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Citizens, bill (H. R. No. 768)-Continued. City council of New Orleans, resolution call-

4096; motion to take up, 4123, 4148; ing for the correspondence between the
discussed, 4204, 4211, 4231, 4236, 4328, General of the Army and Major General
4349, 4352, 4445; passed with amend: Hancock relating to the removal of-[By

Mr. Wood, February 14, 1868. ] ments, 4446; agreed to by House, 4451; enrolled, 4454.

agreed to, 1177. remarks by

resolution calling for copies of all correspond

ence in relation to the removal of the, ........ 2311, 2312 Mr. Baker..

and in relation to the city council of
Mr. Banks
1218, 1294, 1797,

Jefferson City, Louisiana-[By Mr.
1799, 1800, 1805, 1806,
2311, 2012, 2313, 2314,

Cook, March 2, 1868.]
2315, 2316, 2317, 2318 objected to, 1485; adopted, 1761.
Mr. Benton....

2316, 2316 Civil expenses of the Government, bill (H. R. Mr. Chanler

2312 No. 242) to amend the twelfth and thir

teenth sections of an act making appro

2317 Mr. Coburn.

priations for sundry, for the year ending Mr. Dawes.........2313, 2314, 2315, 2317 Mr. Eliot

June 30, 1867—[By Mr. Buokland.]

referred, 90. 180c, 1805, 2311, 2313, 2316 Mr. Garfield


bill (H. R. No. 341) to amend the twelfth Mr. Harding:


section of the soldiers' bounty law as Mr. Ingersoll.

.2316, 2317

contained in an act waking appropriaMr. Jenckes.. .2311, 2316, 2317

tions for sundry, for the year ending Mr. Judd

.1805, 2314, 2315 June 30, 1867, approved July 28, 1866– Mr. Kerr..


(By Mr. Kerr.] Mr. Lawrence, of Ohio.


referred, 331. Mr. Maynard

.1806 joint resolution (H, R. No. 132) in regard to Mr. Morgan.

the construction of section ten of an act

1800, 1805 Mr. Mullins.


approved March 2, 1867, entitled “An Mr. Paine..........

.2311, 2314 act making appropriations for sundry, Mr. Pile.......


for the year ending June 30, 1868'-[By Mr. Scofield


Mr. Farnsworth.] Mr. Spalding


referred, 331; substitute reported, 666; Mr. Van Trump


passed, 667.

In Senate : received from House, 674; 1801, 1803, 1805, 2311 Mr. Wood.......

1805, 2030 referred, 699; reported, 845. yeas and nays on the..


joint resolution (H. R. No. 164) explanatory

of section thirteen of the act approved joint resolution (H. R. No. 213) in relation

July 28, 1866, entitled "An act mak: to the rights of American, adroad-[By Mr. Griswold.]

ing appropriations for suudry, for the referred, 1420.

yeer ending June 30, 1867"? –[By Mr.

Churchill.] resolution for printing the communication

referred, 637. from the State Department in relation bill (H. R. No. 818). making appropriations to the trial and conviction of American,

for sundry, for the year ending June 30, in Great Britain and Ireland-[By Mr.

1869–[By Mr. Washburne, of Illinois.) Laflin, March 4, 1868. ]

reported, 1424; discussed, 1454, 1455, reported and agreed to, 1661.

1473, 1484, 1505, 1512, 1998, 2026; joint resolution (H, R. No. 248) in relation

passed, 2028; passed Senate with amend to the rights of, of the United States of

ments, 3724 ; referred, 3724 ; reported, America - [By Mr. Judd.]

3765; discussed, 3841; conference, 8850, referred, 2193.

3885; conference report, 4061 ; agreed resolution calling for information in regard to by Senate, 4061; by House, 4062;

to the treatment of certain American, recalled by Senate, 4082 ; not returned
reported to have been unjustly arrested, by House, 4083; enrolled, 4088; ap-
imprisoned, and flogged while in prison proved, 4255.
by authority of an officer of the Govern- In Senate : received from House, 2040; re-
ment of Mexico-[By Mr. Charler, May ferred, 2040; amendment, 2144 ; amend-
12, 1868.]

ment reported, 2594; amendment subobjected to, 2429,

mitted, 3183, 3424; reported, 3463 ; resolution in reference to the imprisonment amendment, 3552, 3566, 3570, 3645; dis.

of, in Georgia-[By Mr. Beck, June 1, cussed, 3571, 3608, 3632, 3681 ; passed

with amendments, 3688; conference, laid over, 2752; referred, 3759, 3760.

3818, 3904 ; conference report. 4033 ; resolution in reference to the recent murder

concurred in by Senate, 4035; recalled of, in Soutli Carolina-[By Mr. Ashley,

from House, 4070 ; not returned, House of Ohio, June 11, 1868.)

having agreed to conference report, objected to, 3063.

4075; enrolled, 4075. resolution in reference to the imprisonment

remarks byof American, abroad-[By Mr. Van

Mr. Allison....

1459 Wyck, June 25, 1868.)

Mr. Arnell..........

3850 laid over, 3223, 3760; agreed to, 3477.

Mr. Ashley, of Nevada... 3844, 3845 resolution in reference to the protection of

Mr. Ashley, of Ohio......
American-[By Mr. Niblack, June 30,

Mr. Axtell..

1456 1868. ]

Mr. Banks

.1455, agreed to, 3616.

1456, 1458, 2003, 3847,3848, 3849 joint resolution (H. R. No. 357) placing the

Mr. Barnes

1478 loyal, of the State of Alabama on equal

.3843 terms with, of other States, according

Mr. Blaine.........1476, 1478, 1479, 1480, to the act of July 4, 1864-[By Mr.

1481, 1484, 1508, 1511, 1999, 2028 Haughey.]

Mr. Burleigh

1486, 1505, 2027 referred, 4416.

Mr. Burr

.. 1479 Citizenship, bill (H. R. No. 403) to extend the

Mr. Butler, of Massachusetts .1457, right of, to certain Mexican citizens

3845, 3846, 8847, 3849, 3850 residing in New Mexico-[By Mr. Clever.]

Mr. Cavanaugh............1606, 1507, 2027 referred, 474.

