on the premature publication of the 3693; conference, 3694, 3732; conference Curry, widow of James Curry, deceased, President's message............. .12, 13

report, 3938: agreed to'hy Senate, 3928; a private soldier of company F, thirty in the bill to exempt cotton from internal by House, 3938; enrolled, 1002; approved, ninth regiment Illinois volunteers, upon 14, 29, 742, 897 4255.

the pension-roll of the United States, in the resolution for the impeachment of In Senate: received from House, 1038; re

2022 the President reported from the Judi. ferred, 1068; reported, 1461 ; passed with No. 950-in relation to the rank of milie ciary Committee..

amendments, 3319; conference, 3688; con tary officers appointed under act of July on the resolution relating to the jail in the ference report 3857 ; concurred in by Sen. ovocia 28, -1866.......

2070 District of Columbia... .313, 314

ate, 3857; by House, 3954; enrolled, 3958. No. 965--to amend the revenue laws, 2072

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o Rer. doan Wa.

Missie the rights of Ameri

**2 Punei for the

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... ... ... ... 2321


late war

Territory of Wyoming:.****0:1844, 4345

4 Cullom, Shelby M., « Representative from Cummings, W. G., bill (8. No. 343) for the Currency-Continued.
relief of.

joint resolution (H. R. No. 117) providing bills introduced by

received from Senate, 1859; referred, 1869. for an amendment of section thirty of No. 985—to amend an act entitled “An | Canningham, John S., bill (S. No. 416) for an act entitled "An act to provide a

act to indemnify the States for expenses the relief of, paymaster United States national, secured by a pledge of United incurred by them in defense of the United Navy.

States bonds, and to provide for the cir. States," approved July 27, 1861 ... 2227 received from Senate, 1693 ; referred, 1791; culation and redemption thereof"—[By 11 No.986--granting an additional pension reported, 2321; discussed, 2321; pagsed, Mr. Van Trump.) to Sophia Beeler, widow of the late ,2828; enrolled, 2475.

referred, 91. Major Abram Beeler, an additional pay remarks by

resolution for printing one thousand extra master in the United States Army... 2227

Mr. Banks......

2322, 2323

copies of the acts of Congress relating No. 1163-in relation to the reissues of

Mr. Cobb...

2322, 2323 to loans and, from 1842 to 1867, inclupatents.........

......... 2904
Mr. Maynard.

2321, 2322 sive, including all loan bills passed since Dit No. 1355– for the encouragement ofim mi

Mr. Miller


1790, and the amount issued under gration................


Mr. Pike......... ...2321, 2322, 2323 them-[By Mr. Laflin, December 10, No. 1432-to repeal section one hundred

Mr. Scofield..


1867.] and thirty-sixotactof June 30, 1864, enti Mr. Spalding.

reported, 105. tled "An act to provide ways and means

Mr. Siarkweather......

joint resolution (H. R. No. 122) to amend for support of the Government' ... 4431

Mr. Upson......

.2321, 2323 an act authorizing the issue of national, ble joint resolutions introduced by~

Mr. Welker......

2322 approved February 25, 1863–[By Mr. No. 100-in relation to the protection of Cunningham, W. W,, bill (H. R. No. 522) Williams, of Indiana.]

American citizens.......... ..........27 granting a pension to--[By Mr. Van referred, 154.
No. 141-in relation to additional bounty, Aernam.]

bill (H. R. No. 303) to prevent depreciating iegi

473 reported and passed, 735; passed Senate the-[By Mr. Hooper, of Massachu: No. 169-in relation to bounties for sol. with amendments, 3337; disagreed to, setts. ] diers transferred to the Navy during the 3693; conference, 3694, 3732; conference referred, 209.

