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By Mr. Eldridge

By Mr. Ferriss-Continued. Instructing Committee on Commerce to inquire into the expediency * Instracting Committee on the Library to inquire into the expe. of improving the harbor at Port Washington, in the State of

diency of purchasing Townsend's Historical Record and Wisconsin, and making an appropriation therefor.-- December

Encyclopedia of the Rebellion.-[April 80, 1808.]
2, 1867.]

Agreed to, 2333.
Agreed to, 3.

By Mr. Ferry-
For abolishing all internal taxes except on whisky and tobacco.-

Instructing Committee on Naval Affairs to inquire into the [December 9, 1867.]

expediency of establishing a navy-yard and wavat depot at Proposed, 97.

Grand Haven, Michigan, -[January 22, 1868.]
Calling for information respecting the decisions made in regard to

Agreed to, 687.
the assessment of the income tax upon the Shaker institution

Instructing the Superintendent of the Public Grounds to transmit at New Lebanon, New York, and other similar societies.

flowers from the public gardens to the national cemeteries.(December 12, 1867.].

[May 27, 1868.] Agreed to, 162.

Adopted, 2010. For the reading of Washington's Farewell Address.--[February In reference to the Ottowas and Chippewas reservations. -- [July 22, 1868. ]

6, 1868. ]
Objected to, 1331, 1383.

Adopted, 3766.
That there be paid to John Young Brown the sum of $2,500, in full
for time spent and expenses incurred in prosecuting his claim

By Mr. Flanders-
to a seat in this House.-[February 25, 1868.]

To permit embers necessarily absent from the House in drawing Adopted, 1419.

for seats to have selections made for them by friends. For printing forty thousand copies of the opening argument of the

[February 10, 1868.]
President's counsel, Judge Curtis.—[ April 13, 1868.].

Agreed to, 1084.
Proposed, 2292.

Inquiring the amount of Indian spoliation claims now on file, lo relation to the employment of soldiers in the District of

growing out of the Indian war of 1855 and 1856, in Oregon, Columbia. -[April 20, 1868.]

Washington, and Montana.--[February 14, 1808.]
Objected to, 2310

Agreed to 1177.
For a select committee to investigate concerning a letter purporting

Instructing Committee on Territories to inquire into the expediency to have been written by seven members of this House to one

of providing for a uniform system of registration of the legal of the Senators from Missouri in relation to the impeachment

voters in all the Territories of the United States.-[February trial now pending in the Senate. - Vay 16, 1868.]

19, 1868.] Proposed, 2497 ; not entertained, 2498.

Agreed to, 1277. In relation to thé seizure of private papers by the committee of

Instructing Committee on Territories to inquire in regard to the managers.-[May 25, 1868. ]

location of a penitentiary in the Territory of Washington.Laid over, 2581; called up, 2753.

[May 12, 1868.] Directing the committee of managers to examine the witness

Agreed to, 2429.
Woolley immediately, to the end that if he shall answer he || By Mr. Garfield-
may no longer be deprived of his liberty.-[June 10, 1868.]

Directing the joint Committee on the Pay of the Employés of the
Proposed, 3031.

two Houses to inquire into the expediency of fixing the pay Calling for the names of all persons, now under sentence by military

of clerks of the committees of this House by law.--[December commissions.-[June 22, 1868.)

11, 1867.] Objected to, 3377; read and withdrawn, 4252.

Reported and adopted, 132. Directing Committee on Printing to report the resolution for

Directing Committee on the Rules to inquire into the expediency of printing the protest of Democratie' inembers.- June 30,

adopting a rule that members having received consent of the

House to make personal explanation shall confine their remarks Objected to. 3613.

strictly to personal matters.-- December 12, 1867.] Authorizing Miss Vinnie Ream to continue to occupy the roomsin

Agreed to, 153. the Capitol until she has completed the statue of Mr. Lincoln,

Instructing Committee on the Judiciary to inquire into the not exceeding the term of one year.-[July 20, 1808.]

expediency of providing by law for the settlement of contested Adopted, 4253.

elections for electors of the President aud Vice President.--

[March 21, 1868.] To provide by amendment of the rules for leave to print bills before

Adopted, 2083. they are reported ou by the committees of the House. | By Mr. Getz

Instructing Committee on Reconstruction to inquire whether the

States of Massachusetts and Pennsylvania have republican Directing Committee on Commerce to inquire into the causes

forms of government, or do not need reconstruction.which have produced the present depression of the shipping

[ December 12, 1867.] interests, &c.- December 12, 1867.]

Laid over, 153; tabled, 1861.

