Our Village: Sketches of Rural Character and Scenery, Tom 1

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Geo. B. Whitaker, 1824

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Strona 264 - But worthier still of note Are those fraternal Four of Borrowdale, Joined in one solemn and capacious grove ; Huge trunks ! and each particular trunk a growth Of intertwisted fibres serpentine Up-coiling, and inveterately convolved...
Strona 136 - And cuckoo-buds of yellow hue, Do paint the meadows with delight, The cuckoo then, on every tree, Mocks married men, for thus sings he, Cuckoo ; Cuckoo, cuckoo...
Strona 141 - Alas, poor creature ! I will soon revenge This cruelty upon the author of it ; Henceforth this lute, guilty of innocent blood, Shall never more betray a harmless peace To an untimely end :" and in that sorrow, As he was pashing* it against a tree, I suddenly stept in.
Strona 140 - The well-shaped youth could touch, she sung her own ; He could not run division with more art Upon his quaking instrument, than she, The nightingale, did with her various notes Reply to...
Strona 139 - To glorify their Tempe, bred in me Desire of visiting that paradise. To Thessaly I came, and living private, Without acquaintance of more sweet companions Than the old inmates to my love, my thoughts, I day by day frequented silent groves And solitary walks.
Strona 93 - She had no French either, not a word ; no Italian ; but then her English was racy, unhackneyed, proper to the thought to a degree that only original thinking could give. She had not much reading, except of the Bible and Shakspeare, and Richardson's novels, in which she was learned ; but then her powers of observation were sharpened and quickened, in a very unusual degree, by the leisure and opportunity afforded for their devclopement, at a time of life when they are most acute.
Strona 1 - OP all situations for a constant residence, that which appears to me most delightful is a little village far in the country ; a small neighbourhood, not of fine mansions finely peopled, but of cottages and cottage-like houses,
Strona 158 - Simmons's fast balls posed them completely. Poor simpletons ! they were always wrong, expecting the slow for the quick, and the quick for the slow. Well, we went in. And what were our innings ? Guess again ! — guess ! A hundred and sixty-nine ! in spite of soaking showers, and wretched ground, where the ball would not run a yard, we headed them by a hundred and forty-seven ; and then they gave in, as well they might. William Grey pressed them much to try another innings. " There was so much chance,"...
Strona 140 - ... perfect practice : To end the controversy, in a rapture Upon his instrument he plays so swiftly, So many voluntaries, and so quick, That there was curiosity and cunning, Concord in discord, lines of differing method Meeting in one full centre of delight.

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