..636 report, 3937; agreed to by Senate, 3928; bill (H. R. No. 807) to facilitate the resumpNo. 187-providing for the payment of by House, 3937; enrolled, 3981; approved, tion of specie payments-[By Mr. Hubthe amount due Mrs. Mary Sullivan for 4255.

bard, of Iowa. ] property wrongfully seized by order of In Senate: received from House, 731 ; 're referred, 209, the provost marshal of Washington and ferred, 764; reported, 1311; passed with joint resolution (H. R. No. 124) in relation used in the medical department of the amendments, 3318 ; conference, 3688; to legal-tender notes--[By Mr. Brooks. ] United States Army

...................891 conference report, 3857 ; concurred in by referred, 209. No. 190—in relation to pay and bounty of Senate, 3857; by House, 3954; enrolled, bill (H. R. No. 323) to authorize the taxa. soldiers enlisting for specified terms of 3958.

tion of United States notes and national service and honorably discharged before Currency, bill (H. R. No. 147) to prohibit the bank notes by or under State anthority expiration of their term of service...935 further reduction of the-[By Mr. Inger [By Mr. Hooper, of Massachusetts.] No. 251–10 authorize the Secretary of soll.]

referred, 286; postponed, 3885. War to furnish supplies to an exploring committee discharged, 53.

bill (H. R. No. 838) for the redemption of expedition.......

......... 2304 bill (H. R. No. 213) to suspend the further legal-tender noies 3-[By Mr. Broomall.] resolution submitted by

reduction of the--[By Mr. Schenck.] referred, 330. instructing Committee on Military Affairs reported, printed, and recommitted, 53; resolution calling for a statement of expenses

to inquire into the expediency of re reported back, 69; discussed, 69; passed, incurred by the Government in printing quiring that all claims of the soldiers for 70; passed Senate with amendment, and furnishing, to the national banks for bounty under the act of July 28, 1866, 566 ; referred, 571; reported and non their circulation-[By Mr. Ross, Janusball be adjusted by the Second Auditor concurred in, 593; conference, 642, ary 14, 1868.]

of the Treasury- [Dec. 19, 1867)....282 648; conference report, 671; agreed to agreed to, 506. report made by......


by House, 671; agreed to by Senate, bill (S. No. 283) to further amend an act ..... .1861, 690; enrolled, 691; not returned, be entitled "An act to provide a national, 2756, 2757, 3060, 3732, 4069 come a law, 986.

secured by a pledge of United States ... 313, In Senate : received from House and re

bonds, and to provide for the circulation 713, 785, 898, 1318, 1420, 1761, 2228,

ferred, 79; reported, 219; called up, and redemption thereof." 2773, 3130, 3223, 3397, 3478, 3618, 3659,

384; discussed, 407, 435, 472, 500, 504, received from Senate, 743; referred, 991. 3858, 3885, 4092, 4173, 4226, 4340, 4492 remarks on the case of Rev. John Mc

520; passed with amendments, 537; bill (H. R. No. 542) to establish a uniform,

disagreed to by House, 627; conference, provide for the management and liquida: 886

632, 652 ; report, 674 ; agreed to by tion of the national debt-[By Mr.
House, 674; agreed to by Senate, 674;

on the legislative appropriation bill, 1051,
enrolled, 678, 699.

referred, 779; called up, 3885; laid aside, 1053, 3725 remarks by

3885. on the bill concerning the rights of Ameri Mr. Dawes.....

.70 bill (H. R. No. 547) to amend an act entican citizens abroad............. 1159, 1978

on the resolution reported for the im.
Mr. Garfield...

iled "An act to provide a national, sepeachment of the President........... 1398

Mr. Ingersoll......

.69, 70

cured by the pledge of United States Mr. Logan

..................................... 70 stocks, and to provide for the circula

Mr. Price. ....................................70 tion and redemption thereof," approved on the civil appropriation bill........... 1478 Mr. Pruyn. on the articles of impeachmentoi....... 1604

February 25, 1868-[By Mr. Cook.]


Mr. Schenck.. on the Tennessee election (case of R. R.

referred, 779.