Mr. Chanler...

1455, joint resolution (H. R. No. 186) declaratory

1456, 1457, 1458, 1459

Mr. Churchill..... of the rights and powers of the Federal

1458, and State governments, and the rights

1459, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 of-[By Mr. Johnson.]

Mr. Coburn......

.1510, 1511

Mr. Covode.. referred, 838,

1508, 1509

.. 1478

Civil expenses of the Government, bill (H. R.

No. 818)--Continued.
remarks by-
Mr. Dawes..

Mr. Delano.

Mr. Dodge. 1476, 1481, 1485, 2005
Mr. Driggs..... .1459, 1474, 1485
Mr. Eggleston....

Mr. Farnsworth......

Mr. Flanders...... .1454, 1457, 1458
Mr. Garfield.......1511, 1512, 2001, 2028
Mr. Getz ......

Mr. Harding..

1506, 1507 Mr. Holbrook............ 1505, 1506, 1607 Mr. Hooper, of Utah..

..1507 Mr. Hopkins...

.1477, 2004 Mr. Hulburd

.1474, 2001, 2002, 2003, 3844 Mr. Humphrey

... 1459 Mr. Ingersoll.....

1482, 1484, 148ő, 1607, 1508, 1509,

1510, 1511, 1512, 2028 Mr. Johnson.... ....1455, 1456, 1457 Mr. Kelley

1475, 1510 Mr. Kelsey .....

1511 Mr. Lawrence, of Ohio, 1480, 1482,1484,

1485, 1508, 1609, 1510, 1511, 1512 Mr. Logan.

1476, 1477, 1478, 1510, 1511, 1998, 1999, 2006 Mr. Lynch......

1459, 3842, 3849 Mr. Mallory:

...1505, 1506 Mr. Maynard ........

.2003, 3848, 3849, 3850, 4062 Mr. Miller.........

.2005 Mr. Mullins, 1458, 1510, 3843, 3848,3850 Mr. Mungen.....

1507, 1512, 2028 Mr. Newcomb.

2027 Mr. Niblack.....

1484 Mr. O'Neill..........

1475, 2003, 2004, 3842, 3843 Mr. Orth...... .3846, 3847, 8848 Mr. Paine......

. 1456, 1458, 3846 Mr. Peters.......

2000, 2001, 2003, 3843, 3846, 3847, 3848, 3849, 3850 Mr. Pike ....

1459, 1460, 2001, 2002, 3843, 3848 Mr. Poland.........

.1481, 1482, Mr. Price.....

1479, 1480, 1481, 1508 Mr. Pruyn........

1454, 1455, 1456, 1481, 1509, 2027 Mr. Randall.............-1998, 1999, 2003 Mr. Raum......

1475, 1476, 1478, 1479, 1507, 1509, 2006 Mr. Ross...........2003, 2004, 2006, 2027 Mr. Sawyer....

...1999 Mr. Scofield....

2026 Mr. Selye.........

...1480, 1481, 1509, 2001, 2026, 2027 Mr. Spalding.....1474, 1470, 1485, 1505,

1611, 1512, 1999, 2000, 3842, 3845 Mr. Starkweather

Mr. Stevens, of Pennsylvania...... 1475,

3845, 3846, 3847, 3848, 3850
Mr. Taber................
Mr. Taffe..........................
Mr. Trowbridge......
Mr. Twichell
Mr. Upson

1459, 1476, 1479, 1481, 1485
Mr. Van Wyck ..........1481, 1508, 1510
Mr. Washburne, of Illinois......... 1454,

1455, 1456, 1457, 1458, 1459, 1460,
1473, 1474, 1475, 1476, 1477, 1478,
1479, 1480, 1481, 1483, 1484, 1485,
1505, 1506, 1607, 1508, 1509, 1510,
1511, 1512, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001,
2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2026,
2027, 2028, 3724, 3765, 3841, 3842.

3843, 3844, 3846, 3850, 4061, 4083
Mr. Washburn, of Wisconsin ......1455,

1456, 2005, 3848 Mr. Welker......

1506, 1609, 1510
Mr. Wilson, of Iowa......... 1476, 1477,

1481, 1998, 2001, 2005, 2006, 2026
Mr. Wood............
yeas and nays on the........2004, 2026, 2027
Civil officers, resolution in relation to the

appointment of, in the States lately in
rebellion-[By Mr. Upson. January 6,

1868. ]
amended and adopted, 381.

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.. 1458 .1507, 3845 .1474, 2001

1482 1454,

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CCXXI Civil service, resolution instructing Committee Claims-Continued.

Claims, bill (H. R. No. 1278)-Continued. on Retrenchment to report a bill which joint resolution (H. R. No. 167) in relation remarks byshall provide for a bureau of, at Washto the prosecution of, before the De

Mr. Scofield...

...3945, 3946 ington city, for the examination of per- partments-[By Mr. Washburn, of Wis- Mr. Spalding.

8945 sous noininated for positions in the various cousin. ]

Mr. Welker...

.3946 Departments-[By Mr. Logan, January read and passed, 637.

Mr. Wilson, of lowa..

3945 7, 1868.]

In Senate : received from House, 652; re- bill (H. R. No. 1369) to provide for the pay, obiected to, 866. ferred, 674.

ment of certain demands for stores and bili (H. R. No. 586) to provide for a bureau bill (H. R. No. 635) in relation to the, of articles used by the engineer depart

of, at Wasbington, in the Distriet of colored soldiers-[By Mr. Anderson.] ment of the Army of the United States-
Columbia-[By Mr. Logan.]

referred, 935; reported adversely, 3943. [By Mr. Delano.]
referred, 806.
joint resolution (H. R. No. 192) relating to,

referred, 3786,
bill (H. R. No. 948) to regulate the, of the arising from Indian depredations and to bill (S. No. 214) to authorize the Secretary

United States, and to promote the effi- restrict the jurisdiction of the Court of of War to settle the, of the State of
cioney thereof-[By Mr. Jenckes.]
Claims-[By Mr. Clarke, of Kansas.]

