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cent's, Charles Macdowall, Esq. of Park- his 70th year, Sir James Wright, Bart. hill. 27. At Innerwick, the Rev. Mr 18. Philip d'Auvergne, Prince de BouilJohn Harvie, minister of Innerwick. 28. lon, Vice-Admiral of the Red, in his At the manse of Arrochar, the Rev. John 81st year. 19. Mrs Maxwell, daughter Gillespie.-At Newton-Aird, James Gil- of the late Honourable Edward Bouverie, christ, Esq. writer to the signet. 29. At and wife of William Maxwell, Esq.-At his house at Worthy, near Winchester, Frankville, near Ayr, Lieutenant-Colonel Admiral Sir Chaloner Ogle, Bart. in his Francis Cunynghame, of Cloncaird, late 88th year, of a mortification. He is suc of the Coldstream regiment of guards, ceeded in his title and estates by his son, and Deputy-Governor of Hull.- At EaCaptain Ogle, of the navy.--At Glen- glesham, the Rev. William Findlay, micarse, Miss Hunter, of Glencarse. In nister of that parislı, in the 66th year of the island of Tyree, Argyleshire, at the his age, and 36th of his ministry. 20. advanced age of 94 years, Mrs Julian At St Ann's near Leeds, Jane, wife of Maclean, relict of the late Mr Charles John Carr, Esq. and eldest daughter of Crawford. Lately, at Heavitree, Devon- the late Honourable James Erskine, Lord shire, Robert Cameron, aged 24, third Alva. 22. At his seat at Horton, Norson of Robert Cameron, Esg. Glenesk. thamptonshire, Sir Robert Gunning, At Caherily, county of imeric aged Bart. K. B. 24. At Plymouth, John 106 years, Mary Punch. In Roxburgh- Manley, Esq. Vice-Admiral of the Red. shire, Mr Robert Elliot, aged 98 years. 25. At Hastings, Alexander M'Kenzie, At his house, Comber, Ireland, Mr Jas. Esq. brother of Colonel Colin M‘Kenzie, Riddle, in the 1020 year of his age, lea- Surveyor-General of Bengal. 26. At Irving behind him near 70 children, grand vine, John Millar, in the 92d year of his and great-grandchildren. Near Havre, age, and 67th of marriage.--[r Alderin France, Mrs Robert Heathcote, who man Coldham, of Nottingham.' 27. At was a few years ago the fascinating Miss Edinburgh, Agnes, third daughter of the Serle. In Chesterfield Street, May-Fair, Rey. Andrew Thomson, minister of St London, Miss Catherine Walpole, daugh- George's Church, aged twelve years. At ter of the late Honourable Thomas Wal- Merton, of a paralytic disorder, Mr Ebepole. At Brucefield House, Clackman nezer Robertson, at the great age of nanshire, John Dalgleish, student, aged 924 years. 30. At Breamore House, 14, eldest son of Lieutenant-Colonel John Hants, Sir Edward Hulse, Bart. aged Dalgleish, of Dalbeath, much and de 72.-In Pembroke Street, Plymouth, at servedly regretted.

the advanced age of 104 years, Mrs SEPT. 1. On board his Majesty's ship Martha Evans.—At Old Walker, near Glasgow, Mr John Baird, midshipman, Newcastle, Mrs Jane Jowsey, at the exthird son of Robert Baird, Esq. of New traordinary age of 104. Lately, at Lonbyth, in consequence of his wounds re don, Vice-Admiral Sir William Essingceived in the late action at Algiers. 6. ton, K. C. B. At Barnwood Court, Ro. Dowager Countess D’Alton. 7. At his bert Morris, Esq. M. P. and one of his house, South Parade, Doncaster, Thomas Majesty's Justices of the Peace for GlouRuddiman Steuart, M. D. son of the late James Steuart, Esq. St Andrew's Square, Oct. 1. At the Manse of Madderty, Edinburgh. 10. Samuel Osborne, Esq. the Rev. James Ramsay, minister of that Admiral of the Blue, aged 62. 11. At parish. 4. At her house in Gayfield Little Fithie, Angus-shire, David Do- Square, Miss Hamilton, of Spitalhaugh. nald, Esq. late of Hanover, Jamaica. 12. 6. At Picardy Place, Matilda Jane, third At Edinburgh, Mrs Lindsay Carnegie, daughter of the late Sir Alexander Mucof Boysack. 15. At Whitelaw, Mr John donald Lockhart, Bart. 7. At his house, Walker, merchant, and for many years in Prince's Street, Edinburgh, Mungo one of the magistrates of Edinburgh. Fleming, Esq. 8. At Croydon, near At Dunbar, in the 65th year of his age, London, John, eldest son of John Patti. William Wightman, M. D. Fellow of son, Esq. advocate, Edinburgh.--At the the Royal College of Physicians, Edin- Manse of Dornoch, in the 71st year of burgh.' 16. At his house at Ealing, in his age, and the 39th year of his mini,


