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Books lately published by G. Kearfiey. Testaraent) will not be questioned by those who have read his Silds Critica, and his Commentary on St. Matthew; and the principles of biblical translation which Mr. W. lays down, he appears to us to have very diligently, and in the main, very successfully followed.

“ To the work is added Notes, chiefly intended to justify the variations of the present from the commonly received version; these notes, as ufual, abound with proofs of the Author's learning and ingenuity, &c. &c."

Monthly Review, July 1792. ELEGANT ANECDOTES, BON MOTS, and CHARACTER. ISTIC TRAITS of the greatest Princes, Politicians, Philosophers, Orators, and Wits of Ancient and Modern Times; such as Voltaire, Des Cartes, Sir R. S:eele, Dean Swift, Addison, Dr. Johnson, Mr. Hogarth, Boilieu, Count de Gramont, Dryden, Metastaño, Eralmus, Bishop Burnett, Charlemagne, James 1. Duke of Marlborough, Mr. Fox, Pope, Henry IV. of France, Foote, Lord Lyttleton, &c. By the Rev. J. ADAMS, A. M. The third edition, in two thick volumes, price 8s. Witb a Map of the surrounding Country, and a Plan of the Cities of Lor.

don and Westminster, and Borough of Southwark, KEARSLEY'S STRANGER'S GUIDE, or COMPANION through LONDON and WESTMINSTER, and the COUNTRY ROUND; containing a Description of the Situation, Antiquity, and Curiosities of every Place within the circuit of fourteen miles. Price 35. 6d. bound in red.

" To Strangers this work must prove particularly useful, and may not be unproductive of gratification even to those who are acquainted with the capital, it embraces such a circuit as affords multiplicity of objects inte. tefting to curiosity."

Critical Revieto. THE POETICAL WORKS of SAMUEL JOHNSON, LL. D. Containing London, a Satire ; and the Vanity of Human Wishes, both imitated from Juvenal; Irene, a Tragedy; The Winter's Walk; The Midsummer's With ; and sundry other pieces. Price 3s. in boarde. The seventh edition, much enlarged, and ornamented with a confiderabie

number of elegant engraved plates, A COMPLETE NARRATIVE of CAPTAIN COOKE's VOYAGES ROUND the WORLD; containing a faithful account of all his discoveries, with the transactions at each place; a description of the inhabitants with their manners and customs; a full detail of the circumstances relative to Capt. Cook's death, and an account of his life. By CAPT. KING.

Those who superintend the education of youth of either sex, cannct put into their hands a more acceptable work, for the amusement of leifure hours, than these late voyages of discovery ; which abound with matter highly interesting and entertaining. They are comprised in two large volumes, clofely printed, price &s, in boarde. Eicher volume may be bad separate, price 45.

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