69, 70, 571, 593, 648, 671 bill (H. R. No. 585) authorizing an addi. on the bill to continue the Freedmen's ................ 1690 Mr, Stevens, of Pennsylvania............ 70 tional issue of legal-tender potes to the yeas and pays on the........


amount of $45,000,000[By Mr. Ingeron the order of business...2304, 8064, 4185

....1817 bill (H. R. No. 240) to provide for the re soll.]

sumption of specie payment-[By Mr. referred, 784; printed, 838.
on the Ohio election (case of Delano vs.
..2649 Lynch.]

bill(H. R. No. 623) to regulate the nationalreferred, 90 ; question of order, 91.

[By Mr. Buckland.]
on the reception
of Chinese embassy, 2906
.... 2773, 2808 bill (H. R. No. 241) to provide against un. referred, 984.

due expansions and contractions of joint resolution (H. R. No. 188) to authorize
the--[By Mr. Lynch.]

the issue of $140,000,000 legal-tender 2993, 2994, 3064, 3071, 3141, 3144 referred, 90; motion to discharge com

notes, to supply the deficiency in the, mittee, 210; disagreed to, 217.

caused by the canceling of legal-tender remarks by

and compound-interest notes-[By Mr. Mr. Hooper, of Massachusetts........ 216 Williams, of Indiana.) 3661,3943, 4341, 4393


..........217 referred, 934. Mr. Lynch.

.216, 217 bill (H. R. No. 639) in relation to the taxaMr. Schenck...................

.216, 217

tion of the United States notes, Treas. ...3851 Mr. Scofield....


ury notes, national, and fractional notes Mr. Washburne, of Illinois...... .217 for State and municipal purposes--[By ....3945, 3946

bill (H. R. No. 244) to authorize State au Mr. Loughridge.]

thorities to tax non-interest-bearing referred, 935. ....4091

United States notes--[By Mr. Wilson, bili (H. R. No. 681) for retiring United of Ohio.]

States notes and for a free system of - referred, 90; committee discharged, re **national banking--[By Mr. Poland.] 801


referred, 1082; motion to reconsider, 1116.

motions made by
incidental remarks by......

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on the President's message.

(See Appendix.)

.69, 70



during call of the House...

on the tax bill (H. R. No. 1060). ....2985,
on bill to admit North Carolina, &c., 3090
on the river and harbor bill.............3203
on the purchase of Alaska......

(See Appendix.)
on the bill for the removal of certain

political disabilities...
on the bill in relation to New York war

on the tariff bill.............4008, 4009, 4010
on the revenue system..

on the bill to provide a goveru'ment for the
leave of absence granted to..

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****............. 3935


Davis, Jefferson-Continued.
bull (H. R, No. 687) to provide for the resolution inquiring as to the condition of bill (H. R. No. 1188) making an appropria.

gradual return to specie payments—[By the Government building used at Pitts tion for the payment of the reward Mr. Garfield.]

burg for, post office, &c., and its adapt offered by the President of the United referred, 1083.

ability for all these purposes-[By Mr. States, in April, 1865, for the capture bint resolution (H. R. No. 197) declaring Moorbead, June 10, 1868.]

of--[By Mr. Upson.] it inexpedient to have at this time any agreed to, 3029.

referred, 2935. change or reduction of the banking cir bill (H. R. No. 1422) appropriating $100,000

joint resolution (H. R. No. 289) requesting culation--[By Mr. Miller.] for the erection of a, post office, and

the Committee on the Judiciary to in. referred, 1083.

court-rooms at Paducah, Kentucky

quire the cause of delay in the trial of, joint resolution (H. R. No. 205) relative to [By Mr. Trimble, of Kentucky.]

for treason, and make report if any State taxation of United States notes referred, 4000.

legislation is necessary to insure & [By Mr. Lawrence, of Obio.]

Cutting, Hiram A., bill (H. R. No. 680) for speedy trial-[By Mr. Miller.] referred, 1217. the relief of-By Mr. Poland.)

referred, 2935. bill (H. R. No. 871) to amend the act to referred, 1082.

bill (H. R. No. 1277) to provide for the disprovide a national—[By Mr. Selye. ]


tribution of the reward offered by the * referred, 1716.