stry, the Rev. John Bethune, D. D. mi- year of his age. 21. At Glasgow, John nister of Dornoch. 9. At Parson's-green, Wyld, Esq. agent for the Commercial George Mitchell, Esq. cashier of the Roy- Bank of Scotland there. 23. Nicholas al Bank of Scotland. 11. John Joseph Garvey, Esq. of Tully, in the county of Blake, Lord Wallscourt. 14. General Mayo, at the advanced age of 107 years. Thomas Bland, General of his Majesty's 25. At Mungall, near Falkirk, Michael forces, and Colonel of his Majesty's 5th Ramsay, Esq. of Mungall. 26. At Leith, regiment of dragoon guards. 16. In in the 77th year of his

age, William SibBarbadoes, Lieutenant-General Sir James. bald, Esq. formerly of Liverpool. 27. Leith, Governor of that island. 17. At Mr William Livingstone, at the advance! her house, Ashley-lodge, Surrey, after a age of 94. 30. At Glencorse, James Finfew days illness, in her soth year, the lay, Esq. late of Bogside, in the 82d year Dowager Lady Fletcher, relict of Sir of his age.--At Crosshill, John How, Henry Fletcher, Bart. of Clea-hall. 19. Esq. of Damtown, in the S6th year of At Islay House, Walter Campbell, of his age. Lately, at Biggar, Mr George Shawfield, Esq. 21. William Lygon, Cuthbertson, aged 91 years. At Chelsea, Earl Beauchamp, in his 67th yeur. 26. aged 73, Mr J. Kent, surgeon: HeatAt Edinburgh, Mrs Elizabeth Wright, companied Captain Cook round the world aged 81, relict of Alexander Brown, Esq. in 1774. At the manse of Foulis, the of Mavisbank, Airdrie. 27. At Old Aber Rev. John Murray, of Arbennie, in the deen, Miss Margaret Leslie, youngest 81st year of his age, and the 50th of his daughter of the late Professor Leslie of ministry. King's College. 28. At Pollockshaws, Mr Dec. 1. At Clifton in her 62d year, David Wilkie, senior, aged 81. 29. At Mrs Hamilton, wife of General HamilForres, Captain Patrick Grant, late of ton of Dalziel and Orbiston. 2. At her the Royal Scots.—At Cheltenham, Ma- house in Queen Street, Edinburgh, Mrs jor-General Sir George Holmes, K. C. B. Craigie, relict of the late David Craigie, of the Bombay establishment.--At the Esq. of Dumbarnie. 3. At Glasgow, of Manse of Cabrach, the Rev. John Gor- the wounds he received at the battle of don. 30. Frederick William I. King of Salamanca, Lieutenant John Anderson, Wurtemberg. Lately, at Chirton, near of the 38th regiment of foot, brother of North Shields, in his 1000th year, Mr the late Lieutenant-Colonel Inglis HaWilliam Elliot.