In relation to the expenses of collecting revenue.- June 30, 1868.] Calling for information in reference to American whaling vessels

Objected to, 3614. in the Okhotsk sea, off Tchantar Island, having been recently

Remitting the fees and fines imposed upon members of this House ordered off the coast by Russian var vessels. —[ December 18,

for being absent without leave at the present session.-[July

22, 1868.]

Agreed to, 4430. Calling for information concerning a contract made in the spring

By Mr. Golladasof 1866 with Henry S. Welles for the removal of obstructions

On the death of Hon. Elijah Fise, late a Representative from

Kentucky.-[January 24, 1868.]

Adopted, 745.

By Mr. Griswold for the appointment of a select committee to inquire into the facts

Çalling for a copy of report of Abraham S. Hewitt, special in regard to the charges in the communication of Francis

commissioner from the United States to the Paris Exposition.Dainese, with power to send for persons and papers and

[January 22, 1868. ] examine witnesses upon oath. - [ December 12, 1807.).

Agreed to, 693.

In relation to the rights of American citizens abroad.-[February Directing Committee on the Post Office and Post Roads to inquire

17, 1868.] into the expediency of providing for the adoption of a postal

Proposed, 1229; referred, 1420. telegraph system in connection with the Post Office Depart

For printing extra copies of the report of Abraham S. Hewitt, ment; and also into the expediency of modifying or repealing

commissioner to the Paris Exposition.--[February 26, 1868.]

Referred, 1449.
That there be paid to A. C. Hunt, contestant from Colorado, $2,500,

By Mr. Haight
Instructing Committee on Commerce to inquire into the condition

of the light-house on Absecom Inlet, and what legislation is i

needed to prevent the destruction of said property.-[January In reference to services performed by the judges and arbitrators

14, 1868. ]

Agreed to, 517. Great Britain of April 7, 1862.-[January 28, 1868. ] appointed in pursuance of the provisions of the treaty with

In reference to the necessity of opening an inlet on-the New Jersey

coast from the Atlantic ocean to a point near the head of

Barnegat bay.-[February 4, 1868.] 14

Agreed to, 967.

By Mr. Eliot

December 9, 1867.] Read, 91; rejected, 92.

Adopted, 152.

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1807.] Adopted, 257.

in the Saranuah river.--[January 16, 1868. ]

Adopted, 566. By Mr. Farnsworth

Adopted, 155.

the franking privilege. ---(January 16, 1868.)

Objected to, 578.

Referred, 1901. By Mr. Ferring

Agreed to, 806.


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Ву Mr. By Mr. Haight-Continued.

Hooper, of UtahIn reference to the erection of a light-house on the Raritan bay.- Relating to the exploration of Colorado river.-[February 3, 1868.] [March 5, 1868.]

Agreed to, 936. Referred, 1681.

By Mr. Hopkins By Mr. Hamilton

Calling for information in regard to the appointment and pay of For the impeachment of Andrew Johnson.-[July 25, 1868.]

deputy collectors and assessors.—[ December 9, 1807.] Read, 4473; referred, 4474.

Agreed to, 97.

Instructing Committee on Invalid Pensions to inquire into the By Mr. Harding

expediency of making certain amendments to the pension on Invalid Pensions to report on the Requesting Committee

laws.-[ December 9, 1867.)
expediency of granting a pension to John H. Finlay, late a

Agreed to, 97.
private in company G, second Illinois cavalry.- December
12, 1867.]

Instructing Committee on the Public Lands to make certain
Agreed to, 155.

inquiries in regard to the mode of offering for sale, &c., the In relation to soldiers' pay or bounty withheld because of sentences

public lands remaining unsold along the lines of railroads.which have been reversed or set aside.-[January 8, 1868.)

[January 6, 1868.) Objected to, 403.

Adopied, 332.

That there be paid to E. E. Symes $2,500, in full for time spent
Calling for information relative to the famine in Sweden and
Norway.-[January 28, 1868.]

and expenses incurred in prosecuting his claiin 10 & seat in

this House.- [ February 25, 1868.]
Agreed to, 806.
In reference to the expediency of granting a pension to Mrs. C.

Adopted, 1419.
F. McCall.-[February 26, 1868.]