Kansas for services of the militia called referred, 2069; reported, 2466 ; discussed, referred, 935.

out to repel invasion of General Price. 2460; recommitted, 2470 ; reportprinted, bill (H. R. No. 705) to provide for a com- received from Sepate, 3928; referred, 2571; motion to make special order, inission to investigate, arising from In

4491. 4492. 3766, 4002, 4008.

dian depredations-[By Mr. Clarke, of bill (H. R. No. 1443) anthorizing the apremarks byKansas.)

pointment of three commissioners to Mr. Benton....... .2466 read, referred, and printed, 1083.

examine the, of the Territory of MonMr. Jenckes ......

.2466, resolution inquiring the amount of Indian tana for volunteers during the late In. 2470, 3766, 4002, 4003 spoliation, now on file, growing out of dian war, and to report upon the same Mr. Welker........

... 2466

the Indian war of 1855 and 1856, in [By Mr. Cavanaugh.] resolution for printing report of the Com

Oregon, Washington, and Montana- referred, 4252. mittee on Retrenchment on the-[By [By Mr. Flanders, February 14, 1868.] || Clapp, James C., joint resolution (H. R. No. Mr. Cake, June 30, 1868.] agreed to, 1177.

234) authorizing the settlement of the acreported and agreed to, 3613.

bill (H. R. No. 748) providing for the ex- counts of, deceased-[By Mr. Dawes.] Claim, (11. R. No. 1075) to authorize the adju

amination of, for Indian depredations referred, 1900. dication of, No. 45 in the report of the in the Territory of New Mexico--[By | Clark, Edward A., architect of the Capitol, surveyor general of the Territory of New Mr. Clever.)

communication from, relating to comMexico-{By Mr. Orth.] referred, 1217.


...1107 reported and passerl, 2499.

joint resolution (H. R. No. 212) to provide In Senate : received from House, 2505 ;

Clark, Lois, bill (S. No. 569) granting relief to.

for the examination of certain, in the received from Senate, 3535; referred, 4475. referred, 2506.

State of Kentucky-[By Mr. Shanks.] Clark, Mrs. Mary, bill (H. R. No. 804) for the Gleim agents

, resolution instructing the Com- referred, 1419. miltee on Military Affairs to inquire what

relief of-[By Mr. Hubbard, of West Virjoint resolution (H. R. No. 230) declaring ginia.] further legislation is needed for the pro

it the duty of Congress to make provis- referred, 1418. tection of soldiers and sailors from the ion for the adjustment and payment of, Clarke, Ethan Ray, and Samuel Ward, bill

frauds of—[By Mr. Ward, March 4, 1868.] due loyal citizens in the late rebellious adopted, 1668.

(S. No. 347) to confirm the title of, to cerClaims, the Committee of, instructions to, 2164,

States for subsistence, &c., taken in tain lands in the State of Florida, claimed

support of the Union Army, the same under a grant from the Spanish Govern2349

as those due citizens in the States which - ment. reports from .......... .812, 507, 1501, 1503, remained loyal--[By Mr. Miller.]

received from Senate, 1667; referred, 1769; 1504, 1540, 1541, 2458, 2459, 2460, referred, 1759.

reported and discussed, 3690 ; passed, 2538, 2539, 2540, 3226, 3052, 3553, joint resolution (S. R. No. 123) authorizing 3692 ; enrolled, 3707.

3544, 3555, 3761, 3762, 3763, 4428
'adverse reports from ....

the Secretary of State to adjust certain, remarks by
.134, 507,
and directing the payment thereof.

Mr. Banks.

3691, 3692 1141, 1501, 1502, 1503, 1504, 1540, received from Senate, 2286 ; referred, 2544. Mr. Butler, of Massachusetts, 3690, 3691 2458, 2459, 2461, 2537, 2538, 2539, resolution in relation to the publication of

Mr. Orth....

3690, 3691, 3692 2540, 3553, 3555, 3761, 3762, 3763 all soldiers', which have been allowed

Mr. Poland...

.3691 ..507,

and paid by the Departments--[By Mr. Mr. Stevens, of Pennsylvania, 3691, 3692 Cobb, April 20, 1868.]

Clarke, Reader W., a Representative from agreed to, 2310.


.2 bill (H. R. No. 1068) to provide for certain, petitions presented by...

78, 1188, against Department of Agriculture

1229, 1869, 2067, 2143, 2298, 3115, 4264 [By Mr. Washburn, of Massachusetts.] report made by....

..667 reported, 2458; passed, 2459 ; passed Sen- motion made by.........

..667 ate with amendments, 3761 ; agreed to, incidental remarks by..

.2236 3888 ; enrolled, 3939; approved, 4004. remarks on the bill in relation to taxing In Senate: received from House and re

pational bank shares ........

.803 ferred, 2488; reported, 2759; referred on the President's message.

1060 anew, 2772; reported, 3424 ; passed with on the resolution reported for the imamendment, 3721 ; concurred in by peachment of the President ......... 1385 House, 3872; enrolled, 3901.

(See Appendix.)
bill (H. R. No. 1131) regulating judicial pro- on the order of business..

.2239 ceedings in certain cases for the protec. on the Indian appropriation bill...... 2709 507,

tion of officers and agents of the Gov. on the tax bill (H. R. No. 1060), 3042, 3043

ernment, and for the better detense of leave of absence granted to, 290, 1693, 3271 ...737

the Treasury against unlawful--[By Mr. | Clarke, Sidney, a Representative from KanButler, of Massachusetts.)

...2 .737

referred, 2750; reported, 8620; passed, petitions presented by .......... .490, 920, 3655, passed Senate with amendments,

1117, 1286, 1369, 1418, 1514, 4476 ; agreed to, 4478; enrolled, 4195 ;

1693, 1806, 1909, 2070, 3766 ...782 approved, 4500.

bills introduced by In Senate : received from House, 3645; No. 400--authorizing the construction of

referred, 3645; reported, 4439; passed a bridge across the Missouri river upon with amendments, 4449; agreed to by the military reservation at Fort LeavenHouse, 4451'; enrolled, 4501.

worth, and to provide for the reduction bill (H. R. No. 1278) providing for the ap

of said reservation

..474 782

pointment of a commission to examine No. 401—for the relief of John Whiteford, s and report upon certain, of the State of late captain in the first regiment of New York+[By Mr. Ketcham.]