President of the United States for the resolution in reference to--[By Mr. Brom Dainese, Francis, resolution for the appoint

capture of-[By Mr. Washburn, of · well, November 26, 1867.]

ment of a select committee to inquire into Massachusetts.] referred, 1860. the facts in regard to the charges in the

reported and recommitted, 3226; reported, resolution in reference to the issue of United communication of, with power to send for

3763; called up, 3928; discussed, 3928; States notes of the denomination of persons and papers and examine witnesses

passed, 3937; passed Senate with amend. odes and twos sufficient to supply the upon oath--(By Mr. Farnsworth, Decem

ments, 4380; conference, 4390, 4395; present deficiency-[By Mr. Ingersoll, ber 12, 1867.]

conference report, 4477; agreed to by March 24, 1868.) adopted, 155.

Senate, 4474; enrolled, 4493; approved, objected to, 2083, 2099. Dakota, the Territory of, bill (H. R. No, 650)

4498. bill (S. No. 440) supplementary to an act

to amend the act of March 3, 1865, pro In Senate : received from House, 3956; entitled "An act to provide a national, viding for the construction of certain

refərred, 3982; reported and passed with secured by a pledge of United States wagon-roads in-[By Mr. Burleigh.]

amendments, 4346; conference, 4400; bonds, and to provide for the circula

referred, 935 ; reported and passed, 1470; conference report, 4447; concurred in tion and redemption thereof,'' approved

passed Senate with amendment, 2687; by Senate, 4418; enrolled, 4462. June 3, 1864.

recalled by Senate, 3236; returned, 3236; remarks byreceived from Senate, 3266; referred, passed Senate with amendments, 3535;

Mr. Blair agreed to, 3888; enrolled, 3939; approved,

..3934, 4390 4431.

Mr. Driggs 4004,

....8935, 3937 bill (H. R. No. 1364) to provide for a gradual

Mr. Hopkins... resumption of specie payments-[By In Senate: received from House, 1464; re

Mr. Logan. ferred, 1486; reported, 2623; passed with Mr. Lynch.]

Mr. Paine

................................ 4390 reported and postponed, 3761. amendment, 2624; recalled from House,

Mr. Raum .................................3928 bill (H. R. No. 89) relative to the reduction 3213; returned, reconsidered, and recom

Mr. Stokes..

"............................ 3935 of the-[By Mr. Lawrence, of Ohio.) mitted, 3243; reported, 8463; passed with

Mr. Upson........

.3763, laid aside, 3885. amendment, 3505 ; concurred in by House,

3764, 3929, 3930, 3934, 3935, 3937 bill (S. No. 543) to provide for a further 3872; enrolled, 3904.

Mr. Washburne, of Illinois...3764, 4390 issue of temporary loan certificates for bill (H. R. No. 651) granting lands to aid in

Mr. Washburn, of Massachusetts, 3763, the purpose of redeeming and retiring the construction of a railroad and tel

3764, 3928, 3929, 3930, 3934, the remainder of the outstanding comegraph line in-[By Mr. Burleigh.]

3935, 3936, 3937, 4390, 4477 pound-interest potes. referred, 935; reported and recommitted,

Mr. Washburn, of Wisconsin........3935 received from Senate, 4182; referred,


D, P. Pritchard's report of the capture 4343 ; reported and passed, 4389; bill (H. R. No. 782) to provide for mail ser: of ............... enrolled, 4396.

vice between Fort Abercrombie, and Davis, Commander John L., bill (H. R. No, bill (S. No. 180) relating to United States Helena, in Montana Territory-(By Mr.

1158) for the relief of-[By Mr. Haight.] notes.

Cavanaugh.] received from Senate, 2876; referred, referred, 1318.

reported and passed, 2878.

In Senate : received from House, 2861; re4090; laid over, 4494. joint resolution (H. R. No. 244) to establish

ferred, 2861; reported, 3539. Curry, Ellen, bill (H. R. No. 945) to place the a post route in-[By Mr. Burleigh.]