Inquiring the price paid for anthracite coal for the use of the

Navy at New York and at Philadelphia.- [July 6, 1868. ]
Agreed to, 1449
Calling for the names of all persons who have applied for appoint-

Agreed to, 3758.
ments in the Treasury Department, and the name of any member

By Mr. Hubbard, of West Virginiaof Congress recommending the same in any way since the 20th Instructing Committee on Banking and Currency to inquire into a megen day of February, 1868.--[ April 20, 1868.]

the expediency of so amending the banking act as to extend Agreed to, 2307.

its advantages to all persons who will comply with its provis. In relation io the pay of Lieutenant John H. Hayes.-[May 8,

ions, and to restrict the issuing of bank notes to any bank to 1868. ]

an amount not exceeding two thirds of its capital stock. Agreed to, 2400.

[December 9, 1867.) Concerning a pension to Amanda Hopper.-June 9, 1868.]

Agreed to, 95. Agreed io, 2971.

Instructing joint Committee on Retrenchment to inquire into the Concerning a pension to Otis Hall.-[June 9, 1868.]

expediency of reducing the pay of the members of the present Agreed to, 2971.

Congress to $1.000 per annum and ten cents per mile Concerning a pension to Isabella C. Hoffman.-[June 9, 1868.)

mileage.- [ December 16, 1867.] Agreed to, 2971.

Objected to, 217. By Mr. Hawkins

Requesting Secretary of War to transmit all correspondence between
Instructing Committee on the Judiciary to inquire into the propriety

him and the Executive liniiting his authority to issue orders;
of so amending the act of -
- as to authorize the payee in

and between him and the General in Chief on the same subject;
all bills, &c., to affix and cancel the stamps in all cases where

and between the President and the General-in-Chief relating the maker thereof has failed to do so.—[ January 22, 1868.]

to the disobeying by the General of any order of the War Agreed to, 694.

Department. [ February 3, 1868.) By Mr. Higby

Agreed to, 936. lo reference to printing the report of J. Ross Browne, special

In reference to the pay of members of Congress.—[July 6, 1868.]

Laid over, 3759.
commissioner for the collection of mining statistics in the
States and Territories west of the Rocky mountains. —

By Mr. Hulburd
[December 18, 1867.]

Calling for information in reference to certain suits known as tho Agreed to, 267.

champagne cases, lately pending in New York, and said to Allowing a clerk to the two committees on Mines and Mining and

have been compromised and discontinued.-[January 28, the Pacific railroad, aud fixing his compensation.-[December

20, 1867.]

Agreed to, 806.
Adopted, 312, 313.

Instructing Committee on Public Expenditures to inquire into the Directing the Secretary of State to inform the House of the

receipts of Henry A. Smythe, collector of the port of New amount of mouey paid out for special counsel each year since

York.-[February 20, 1868.] 1860, besides the amount paid to salaried officers, &c.

Agreed to, 1293.
(February 10, 1868.)

By Mr. Hunter-
Laid over, 1084 ; referred, 1860.

Calling for information in relation to amount of money in gold For printing Land Office report for 1867.-[June 30, 1868.]

deposited by the Treasury or State Department with bankers Referred, 3613; reported and adopted, 4469.

or brokers. -[May 25, 1868. ] For the payment of $2,000 to Joseph Powell for expenses in

Agreed to, 2571.
contesting the seat of Hon. R. R. Butler, a Representative | By Mr. Ingersoll-
from the first district of Tennessee.-(July 6, 1868.]

In relation to putting in circulation the money now locked up in
Referred, 3759.
Directing $2,500 to be paid to John D. Young for expenses

the vaults of the Treasury.—[ December 10, 1867.]

Objected to, 108. incurred in the contested-election case between himself and Instructing Committee of Ways and Means to inquire into the Samuel McKee.-[July 13, 1868.]

expediency of providing by law for the total destruction of all Laid over, 4002.

high wines and whisky which may be seized as having been By Mr. Hill

manufactured in fraud of the revenue laws.-[December 12, Requesting the Committee of Ways and Means to inquire into the

1867.] expediency of adopting such measures as will relieve, as far

Objected to, 156. as practicable, the people of the different cities, counties, and

Instructing Committee of Ways and Means to inquire into the townships from the burden of a direct tax for their bounty

expediency of exempting from paying tax all incomes which war debt.- [January 14, 1868.]

do not exceed $2,500 per annum. -[ December 12, 1867.] Agreed to, 506.

Agreed to, 156. By Mr. Holbrook

Calling for information in regard to the number, &c., of revenue In relation to the payment of salaries to territorial officers absent

inspectors and special Treasury agents now in the employ of from their duties.-[March 10, 1868.]

the Government.-[January 9, 1868. ] Objected to, 1806.

Read, 430; objected to, 694. By Mr. Holman

Calling for a statement of the trade between the United States and In reference to the payment of the United States bonds.-[March

the British North American Provinces since the abrogation 23, 1868.]

of the reciprocity treaty, &c.—[February 7, 1868.]
Referred, 2070.