Arkansas infantry......

....474 reported and recommitted, 3294; reported No: 402—for the relief of Charles Batter

and discussed, 8944; recommitted,3946. field, a Chippewa half breed Indian, 474 remarks by

No. 556_relating to the Central Branch Mr. Cullom.........

.3945, 3946 Union Pacific Railroad Company...779 Mr. Garfield....

3945, 3946 No. 645-granting lands to aid in the con. Mr. Kelsey...


struction of a railroad and telegraph Mr. Ketcham...

.8944, 3945

line from Fort Scott, Kansas, to Santa Mr. Maynard...


Fé, New Mexico ................

Mr. Eliot..........


discharged from subjeets.....

508. 814, 1116, 1503, 2400, 2499, 4124
bill (H. R. No. 234) to prevent the payment

of certain--[By Mr. Washburne, of Illi-
nois. ]
referred, 90; reported, postponed to Jan-
uary 24, and printed, 507; motion to
reconsider, 540; discussed, 736, 782 ;
passed, 783.
In Senate ; received from House, 768;

referred, 778.
remarks by-

Mr. Boutweil...
Mr. Butler, of Massachusetts... 739, 740

Mc Hawkins....

Mr. Holman....

540, 736, 737, 740, 782, 783
Mr. Logan.........
Mr. Maynard...737, 788, 789, 740, 782
Mr. Mungen....... .....est'
Mr. Nicholson........

Mr. Pile..................737, 735, 740, 782
Mr. Stevens, of Pennsylvania...738, 739
Mr. Trimble, of Kentucky........

Mr. Washburne, of Illinois......90, 507,

736, 737, 738, 739, 740, 782, Mr. Washburn, of Wisconsin...........740 Feas and nays on the....... bill (H. R. No. 310) for the better establish

ment of certain [By Mr. Maynard.] joint resolution (H. R. No. 129) to amend

the act of July 4, 1864, to more effectually secure the payment of, of loyal persons for property taken and used by the Federal forces during the late warreferred, 286.

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Mr. Scofield................


referred, 213.

[By Mr. Stokes.)


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INDEX TO COXXII Clarke, Sidney, a Representative from Kan-Clarke, Sidney, a Representative from Kan | Clerks-Continued. sas-Continued. sas- Continued.

joint resolution (H. R. No. 179) giving bills introduced byresolutions submitted by

twenty per cent. additional compensaNo. 616—10 extend the preömption and requesting the suspension of the sale of all tion to ihe, and other employés of the homestead laws of the United States

Tands ceded and sold to the Cnited States Executive Departments at Washington over certain lands, and for other par- by treaty with Great and Little Osage city receiving salaries not under one

93) poses .......

Indians, proclaimed January 20, 1867 -- thousand ner over two thonsand dollars No. 701-in aid of the Union Pacific rail[ April 16, 1868]............. ......2305

per year in the aggregate-[By Mr. way, eastern division, supplementary to for an adjourument over to attend to the Spalding ] an act approved July 1, 1862, and the decoration of the soldiers' graves May referred, 780. acts amendatory thereof... ............ 1083 30--[May 29, 1868)......................2688 resolution calling for a report of the num. No. 70.5—to provide for a commission to in reference to the treaty recently concluded ber and names of the persous employed investigate claims arising from Indian with the Great and Little Osage Indians

in the several Departments of the Gov. depredations........

.... 1083
[June 13, 1868)......

..... 3003

ernment at Washington, the State and No. 706-amending an act to amend an in relation to the Great and Little Osage congressional district from which they

act entitled "An act to regulate trade and Indian treaty-[July 13, 1868)......4001: come and to which they are accredited intercourse with the Indian tribes and to reports made by.....


[By Mr. Mungon, January 30, 1868.] preserve peace on the frontiers, approved motions made by:

.693, 781, 4381 objected to, 865. June 30, 1834*.........

incidental remarks by..........

......51, bill ( 11. R. No 711) relating to the salaries No. 729—10 forever prohibit the system

361, 781, 2686, 3928, 3967, 4191, 4492 of certain, in the Patent Office--[By of peonage and Indian slavery in the remarks on the bill for the sale of the arsenal

Mr. Peters. ] Territory of New Mexico and other grounds at St. Louis.............. 7 15, 4341 referred, 1083.

parts of the United States............1178 on the bill concerning the rights of Ameri. bill (H. R. No. 746) authorizing the United No. 854—to dissolve the commission au

can citizens abroad..... ......... 1105 States district judge for the district of thorized by the act to establish peace on the resolution reported for he impeach

lowa to appoint, at the several places with certain hostile tribes of Indians, ment of the President.......


where terms of the district court for said approved July 20, 1867 .............. 1631 on the Indian appropriation bill, 1124, 1453 district are provided by law-[By Mr. No. 938—to authorize the sale of twenty ou the joint resolution relating to the Wilson, of Iowa.] acres of the lard of the military reserva- Osage Indian lands.......

.1704 referred, 1217. tion at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, 1993 on the finances.....

.1730 joint resolution (H. R. No. 245) giving No. 1110-granting lands to aid in the con- concerning the sale of the (sage Indian additional compensation to certain emstruction of a railroad and telegraph lands ..... 2305, 3063, 3171, 3256.

ployés in the civil service of the Gov. line from Irving, Kansas, to Albuquerque

3261, 3362, 0263, 3261, 8265, 3266 ernment for the fiscal year ending June and Santa Fe, New Mexico........... 2750 on the joint resolution to regulate freight 30, 186. [By Mr. Orth.] No. 1447-granting the right of way to tariffon Pacific railroad, 2123, 2425, 2126 read and printed, 2071; laid aside, 8887. certain railway companies over the mili. on the order of business....