milton of the Scots Greys, who fell at Nov. 1. At his house in Frederick, the battle of Waterloo. 9. At Edinburgh, Street, Robert Bell, Esq. advocate, lec- Thomas, the son of Alexander Munro, turer on conveyancing.–At Aix, in the Esq. 11. Lady Catharine Murray, wisouth of France, Margaret Stuart Rae, dow of W. J. Murray, Esq. and daughieldest surviving daughter of the late Sir ter of the Earl of Galloway.–At his seat, David Rae of Eskgrove, Bart.--At Ness- Grange Hall, near Rotheram, the Right side, Angus Mackintosh, of Holm, Esq. Hon. Richard Howard, Earl Effingham, 2. At Dunfermline, the Rev. John Fer F. S. A. 15. Charles Stanhope, Earl nie. 8. At Barrosa Place, Perth, Mrs Stanhope, in his 64th year. 16. At Nice, Rennie, relict of the deceased John Ran- in the 33d year of her age, Mary, wife of nie, Esq. Drummond Park. 14. At his Rear-Admiral Foote, and eldest daughter seat, Catcomb House, Hampshire, Ad- of the late Admiral Philip Patton.-Ai miral Sir Roger Curtis.--- At Dalginross, Greenhead, Roxburghshire, Geo. Currie, in the parish of Comrie, Catherine Gow, Esq. advocate. 20. At Auchloury, Mrs aged 92 years. 15. At Darnick, James Isobel Seton, daughter of the late Rev. Usher, Esq. of Toftfield, aged 78 ycars. William Seton, minister of the Episcopal 17. At Barbavilla, county of Roscom- Communion in Forfar, in the 94th year mon, Ireland, the Right Honourable Pa- of her age.--At Balbithan, Miss H. Gortrick Dillon, Earl of Roscommon and don Forbes, second daughter of the late Baron of Kilkenny West. 18. John William Forbes, Esq. of Skellater and Kirkcaldy, Esq. of Amelia Bank, near Balbithan. 21. At Airdlamont, John Dundee. 20. At Braehead of Auchen. Lamont, Esq. of Lamont. 22. At Kirkdown, Mr John M'Innes, in the 85th caldy, John Briggs, Esq. late of Methill,

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Fifeshire --At Naughton, James Mori- bert Semple, Greenhead, Glasgow. Lateson, Esq. of Naughton. 29. Captain Fre- ly, in South Cumberland Street, Dublin, derick Campbell, son of the late Sir James aged 67, after a painful and tedious illCampbell, Bart. of Aberuchill. 30. At ness, which he bore with Christian resigher house, George's Square, Mrs Mary nation, Peter Urbani, Professor of Music, Stephen, relict of Sir John Nicoll, Esq. a native of Milan in Italy, where he oblate of Alloa. Last spring, Robert Sem- tained the degree of Doctor of Music. ple, Esq. Governor in Chief of Rupert's At his cottage, in the county of WaterLand, Hudson's Bay, author of several ford Mountains, near Four-Mile-Water, valuable and well-known works, recently at an advanced age, General Grice Blas published ; and in the month of July keny, colonel of the fourth royal veteran last, during a severe gale of wind, lost off battalion. At Maynouth, in the county the mouth of the river Plate, Mr Thomas of Armagh, Mr Arthur O'Neill, Professor Semple, of the Ship Prince Regent, Cap- of the Irish Harp, at the advanced age of tain Burdon, of London, sons of Mr Ro- 90 years.


IN 1816.

Jan. Rear-Admiral Penrose; Colonel Lieutenant-General Sir Coape SherSir R. Le Poer French ; Lieutenant-Co- brooke, governor of the provinces of Uplonel Sir Jos. Cairncross, knights-com- per and Lower Canada, New Brunswick, manders of the bath.

Nova-Scotia, and the islands of Prince A. St John Baker, consul-general in Edward and Cape Breton. the United States.

Duke of Richmond, lord lieutenant of Lieutenant-General Sir Robert Brown- Sussex. rigg, a baronet.

Admiral Sir Richard King, commandColonel James Bathurst, governor of er-in-chief in the East Indies. the Virgin Islands.

Sir J. Colpoys, governor of Greenwich J. R. Mathews, Esq. consul at Cadiz. Hospital.

Hon. and Rev. Mr Hobart, dean of George Snowley Holroyd, Esq. a judge Windsor.

of the King's Bench. Walter, Earl of Ormonde and Ossory, FEB. J. Buchanan, Esq. British conMarquis of Ormonde.

sul at New York. Robert, Earl of Londonderry, Marquis W. Dawson, Esq. British consul in of Londonderry.

Maryland. Henry Benton, Earl Conyngham, Mar Major-General Sir Frederick Phillips quis Conyngham.

Robinson, governor of Tobago. Charles John, Visc. Mountjoy, Earl of Major-General Sir Geo. William RamBlessington.

say, governor of Antigua and Montser. Richard, Visc. Bantry, Earl of Bantry. rat.

Richard, Baron Cahir, Earl of Glen Thomas Probyn, Esq. governor of St gall.

Christopher, Nevis, and the Virgin John Baker Holroyd, Baron Sheffield, Islands. Earl of Sheffield.

Major-General Phineas Riall, governor Lodge Evans, Baron Frankfort, Vise of Grenada. count Frankfort.

P. Savage, Esq. British consul in VirRichard, Baron Adaire, Visc. Mount ginia. Earl.

Marquis of Salisbury, and Earl of William, Baron Ennismore, Viscount Chichester, joint postmasters. Ennismore and Listowel.