Agreed to, 1058.
In relation to the taxation of bonds and other securities issued by

In reference to the issuing of a certain amount of legal tenders to the United States.-[June 1, 1868. ]

be used in purchasing for cancellation any of the gold.interestLaid over, 2753.

bearing bonds of the United States.-[March 16, 1868. ] By Mr. Hooper, of Massachusetts

Referred, 1902.
Limiting the amount of revenue to be collected and the amount

In reference to the issue of United States notes of the denomination of appropriations.-(December 9, 1867.]

of ones and twos suficient to supply the present deficiency.Proposed, 66 ; read and withdrawn, 91; proposed, 96.

[March 24, 1868.) Objected to, 2083, 2099.


3, 1868.]

nd pay of .]

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By Mr. Ingersoll- Continued.

By Mr. Julian-Continued.
For printing ten thousand copies of the report of the Secretary of In relation to the Pottawattomie Indian lands.—[July 7, 1868.]

ibe Treasury in reference to the trade between the United Agreed to, 3786.
States and the British North American Provinces since the Proposing an evening session for the purpose of receiving and
abrogation of the reciprocity treaty.-[March 31, 1868.]

considering the report of the Committee on the Public Lands Referred, 2232

on the Sutro tunnel. - [July 13, 1868.]
Calling for a statement of the amount of tax collected on distilled Objected to, 4004.
spirits since the 1st of January last.—[ April 17, 1868.]

In relation to extending the preëmption and homestead laws of the
Adopted, 2306.

United States over the Territory of Alaska.-[July 15, 1868.]
Instructing Committee on the Post Office and Post Roads Proposed, 4081.

to inquire into the expediency of securing to the General || By Mr. Kelley-
Government the exclusive control of all telegraphs within the Calling for a report of the amount of Government funds that
United States.—[ April 21, 1868.]

remained on deposit in national banks on first day of each Agreed to, 2320.

month from the 30th of June, 1866, to the 31st of October, For printing extra copies of the letters of the Secretary of the

1867.- [December 4, 1867.] Treasury, dated March 30 (Ex. Doc. No. 240) and May 14, Adopted, 26. 1868, together with the reports of Mr. George W. Brega upon In reference to Bingham's surge reliever.—[January 27, 1868.] trade with the British Provinces of North America.-[May Agreed to, 783. 15, 1868.]

In reference to the claim of B. W. Perkins.—[February 10, 1868.]
Referred, 2480.

Objected to, 1092.
On the subject of a tax on the capital, deposits, and circulation

Calling for the report of Elliot C. Cowden, commissioner to the of all national and other banks.-[June 17, 1868.]

Paris Exposition of 1867, on silk and silk manufactures.Agreed to, 3223.

[February 18, 1868.] By Mr. Jenckeg

Agreed to, 1243.
Directing the Secretary of State, Treasury, War, and Attorney Inquiring the amount of public money on deposit in national banks
General, to furnish a statement of the amounts paid by them,

at the end of each month from October 31, 1867.- [June 27, respectively, for legal services, &c., during each year since

1860.- February 11, 1868.]

Objected to, 3556.
Agreed to, 1116.

In reference to restrictions and charges upon the passage of
In reference to a document purporting to be a report from the

vessels of war and commerce through the straits of the Committee on Retrenchment, on the subject of frauds upon the

Dardanelles and Bosphorus to the Black sea.-[July 6, 1868.] revenue by distillers of whisky and others.--[March 17, 1868. ] Agreed to, 3764. Proposed, 1926.

By Mr. Kelseylo relation to a duel fought in or near the District of Columbia.- Calling for information in regard to the appointment of any person (May 25, 1868.]

as special agent to take charge of the post office at Pena Yan, Objected to, 2368; agreed to, 2570.

New York. – [February 1, 1868.]
By Mr. Johnson-

Agreed to, 901.
Directing Judiciary Committee to inquire whether Congress

For causing the gas over the Hall to be lighted by electricity.-
can by legislation prevent the immigration of Chinese and [February 22, 1868.]
Mongolians.-[December 12, 1867.]

Objected to, 1334.
Objected to: 162.

By Mr. Kerr-
Instructing Committee on Military Affairs to inquire into the In reference to compensation of acting assessors and colloctors. –
necessity of reëstablishing the office of sutler in the Army for

[December 5, 1867.]
the Pacific States and Territories.—[January 20, 1868.]

Agreed to, 58.
Adopted, 688.