.2681 joint resolution (H. R. No. 291) giving tary reservation at Fort Leavenworth, on the Indian appropriation bill, 2083, 2684 additional compensation to certain emKansas..


on the bill to provide an American line of ployés in the civil service of the Gov. joint resolutions introduced by

ocean steamers....


ernment at Washington-[By Mr. Wash: No. 149-for the relief of the settlers on on the bill in relation to the Great and

burn, of Indiana.) the Osage Indian lands in kansas...474 Little Osage Indians........... .3132 read, 2936, 3164 ; passed, 3165; reconNo. 150-authorizing the Leavenworth on the bill to amend an act for carrying and Northwestern Railroad Company

sideration moved, 3174; recalled froin the mails .....


Senate, 3199; returned, 3202 ; notice, and the Leavenworth and Des Moines on the bill for the relief of loyal Choctaw 3238 ; reconsidered, 3255 ; labled, 3257. Railroad Company to construct their and Chickasaw Indians....... ..3836 roads through the military reservation

In Senate : received from House, 3150 ; on the Great and Little Osage Indian at Fort Leavenworth...

referred, 3163; recalled by House, 3183. ....474

treaty....... No. 162—for the relief of John T. Cox,

.........4001, 4499 Clever, Charles P., a Delegate from New (See Appendix.)


.294 late regimental quartermaster of first on the bill for the relief of Hclen and regiment lediana home guards........637

(See Contested Election.) Heloise Lincoln..........

.4469 bills introduced byNo. 192—relating to claims arising from leave of absence granted to............... .2198 Indian depredations and to restrict the

No. 360--to provide for a geological and Clerk, resolution allowing a, to Committee on jurisdiction of the Court of Claims, 935

mineralogical survey of the Territory of Banking and Currency-[By Mr. Buck

.331 No. 213—for relief of J. E. Reeside, 2070

New Mexico..... land, December 19, 1867.] No. 300,- for the relief of loyal Choctaw

No. 361-to provide for the completion of objected to, 282. and Chickasaw Indians....

the capitol of New Mexico, the building ......3199 resolution allowing a, to the two Committees No. 361--for the relief of Helen and

of a penitentiary, and the establishment Heloise Lincolo ......

ou Mines and Mining and the Pacific
Railroad, and fixing his compensation-

of free public schools in each county in resolutions submitted by-

said State.........

.331 [By Mr. Higby, December 20, 1867.) inquiring the number of acres of land con

No. 862-to establish certain post routes tained in the military reservation of Fort adopted, 312, 313.

in New Mexico....... resolution allowing Committee on Banking Riley, and whether the whole of said reservation is needed for military pur:

and Currency a, and fixing his compen.

No. 403--to extend the right of citizen sation-[By Mr. Pomeroy, January 14,

ship to certain Mexican citizens residposes--[January 22, 1868)............687

ing in New Mexico.............

1868.] concerning the elective franchise in Monagreed to, 507.

No. 404-40 facilitate and cheapen the tana-[January 27, 1868)............... 781 resolution authorizing Committee on Print

transportation of military supplies in calling for copies of all contracts with Ben

Kansas, Colorado, and New Mexico, 474 jamin Holliday for the transportation of

ing to employ a, at the usual rate of

No. 405-to increase and improve the ter: the overland mail, &c.—[January 27, compensation-[By Mr. Laflin, Janu

ritorial library of New Mexico........ 474 1868)...............

ary 28, 1868.]

..783 concerning an appropriation for the erecreported, 800; adopted, 801.

No. 406—to facilitate the transportation resolution authorizing the Doorkeeper to

of United States supplies and to pretion of buildings at Topeka, Kansas, for

vent the loss of United States property the use of the United States courts, post appoint a document file, and pay him

in New Mexico........... office, and laud office-[January 28, from the contingent fund of the House

No. 407—for the repair, preservation, 1868]....

[By Mr. Windom, February 10, 1868.]

......806 in regard to pensions for the widows and referred, 1084.

and improvement of the old palace children of the men killed at the massaClerk of the House, instructions to .....105, 314

building'' in Santa Fé, New Mexico...474 communications from ...................638, 2109

No. 576--to establish a branch mint at cre at Lawrence, Kansas, on the 21st of Clerks to committees--see Salaries.

Santa Fé, in the Territory of New Mex. August, 1863—[January 31, 1868)...891 | Clerks, bill (H. R. No. 204) 1o extend the

ico....... rescinding, the resolution adopted by the House February 7 in reference to draw. joint resolution giving additional compen

No. 647—to provide for the unorganized ing seats-[February 10, 1868)...... 1084 sation to certain employés in the civil ser

settlements in the Territory of New

Mexico ............ calling for certain information in reference

vice at Washington, approved February to the overland mail contracts with B. 28, 1867—[By Mr. Logan.]

No. 648--to provide for confirmation of Holliday- [February 20, 1868).......1294 referred, 9.

private land claims in New Mexico, 935 directing Committee on the Judiciary to bill (H. R. No. 78) to amend an act entitled

No. 649—10 provide for the settlement of consider the expediency of extending "An act to regulate the fees and costs

the war debt of New Mexico incurred the jurisdiction of the court of the Unito be allowed, marshals, and attorneys

in aid of the United States in suppressted States for the district of Kansas over of the circuit and district courts of the

ing the rebellion and Indian hostilities

in New Mexico.......... the Indian territory in the State of Kan.

United States," approved February 26, sas-[March 4, 1868]..

1853--[By Mr. Kelley.)

No. 708--to construct a wagon-road from .........1662 committee discharged, 668, 669.

Cinnamon to Virginia City, New Mex:

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resolutions submitted by

Clever, Charles P., a Delegate from New Clock, resolution directing the Secretary of the Cobb, Amasa, a Representative from Wiscen-

Treasury to suspend work on the new, and sin-Continued.
bills introduced by-

weather-vane on the custom-house at New joint resolutions introduced byNo. 709—for the relief of Margaret Ward, York eity until he reports to this House No. 299—for the relief of certain bonorably


the estimated expense of the same-[By discharged soldiers of the volumeer No. 748—providing for the examination Mr. Van Wyck, February 27, 1868.]

forces of the Union Army ............ 3104 of claims for Indian depredations in the objected to, 1435.

No. 314—for the relief of George D. Territory of New Mexico ..............1217 Clocks, resolution in relation to the practica- Blakey, late collector of the second dis. No. 888—for the relief of Vincent St. bility and expedieney of connecting the, trict of Kentucky.......