Davis, Margaret, bill (H. R. No. 1164) grantname of, widow of James Curry, deceased, referred, 2070.

ing a pension to--[By Mr. Perham.)
to a private soldier of company F, thirty. bill (H. R. No. 1154) granting lands to, in reported and passed, 2907; passed Senate,

pinth regiment Illinois volunteers, upon aid of the Sioux City and Pacific Rail 4394; enrolled, 4434; approved, 4498.
the pension-roll of the United States road Company--[By Mr. Donnelly.] In Senate: received from House, 2925;
[By Mr. Cullom.]
reported and recommitted, 2813.

referred, 2935; reported, 3814; passed,
referred, 2022; reported and passed, 3104; || Dardanelles, resolution in reference to restric 4363; enrolled, 4442.
passed Senate, 4395; enrolled, 4434; ap-

tions and charges upon the passage of Davis, Mary A., bíll (H. R. No. 596) granting proved, 4498.

vessels of war and commerce through the In Senate: received from House and re

& pension to, widow of William P. Davis, straits of the, and Bosphorus to the Black ferred, 3119; reported, 3857; passed,

& private in the eighteenth regiment of sea-[By Mr. Kelley, July 6, 1868.] 4364 ; enrolled, 4442.

Indiana volunteers—[By Mr. Holman.) agreed to, 3764.

referred, 875; reported and recommitted, Cushman, Gustavus J., bill (S. No. 665) to

Davis, Charles J., joint resolution (H. R. No. authorize the Secretary of State to adjust

2909; reported adversely, 3893; recom161) to refer the claim of, administrator mitted, 8894. the claim of, for office rent while commis.

of the estate of John Davis, to the Court Davis, Wesley P., bill (H. R. No. 1262) grant; sioner under the reciprocity treaty.

of Claims--[By Mr. Moore.] received from Senate, 4395.

ing & pension to--[By Mr. Van Trump.] referred, 474.

referred, 3164. Custom-house--see Post Office.

joint resolution (H. R. No. 175) to refer the Dawes, Henry L., a Representative from Masresolution calling for a statement of the claim of, administrator of the estate of sachusetts amount expended for repairs on the

John Davis, to the Court of Claims petitions presented by...490, 678, 785, 1068, New York, for two years prior to the [By Mr. Lawrence, of Ohio.]

1620, 1774, 2176, 2217, 2622, 3288, 4186 1st day of February, 1868–[By Mr. read and referred, 779.

bills introduced byWelker, February 26, 1868.)

Davis, Jefferson, bill (H. R. No. 268) to proagreed to, 1448.

No. 869–prescribing an oath of office to be 'vide for the distribution of the reward resolution calling for information in regard offered by the President for the capture

taken by persons from whom legal disabil.

ities shall have been removed...... 1693 to the condition of the, and post office of-[By Mr. Paine.]

No. 870--to remove political disabilities at Toledo, Ohio, and the appropriation referred, 97.

from Roderick R. Butler, of Tennessee, needed for additions and repairs to said resolution directing the committee to which

1708 building-[By Mr. Ashley, of Ohio, May

was referred the report of the Secretary No. 937—to authorize the construction of 18, 1868.)

of War on awarding the bounty offered a railroad and telegraph line from New objected to, 1939, 1972; adopted, 2528.

for the capture of, to report as soon as

Orleans, in the State of Louisiana, to bill (H. R. No. 1199) to authorize the Sec possible - [By Mr. Driggs, December Mobile, in the State of Alabama, and to retary of the Treasury to sell the, and 12, 1867.]

secure to the Government the use of the grounds at Toledo, Ohio, and to pur agreed to, 162.

same as a military and post road...1993 chase a new

site for a, and post office in joint resolution (H. R. No. 282) in relation No. 1024-to facilitate the settlement of said city-[By Mr. Ashley, of Obio.] to the trial of-[By Mr. Eggleston.]

certain prize cases in the southern disreferred, 2750.

trict of Florida......

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.............. 3935

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referred, 2936.

...... 2830

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