In reference to a ship-canal around the falls of the Ohio.--
In reference to the immigration of Chinese and other inferior races [December 12, 1867.)

to our cour.try, and their rights of citizenship and suffrage.— Objected to, 152; referred, 154.
(January 29, 1868.]
Objected to, 837.

Instructing Committee of Ways and Means to inquire into the

expediency of so amending the internal revenue law as to

exempt from payment of stamp duty all official bonds executed Instructing the impeachment managers to withdraw their suit.

to corporations, &c., organized for benevolent purposes. – [May 18, 1868.]

[December 12, 1867.]
Proposed, 2529.

Agreed to, 162.
Requesting the President to issue a proclamation of amnesty for

Instructing Committee on Military Affairs to inquire into the political offenses to all persons engaged in the late rebellion.

expediency of retaining in the military force of the United States the Veteran Reserve corps as it is now organized, &c.

[December 19, 1867.]

Agreed to, 295.
Calling for copies of all correspondence, negotiations, and treatics

Instructing Committee on the Judiciary to inquire into the with any of the German States since the 1st day of January

expediency of giving power by law to the Supreme Court of last relating to the rights of naturalized citizens.-[March 9,

the United States to direct that decisions which they consider have no intrinsic value for the profession or the country shall

not be reported.-[January 22, 1868.]

Agreed to, 693. In relation to further sales of the public lands, railroad grants, and

That Samuel E. Smith is not entitled to a seat as a Representative homestead settlements. - December 9, 1867.]

from the second district of Kentucky.-[January 31, 1868.)

Reported by minority, 899. Calling anew for information respecting the disposition of the

That John Young Brown is entitled to admission, and to take the Bwamp lands of the southern States.--[December 12, 1867.]

oath of office as a Representative from the second district of

Kentucky.-[January 31, 1868.)
Instructing Committee on the Post Office and Post Roads to inquire

Reported by minority, 899.
into the expediency of totally
abolishing the franking


Calling for any report made, in pursuance of joint resolution No.

20, approved March 29, 1867, in reference to a ship-canal

around the falls of the Ohio river.—[ February 18, 1868. ] Instructing Committee on Education and Labor to inqaire into the

Adopted, 1244. expediency of providing by law for a general system of educa.

In reference to amending the internal revenue law in relation to

the transfer or assignment of special license receipts, &c.

[March 31, 1868.) In reference to the fees now required of claimants under the

Referred, 2228.
In reference to reducing the excessive and unequal tax imposed

by existing laws upon private banks and banks organized and That there be paid to George D. Blakey $2,500 for time spent

doing business under State laws, &c.—[March 31, 1868.] and expenses incurred in contesting a seat as Representative

Agreed to, 2228. from the third district of Kentucky.-[March 23, 1868.]

In relation to members of Congress appearing as attorneys in

Government cases.-[June 1, 1868. ] Calling for information in regard to a treaty now being negotiated

Agreed to, 2752. between the Great and Little Osage Indians and a special

That Jobs D. Young was duly elected from the ninth district of

Kentucky, and should be admitted upon taking the oath

prescribed.-[June 22, 1868. ] Read and rejected, 3376.


By Mr. Jones, of Kentucky


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By Mr. Laflın

By Mr. Lawrence, of Ohio-Continued. For printing one thousand extra copies of the acts of Congress Calling for the appraisements of land made in pursuance of the relating to loans and currency from 1842 to 1867, inclusive,

treaty of July 19, 1866, between the United States and the including all loan bills passed since 1790, and the amount

Cherokee nation.-[July 8, 1869. ] issued under them.-(December 10, 1867.]

Objected to, 3853. Reported, 105.

Extending the time for taking testimony in the contested-election Authorizing Committee on Printing to employ a clerk at the usual

ease from New Mexico.-(July 25, 1868.] rate of compensation.-[January 28, 1868.]

Agreed to, 4479. Reported, 800; adopted, 801.

By Mr. Lawrence, of PennsylvaniaFor printing extra copies of the report on the commercial relations

Instructing Committee on Public Buildings and Grounds to of the United States with foreign nations for the last current

inqnire into the practicability of applying Gouge's atmospheric year.---[March 4, 1868.]

ventilator to the Hall of this House, with the cost thereof.Reported and agreed to, 1661.

[February 12, 1868.] For printing the communication from the State Department in

Agreed to, 1127. relation to the trial and conviction of American citizens in Referring the testimony taken before the Committee on Southern Great Britain and Ireland.-[March 4, 1868.]