..355 Vrain

.....1759 of the Hall of the House and the Chamber No. 350—for the relief of certain honorNo. 1089-forthe ralief of the inhabitants of of the Senate by telegraph with the regu- ably discharged soldiers of the volontowns and villages in the Territories of lating clock in the astronomical Observa

teer forces of the United States Arniy, New Mexico and Arizona who settled tory-[By Mr. Niblack, June 1, 1868.]

4252 upon public land .......

.... 2527
agreed to, 2752.

resolutions submitted by-
No. 1090—to establish certain post offices Clothing, joint resolution (S. R. No. 111) pro- instructing the Committee on Military
and post roads in the Territory of New viding for the issue of, to soldiers and Affairs to make certain inquiries in rem

.... 2527 others, to replace clothing destroyed to spect to the extra pay proper of the No. 1091—for the relief of the legal rep- prevent contagion.

officers of the fiftieth regiment of Wisconresentatives of Major John A. Whitali, received from Senate, 1484; called up, 1774; sin volunteers--[January 6, 1868], 332 late paymaster in the United States passed, 1790; enrolled, 1806.

authorizing select Committee on the Army, on account of lost or stolen joint resolution (H. R. No. 281) authorizing Workings of the Pay Department to vouchers.........

the issue of, to company F, eighteenth

summon witnesses and continue to take No. 1142-for the relief of Francisco Ar

United States infantry---[By Mr. testimony, &c., and to send for papers; migo, of Albuquerque, New Mexico,2750 Dodge.]

and allowing the Paymaster General to No. 1143—for the relief of Pabla Montaya, reported and passed, 2680; passed Senate, cross-examine witnesses, &c.- -[January

8974; enrolled, 4002; approved, 4255. 20, 1868]. ......

.....637 No. 1144—for the relief of the heirs-at- In Senate: received from House, 2690; for the sale of the iron railing taken from law of Mrs. R. L. De Leon, deceased, referred, 2701; reported and passed, the Hall of the old House of Represent

No. 1197—for the relief of Etta Eva Carle-
3957; enrolled, 3938.

atives-[March 10, 1868].....1806, 1859 Coal, resolution inquiring the price paid for in relation to the publication of all solton, Henry Carleton, and Guy Carleton, anthracite, for the use of the Navy at diers' claims which have been ailowed minor children of Major General Carle- New York and at Philadelphia—[By Mr. and paid by the Departments-[April .....2936 Hopkins, July 6, 1868. ]

20, 1868]........

......... 2310 No. 1340—for the relief of Major G. agreed to, 3758

in reference to taxation of interest on Chapin, United States Army........3588 joint resolutions introduced by

Coast defense, joint resolution (S. R. No. 171) bonds--[June 29, 1868].......3588, 3589 in relation to.

reports made by.....

184, 1503, No. 290—granting pension and homestead received from Senate, 4375.

1540, 2459, 3381, 3554, 3762, 4131 to the orpkan children of Brigadier Gen. Coasting trade, bill (H. R. No. 329) to amend motions made by........ 687, 1503, 1541, 1960, eral Christopher Carson, deceased, 2936 an act entitled "An act to regulate the

2459, 2773, 3554, 3657, 4003, 4144 No. 335—for the protection of settlers foreign, on the northern, northeastern, incidental remarks by, 389, 637, 1333, 1859, on the Cherokee neutral lands in Kan. and northwestern frontiers of the United

1860, 3294, 3397, 3477, 3766, 4341 .... 4000 States,'' approved June 17, 1864-[By Mr. remarks on the order of business, 389, 3766 in relation to the system of peonage and Judd.)

on the bill concerning the District jail, 1539 Indian slavery in the Territory of New referred, 286.

on the articles of impeachment....... 1612 Mexico—[February 3, 1868].......... 936

bill (H. R. No. 334) to relieve vessels en: (See Appendix.) concerning the reference of certain private

gaged in the, from filing manifests--[By on the bill for the relief of the heirs of Mr. Pike.]

General Duncan L. Clinch, 1540, 1707, land claims-[February 10, 1868).. 1084 remarks on the Indian appropriation bill, referred, 330.

1866, 1867, 1868, 1902, 1903, 1904 joint resolution (H. R. No. 155) in relation on the bill for the relief of John M. Palmer, 2642, 2643, 4304

to vessels enrolled and licensed for em. on the bill for the relief of 'Navajo In

1540, 1541, 2757, 2773, 3031 ployment in the, and fisheries-[By Mr. on the Tennessee election (case of R. R. .2972 Moore.]

Butler)..... on the joint resolution to protect settlers on Cherokee neutral lands............. 4000

referred, 686; reported, 2324; recommitted, on the bill for the relief of J. S. Cunning. 2372.

ham....... Cift, J. W., a Representative from Georgia,

..2322, 2323 bill (S. No. 266) to regulate the foreign and, on the bill authorizing the sale of Fort 4334, 4471 on the northern, northeastern, and north

Leavenworth reservation......... for the relief of the heirs of the late,

western frontiers of the United States. on the resolution relating to the occupancy

received from Senate, 2812; referred, 3476. of a room by Miss Vinnie Ream.....2751 received from Senate, 899; referred, 944;

Coast survey, resolution for printing extra on the tax bill (H. R. No. 1060). .2846, reported and passed with amendment, copies of the report of the superintendent

2989, 3144 1540; disagreed to by Senate, 1634; conof the United States, for the year 1867- on the clerks' twenty per cent. resolution,

2987 ference, 1663, 1681,1707, 1761, 1797; con[By Mr. Lawrence, of Ohio, May 6, 1868. ]

on the river and harbor bill..... .3204 ence report, 1866; concurred in by coats of arms, resolution requesting Commit- on the tax bill (H. R. No. 1284), 3400, 4335 curred in by House, 1904; enrolled, 1927.

tee of Ways and Means to levy a tax on on the bill for the relief of Albert Grant, family crests and, worn as ornaments on

3553 vehicles or household furniture actually on the bill for the relief of Charles L. .1867, 1902 -[By Mr. Chanler, December 12, Goulding .......

.3554 .1540, 1867, 1868 1867.]

on the taxation of interest on bondy, ..1904 agreed to, 153.