March. Right Hon. Baron Exmouth, John Prendergast, Baron Kiltarton, a knight grand cross of the bath. Viscount Gort.

Lieut.-Col. Gough, a knight. Sir Chaloner Ogle, admiral ; Banastre John Davidson, Esq. consul at New Tarleton, general; John Floyd, general; Orleans. baronets.

Jasp. Waring, Esq. consul at Valencia. Major-General Sir Hudson Lowe, a Admiral Pickmore, governor of New. knight-commander of the bath.

foundland. Jaines Allan Park, Esq. a justice of April. Major-Gen. H. Mackey Gore the Common Pleas.

don, lieutenant-governor of Jersey.

Major-General Henry Bayley, lieute Right Hon. J. M'Mahon, receiver-genant-governor of Guernsey.

neral of the duchy of Cornwall. Hon. and Rev. Hen. Lewis Hobart, Major-General Bloomfield, secretary D. D. dean of Windsor, and register of to the same. the order of the garter.

Archibald Gordon, Esq. consul at Lord Napier, commissioner to the ge

Havre. neral assembly of the church of Scot Rev. Herbert Marsh, D. D. bishop of land.

Landaff. Admiral Sir C. Tyler, knight-com. Earl of Dalhousie, lieutenant-governor mander to the order of the bath.

of the province of Nova-Scotia. May. Leopold, Prince of Saxe-Co AUG. Hon. John Meade, consul-genebourg, a general in the army,

ral in Spain. Sir Graham Moore, a lord of the ad Gilbert Robertson, Esq. consul at Phimiralty.

ladelphia. Sir Philip Ch. Durham, and Sir E. Lieutenant-Colonel Sir James Bontein, W. C. Richard Owen, knights-com- a gentleman of the privy chamber. manders of the order of the bath.

Lord Algernon Percy, created Baron Lord F. Somerset, secretary of embas- Prudhoe. sy to the Court of France.

Sept. Thomas Turner, Esq. consul at The Duke of Gloucester and the Prince Ragusa and Cattaro. of Saxe-Cobourg, field-marshals.

Thomas W. Richards, Esq. consul at The Duke of Saxe-Cobourg and Sir J. Nantes. Abercrombie, knights grand crosses of A. Gibson, Esq. consul at Dantzic. the Bath.

Baroness Lucas, created Countess de The Earl of Clancarty, ambassador ex- Grey. traordinary to the Netherlands.

Right Rev. Bishop Gleig, primate of June. Right Hon. G. Canning, Visc. the episcopal church in Scotland. Castlereagh, Earl Bathurst, Visc. Sid Lord Exmouth created a viscount. mouth, Earl of Liverpool, Right Hon. Rear-Admiral Milne, knight-comN. Vansittart, Baron Teigmouth, Vise mander of the bath. count Lowther, Right Hon. John Sulli. T. Fonblanque, Esq.consul at Dunkirk. van, Lord Apsley, Lord Binning, Right F. Lascelles, Esq. consul at L'Orient. Hon. W. Sturges Bourne, commissioners S. L. Jenkins, Esq. consul at Bayonne. for the affairs of India.

Baron von de Capellen, vice-admiral Reverend Dr Stanser, bishop of Nova. under the King of the Netherlands, hoScotia.

norary knight-commander of the bath. Gibbs Crawford Antrobus, Esq. secre Right Hon. Robert Liston, knight tary of legation to the United States of grand cross of the bath. America.

Oct. W. Edward Powell, Esq. lord. General R. A. Seymour, governor and lieutenant of Cardiganshire. commander of St Lucia.

Fred. Lindeman, Esq. consul-general Sir H. Russel, member of the privy in Sicily. council.

Adolphus Palucedo, Esq. consul in Marquis of Hertford, lord-lieutenant Corsica. of Warwickshire.

Nov. Rev. Dr Kaye, divinity professor July. General Sir G. Drummond, in the university of Cambridge. Admiral Sir S. Pellew, and Major-Gene J. Parke, Esq. consul in the Roman ral Sir S. Beckwith, knights-commanders States. of the Bath,

Dec. Earl of Moira, created Marquis Admiral Lord Exmouth and Admiral of Hastings. Gambier, knights grand crosses of the Major-General Sir David Ochterlony, bath.

Bart. knight grand cross of the bath. Earl of Hopetown, lieutenant of Lin Lord Combermere, captain-general and lithgowshire.

commander-in-chief of Barbadoes.

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