Railroads to the Committee on Expenditures in the Post Reported and agreed to, 1661,

Office Department.--[February 22, 1868.] Directing the Congressional Printer to farnish copies of the trial

Agreed to, 1884. of impeachment, &c.-[March 13, 1868.]

By Mr. LoanReported and adopted, 1868.

Instructing Committee on Invalid Pensions to inquire into the For printing fifteen thousand three hundred copies of the report of

propriety of allowing pensions to the widows and minor J. Ross Browne on the mineral resources.-[March 26, 1868.]

children of soldiers killed by Bill Anderson and his guerrillas "Reported, 2130; discussed, 2130; adopted, 2132.

at Centralia, Missouri, September, 1864.-[January 6, 1868.] For printing five hundred copies of the report of the commission

Adopted, 331.
on life-saving inventions. -[March 26, 1868.]

In relation to public affairs in Texas.-[March 3, 1868.).
Reported, 2130; adopted, 2132.
For printing the communication from the Secretary of the Navy By Mr. Logan

Proposed, 1421, 1682; adopted, 1760.
relative to claims for prize money.-[May 12, 1868.]
Reported and agreed to, 2429.

In relation to the pages now constituting the “military force” of For printing extra copies of the bill to reduce into one act and

the House.- December 3, 1867.] amend the laws relating to internal tax.-[May 12, 1868. ]

Proposed, 12. Reported and agreed to, 2429.

Instructing Committee on Commerce to inquire into the propriety For printing extra copies of the report of the Commissioner of

of requiring all American steam ocean sail vessels to provide Patents.—[June 5, 1868.]

themselves with some indicator of leakage.--[December 9, Reported and agreed to, 2872.

1867.] For printing report of the Smithsonian Institution. [June 5, 1868.]

Agreed to, 98. Reported and adopted, 2872.

Instructing Committee on Commerce to inquire into the expediency For printing extra copies of the majority and minority reports on

of locating at Cairo, Illinois, the marine hospital formerly the treaty with Russia.-(June 10, 1868. ]

located at Paducah, Kentucky-December 12, 1807.] Reported and agreed to, 3034.

Agreed to, 152 For printing the Army Register.-[June 24, 1868.]

Instructing Committee on Retrenchment to report a bill which Reported and agreed to, 3456.

shall provide for a bureau of civil service at Washington city, "For printing the internal revenne law.-[July 18, 1868.) .

gjai for the examination of persons nominated for positions in the Reported and agreed to, 4213.

1017 A various Departments.--[January 7, 1867.] For printing general and special orders pertaining to reconstruction

Objected to, 360. transmitted from the War Department.-(July 18, 1868. ]

Calling for information concerning loans by national banks upon Reported and agreed to, 4213.

railroad or mining stocks, and speculative operations by bank In relation to the expediency of establishing a stationery burcau

officers iu such stocks, and directing examinations to be made from which all Departments of the Government in the District

in reference thereto if, &c.—[January 20, 1868.) of Columbia shall obtain supplies 'of stationery.-[July 18,

Adopted, 644. 1868. ]

Calling for certain information respecting the amount, &c., of ten: Read and withdrawn, 4213.

forty bonds issued or disposed of by the Treasury Department Directing the preparation of an index to the internal revenue

since the 1st day of October, 1807.-[ January 21, 1867.] act.-[July 22, 1868.]

Agreed to, 664.
Reported and agreed to, 4335.

Calling for the names and occupations of all the officers of the For printing report of Commissioner of Education.“[July 25,

Treasury Department against whom written charges have been 1868.)

preferred, or who may have been recommended by the Com. Reported and adopted, 4469.

missioner of Internal Revenue for removal since the 1st day For printing five thousand extra copies of the impeachment

of July, 1867, and the action taken in each case.-[January trial.-(July 25, 1868. ]

28, 1868. ] Reported and agreed to, 4501.

Agreed to, 806. By Mr. Lawrence, of Ohio,

In regard to the distribution of cadets hereafter appointed to West Instructing Committee on the Judiciary, to inquire into the

Point among such colleges of the different states as may be expediency of providing that solicitors in the Departments,

designated. - [February 4, 1868. ]
and other law officers, shall all constitute a part of the

Objected to, 967.
Attorney General's department.[December 12, 1867.]

Calling for the correspondence relating to the removal or appoint-
Agreed to, 153.

ment of assessors or collectors, and inquiring how many have Calling for a statement of the entire expense of the late trip to

been removed on the recommendations of said Commissioner Europe of the iron.clad Miautonomob, and of the fund from

of Internal Revenue.—[ February 11, 1868.]
which the said expense baş been paid.-[December 12, 1867.]