3588, 3589 1866, 1867, 1868, 1902, 1903, 1904

· 1540, 1707, | Cobb, Amasa, a Representative from Wiscon: on the legislative appropriation bill, 3696 · sin

.2 on the bill in relation to additional boun.1707, 1904 petitions presented by......... 295, 699,

.........3722 ..1668

745, 935, 1229, 1418, 1485, on the joint resolution conci roing the pay 1681 1558, 1774, 2305, 2330, 2593

of volunteers.......

3762 .1681, 1707, 1761, bills introduced by

leave of absence granted to........ ..1960 No. 1025—to establish a post route from | Coburn, John, a Representative from Indi.1867

.2 Lower Lynxville to Freeman, in the Mr. Lawrence, of Pennsylvania..... 1867

State of Wisconsin........

petitions presented by ....... 2233, 2900, 4264
No. 1069—for the relief of Charles B. bills introduced by-
.................. 1867 Tanner, late first lieutenant sixty-ninth No. 325--for the relief of Henry B. Mears,
Pennsylvania volunteers..... ... 2459

286 No. 1297-to grant the right to lay and No. 326—for the relief of D. Braden, 286 ...1868; 1902, 1904

land an ocean telegraph cable...... 3363 No. 327-to amend the act providing for ..1540, 1904 No. 1865For the relief of Captain the pay of jurors in the circuit and dis. Thomas W. Miller..........

trict courts of the United States....: 286 joint resolutions introduced by

No. 421—for relief of Susan V. Berg, 475 No. 218–for the relief of John M. Palmer, No. 422—for the relief of J. Harmon, 475 1867,

1540 No. 423--for the relief of the heirs of 1868, 1908

No. 271-proposing an amendment to the Simeon Castro and their assigns...4475 .......1004 Constitution of the United States, 2527 No. 475--concerning district-fudges..: 686


...... 1708

Clinch, General Dancan L., bill (S. No. 308)


.... 2081

Senate, 1853; discussed, 1866, 1902; con

remarks by

Mr. Banks......
Mr. Bingham .......
Mr. Blaine......
Mr. Cobb.

in use

Mr. Dawes.. Mr. Eldridge.. Mr. Harding. Mr. Holman..


1866, 1867, 1868, 1902, 1903, 1904

Mr. Hopkins....
Mr. Kelley
Mr. Maynard....
Mr. Miller......


.... 2330

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Mr. Spalding.

Mr. Schenek..............1902, 1903, 1904
Mr. Scofield.
Mr. Ward......... 1867, 1902, 1903, 1904
Mr. Washburne, of Illinois...........1866
Mr. Washburn, of Mass........1868, 1902

Mr. Washburn, of Wisconsin. yeas and nays on the........



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Coburn, John, a Representative from Indi- || Coggeshall, Hon. W. T., bill (H. R. No. 967)

to provide for the removal of the remains bills introduced by-

of, late minister of the United States at No. 476—requiring the War Department Ecuador, to the United States-[By Mr.

Banks. ] to pay to veteran volunteers their bounties, in accordance with General Orders referred, 2009. Nos. 191 and 210 of that Department | Coin, resolution in reference to, in the Treas. for the year 1803........


ury and a new loan--[By Jr. Boutwell, No. 571 — to prevent compromises of January 27, 1868.]

offenses against the revenue laws, and objected to, 784.
making such compromises felonious, 780 | Coinage, bill (H. R. No. 968) for the, of nickel-
No. 572-to provide for the office of the copper pieces of five cents and under-

President of the United States in case [By Mr. Kelley. ]
of the expiration before the next pres. referred, 2109.
idential election of the term of service resolutions adopted at a meeting of the Toledo
of the United States Senator acting as Board of Trade relative to a change of, 2193
President .........

..... 780

bill (H. R. No. 1445) to promote the estabNo. 799-granting bounty land to soldiers lishmentofan international metrical sys

who have been engaged in the military tem of-[By Mr. Kelley. ]
service of the United States in the war referred, 4293.
of the rebellion .....

1418 Coins, bill (H. R. No. 781) to establish a uniNo. 800—to provide for the rejection as form system of-[By Mr. Kelley. ]

void of all votes cast at any election for referred, 1318.
members of the House of Representa- Colfax, Schuyler, a Representative from In-
tives of the United States for any per- diana.......

son known to be ineligible by the per. bills introduced by-
sons casting them .....

.....1418 No. 880—for the completion of a harbor No.954-for the relief of W. Howard, 2070 of commerce and refuge at Michigan No. 955—for the relief of David D. Neg. City, Indiana.......

.1759 ley, late captain of company C, one No. 881-refurling duties paid under prohundred and twenty-fourth regiment test on the importation from France of Indiana volunteer infantry ... 2070

a bell donated for the use of the St. No.971--for the relief of R. C. Horn, 2143 Mary's Institute and Notre Dame UniNo. 1005-to provide for the payment of versity, Indiana......

.1759 back pensions in cases where the per- No. 921--refunding the amount paid by sons entitled thereto have been infants private subscription toward the improve. or insane and without guardians during ment of Michigan City, Indiana...1900 the period in wbich such persons were

Collection district, bill (H. R. No. 490) to cre. without guardians ........

2291 ate the, of Arizona--(By Mr. Bashford.) No. 1008-to establish a post route frona referred, 657.

Plainfield to Smootsdell, Indiana ... 2291 bili (H. R. No. 538) to extend the bound-
No. 1146-to amend an act entitled "An aries of the, of Philadelphia, so as to

act to amend an act entitled 'An act for include the whole consolidated city of
the better security of the lives of pas- Philadelphia-[By Mr. O'Neill.]
sengers on board of vessels propelled in referred, 779; reported and passed, 3684;
whole or in part by steam, and for other passed Senate with amendment, 3271;
purposes, approved August 30, 1852, concurred in, 3310; enrolled, 3327; ap-


proved, 3732.
No. 1291----to provide for the relief from In Senale : received from House, 2627;

disabilities of certain persons who have referred, 2628 ; reported, 2856; passed
been engaged in rebellion ...... .3363

with amendment, 3211; concurred in joint resolution introduced by

by House, 3316; enrolled, 3321.
No. 270-tendering the thanks of Congress bill (H. R. No. 723) to create the, of Island

to Captain David McDougall, of the Pond-By Mr. Eliot.]
United States Navy...