Objected to, 1116, 1185.
Laid over, 153; adopted, 936,

Calling upon the Secretary of the Treasury for certain information On the death of Hon. Cornelius S. Hamilton, late Representative

with regard to the sale of ten-forty, bords from October 16, from the eighth district of Ohio.-[January 23, 1868.]

1867, to January 20, 1868.-[ February 20, 1868.] Adopted, 717.

Discussed, 1298; adopted, 1802. Directing that the numbers of all bills and joint resolutions, with

Calling for information in reference to the commissions paid for their titles, shall be inserted in the Globe. --[March 18, 1868. ]

the sale of United States bonds since the 20 day of March, Referred, 1870; reported and adopled, 2204,

1862.-[March 18, 1868.] In reference to the funds under the control of the Patent Office,

Agreed to, 1972. and the reduction of fees.-[March 17, 1868.]

Renewing call made on Secretary of the Treasury, March 18, 1868, Agreed to, 1938.

for information relating to the sale of Government securities.1.6. In reference to publie lands sold under treaties with indian tribes.

{April 20, 1868. ]
March 24, 1868.]

Agreed to, 2310.
Agreed to, 2082.

In reference to the removal of the Capitol.—[ June 15, 1868.]
For printing extra copies of the report of the Superintendent of

Objected to, 3174. the United States Coast Survey for the year 1867.-[May

For collecting the proceedings of the different cities and towns 6, 1868.]

held in commemoration of the Union dead. -- [June 22, 1868. ] Referred, 2365 ; reported and adopted, 2872.

Agreed to, 3364.
In reference to the disposal of the public lapds by treaty without

:. Instructing the Doorkeeper to retain in his service during the the authority of an act of Congress. ---[June 5, 1868. ]

vacation of Congress all crippled soldiers now in his emplog.– Objected to, 2895.

[July 18, 1868.1
Referred, 4216; adopted, 4263.


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inds spheric Teol.

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to the


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By Mr. Loughridge

By Mr. McClurg-Continued. Making inquiries in relation to the sale of the land ceded in trust In reference to a grant of land, including the vacant land along to the United States by article seventeen of the treaty between

the course of the Osage river, in the State of Missouri, for the the United States and the Cherokee Indians, concluded July

improvement of said river.—[Junc 22, 1868.]
27, 1866.-[January 28, 1868.]

Agreed to, 3364.
Agreed to, 806.

Directing $1,500 to be paid to A. C..Hunt for expenses of
Instructing the Committee on the Judiciary to inquire into the

contesting the seat of. George M. Chilcott, Delegate in the power of Congress to regulate the rates to be charged for

Fortieth Congress from the Territory of Colorado.-[July 25, freights by railroads engaged in commerce between the

different States of the Union.--[March 3, 1868.]

Reported and agreed to, 4471.
Agreed to, 1632
In relation to the purchase of Alaska. -(May 18, 1868.]

By Mr. McCormick

In relation to the
Read, 2533; referred, 2534.

pay, bounty, and pension of certain officers and In relation to the public debt.-[June 22, 1868.]

soldiers.-[March 4, 1868,) Adopted, 3364.

Referred, 1668. Of sympathy with the people of Crete in their struggle for That there be paid to James II. Birch, of Missouri, $2,500 for independence.-[July 20, 1868.]

time spent and expenses incurred in prosecuting his claim to Agreed to, 4263.

a seat in this House.-[March 9, 1868.]

Laid over, 1761.
By Mr. Lynch
That the revenue laws ought speedily to be adapted to the raising | By Mr. Mercur

of revenue sufficient to meet the annual expenditures of the Authorizing Clerk of the House to pay F. B. Meigs, clerk of the
Government, including the interest, and no more.--[January

select Committee on Southern Railroads, the usual allowance - 10, 1868.]

for one month's service rendered said committee.---[December Referred, 452.

20, 1867.]

io By Mr. Mallory

Adopted, 314.
In relation to the employment of legal-tender notes and gold to || By Mr. Miller
a loan, and the national banks, - [January 27, 1868,]

Instructing the Committee on Printing to order ten thousand
Agreed to, 780.

additional copies of the impeachment trial.—[ April 17, 1868.] Inquiring the number of soldiers stationed at certain military posts

Referred, 2306. on the Parific, coast, and the expense of maintaining the

Directing the Secretary of the Interior to inform this House of şame. -[March 10, 1868.]

the names and date of clerks appointed in that Department · Adopted, 1806.

since the 1st of April last.-[May 11, 1868.] By Mr. Marshall

Objected to, 2329, 2330; agreed to, 2413.
In relation to the occupancy of room. A in the Capitol by Miss

In reference to alleged assurances given to John C. Breekinridge.
Vinnie Ream.--[May 30, 1868.)