....... 2526 referred, 1161. resolution submitted by

bill (H. R. No. 724) to extend the boundcalling for a statement of the number of aries of the, of Champlain-[By Mr. votes cast for and against the constitu

tions of North Carolina, South Carolina, referred, 1161.
Georgia, Louisiana, and Alabama- bill (S. No. 153) to establish a, in the State
[May 11, 1868. ]............


of Oregon. motion made by......... ...................1303

received from Senate, 3271; referred,3476. incidental remarks by

......171, bill (S. No. 619) to extend the laws of the 891, 2407, 8030, 3416, 3722 Uuited States relating to customs, com. remarks on the Kentucky election (case of merce, and navigation over the terriJ. S. Golladay).

........60, 61 tory ceded to the United States by Rus-
on the bill relating to land grants to south-

sia, and to establish a, therein.
ern railroads......... 841, 842. 843, 844 received from Senate, 4133 ; called up,
on the legislative appropriation bill, 1052, 4485; discussed, 4187; passed with

1115, 1276 amendments, 4488; conference, 4498 ;
on the Kentucky election (case of Samuel Senate recedes, 4500; enrolled, 4500.

E. Smith)...1184, 1186, 1187, 1194, 1195 Collection districts, bill (H. R. No. 198) to
on the Army appropriation bill........1303 reëstablish the boundaries and to change
on the resolution reported for the impeach- the names of certain, in the State of Mich-

ment of the President............... 1394 igan-[By Mr. Ferry.]
(See Appendix.)
on the civil appropriation bill...1510, 1511

reported, 2012; passed, 2613; passed Sen.

ate with amendment, 8271 ; concurred in,
on the bill concerning the rights of Ameri-
can citizens abroad......

8311; approved, 3732.

..2817 In Senate : received from House, 2600 ; re.
on the joint resolution to supply documents
to the national asylums ......

ferred, 2622; reported, 2856 ; passed with

2634 i amendment, 3241; concurred in by House,
on the tax bill (H. R. No. 1060)..... 2950, 8316; enrolled, 3321.

2953, 3043, 3140 | Collector, bill (H. R. No. 683) in relation to
on the bill to relieve certain citizens of
North Carolina from political disabili.

the, of customs at Yorktown. Virginia,

and abolishing the office of deputy, at the ties

3301 on the tax bill (H. R. No. 1284).......3494

same place--[By Mr. Morrell.] on deficiency bill (H. R. No. 1341), 3726

referred, 1082.

bill (H. R. No. 738) to fix the salary of the, on the funding bill.

.4195 on the Portage Lake ship.cadal bill...4468

of customs for the district of Annapolis, leave of absence granted to

in Maryland-By Mr. Tbomas. ] ...1667 referred, 1217.

Collectors, resolution in reference to compen

sation of acting assessors and-[Decem-
ber 5, 1567.]

La al water
agreed to, 53.

Fy:.. #3: bill (II. R. No. 229) to regulate the compen.

**"" *****, of sation of assistant assessors and assist.

masin ant, of internal revenue in certain eases--{By Mr. Kerr.)

in eact referrer, 59.

**taviteit resolution calling for information in regard

to the appointment and pay of deputy,
and assessors-[By Mr. Hopkins, De..
cember 9, 1807.

Dr. Cha
agreed to, 97.
bill (H. R. No. 496) defining the duties of,

of customs in certain cases--[By Mr.

Perham.] referred, 637.

Dandrid bill (It. R. No. 574) to amend the act of

l'act when
July 28, 1866, to fix the compensation 2.- M:. Ca..
of certain, of customs-[By Mr. Hooper,

of Massachusetts. ]
referred, 750.
bill (H. R. No. 535) to prohibit assessors

and, of United States revenue and their
deputies from being interested directly · 12
or indirectly in any forfeiture for a vio-
lation of the revenue laws--[By dir.

referred, 778.
resolution calling for the correspondence

relating to the removal or appointment
of assessors or, and inquiring how many
have been removed on the recommend.
alions of said Commissioner of Internal
Revenue-[By Mr. Logan, February 11,

1868. ]

objected to, 1116, 1185.
College, bill (H. R. No. 543) for the relief of

the trustees of Lagrange, Tennessee-[By

Mr. Nunn.]
referred, 779.
College scrip, bill (H. R. No. 975) making

agricultural and mechanical, receivable in
payment of preemption clatis-[By Mr.

referred, 2165.
Colleges, joint resolution (H. R. No. 177) for

the supply of current public documents
to the libraries of agricultural-[By Mr.

referred, 779.
bill (H. R. No. 186) to amend an act donato

ing public lands to the several States
and Territories which may provide, for
the benefit of agriculture and the me
chanic arts, approved July 2, 1962–[By

Mr. Donnelly.)
referred, 637.
joint resolution (H. R. No. 315) to extend

the provisions of the act in regard to
agricultural, to the State of Arkausas-

[By Mr. Hinds. ]
referred, 3587.
joint resolution (S. R. No. 176) extending

the benefits of an act donating public
lands to the several States and Terri-
tories which may provide, for the benefit
of agriculture and the mechanic arts,
approved July 2, 1862, as amended by
act of July 23, 1866, 10 States lately in


received from Senate, 4474.
Collins, Patrick, bill (H. R. No. 1225) grant-

ing a pension to-[By Mr. Burr.]
reported and passed, 3101; passed Senate,

4335; enrolled, 4434; approved, 4498. In Senate: received from House and re

ferred, 3119 ; reported, 3900 ; passed,

4305 ; enroiled, 4443.
bill (H. R. No. 1406) granting a pension

to--[By Mr. Van Aernam.]
reported and passed, 8890.
In Senale: received from House and re.
ferred, 3917; reported, 4197; indefi-

nitely postponed, 4309.
Colorado, Territory of. bill (H. R. No. 259)

to establish an additional land district in

the-[By Mr. Obileott.) referred, so.

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* American

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