[June 1, 1868. Objected to, 2706.

Agreed to, 2756. By Mr. Maynard

For printing tariff bill. -- [July 1, 1868.]

Referred, 3707 ; reported and agreed to, 3881.
In relation to drawing for seats.-[December 2, 1867.]
Adopted, 3.

In relation to the


of the clerk to the Committee on Invalid Instructing Committee on Foreign Affairs to inquire into the

Pensions.---[July 9, 1868.] propriety of providing by law that the representatives of this

Read and withdrawn, 3893 read, 3899, 3927, disagreed to,

Government to Hayti, Liberia, and other parts of Africa, shall
be selected from citizens of African descent.--[ December 12, || By Mr. Moore--

For printing report of Committee on Manufactures. [July 3, 1868.]
Referred, 154.

Referred, 3722; reported and agreed to, 8881.
Calling for any report made to Major General Winfield S. Hancock
by Lieutenant William Hawley, commanding post at Marshall,

By Mr. Moorhead-
Texas, of a riot at that place on the 31st of December, 1867.-

Calling for a copy of the report of John Miller, special revenue (January 22, 1868.]

agent, in regard to the inspection of oil in the twenty-second Agreed to, 693.

district of Pennsylvania, and the testimony taken in relation In reference to the regulation of import duties by treaty, &c.—

thereto.- [ December 11, 1867..] Agreed to, 129.

Instructing Committee of Ways and Means to inquire into the Requiring the House to appear at the bar of the Senate each day

expediency of so amending the tariff laws as to restrain pending the trial of the President, &c.-[March 13, 1868.]

importations and retain the specie of the country at home.

Jannary 20, 1868.)
For the payment of Joseph Powell
, contesting the seat of Hon.

Agreed to, 644.
R. R. Butler, a Representative from the first district of In relation to railroad accidents and the destruction of cars by

fire.--[April 20, 1868.]
Agreed to, 2007.

Inquiring as to the condition of the Government building used at In relation to the right of expatriation and the protection of

Pittsburg for custom-house, post office, &c., and its adaptAmerican citizens. -- [January 14, 1868. ]

ability for all these purposes.- [June 10, 1868.]

Agreed to, 3029.

By Mr. Morgan Authorizing the payment of two witnesses, Mr. Gould and Mr.

To add two members of the Opposition party of this House to the Pickerell, who have testified before the select Committee on

committee to investigate the facts in the case of Charles W. Southern Railroads.[December 10, 1867.)

Woolley, -[May 29, 1868.]

Not received, 2669. Instructing the Committee on Southern Railroads to examine into Suspending the execution of the resolution setting apart rooms A the subject of contracts by the Post Ofice Department for the

and B, in the Capitol, as guard-rooms for the use of the transportation of the United States mail and report whether

Capitol police.—[June 1, 1868.] Reportelli, 1294 ; discussed, 1294; adopted, 1295; letter of || By Mr. Morrell-there is any evidence of corruption, &c. -[ February 20, 1868.

Tabled, 2751, That John D. Young is not entitled to take the path of office as a

Relating to the practical workings of our system of foreign Representative from the ninth district of Kentucky or to hold

commerce. ---[January 22, 1868. ]Reported, 2072, 2773; recommitted, 2812; reported, 3223 ; a seat therein as such Representative. --[March 23, 1868.]

For the reduction of the internal revenue. tex:--[February 25, notice, 8266 ; discussed, 8328, 3381, 3386, 8337, 8340, 3346,

1868.] That Samuel McKee is not entitled to a seat as Representative

Proposed, 1421.

In relation to the expedienėy of certain amendments to the general Reported, 2072, 2773 ; recommitted, 2812. from the ninth district of Kentucky. -[ March 23, 1868. }

banking law.-(March 5, 1868.] Directing the Speaker to notify the Governor of Kentucky that a

Agreed to, 1682.
By Mr. Mullins-
Calling for information concerning removals of clerks in Treasury

Department.---[June 1, 1868.
Objected to, 2310, 2752 ; referred, 3769.

$ tel


(February 4, 1868.J.. Objected to, 967.


Objected to, 1868.

Tennessee.-(June 30, 1868.)

Objected to, 3614. By Mr. McCarthy


Objected to, 505. By Mr. McClurg

Reported and adopted, 105.

Postmaster General, 1318.

3868; adopted, 3375.

ninta dietrict of Kentucky--[March 23, 1868.) Reported, 2072

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